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 May 2018 Alex McQuate
There's fire on this mountain
Dust in the breeze
Blood in the wind
And it's dripping to my feet

So don't tell me
To march any faster
Don't tell me
I'm falling behind
Yes, I hear the drum
But the trumpets are louder
Yet I'm still moving on
Through these pines
So don't tell me
I'm losing the fight

There's a bullet in my side
And no time to hit my knees
For if I drop tonight
Lord knows I won't be rising

So don't tell me
To beg God for mercy
Don't tell me
To lay my burdens down
Blessings are just one
Of those things
I've had to learn
To live without
So don't tell me
Only God can save me now

There's a cabin and a cradle
Deep in the valley
My green-eyed angel
With a babe in her belly

So don't tell me
There's a better home awaiting
Don't tell me
Leaving now will be all right
My true love was
My only hope of heaven
There ain't no room
Left for me in the sky
So don't look down on me
As I die
Underneath the bridge lays the lieutenant
his body crushed on ****** snow
and as people pass, like river- flow
crimson flowers are staining the pavement

Oh, sewer thread his death gently
for his clothes have been u n s t i t c h e d before
Oh, reaper spare your axe deadly
His mother did not want him in that war

For the tenant did have his days of spring
with jumping crickets and bicycle dreams
before life took away
his everything
and turned his toy guns into screams
and pressed the bullet underneath his chin
 Jan 2018 Alex McQuate
There are sickly people in this mental ward,
their hearts ablaze and their bodies bruised
their fathers passed, ashtrays well worn

their hearts full of hope, their bodies blue
their mothers lovely, their skin still soft.
There are pretty people in this mental ward.
 Jan 2018 Alex McQuate
 Jan 2018 Alex McQuate
Treat your body like a temple put value in your soul,

Warning to the wealthy pride comes before the fall

The oath of kings are betrayals before
God with all desires bought and sold,

A taste of every fruit offered by the world, still left with an appetite for more

All expires but a heart of gold is admired by them all

To every man his word obey to follow no meer mortal to all be led astray.
I wish to age like a wrap-around porch
In a thunder storm,
While generations tell tales,
Sipping drinks.
A porch of blinking stars,
A shelter out of rain,
With ascending and descending friends.

I will age like a tree,
Grow stronger in the wind;
Give shade and shelter to all
Beneath my ring-aged limbs.

I wish to age as a river bends,
Contiguous with all shores;
Floating everyone I know
On eternal waters,
A current winding with no rest.

I will age like a star,
Burning bright, giving light,
Something to reach for.

I wish to age like a mountain,
With secret caves and riches.
And you can rock your soul
Around, over or through,
Solid, snow-capped summit,
Beckoning you.

I will age as the moon,
In stages, full and new;
Each night different,
Unnoticeable fading,
As all who age will do.
Thank you all very much for your thoughtful, insightful and kind comments. It's a wonderful surprise and honor to be chosen for the daily, as there are so many **** good poems written by the poets here every day. And especially a sleeper like "I Will Age." I guess it's a lesson to be learned. Thanks again to everyone, and especially to Hello Poetry for giving us this marvelous opportunity to publish.
Peace to All.
Ode to my homeland!
With his existential beauty
Always greeting his morning
When the sun rises in the southeast

The pearl of the orient
Such a calming view to see
When caterpillars turn into
Butterflies and flap their wings

Into charming and softness
When men we're thrown
Into battlefields fighting
For the country

When honorable men fall
Their bodies turn into
Honorable roots that will
Turn into honorable grass.
There always making...
There always taking...

From a flower so sweet,
it will control your means...

The poppie plant,
the joy of life.....

Opiates consume,
and take another life...

What ever the dose,
yet ****** come first...

The pharmaceutical companies,
make it worse...

Now a legal drug,
with no proabition....

Will take many lives,
without a decision....

Either way in life,
weather its right or wrong...

Drugs will take your life,
regardless how strong u are...

I've told you 'bout the *GENESIS

Of our universe
What the folks of Scientology
Promote and dispurse
Check out my last poem
If you're interested, of course
But the "thetans" (rhymes with satan)
Agreed upon this CURSE!

We existed, just like gods
Upon a higher plane
Our origin, it seems,
Is as yet unexplained
Folks, is this for REAL???
Or is this knowledge FEIGNED.

We "Agreed" to live a bunch of lives
In space and here below.
We've lived inROBOT BODIES!
Yeah! R2D2 don't you know!
Bodies made of silicon
Bodies made of H2O!
Just GO with the FLOW!
Yep... Tom Cruise BELIEVES THIS!
He's HOOKED through the NOSE!

We now have these "meat bodies"
They're EXPENDABLE. And so
They have no real value.
They just come & go.
And this carbon form's JUST MEAT.

And this ends the third segment
Of our basic course.
Scientology 101. WE are the driving force
Their beliefs completely shut out GOD

Yep. It is a FARCE!**

Catherine E Jarvis
(C) 2/24/2017
I've decided to really do an expose'
on this cult. They believe our bodies
to be WORTHLESS. And this goes for
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