i'm afraid of annoying you
because he used to tell me i was annoying
i'm afraid to hear what you have to say about me
because he used to call me names and not the good kind
i'm afraid no one will ever love me
because he used to tell me he hated me
i'm afraid to be with you
because he used to pretend i didn't exist
i'm afraid to get close to you
because he used to flirt with other girls right in front of me
i'm afraid i'm not good enough
because he used to call me fat and called other girls pretty
i'm afraid i'm not really worth it
because he used to tell me he only wanted my body and not all of me
i'm afraid of feeling your touch
because he used to do things to me i didn't want
i'm afraid of loving you
because apparently my love was never enough for him
and what if i can't love you the way you want me to?
are you there?
i can’t seem to find you.
it’s been four years.
i really miss you.
i’m sorry i let them get to me.
i’m sorry sadness replaced you.
i swear i didn’t mean it.
if you come back, i swear
i’ll change.
just for you.
happiness, i need you.
it’s all fake now.
confidence is just a mask society never expected you to put on.
my confidence makes me want to enlighten the world. you are beautiful regardless who you are.
  3d Kayleigh
The day we met...
They were the water
surrounding an exotic island.
They were calm and peaceful,
sparkling in the sun.
I swam with leisure.

The day we fought...
They were the sea
before a storm.
Swirling currents
chilled me to the bone.
I struggled against the current.

The day he left...
It was like a hurricane hit
our once peaceful beach.
The waves were wild.
They flashed with lightning.
I finally drown.
what an odd thing love is.
being loved and being in love.
you say that you still love me
but in a different way now.
you say you will always protect me
but not the same way you protect her.
if you could be like my big brother,
what a different kind of love that would be.
but at least i keep your eyes in my life.
you’ve always been my best friend and i hope that stays.
I lay in my bed and go over the list
of all the things you've done,
and when I finally deceive you
you'll ask me when I learned to lie so well
and I'll tell you I stole your tongue.
i am feeding you lies
handing them to you like candy
saying i can’t wait for us
but i’ve realized
you’re my number two
because my number one
is in love with someone else
always choose the second person
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