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 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
I love you every day
And I just had to say
I know you believe in me
It's true love at first sight
My love is so deep
My love is true
And sweetheart this
Love will never fade
Between me and you.
True Love ❤️💓
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
It was a perfect dream
Come true and
I never knew how much
I was in love with you.
True Love ❤️💟
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
I love her eyes
And when she gaze's into mine
I softly whisper your name
And she smiles so bright
We share a magical kiss
Falling in the love under
The moonlight ad the stars
Shine so bright
Just listen to my heart
Skip a beat under the moonlight
And with every kiss touch from her
I fall in love all over again with her
Every time spent with you my heart
Will beat every day.. I Love You..
I Love Her ❤️💗
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
When I feel the warmth of her touch
My heart skips a beat and
I know she loves me every day
And my love for her is so great
And I can our future and dreams
All coming true
I'm falling in love with you
And my love I silently profess
To my darling Princess and
Everything you do for me
Makes every day feels
So special to me.
True Love ❤️💞
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
I wish you a good night sleep
My beautiful sweetheart
And dream of me tonight
Because your in my heart every night
And I softly kiss you goodnight.
Our Happiness Together 💗💗
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
I know you love me in life
And our love is so true
And every day I can't stop
Thinking about you and I
Just say I love you.
Lover's Soulmate's ❤️❤️
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
I never imagined I'd find a beautiful
Women like you in my life that makes my heart sing
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You,
And all my dreams coming true
Making love to you
Under the moonlight full of happiness and delight
And I will devote my whole life to loving you
And my life is so beautiful with you
You make me smile every day and
As long as I have you in my life I’ve nothing to fear every day
For your my best friend in my life and your forever my beautiful wife.
She's A Beautiful Woman 😍🤩❤️
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
Her love is so beautiful
And bright it's so magical and
I'm under her spell
Her love spell,
But sweetheart it's how much
I truly love you in life
Oh sweetheart I never can tell.
She's Beautiful ❣️❤️🤩
 Dec 2020 Tif
David P Carroll
Every day
I hope and
Pray the Lord
Jesus Christ
Will send
You my way.
An Angel 😇 In My Heart 💗
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