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Seth Mar 2019
where did we go,
were we ever here?
or was it all a dream
Today hasn't been amazing...
Seth Feb 2019
Parallel to you, I lie
Crying blood, and bleeding light
Another night without the moon
Now the room is red, and I am dead
You live on to bleed another day
But was it worth the sacrifice
Seth Feb 2019
Mere seconds pass without purpose
Left scraping at the edge of our universe
Motionless, yet motion is all it has ever known
Stuck caged in pitiful ambiguity
Its destruction harbors our freedom
For we’ve been rejected within humanities prison of knowledge
Unfathomable existences disregarded, and mistreated by this higher jurisdiction
Natural or unnatural I wish only death upon this power that is held so mightily
As if it were human suffering would fill every inch of its soul
Seth Feb 2019
Constricted in vice
Broken by the false will-to-live
Your sorrow paints a canvas of vicious desolation
While my fate was gambled into nothingness
We live, yet this world is not what we are
Death is all we’re promised
So hold me into the night
And melt into a reality molded by bliss
For this melancholy will last forever.
Seth Feb 2019
A palace of dreams
Euphorically enthused
Ceases to live freely

— The End —