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jess Apr 2018
i remember the exact moment i knew i could not love you
but things are much more complicated than that.
jess Mar 2018
There are no quiet alternatives to self-harm.
everything that is loud is inherently angry
to me.

self-harm is not inherently angry
i am not

There are no alternatives to self-harm.
I am sad.
So I listen to Blue Moon
by That *******
named Elvis Presley.
jess Dec 2017
There are sickly people in this mental ward,
their hearts ablaze and their bodies bruised
their fathers passed, ashtrays well worn

their hearts full of hope, their bodies blue
their mothers lovely, their skin still soft.
There are pretty people in this mental ward.
jess Nov 2017
kinesiology, its the way she touches me
and maybe it's feeling now, god.
i used to read the books where she would tell him
his fingertips felt electrical.

not faraday or franklin,
she is a genius without them.
she is the field, and the circuit
and i want to be her switch.
jess Jul 2017
my body is empty
it is exactly 3 30
i read a happy poem
and i began to cry
jess Jul 2017
the open breeze
from my open bedroom window
stray hairs and i'm cold

but god, it feels good
to feel something other than
the smoke in my eyes.
jess Jul 2017
-how your world turns
-which way your eyes see crimson
-how do your eyes see gold?

-what's your favorite word?
-do you like it for its meaning, or only
for the way it rolls off your tongue?
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