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Seher Seven Jul 2017
Standing in the river today
Bits of me still longed to go.
Float down stream.
There was a slight voice, a murmur now,
This feeling that now feels foreign,
Thoughts of disappearing with the currents movement.
Following my natural inclination to

This voice was once a constant,
My response to the things that got hard.
Move on.
Be contained by the Shores edge and
Flow. Change, allow the wind to push
You along.
Race with the fishes.

My fish friends, never understood why
People eat them.
They are founding members of us.
Hold within them things we've long lost.
They race with me though,
Dipping and diving around the soft rounded river rocks.
I love how they feel along my skin,
My watery core capable of all dimension.
My malleable soul.
No one knows how comfortable it is
With change.
I was broken in,
Made to embrace it.

Though today , I didn't feel so
The longing to reunite with the oceans
Oneness, it's collection of me.

My call is quieting.
Softening, healing is being felt.
Infection is spreading,
Stretched out over Her body.
My feet graze over the Shores pebbles,
Feeling lazy.
Swimming isn't necessary.
Today we must stay standing,
At the edge of the river.
Holding each other up.
Coaxing a belief we can make something
We all can trust...

This faith in me is what I really have to offer to us, to our collective rising...
I believe in humanity.
I believe in me. And you, that WE
Have the ability to create anew.
That our hearts, together, see the steps
Begin within.

And as friends on this
Journey of US,
We meld hands, fingers wrapping
Around knuckles and rings.
Hold tight darling,
This river can be strong.
Your hand slides on my softened skin,
I hear the connection, I breath.
Thank God you're home.
For my love
Seher Seven May 2017
There's a temptation I wrestle with,
Each and every day.
A tickle in my side, sometimes in my eye.
I desire to confess my truth.
Like how I see there's no stopping our truths,
There's nothing we can do.
Our power rests in the movement of the clouds,
And the Earth's too.
We act within Her play.
Maintaining our groove,
She handling her own business.

They move, across the Earth,
Dropping water wherever they do.
Nourishing the life that will not perish.

There's nothing to lose,
Except your power to chose
Which will be expressed.
Align with your best, answer your hearts call.
We will rest when we are done.
Our future selves insist,
As the light pierces through the veil.

Press upon your sphere,
The clouds will not stand still.
They will continue our cycles here.
Focus on the whispers,
Learn to trust those.
We, the saviors of our self.
Seher Seven May 2017
My toddle begins to stride,
Prepared for the necessary curvature of my way.
Likened to a wave, dancing, moving under
The moons glow.
Her slow steady trance. Never ceasing.
My pace adjusts to this one too,
With much new Earth still to form.
Much sand to spew forth, build upon.
I, master of the storms.
Generators breath keeps tickling my throat.
Grasping intently on the edges of
My vocal cords.
The roar is heard aloud.

The time is now, the moments are these,
They prepare me for my victories,
When my hearts beat is fully read,
When these words get out.
Floating around, flitting,  lightly calling
Prompting me to study it's source.

Now, fully aware of our course,
Our intent to be reborn,
The force that moves forward.
I relaxed, I've calmed down.
My fears are much less now,
There's more room to see clear.
The stars finally come out,
WE begin to remember they're always there.
Even behind the clouds, they await forever.

The moon chants along.
Her light skips along my back
Enlightens my waves pattern,
the lighthouse in the dark makes her power matter.
I just relaxing into my groove.
Very sure I trust Her light.
Seher Seven May 2017
I awoke one morning
And every morning since
The changes have grown intense, steady, softer.
Ever since those vibrations went coursing
Through my spine,
The neutral path has become enlightened
And my path relaxes in its groove.

Moving confidently towards you.
Trusting each step,
Only asking for what I truly desire.
Accepting nothing less.
Grateful for awareness
And my choice to do my best.

I will only ask for what I truly desire,
I will keep the One in my best interests.
My vision is clearly becoming reality,
Current steps creating it.
Watching my muscles flex as my sole
Touches down.
Getting nearer yet, karma repays debts
In code.
Heart knows it's path,
Riding the waves of my destiny manifest.
Seher Seven May 2017
Giving thanks to you all.
The month of April was a ball.
Writing hearts beats just to share.
Thankful for my family
Who are always there.

Here, to allow my self to be shared.
I appreciate you, friends.
To my family! !! I feel like you all are a large part of my journey.  Always grateful for the love and support ☺ Happy monday yall!!! XO
Seher Seven Apr 2017
Fertile behavior
Bright reds, showy greens, purple
Too. Body tender
Seher Seven Apr 2017
my gold chain, charging.
She placed it around my neck
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