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Andrew Choo Jan 2020
When I look at you,
When I'm with you,
I feel comfortable.
I feel happy.
And I don't want that to go away.
  Dec 2019 Andrew Choo
Lil Lalo
You asked
What is the scariest part?

I answer
The scariest part
is not the feeling of loneliness
or the darkness that fills you
despite the looming pain
of emptiness

The scariest part
is the realization  
that you have lost yourself
sinking in as you lay awake
at 2 AM
because you lost the ability to sleep
and you can't even cry
because you don't even care
  Dec 2019 Andrew Choo
every morning i wake up, the only thing i crave for is you.
  Dec 2019 Andrew Choo
Jacob Pitcher
The difference between a moment and a lifetime.

When your laughs reach your eyes.
When your cheeks hurt from smiling.
When you feel lost, and it means found.
And the list goes ever on.
  Dec 2019 Andrew Choo
Jason James
The real danger isn't in lying to people.
It's in telling them the truth.
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