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Tyler Austin May 28
I thought it was written in the smoke
That extinguished all our jokes
Filling air as we both choke
On the firing line

And when it was seven until
I headed out west for the hill
And I threw up those pills
Without saying goodbye

But still I will always return
Like I want to get burned
In a love I’ve unearned
For the rest of our time

I thought it was written on the wall
That had cushioned my fall
From the blowback assault
From the one wanting you

And when I gave up on the bridge
I remembered your kiss
And I swore off that *****
As I stumbled away
Tyler Austin Oct 2022
David Bowie’s voice was like a race car bed to me
To take me back in time, when we were only seventeen
Sprinklers in the summer air, my feet on muddy ground
Turn into ***** bottles as I scream without a sound

Rachel’s cabin in the woods was a race car bed to me
A lovely little paradise that brought so much to see
The outside world did not exist, when I was with you there
We kissed inside the living room with flowers in our hair

And now I find that there is not a race car bed for me
Nowhere else to turn to in my grand attempt to flee
Fears that hunt me down like prey have chained me here to die
A grown up bird, so limitless, but too afraid to fly
Tyler Austin Aug 2022
No one ached when I died
On a dusty August morning in the swelter of the sun
They buried me in blue jeans and my coffin had a crack
A chip along the edges matched the blood along the tracks

Family preceded me; there was no one left to cry
But a single solemn woman, hidden in the back
Shed a single shiny tear; and only one to be exact

No waterfalls or bowing heads, no crowd to see me go
No burning candle vigils and no midnight serenade
I marched the gates of life and death, alone but unafraid

No one ached when I died
No questions or suspicions from the folks around the town
There were no weeping faces or a grand old death parade
Just a digger and a preacher; lowered slowly in the grave
Tyler Austin May 2021
Don’t you dare try to tell me
You love me now
For when I was starving
The world was your table
And for when I was sleeping
The world was your bed

Don’t tell me what you’d change
You say you’d beg
I guess that’s too bad
Nobody calls you anymore
Tell me how it feels to know
The thunder breaks your back tonight
Tyler Austin Mar 2021
Love me forever, babe
One day you’ll sing me your song
Bring me your comfort
Even if you know it’s wrong

Seasons roll past me
Like red-colored daisies in song
I spent my life trying
To figure out where it went wrong

If you touch my heart
Then I’d gladly step in from the cold
If you lay there sleeping
Then one day I’ll carry you home

We sleep through the day
Like lovers, we drift through the night
I’m never that broken
I’m dimmed but I’m searching for light

Dreams seem to call me
I think but I can’t figure why
I’m never too lonely
But sometimes I wonder to die

The road, she is winding
And some people just need a friend
The pillow, is cold now
And you’re resting out on the wind

Love comes and goes
But this is my most bitter end
They wanted your body
But I just wanted a friend
Tyler Austin Jan 2021
Lexie’s door is open
But she’s holding all the lines
Not everything is broken
But she covers up the lies

Lexie’s walking to me
She says she loves me more
Her words are cold and callous
But her arms and legs are warm

She stings me like a hornet
But somehow I keep calling
Her bed is made of roses
That came from other coffins
Tyler Austin Nov 2020
I’m not saying that I miss you
But I’m sad enough to care
And I’m not saying that I’m sorry
But regrets are everywhere

There’s a lot that I can’t say
On what you put me through
I can’t forgive you anyway
It’s not the smartest thing to do

But I’m flying like a bird now
And there’s not much I can do
You’re hanging on a broken rope
And I’m a-hanging onto you

You’ve broken me and used me
But I can only blame myself
You’re not who you used to be
And I guess I’m not compelled

It’s so **** hard to know you
When to know you is to love
But it’s been too much to see you
I just hope you got enough
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