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Tyler Austin Oct 17
It was only
Meaningless ***
The words you say to me
As I try hard not to look
I won’t like what I see
When I’m inside of you

It was only
Meaningless ***
In the back room of your house
On a warm, wet August night
With holes along your blouse
As lies fill up the page

It was only
Meaningless ***
The whole thing wasn’t real
It doesn’t matter what I think
Doesn’t matter how I feel
You decided everything

It was only
Someone’s dream
To hide the truth from view
And I went for the ride
Can’t hide it all from you
And you can’t hide from me
Tyler Austin May 24
Don’t you dare try to tell me
You love me now
For when I was starving
The world was your table
And for when I was sleeping
The world was your bed

Don’t tell me what you’d change
You say you’d beg
I guess that’s too bad
Nobody calls you anymore
Tell me how it feels to know
The thunder breaks your back tonight
Tyler Austin Mar 13
Lipstick and pancakes
Singing Elton John
Making love at noon
With the radio on

You have won my hand
I’m lost in you somehow
Back inside your rivers still
You’re a real girl now

Living here in love
Rolling down the hall
A touch can do the distance
We are who we say we are

I would stay forever
But I just don’t know how
Light the celebration
You’re a cherished woman now
Tyler Austin Mar 2
Love me forever, babe
One day you’ll sing me your song
Bring me your comfort
Even if you know it’s wrong

Seasons roll past me
Like red-colored daisies in song
I spent my life trying
To figure out where it went wrong

If you touch my heart
Then I’d gladly step in from the cold
If you lay there sleeping
Then one day I’ll carry you home

We sleep through the day
Like lovers, we drift through the night
I’m never that broken
I’m dimmed but I’m searching for light

Dreams seem to call me
I think but I can’t figure why
I’m never too lonely
But sometimes I wonder to die

The road, she is winding
And some people just need a friend
The pillow, is cold now
And you’re resting out on the wind

Love comes and goes
But this is my most bitter end
They wanted your body
But I just wanted a friend
Tyler Austin Jan 10
Lexie’s door is open
But she’s holding all the lines
Not everything is broken
But she covers up the lies

Lexie’s walking to me
She says she loves me more
Her words are cold and callous
But her arms and legs are warm

She stings me like a hornet
But somehow I keep calling
Her bed is made of roses
That came from other coffins
Tyler Austin Nov 2020
I’m not saying that I miss you
But I’m sad enough to care
And I’m not saying that I’m sorry
But regrets are everywhere

There’s a lot that I can’t say
On what you put me through
I can’t forgive you anyway
It’s not the smartest thing to do

But I’m flying like a bird now
And there’s not much I can do
You’re hanging on a broken rope
And I’m a-hanging onto you

You’ve broken me and used me
But I can only blame myself
You’re not who you used to be
And I guess I’m not compelled

It’s so **** hard to know you
When to know you is to love
But it’s been too much to see you
I just hope you got enough
Tyler Austin Aug 2020
I made my way through the clouds
Lost inside a parking lot brigade
A six level loft in a swirling loop
Reminding me how dull we are

And the traffic moved as slow
As it ever did before
There’s a ticket on my wipers
And the sky looks like a storm

But I made it out of the city
And felt my head fall numb
When I made my way to the field
Hidden in the underground

64 Barrels covered down
By the mud and blood they used to hold
And the broken bones that fell apart
In all the years they spent away

And maybe it was for release
To light the tension of my life
But I’m not the only one around
Who has a secret left to hide

— The End —