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Oct 2014
You, yes you.
I feel so bad.
You lost the ability,
To love what you had.
Not one complaint,
You just fell away.
I feel bad for you girl,
You should have stayed.

I was great for you know,
We had it quite down.
But you ****** up,
And I don't know what to do now.
You left your master,
And got a new host.
You think he hurts as much as me, but think back to before college,
Bet he hurts you at April level at the most.Β Β 

You forget the sting,
You forget the taste.
I don't mean to scare,
But I'm so lonely in this place.
You know I have control and I'd never hurt you so,
Give yourself back to me and let our animals take over.
Let's sort out our feels through fighting, and get it all cleared away,
We'll claw and slash and bleed more for each missed day.

I know it's a new year.
I know you don't plan to be here.
But I swear I still have some space left in your mind,
The space that wonders what we could be if you gave me the time.
"The thing that makes me feel confident is thatΒ Β we are so compatible that we could only stay apart for so long before wed be drawn back to each other" Your words my love, I believe they still are true.
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