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Domagoj Jul 2020
My voice parted by thunder,
which cuts through sky,
insdie the storm, in grief craving eye.
Heartbeats sleeps into the depths of my tears,
broken grounds, ruptured mind from our fears,
Left in silence, spoke to me nevermore,
in this neverending winter, pain is the only thing I wore.

I speak self agression,
cutting parts of my immolation,
we are all far from perfection,
but only I, can't resist to the burning temptation.

In my hands pills with many names,
but none of them I can't reconize,
drink water, wash them all down,
just another step away from paradise.
Domagoj Sep 2018
Come to me young brother,
you are so pretty and small.
Let's shake the tree,
make all leaves fall.

As I walk through narrow streets of yours,
squeezing between tight walls,
My breath, it's like a cold wind,
it makes your skin crawls.

Hot sweat streaming down your back,
like rushing river.
I whisper your name,
which makes you shiver.

I will go into darkness, to unknown ground,
grasping your hair as I hold you down.
Just be silent, my brother, make no sound,
Just listen as our two hearts together pound.

Aaa aaa aaa!
You feel pain!
Aaa aaa aaa!
After that we will never be the same!
Aaa aaa aaa!
Starting fire that cannot be tamed!
Aaa aaa aaa!
Together our bodies will be flamed!
Domagoj Aug 2018
Sacred blood,
dripping from wooden cross.
Washing them away,
with ****** tears of her loss.
Dethroned king cry,
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Heavens silent it remain,
their son of God died in vain.

From holiness of her mother womb,
through this cold world to left alone in tomb.
Immaculate divine,
shall cast pearls before swine,
glory and pride will perish,
it shall bow in front of lord of mine.
On the right side of God, Eden's excrement,
it shall see morning star on their firmament.

Under thy wing, holy trinity destruction,
angels standing on the brink of extinction.
I thirst for waters of Ain,
I commend my spirit to the Satan domain.
As I break tablets of covenant over their calf of the gold,
I shall unleash infernal flames and turn world into cold.
Our scream goes through cosmo, Adonai can hear,
fallen angels shall return to the heavens and he will fear.

Marching through house of God,
bringing annihilation.
I open the seventh seal,
brining death over their creation.
Bringer of the light standing above the heavens,
trumpets blow for his coronation.
Wield with his banner over thy land,
for its uprising damnation.

Woman, behold your son.
By thy touch of the left hand of God,
he will succumb.
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing,
praying to their Elohim, not knowing for the real king.
by the times it end, world stop turning,
heavens reduced to ruin,
Sinain will be burning.
Domagoj Aug 2018
Stay with me my friend,
I have nowhere to go.
My paths are broken and unknown.
Just like me,
everything is worthless.
I will talk to you,
with soft and nihilistic voice.
You can hear the screams,
coming from inside me.
Don't worry about them.
They are not to be listened.

Help me my friend!
My hands want to hurt me.
Mind is ruptured by despair,
creating black hole of solitude,
where my whole being fade.
My vision is discolored by darkness.
It won't let me see how I decay.
God forgive me,
but I can't forgive myself.
Grief is within in my existence.
By my hand, my name shall be eradicated..
Domagoj Jul 2018
There is child sitting in ruins of childhood,
it's dissolved by flames of self aggression.
the child reminds me of me,
it have my scars inflicted by this life.
Talk to me child, our existence is eradicated by despair.
We are backtracking in nihilism,
wearing black veil of futility over our pale faces.
our steps are silent and worthless,
they are soft like dream which crumbles under our being.
Help me child, I want to live.
I want to hug my disgusting life.
It remains silent. I can see tears in his eyes.
The child reminds me of me, it cries like I do.
The child is so alone and hopeless,
but there is nothing to do.
Domagoj May 2018
I am sinking into vilest filth of the hell,
my existence is disintegrating in your eyes.
Heart is trapped inside this coffin,
his weeping and screams will never leave me.
Reaching for the hope that never existed,
wiping tears that you can't see.
time is enemy to me,
nothing brings me and it never heals.
Something devastating is inside me,
only remains of sorrow and memories you can feel.
Silence and lonely wind,
exist in realm inside me..........

Domagoj Apr 2018
shard of the broken heart pierce through soul,
melting into blood and tears.
pour me over the dark ground,
draw me, write me a symphony,
your name is disintegrating on my lips.
serpent crawl down my body.
Feel me, accept me.
I breathe behind your neck, so cold,
like morning breeze, you shiver.
I am vision you don't want to see
but you can't deny me.
Break me, collect me.
Make mosaic of your dreams and let me burn.
My blood screams and it flows through your mind.
Believe me, follow me,
I am holding the world you used know.
Our flesh fuse together, feel that burning sensation.
I am you but you don't know me.
Now you are sad, sitting in the dark.
Memories are fading, nothing matter anymore.
Rest me on your chest, dream with me.
Counting your heartbeats,
one ,
before you leave me.
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