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2d · 48
Sam 2d
I'm sleeping in the lounge
because I can't sleep in my bed
because you're stained in my sheets
and a stain in my head

I've deleted all my music
and I've started anew
four thousand songs down the drain
that you listened to, too

I've thrown out the clothes
that you bought for me
broke the watch that was given
on our anniversary

yet I can't wipe away
all the footprints you left
down the memory lanes
in my head and my chest
Nov 9 · 463
Sam Nov 9
and i'm the guy. the guy who's calling
and knocking on the door
and she's the sky. the sky is falling
but who's she falling for
Nov 2018 · 647
it takes
Sam Nov 2018
a lifetime
to die
Nov 2018 · 180
her; darkling
Sam Nov 2018
i met the darling devil on her own porch
a wine bottle in hand
foot tapping to some underground band

she said
mi casa, su casa
my castle, your casket

I shed
my masks and my musket
said - if you need something just ask it

she smiled. her only response.
i could see she must have what she wants
to be a human on our green and blue ball
the most dangerous being of them all
Oct 2018 · 217
Sam Oct 2018
she's got a voice like lavender
and a hug like a rhyme
the legs of a traveller
and a mind teeming with time

she thinks like a poet
yet acts like a priest
she's has an air of fresh breath
wisecracks stuck between her teeth

she picks them out like
apples in the market
like moses on the mount might
like crops at a harvest

that's all i have for her tonight
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Sam Jul 2018
I've been running around
a notebook on my hip
and the sun in my eyes
and your words on my lips

i've been falling asleep
with your smell on my mind
and the faintest memory
of our fingers entwined

but I've been waking up
with a pillow by my side
and you leaving with my dreams
on the outgoing tide
Jul 2018 · 108
we're all gonna cake it
Sam Jul 2018
make or mar
and make or break
wage your war
or wake and bake
Jun 2018 · 875
Sam Jun 2018
i fall in love like i get sick
it happens on some idle tuesday
after a night in the rain

come sit at my bedside
and have a cup of tea
i'm a little low on love
and more than low on vitamin c

i kiss like i cough
and i **** like a shiver
with a wheeze
and a nose running rivers
i'll wear my heart on my sneeze
Jun 2018 · 448
Sam Jun 2018
I knew a glassy eyed doll
a classy glass idol
red to excess; red lipstick
and red back-less dresses for the spine-less chick
well re(a)d in chiq cosmo - check
but purple(xed) by the cosmos
rotting, like her kombucha and compost
spun puns
Jun 2018 · 88
Sam Jun 2018
actually I've run out of poems
and a pen is no longer my totem
as I wander my dreams

I'm trying to think less material
but I can't distinguish here from the ethereal
for reality's tearing at the seams

What about a dream itself
I know the weight of them so well
I guess, maybe, others will too, that means

I guess I'll stay here forever
whether I be real wherever and whenever
in the upside downs and in betweens
inspired by the totems in Inception
Apr 2018 · 450
Sam Apr 2018
life might lead on like a patterned string
in avalanches of winters and spatters of spring
but I still don't know why the blackbird sings

She swoops and jives on sinatra's swing
but her eyebags halo like saturn's rings
and she patters around on tattered wings
purposefully hunting for the wasps sting
but why the blacker the bird the sweeter the sing

and its like through all that clattering
she can't hear she matters more than every thing
blackbirds eat wasps
Sam Apr 2018
life's locomotion hastens my soul's erosion
and i long to sink to the ocean floor.
so i let the radiowaves carry me out the open door -
to the ocean's shore.

I see a sea shell, broken, and she's chosen or
stolen like raw golden ore
I know that she's worn; sea foam's torn
the claw from her own paw.
I had this notion to be a slave to my emotions; oxytocins *****.

but my affection ebbed in motion like a seagull drifting on the delicate cadences of the wind's waxing and waning devotion.
so no more
Feb 2018 · 974
Sam Feb 2018
if she was a yawn she'd be a Sunday morning, just been snoring (dream exploring) kind of yawning
eyes closing creeping smile stretched across six pillows
blinds opening, sleep exiled, rays etched on skin in Gogh yellows
on her arms

if she was the sky she'd be fiery
if she was a Guy she'd be Fieri
blazing sunsets on silly shirts
silly dances at concerts

If she was a word she'd be a cellar door
and if she was a movie she'd be stellar wars
a euphony a symphony
music and imagery

and if she was art she'd be a dancing Degas
with the tempest of Turner and the dynamism of Dali
art for everybody but special to me
Jan 2018 · 736
Sam Jan 2018
I met this tungsten tongued pterodactyl
tiny ***** terror with a rattle snake rattle
cattle feasting, battle tested, harp playing harpy heathen
carpe diem; seizing the days of the dazed, the refuge of the refused
They said I should have seen her angel wings were dinosaur's
I guess I didn't see through the lipsticked maw -
the silken glove over the sharpened claw.
a little devil before a little death
petite mort with heavy breath
before she sheds her skin and starts again
more hers on my page
Apr 2017 · 337
Sam Apr 2017
collapsing in on myself like a dying star
in the middle of the floor of some bar
on an idle Tuesday

I've already lost the keys to my car
and I've got a burn on my arm from a cigar
it feels like doomsday

don't know where love or life are
I just know I've seen them from afar
maybe they'll visit in May
Apr 2017 · 252
Sam Apr 2017
actually I've run out of poems
and a pen is no longer my totem
as I wander my dreams

I'm trying to think less material
but I can't distinguish here from the ethereal
for reality's tearing at the seams

What about a dream itself
I know the weight of them so well
I guess, maybe, others will too, that means

I guess I'll stay here forever
whether I be real wherever and whenever
in the upside downs and in betweens
those totems you had to carry around in inception and the inception of a dream being your dream totem or something...
Apr 2017 · 369
sexy death
Sam Apr 2017
Hemingway might have had style
but I have finesse
better than hanging
I'd leave rope in suspense

******* a sword
I'd give an oncoming train a kiss
use a blindfold as I'm crossing the street
death is an eternal bliss

toy with auto-asphyxiation
but kick away the stool
tie my arms and legs to the bedpost
and jump in a pool
sporadic rhymes
Apr 2017 · 347
Sam Apr 2017
and he called her the ocean
because he'd drowned in her eyes
and been lost in her smile
shed tears in the waves of her hair

and he called her an omen
because she burns bright streaking in the skies
racking up her air miles
a comet dashing/blitzing without care

and he called her a wave
because they come hand in hand with goodbyes
but she left him with neither
on the outgoing tide
Mar 2017 · 596
Sam Mar 2017
I put my hand on my heart
and promised my love
because my pockets were full
Mar 2017 · 522
wood if it could
Sam Mar 2017
and all I can think of is sad things about wood
about how from child to adulthood
it's stuck where its put
and stood where it stood
I wonder if wood would avert its eyes if it could

soaking up the blood of Hemingway's brain
and staring into the grieving eyes of bed ridden Twain
unable to scream at the Adam and Eve, twain
as they fruitfully leapt into the mortal plane

does it retain in its rings and grains
(more than brick walls and marble veins)
memories of plague strains and reining Charlemagnes

do they like their scars and bloodied stains
or is this just a little inane/insane
kinda changed from an earlier one
Sam Mar 2017
there's a game we all know
that has a Monopoly over us
that doesn't take a dice to throw
nor a score to plus

its the game of Hearts
sometimes complex like Draughts.
a game of straight flushing and great blushing
in spates of gushing or candid Candy crush Crushing

sometimes there's:
star crossed Starcraft lovers
two-per scenario Super Mario Brothers
and the game's
a Tetris tete a tete
a dual duel between two beating chests
each with a Chess set missing a King or Queen they've yet to get
Romeos and Juliets
though they've only just met

and other times;
we're just trying to Connect fo(u)r two seconds for once
in this scrabble scramble through life
Risking it all in the Trivial Pursuit
of trying to fit in the Sudoku
by following some pseudo social cues
of the games creator
that says we're failures
if we're not in 2player
from s to s
Jan 2017 · 300
Sam Jan 2017
Atop a roof
in the neighbourhood of my childhood
I leapt for the stars
as I never thought I could

The breeze rushed past
I looked back where i stood
thinking to myself
so far so good... so far so good

see now,
the cement has never meant so much
cold heart hard to the touch
and soon back to dust

god's angel before I fell from the top
falling for the melting ***
I'd always been covered in freckles
now out **** spot
Jan 2017 · 203
weed the word
Sam Jan 2017
**** and the word
they've both had their prophets
people all over the world
have used them for profits

both needed mules
to carry the goods into the city
i'm out of puns
not very witty
Jan 2017 · 1.4k
Sam Jan 2017
she texted 'I dreamt of you this afternoon'
which was a promising start
'you were a paintball instructor...
and you shot me in the heart'

now - I'd never dreamed of her
(and thought that even worse)
I wondered if I should mention it
or just write it down in verse

but, that very night,
dreaming in the solace of the dark
I took part in her archery class
and she shot cupids arrow through my heart
lots of her in a collection
Jan 2017 · 647
Her; mind palace
Sam Jan 2017
she's been running through my mind
with her heels on
smashing all she can find
like a Hadron proton

a thousand miles an hour
she screams through the rooms
and she doesn't even know her power
like a flower in full bloom
Does a flower know it's beautiful
when it's basking in the sun?
-or does it wait (til hidden by the dark)
when the day is done?
Jan 2017 · 341
Sam Jan 2017
I have poems for your twinkle toes
and similes for your wrinkled nose
how it twitches
like the Bewitched witch's

I have poems for your starry eyes
reflecting all the star filled skies
each and every glistening datum
just as if your pupils ate them

not like a black hole swallowing solar systems
******* light and all existence
but like an 8 ball of spotted shining wisdom
also like what I have written
written in the stars. checkitycheck out my other 'Her's
Jan 2017 · 290
shelf consciousness
Sam Jan 2017
I dress from my shelf of self-consciousness
hoping to impress myself with anomalous self confidence
mirror mirror on the wall
In truth I'm jealous of you all
not just the fairest
a more acute awareness
of all these greater things to pursue
on gods great green and blue
Jan 2017 · 299
stravinsky squealing
Sam Jan 2017
and the music trickled from his fingers
and transcended / ascended through the ceiling
straight through a cloud
and the stratosphere freeing
Jan 2017 · 364
another one
Sam Jan 2017
If I had one more mouth
I could say twice as many silly things

another foot
I'd just put in my mouth

another leg
and all I'd do is run
another month
I'd not use this one

another year
would mean more tears
but how bad to cry
with a third eye
Inspired by DJ Khaled
Sam Jan 2017
Debussy's in the air
Satie's in the sea
Gershwin's growing in the ground
how much more beauty can there be

Einstein's up in orbit
Newton's sitting 'neath a tree
Schrodinger's both here and there
so where should I be

Naruda conquered love
Bukowski; Reality
Ginsberg Howled all the rest
what thought is left for me

I'd like to say something never said before
something of wonder, profundity
here it comes
here it comes

I'm coming up empty
Is this name dropping? How well does 'Gershwin's growing in the ground' roll off the tongue!? (even if it doesn't make any sense)
Jan 2017 · 283
Sam Jan 2017
was it love at first sight or
had I somehow loved you before
was it hormones in the blood
or something closer to the core

Like two connected hearts or souls
like two encircling black holes
was it a chance encounter
or someone sitting at the controls

Now; I don't know the truth
but I don't need to
all I know
as that I need you
'Her' is taking over my poetry at the moment :)
Sam Jan 2017
Is this poetic
or is this just poetry
have I found a new community
or am I still lonely

should I write one more
find someone to follow
attract another heart
to keep feeding my ego

it's hungry so hungry
fiending for a feeding
and I'm needing and pleading
that you just keep on reading
I guess it just rhymes
Dec 2016 · 714
without knowing
Sam Dec 2016
you can write poetry without being a poet
I feel Bukowski sometimes wrote without knowing how
or why
just because he was Poetry
like how Gogh painted for love
or for his next meal
not for me
not for we
like how an athlete runs for running
and a singer sings for singing
and a sinner sins for sinning
maybe you can't become a poet
it must be in you from the beginning
Dec 2016 · 256
Sam Dec 2016
sorry I mix between serious and surreal
in these serials of her
swapping sense for splendour
subtlety for superlatives
her bark for a purr
more her
Dec 2016 · 242
what is this -2
Sam Dec 2016
is this -feeling- or is this just love
that old hormone that fits
humanity like a glove

is this my soul or is this a balloon
both are reaching for the sky
but are stuck in this room

I don't know why a balloon would be in my chest
or if even a soul resides in my breast
but both I'd prefer to divest
serial 2
Dec 2016 · 487
Poems; Injury 9
Sam Dec 2016
Soaring above the field
the pidgeon saw the world revealed
but by its own flight it was betrayed
for that pidgeon was made of clay

Floating like a summer's cloud
my love for her was high and proud
yet my heart was chipped one day
for my heart was made of clay

Beauty can't always be entrusted
to the potters hand
so build your beauty from something
that can withstand
more than the lovers arrow
at least
til the morrow
injury 1-8 in a collection
Dec 2016 · 214
Sam Dec 2016
******* powdering our guns
white powder powdering our gums

this is the new world
just sounded the same
Dec 2016 · 420
Sam Dec 2016
when you wish upon a star
do you ever think it's just too far
looking out the windows washing dishes
wondering if that star's run out of wishes

do satellites grant wishes too
what happens when you wish on something flashing blue
what if it supernova'd 10,000 years ago
and this light is just its afterglow

what what what's so special about these stars
in this milky way of ours
yet in this light we keep on coping
and with their light we keep on hoping
Dec 2016 · 222
Sam Dec 2016
a ghost roams this house
it's yours
and its one of the many things you left behind
when you left behind nothing

-not even a toothbrush
just your teeth biting deep

not even a perfume bottle
but an aura
like how a dead flower sitting in its vase still leak lilies
and how a dead body laying in its casket still bleeds love

but if i know one thing
it's knowing nothings are something
like how even though you took my heart running
I don't need it to keep my blood pumping
Dec 2016 · 481
Sam Dec 2016
if you couldn't infer who is 'her'

she is all the hers i've known
from all the we's that I have blown
where some and none and one are One
and more will come til life's been run

that's a guess but it sounded definite
its also a guess that the possibilities are infinite
it's a guess she'll remain as a sessioned imression
I know I still haven't answered your question
Dec 2016 · 208
what is this
Sam Dec 2016
is this poetry or is this love
is this business really something
to discuss in the tub

is this drowning or is this drinking
or are these overwhelming feelings
products of too much thinking

is this sleeping or is this blinking
because i don't know how much further
life can keep shrinking

poetry is sleep, death and rest
and while these have not truly been addressed
I guess poetry is also life's digress
Nov 2016 · 624
Poems; Injury 7&8
Sam Nov 2016
A chicken might live without a head
live many a year before it's dead
but have its heart ripped from its breast
and it'll be in seconds before it rests

but oh how its different with us
and isn't the poem the best forum to discuss
that without a head - death would appear
but without a heart. Well. I'm still right here
Nov 2016 · 1.4k
Poems; Injury 6
Sam Nov 2016
Maybe the greatest injury yet
was all too soon after we met
and with eyes and ink still wet
you tried to **** me with the alphabet
Nov 2016 · 1.5k
Poems; Injury 5
Sam Nov 2016
I'm not sure if death is an injury
but from the Rockies to the Yangtze
If you read any Bukowski
You may never rip that knife free
Nov 2016 · 668
Poems; Injury 4
Sam Nov 2016
A final stanza on the busy bus
can make the world freeze
so don't forget to hold onto the handrail
or when it really stops,
you'll be brought crashing to your knees
Nov 2016 · 397
Poems; Injury 3
Sam Nov 2016
there's those poems that destroy you
from inside to out
an h-bomb of hopelessness
and the post realisation fall-out
Nov 2016 · 398
Poems; Injury 1
Sam Nov 2016
there's that poem that you read
that stops you in your tracks
dropping the book on your nose
as you're lying on your back
Nov 2016 · 1.2k
Poems; Injury 2
Sam Nov 2016
There are those poems that complete you
and also those that abscise;
Taking a little love from behind your ribs
and a little light from behind your eyes
Nov 2016 · 650
her jumble 2am
Sam Nov 2016
why's the vice president always so senior
is that a permanent feature
like how 2+2 is always equal to 4
and I'm lying on the floor
wondering if these words have been said before

what makes the beauty of the sea
are you beautiful
or is it just to me
does it matter
do we matter
what's beauty's main factor
why does the mad hatter
drink tea
a clock carrying bunny
is more mad than a tea party
bon soir mon amie
that's all from me
Nov 2016 · 1.6k
Sam Nov 2016
The freckled girl screams 'out **** spot'
thinking they're part of some Higher plot.

They are. They are. They are.
For this sky would be nothing without the stars
Imagine Orion's belt without each datum
(and I say this without sarcasm)
Think of the ocean that'd be a chasm.
Without the drops - nothing happens

poetry would be nothing without the atom
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