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Tyler Grazia Feb 2021
With every sweet end
Comes the next bitter beginning
That text we didn't send
To the friend who's considering
Finishing they're time here on earth
And clocking out at midnight
But some things just aren't worth
Causing a fuss or a fight
Now everything's alright
We all got what we wanted
They live on without fright
But now your best friend is dead
Hung himself at twenty-two
You claim you hadn't a clue
Though you knew what you had to do
Too bad your call never came through
  Jan 2021 Tyler Grazia
Glenn Currier
The sage bush
waves in the wind
spreading its subtle scent
like incense for the Earth
a plea to passers-by
to pause and breathe
in peace.
Tyler Grazia Jul 2019
The life after the short one
Where debt is never quite done

Either feel the ecstasy or doom
Nothing will ever be impending
It's right here and never ending
But you'll find all that out soon

Giants cry painfully in this place
They don't want this for you
Blood runs from eyes down their face
Realize that this hell is true

One picks you up, immensely distressed he looks
Although you're just another name in the books
Your head fits perfectly into his palm
Like a young boy being held by his mom

You can hardly see, head filled with past regret
Believing in one god is not a safe bet
Now his judgement is nothing to fear
Not even he can hear you from down here

Let's try to be happy, this is the worst it can get
Until your own mind feels like it's about to split
Dragged upon stairs, this is just the beginning
There's only one 'god' down here and he's grinning
Inspired by a trend where people draw their fears. Gave me something to think and write about :)
Tyler Grazia Apr 2019



Tyler Grazia Mar 2019
What does it mean to become godly
When one possesses such a body
yours could never quite compare
to that which I carry through the air

Watch your back, this life is rough
Too much is just never enough
Women and men succumb to lust
Over what I see as simple rust
Third stanza dlc coming soon
Dm me $15 for it :)
Tyler Grazia Mar 2019
For Sale;
Baby poems
Never written
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