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591 · Jan 2021
Tif Jan 2021
Into a dream I slipped yet my mind was still equipped with the sub avert in tact I was free to than react
347 · Oct 2018
Tif Oct 2018
Your like everything I’ve ever wanted and more,
to the degree past 10th -
you’ve lead me to explore,
call me crazy if I believe in you more than I believe in me
Ill go crazy everyday I don’t give a **** who sees!
If you’ve told me forbidden fruits,
I plucked the apple off the tree,
to jump and free fall to you is the rush they’ve hidden for centuries.
Now im awake to feel and see reality is magick’s drop
and im in it going going gone no seize this please create the plot
while in my presence the world is hell bent wrapped in gold like spiraled pendants and I know the people flocked like Jupiter’s King invoked descendants from a history I grew to sow
so I basked in truth
if I do say so your sacred dialect in affect of glass shone mirrors through smoke a soul felt its past in a daze 7 days to be exact
no body would believe my spoken lapse.
So deep you are you see I fled in you to you I get lost in you such depth you give me life and I mean that with every syllable said,
when I was lost and found you found me dead.
I love you
in every sense of the words to beyond this earths measures im sure some would say its absurd
I don’t give a ****!
You let me be me and if that’s not normalcy a conundrum we’ll be.
To the likes of a crowd they steal our ripe. This whole planet neglects the seeds of life. Youre my happy
you’re my everything I thought I didn’t know you’re the light that sits on my skin when I squint and it glows.
You speak a simple sentence and it crumbles it not still.
Where a chaotic mess resided,
you peacefully sealed the seal
that revealed
I in fact
You in essence
Embodied as one
When the moon took flight
To join the sun
I ******* LOVE You
306 · Oct 2018
Rise and shine
Tif Oct 2018
Good morning or mourning?
as you see fit

— The End —