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ThatBrokenOne Jun 2020
Sun rays racing through the air,
Lighting the surface of the earth.
Darkness fading away,
As time passes by.

Concentration is flowing away,
Homework stagnating in the absence of motivation.
Stress pillars rising,
As time passes by.
ThatBrokenOne Nov 2019
the sound of foot steps
echoing through the air arround
the sound of laughter
bouncing through the sky

walking mile after mile
following the smell of food
Flying through the sky
chasing the sound of joy

closing your eyes
dreaming away
opening your eyes
dreaming the day
ThatBrokenOne Nov 2019
I too am alone
Alone in this world
Until you found me
You made us a pair
A pair together conquers
The world and all of its crualty
ThatBrokenOne Nov 2019
Look arround
Look at the things you see everyday
The gras, the trees
At all the falling leafs

Life is pretty arround
Life is pretty inside
Forget the pain
Don't let your life be in vain

Look around
Look inside
Look at the falling leafs
Look at the glowing trees

After pain comes love
After death comes life
All around are fallin leafs
To become anew flourishing trees

Keep your head up
Keep your heart open
Love is near
There is nothing you have to fear
ThatBrokenOne Oct 2019
At that moment when the pain becomes too much,
Think about the happy moments of your life.
At that moment when you feel your self slipping away,
Think of that one person you love to be.
At that moment when it all starts to explode into feelings,
Let it come, become at peace and then let it go.
At that moment when you feel alone,
Know this, you never are.

We all had our fair share of pain and torture,
We all are here for you, if you want to talk,
We all want to ease your pain,
We all care about you.

So before you start to loose it all,
Please talk,
Please write,
Please say something,
If not to them, do it to me.
I care about you, even though I don't know your face.
I want you to feel better,
I want you to make it through,
Please talk to me.
  Oct 2019 ThatBrokenOne
These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
ThatBrokenOne Aug 2019
Its been days,
Weeks, Months.
The pain is in the past,
Wrote about it more then once.

All that happened,
It broke, It shifted, me.
I've learned a lot,
With a new vision I see.

She came from the outside,
Found a way, reached into my heart.
She decided to stay,
Reconstructing me after I fell apart.

I am feeling happy,
After all the sadness.
One thing I have learned,
Falling in love is madness.
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