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Oct 2014
Anchor dropped,
You hugged it tightly.
Swear you won't let go,
As you sink to the seafloor.

Don't you know,
You can't breathe from that far below?

I offer to raise the chain,
To pry you off and dry you.
But down there, words don't reach you,
You're filled with salt and cold water.

I'll smile through the waves,
Got this feeling that the current could change.

One day you'll be beached,
The waves pushing you closer and closer to shore.
I'll be there with that same smile and warm embrace,
The water trickling from ears you'll listen once again.

For now though you're still submerged,
Deny everything all you like, I know who you are girl.
You're still reading my love, you care. Talk to you soon.
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