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Cody Jun 2021
Stuck in this prison of desire
if I cave will my vibrations get higher  Will they look upon me as if I'm one  Sacrificing all just to get none
if the more sacrifice the more I gain
I'll never be stuck in this prison ever again.
Cody Jan 2021
My delusions are becoming real
my life has become so surreal
When I try and go to sleep at night
I Fight the demons that keep me up all night
Stuck in my head feeding my own sickness that I've breed
My hunger grows even though demons they must be fed
im starving them until
We all coexist inside my head.
Cody Jun 2020
Your gone like yesterday & your memories they haunt me
Like the blood stains on the carpet
From where you shot me
I've been half a live for a year
Not a day goes by that I dont shed a tear
I'm filled with regrets on how wreckless I was
I let you slip threw the cracks just as fast as yesterday comes.
Cody Jun 2020
I wish I had a voice to angry a population
To bring together a divided nation
But here I am just a slave to the corrupt system
Stand together to fight an injustice regime
Over throw the government and instill
Civil beliefs
Were tired of the fear you try and deploy
Turning this country into communism
Stripping us of basic human rights
Give us our liberty or prepare for a fight
There our millions if not a billions who wont go down with out a fight.
Cody May 2020
Oh you fingers look so nice
But they'd looked better in my vice
Cracking every bone picked apart
To make my very own thrown.
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