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Phiness Guzman Aug 2017
Trapped, locked and helpless in our own cities,
It's like between us there are galaxies.
We create supernovas; our own fall from grace.
In the absence of time and presence of space.

But the universe unites us in an eclipse,
In the correct timing our orbits will be bent.
We'll make up and seal it with our lips;
A beautiful astronomical event.

08/04/17 9:11 PM
Phiness Guzman Aug 2017
Does it feel better now?
That I'm no longer there,
To ***** you about how
I am stressed and tired?

Does it feel better now?
That I have no longer have
the power to control you,
and the friends you should have?

Do you feel better now?
That I'm no longer in your head
and that you can now have
the freedom you always wanted?

Do you feel better now?
That I, who always made you feel alone,
have left your life in peace,
with your music and friends at home?

Does it feel better now?
That I'm no longer gonna ask you,
to make me feel better again,
by stressing, and draining you?

And does it feel better now,
That the sweet words you used to make me feel good,
Are now used by you to others,
To feel better somehow?
4:36PM // 06-27-17
Phiness Guzman Jun 2017
I took a liking to you
because you were
my escape from reality.
But you, yourself,
are starting to become
unreal, intangible; a fantasy.
Phiness Guzman May 2017
Salty air and dark night,
The moon illuminates the sea.
The tides clash with the rock,
and 67 ft above, there's me.

Right step, left step, right step, left...
Is there no one to stop me?
I think about the times my heart wept,
and said, "no, I wanna take this flee."

I stand at the edge and fall forward,
For a moment I feel free, I fly.
The air around me felt nice, oh god..
"I take it back, I don't wanna die--"
Phiness Guzman May 2017
All I coud think of
is how would it feel if your
lips would press on mine.
Phiness Guzman Apr 2017
I will forever treasure the night
that we had in our drunken stupor.

It was a blur but i remember it clearly.

For it was one of those times
where the troubles dissipated
for a moment.

The giggles and cuddles
that only the strangers, the streets
and the moon witnessed.

It genuinely made me happy.

*You make me happy.
04-23-17 // 5PM
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