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4d · 26
Raw and Rippin'
Black as an ace of spades throwing shades
Suckas and haters ******* lemonade
Gass a serenade once my music is made
Feel the tip of the blade making koolaid
For the streets ii sweep silence the weak
Peak at a the raps Paramount's y'all amount
To nothing unbutton the Glocks start somethin'
N-W-A making haters break away like Simon Say
Hands up this is a stick up til ya hiccups
My cup runneth up off the Hennessy
Penetrate my liver lovely none above me
I'm Zuess once I flash the lighting rods
Giving you a divine shocking pop locking
As the clock spinning final destiny pins
Awaiting the dancing Harley Quinn's ends
Sitting at my fate activate my hate through states
Can't dodge the stake
Instant like quakes raise the birth rates
Once the radios get a **** of my tapes
Ears propped head nogged memory clogged
Can't stop me from entering centering
Like media attention straighten up
Cuz the fed is mad listening n whistling

Gravediggaz pushin' hittas nonchalant figures
Paint my picture with no canvas Atlantis boy
Rocking the cordourys excite the joys
Of the night mystery flight NASA satellite
Can't even get a site I'm off the sight blight
All creatures of mankind heavenly spine
I rode on to get a lift off the high of a nine
Sparkling desire murders is the main flyer
Tryna pin my ship to a scholarship
Words encrypted to ya brain computer chips
I close lips who wanna set trip? Graze a fifth
Doobies got me feelin' like Scoobies
Snacking a shack watch for the hacks stacks
Crack a jack don't get caught by the smack
My hands is quicker than sand hot desert lands
We burning demands cops sitting in plans
Until they see the whole nation is Wu clan
Out what you about well unlease the beast
From the belly midevil crisis who the nicest
Wise as solomon golden sun waiting for one
To test the pump only to catch a lump
Sum guns is cashing suckas into runs
Pass a marathon reference as the ***** Don
Feb 10 · 35
Pass Geniuses
Mind's ***** flows oxi clean slashing peens
Dope to the microphone fiend rakims dream
Rebirth through hip hop without the seeds
Performed the deed this is a soldiers creed
Demons havoc wrecking shop til ya drop
All monies on the floor ultimate heist
Rolling the dice no snake eyes pop eyes rise
Once the spinach magnifies  begins a new die
Killed the old me to see the new me mirrors of TV
Ain't nothing but a false demo-graphic
Censored cuz of the deadly *****-graphics  
onto ya mind ******* ya cells til it swells
Let the thought cartel keep pushing them shells
Well ain't nothing you can do to *****
A troop I'm quick to shoot minus the boots
Combat been to Iraq yeah few bodies to rack
Became a rhyme mack once I pimped the flows
Rock the shows got girls throwing they clothes
Ya know I keep it disco seventies funk
Bass in your face straight rattling the trunk
Back to back like Jordan dunking with *****
Space age jams chillin' with fams music crammed
Into ya earlobes all around the globe abodes
Rocking til they off the axis maxin' taxes facts is
I don't need money just to move around
All surround like sound gps grounds claymore
Clowns nothing left but chipped pieces
Sick with it drop hits like bird feces increases
Once the hunger strikes dangerous as Pike
So peddle ya bikes as stomp out the industry til I see ****** Nikes

Annnnnnnn that's a rap...
****** up times we living in still passing sins
Seven broke ties with heaven since I was seven
Hells must have been following me
Since I was a baby
Deadly ready crater the michete daily
In my minds thoughts slashed cashed
Since I brought into the material life
It left me with nothing but strife knives
Thrown at my back where the leechers at?
Smile in ya face with no grins test the winds
Activate my heating temperature
My souls was pure alkaline cure baby lured
Out the darkness into the light too bright
Im fighting just to breathe receive believe
In something well I only believe in self
My true wealth no love to the religions
Hitting spread my wisdom thy kingdom come
Thy will be done tryna restore the sun
Ancient kemet mash the gas for skys limit
Mind's chilling on top of the moons crescent
Felt the essence elegance gleaming a trance
Stars flashing guitar strings sings stings
Deep into the souls so you'll loose control
**** laced enhance my taste conscious chase
Without using my feet greet the spiritual fleet
Til my bodies obsolete let my enemies seek

Perpetrators only debate a hater creator
No editors my editions rocks the bellas
To fellas check the cold stanza Stella
Appearance performance off the charts
wicked darts set a apart the real see it spark
Off hate chip your fate mate sweet 16 Nate
Clips regulate any checker ultimate wrecker
carefully watch me chicken peckers get cha
Can't clean me out re visioned my route
Became a wisdom lover mack stacks
The mind to a divine high alpine signed
My self to my own buried will avoid kills
Freestyle drills caught the ink spills fills
My papers with illustrioustry art scenery
No gallery on the Galaxy off the milky silky
Way a thousand suns to moon to bloom
Out the dark matter caccoon doom
Felt once the heart senses death belt
Worn off the tears of mother nature fraichuer
Coolin off the boiling free floating hostility
Learned agility from meditating quietly
Third eye searchin' sticking like a sea urchin
Birthed in a watery daze gazed by plays
Universal characters I'm telling ya
Rebel up buck the jewels and the truck
I'm dancing in fire fully clothed bowed
By the arrows kin to the lost legacy Pharoahs
It could all be so simple puncture dimples
I'm tryna take us back to the days of the hidden temple
Feb 4 · 33
My mind cruised the seven seas of the university
Astro physical mystical see me a miracle
Born dead but still made a living giving sinning
Winning pinnacle from a speckle pending
Time to bring the real in guns is flashing
In a Wayne's fashion mad action subtraction
**** the world hit em like Billie Gates activate
The rap virus infect the masses glasses
I shattered brittle souls out of control my stroll
On a Chuck roll gangsta rock hard to block
Me out the view I'll cashew cuz I'm nutty buddy?
My skills like Ali dog to a collie Humpty Dumpty
The baddest cuties cold cut slim waste big *****
Thighs could even make a snail's **** rise
I'm out the chart my mind sets forth a spark
Attacks my instincts like a shark late night parks
From riding the comet of a flashlight shine might
Easily picking off the pieces of the wild cherries
wheres the rest of my sunshine behind
The gun line all I need is one pine weeds designed
The michaelango art effect birth the infants
Of the skies saw Cupid shooting arrows
Into the hearts of those who live in the dark
Darker than midnight demons takin height
To plight despite what's wrong or right
But I took the bid long ago exited the portal
Of the spiritual now I'm in a human formal experience
**** I wish I could escape the presence
Born for excellence but destiny was hesitant
To let me stake a chance caught in a glance
Moonwalks of dance romance my feet
It's so sweet like the streets vocals I sweep
Decapitate the leeching *** medusas
evil Seducers tryna turn my gem into stones
Been rolling stones since papa was never home
I learn to play my ear to the street chrome
Either way I had to write my own passage
Of a savage turn the page to lunatic havoc's
Saw my own death once I took my first breath
Into this ghetto world moves like a swirl
Acid axis saw the abraxas advoid the taxes
maxes Heads out here priced up lounging in dice
Entice spit nice
Burning suckas with the lyrical poltergeist splice
Mental verbs spread once the herbs fill nerves
Suckas know they finna get served curved
By my ragin' antics skipped the semantics
Got **** beats I romance it so don't chance it
None freaks it harder than eye spy flies
Black suits with mob ties see me improvise wise!!!
Word up!!

I turn loose jimmies into crickets
Stinking with the mystics hieroglyphics
Raps I flipped it crispy til they feel it
On that Ruffin flow steelo feel me so
Stay mellow with the juices to go out pores
My rain beyond a blood stains cranes
I mentally cater to a hater makes me greater
But them be the same haters that Sega
Genesis once they get a whiff of this
Got 'em loosing touch over the pulse rush
My guns stay on the hush silence a crush
Didn't know I had much clout mafia
Ain't no stoppin' tha rhyme tractor factor
To the war machine glitter and gleam seems
Like hate loves to follow loves legacy
But it guided me to show me my enemies
Quick to shake ya hands grinds over the face
Misplaced ya pace I see ya disgraced
Smack these fools with a tax lien Like Mase
Chilling with my women in a golden drapes
They keep me a secret like Xscape *** tapes
Got em saying baby baby baby I can't wait

(The ****** that's whats happening)
Feb 3 · 45
Cosmo Tucks
First off rest in peace to the gods Fife and J Dilla
The real hitters spitters of rhymes iller
Back to return the perm to spurn yearn
My critics back into the vinyl barns storms
Out my thoughts I'm oh so real feel
Me like day and night and I'll be sure
You cop the uncut version lyrics pure
As the ocean after the rain comes
The rainbows strain out the Earth's pain
Humanity failing the state of simplicity
Too much fantasy not enough reality
I feel like it's the beginning of last prophecy??
Feel me??

Let the funky-o-roma take you into a love's coma
Traces mind's like marijuana true blazin' stoners
Masons builder temple fillers multiple killers
Of bad vibes feel the knives of leechin' jives
On that beegees **** I'm just tryna stay alive
In gangsta's paradise saw the sun sparkling ice
Sweat drips off a heats tip let the words encrypt
Like space aged matrix back to the mothership
Like G Clint and parliament black 'stablishment
Miss the e cuz the e ain't for free- in -doom
Put it together you'll feel a sudden gloom
My eyes couldn't cry cuz of the skies flies
My universal thoughts floating atop
I swear I got props from other dimensions
See the aliens stencilin' grass whistlin'
Pictograms this ain't a hologram ****
I'm just tryna show ya something other than the *******
ram spam
Though shaq and biggie mounted it
I'm here to restock it match the profits
Lyrically I'm off it the topics can't stop it
The reign shedding from my brain divine
Words ******* numbs yo pains insane
Words that play can't take me away sway
Emotions coasting overdosing posing
On these fake imposter hang with real mobsters
Eating shrimp steaks to lobsters coppers
Can't match my appeal of the real steel
Superman burners in hand fans I demands
Understand I been president over hip hops residence
Once I learn to wreck ***** tapes that dates
Back before I settle my birth date crates
I was coming out of my shells casket
A ******* a tisket and a tasket see me mastered
The classics wizardry poetry straight above thee
Line Kobe Bryant politic tyrant been defiant
Others denying it cuz they pan skills fryin' it
Once I throw my beef gold teeth Christ reef
Hanging on my neck-isis this is ludicrous
Why i gotta do this keep my styles crisp
Raising cane since my fingers caught stingers
turncoats floating into singers way after the lingers
I'm feelin' Donnie Hathaway pavin' a way
Out of the ghettos though it keeps me astray
Dump the blunts in the cars ashtray by the tre
Eighties rolling with three of my baddest ladies
We all crazy especially if that purple Hazin' me
Hendrix guitar talking to me backwards swords
Made off of my vocal chords most largely ingorned
Critics board mad cuz I nailed 'em and soared
Deep into the auroras skies surprise uprise taste the cherry pies thighs
My women catching a glimpse of a paradise's stain fools know they can't stop the reign what???

I'm off the chain with no ridges ditches
To snitches best wishes thrown ozone
Out of the park I spark **** unseen like a quark
Call me Tony Starks iron Man when the
Gats in my hands breaking mic stands
Wither it be bymyself or other company
I keep it poppin' like we back in the 90s
Rewind me over and over til ya clover sober
Never too **** clever break any weather
Stormy or sunny it don't matter I still see
Greenery backs thumb tact once I impact
All blacks we rising above the regular stats
I broke the match once they tried to light me
But I'm too slippery operate machinery
Subs throw dubs at the club  flip a cherub
Holy moly I'm feelin' hits through the ravioli
mandible with the claw like Mic Foley
Can you smell what I'm cookin' sky hookin'
Grooves off time shooken got em looking
See my styles hard to pace like picante gigante
Freak women badder than Ashanti they say
Rain on me leave a stain on me big daddy
Heavy with the D see the girls they love me
Hip hop lover since I ****** my first under the covers
Word to my shebas dressed out iced out divas
Better believer brother making receivers
Girls catch my feeling mad ****** healing
I'm feelin' inner city blues like Marvin carvin'
Out his sighs with timely cries analyze
Black music never abuse it Tom's I cruise it
Once the mission held impossible
I make it look possible suckas so gullible
Flammable once the mic ignites you
Words is gasoline switch up the whole scene
Navy green fatigue see my war path bleeds
Joker mentalities live by no moralities itty bitty
Chaos try to creep take ya designed lost
Destined to be Boss so let's have a coin toss
Harley Harveys leaving dent break presidents
Fresh mint scents Franklins to Lincoln bent
See the establishment bribes for a settlement

Can't stop won't stop can't stop won't stop
A sinister minister giving tongue twisters
Sicker than the average savage behind havoc
I was born into a dramatic frequency statics
Statistic of stereotypes stays on my biscuits
Eating noodles to triscuts check the cold cuts
Giving up the what? Funk that is the biz
I flip the kabbitz make em like a frog and ribbit
Ribbit this ain't scripted my words deeply encrypted
Inserted deep in ya nogging got ya mind jogging
Murderous thoughts that I lyrically caught
Foaming to a froth straight up in a manger's cloth
I was tucked away where the darkness kept me sway
Obeys the ocean sprays
Cannons meaning than Bruce Banner
Incredible with the hulk run like Marshall Faulk
Ram through scams silence the lambs of shams
Bump out the flim flams they say *******
This brother doing it again like forces of the wind
Can't escape the rhymes rippling crippling  
Emcees til crumble like broken cookies
Milk the imperials with more killaz than serials
Feel me they though? Since hells above below
Got even angels to demons fighting over my opening portal flows  halos
Burns a
Thousands degrees hotter than the suns energy
My synergy deadly forced Illuminati
They want my body but I clear chaos shotty
Once the bullets found me it ceased in its accuracy
I'm Al Simmons to Spawn hidden wreckage wars at dawn con
A command out of its demand reprimands
ripping hands off of the false politicians
Adapted complex Napoleon Dynamite
This kids off the chart aimmin'for ya hearts
Part the sparks it's fourth of July everyday
Is a nother soul that runs away body decay
Thoughts delayed frayed but mental pays
Attention to the immoveable conviction
Im benching friction still break laws jurisdiction

Funky sweats off the beats of the monkey
Rhymes spunky like my girls ***** chunky
Along with the breast from East to West
Manifest a bless over a sess minus stress
Pecs get stretched like a deck of cards
Joker broad and brolic true alcoholic frolic
With the gun play heads I shipped away
The fed express way tunnels on delay
Once they play my jams slams all grands
Stands ovation from crowds pinning masons
Accept ya fate with the realism I create
My career bigger than KRS one nose out goes
The flows straight comet sew northern lights
Flashing plight under the cities light
Excite a ****** delight souls a kite might
Tested greatly infected all morals florals
Laid at the open burials stake tears is fake
Over those who got caked without the icing
Slicing opponents with michete pricing
Nice and million and one ways to a dicing
As blood trickles fondant murders abundant
Heads is taunted mind's a house being hunted
Can't move on shaky ground battling nouns
Over corporate downs got stocks to drown
Hit em like Dow Jones skull and bones flown
Deep into the television sets injects broken affect
Mandella cold fella obese chumps like Della
You've been touched by an angel gun ranger
Fact stranger than fiction breeching a lynching
It's big Yosef cooking rhymes out of ya kitchen
Feb 2 · 40
I Used to Hate Poetry
My fondest memoirs of writing was in English
She say write me a stanza while reading Shakespeare
I thought why do I need to know about this queer
Well that's when I feel In love with words
Words are like weapons used for harm or good
Can be like fire to a wood can be a should to a could
All deals in possibilities there is no limitability
I made up that word but who cares it sounds real
Right? Forget it who are they to say what goes
And doesn't go all I know is flow is my principle
Millions of people writing what they are inspired
Transpired or desired by on a daily basis let's face it
Not everyone is built for the same ambition
Writing takes time courage and faces maximum critique
See how many views will be peeped reaped
Over someone's sympathy I'm not trying to win honestly
Only to the minds of free who have no limits be
The possibilities of the universe expands my worth
And girth my mind and soul are infinite but my body
Is morality a state of constant breaking close to
The site of a necropolis as the moon glances
Over the foggy souls and wet tombs that blooms
Through the darkest hours of the night don't loose sight in
Me I see you looking carefully plotting the mind
On trying to figure out what am I saying or conveying
The ultimate riddle is never ending it never ends
This is only a cycle of illusion painted as reality
But I see reality in another form of actuality
The spirits are here aliens dancing in the stars
Sparkling all over the home is the skies to them
Spaceships are merely a traveling thoughts
Most often aren't seen like you can't see your mind
But you can feel what's in it sort of like that??
Poetry loves me like a oceans deep tide waiting to crash
Against the ever so gentle shore to store
Shells jellyfish and seaweeds on the shore only to
Be washed back in again once the storms begin
A reflection of night vs light clouds vs the seas
Enjoy the breeze of wisdom as the wondering fan
Over nature touches the skins pores out adores
The beautiful out of insanity what a wonderful World
Like Satchmo said out of all the troubles crimes
And or other chaos I think of the beautiful trees
The roses that shoot out of the concrete cracks
Well now that I've reformed my thoughts about poetry
I now live by unlimited limits of love for poetry
It is my ultimate craze and daze of immorality
Feb 2 · 43
Prices of Givin'
Stumbled across the astrophysics mystics
Statistic black and gifted see me move shifted
Paradigms the dimes over pennies and signs
Signature my thoughts before I was caught
Unto this matrix illusion boosting confusion
Keep my temp at cold fusion using fusing
Links with the real **** laced retraced space
From me activating the my minds safe til I chafe
Off negativity gravity show no pity leasing gritty
Upon the burning desert sands master plan
Set the black thought forth meditate the great
Ness within finesse the sins break through religion
Ultimate rebellion revolutionized the wise
Plot stole Solomon's sigils begins a new sequel
Only a few people could rock the stones evil
Hell raiser third eye appraiser can't graze a
Shape shifter alien baby mack to the ladies
With the Barry vocals make the legs go loco
Think that sip that French cognac hold the fat
Nice and plumps *** out quick to take a bat
Thousands and one at the bed room plate
Earthquakes break their freak level mindstate
Moving like a figure eight it's black love above
Spread the kitty like wings of a dove glove
Over my Johnson tote it like Pierce Bronson
Double O seven golden bullet shooter heaven
Got her feeling the nine levels of intimacy
Take her to a whole new world like Disney

Got my enemies scoping with triple eyes
deep as the skies otherwise know my ties
Wise as an owl accustomed to the foul
Since I was a problem child chased the wild
Ambition of being a coke dream fiend
Wishing for good to come out see the clout
Been long tainted drug game painted
A good thing til the iron cells cling
But most can't hear the liberty bells rings
Chaos of an o-rings lost most of my siblings
Still dribbling in this society advoiding the sting
Bees only come when the money circling
And ****** too only down for you when you
At the top of ya reign but disappear came
Once the downfall began deeply pain
Pleasures the migraine of a headache
Dead weight once you ground your stake
Intake the bad choices replot my theme
Form a new opening no false hoping
Breath in the celestials for chemical doping
Natural tryna max out like Ken Copeland
Minus religion still knocking stool pigeons
That's just the principle of the grassroots
Giving this is the prices of just plain living
Let the wicked raised while evilness preys
And the listeners of religion still prays
To an unseen god when God is in me
Says who says the bible easily see the
Scriptures written in plain sight but we fight
It everyday believe in what moral men say
Aren't ye little gods ? How odd is that
They say don't do this or that or flex gats
But exodus was nothing but a horror script
Bigger than bloods of americas culprit
I came to polish the demolish collage
Of leftover papyrus Egyptian    encrypted spirits
Images of me on the walls of heiroglyphics
Mystics knowledge been born since the storm
Is here I'll guess I'll die brave will others in fear

Tech nine mind's with soul seven aligns spines
Of an angel check the angles **** the banners
Wear black bandanas make miracles like Ana
Deliver more bullets than presents of Santa
Black Holocaust since souls is lost tossed
See the purchase been long made we being played
Monopoly brother Parker's been a sparker
Get out of the mental cell or be forever a trapped
My ghost been departed in the Trinity
God the Illuminati the
chemistry chased wisdoms ministry's
I been following it since the age of three yo!!

Learn to move across the
without showing myself
Game wiser clown joker serious with a frown
Upside down see they don't take me serious
But they curious as George guns I pours
Splurge til I break the urge this is the purge
Wake up ***** ain't no mask on a killer
Unless ya see a ghost face killah iller
Than my next opponent chess game player
Aftermath mayor rhyme slayin haymakers
Its a Tyson left connect told ya protect ya neck
**** the reporters on deck we rob ya respect
So what's next? Blood on ya chest kotex ya pecs
Hangs with black Asians and Mex who check
Any sucka who wanna get they lights deck
Down the halls of death mirrors clearer
Images we paint without a brush cold crush
Any fantasy black Marino can't bypass my legacy
Feb 2 · 25
Follow ya Ownz Paths
I'm the pharaoh of death row layin' tolls
Payrole mobsters with a cold killer flow
Slow ya role if ya don't know the stello
Feels no pain below but above it's love
Bleeding chaos amongst the loss tossed
By the morals and values but value blues
Wailin' pass the moon see the wolf soon
Passin' me the moonshine light to a blind
For a few chosen as the ozem grows nobody
Nobody's knows the troubles that go
Followed me since the birth of my legacy
Give me one reasons like Tracy call me
Clapman cuz my guns stay flexing casket
Stretching pastors lecturing and I'm measuring
My self between the dimensions of real
And the fake see me bake hate and create
My own reality take a blast at me since P
Stands for prodigy also power to devour
False prophets disguised leeechin' profits
I do it for the love of the game others shame
Themselves over false motives quotas
Telekinesis motoralas soldier burning dogias black minister Bolger yo!

Born with my mind closed impose chose
The code of honor over false dishonor
Failed society Ghana meditate marijuana
On my brain seems to wanna taunt a
Brother nerves testing herbs to curve the swerve
Of a ****** spree insanity pleas feel the bees
Stinging hundred million in flock live stock
Ready to rock beat up the toughest blocks
With my lyrics it'll be hard to clear it driving
But can't steer it emotions haters feel it
coiled up like a snake out of its pits lit
Strikes venom in 'em send 'em blend 'em
Into the darkness where my demons get 'em
Told ya before pay attention to the twilight
Bright lights operations paperclip delight
Off or on site we came to test the might
My ambitions tighter moving like millwrights
Tryna make a mill right? But not in physical
Form storm a lucky charm champion born
For hate I dominate tracks smash new jacks
Y'all still chasin' paperstacks
tryna build wax
candle wick a scandal
Escape to the Florida panhandle
Disappear like Elden
disabled ya paths of a ramble
Step into the heartbeats of a Glock who greets
Another brother or sister who got put to sleep
Its hard to escape the creeps of death leaps
And bounds all around tears seem to drown
All cracks in my eyes otherwise analyze
The game it's all made to put us into shame
I broke the tame tiger in my blood no mud
Could slow me down running on ground
Infantry since I was a baby peep the scenery
Submachinery operator call me Mr Terminator
Flex It like Schwarzenegger black alpha Omega
See the haters only crater a greater imitators
Destined for a kings dynasty Tut heru legacy
Says who says we blacks n Indians of the community
Embrace the unity like Marvin hollerin'
Inner city blues I blew the fuse once I cruise
On tracks no fictions but facts as I wax
Out the domino effects see how many souls reject
The project Im here to collect the checks
That ain't been cashed yet see how my mind
Against the wickedness that passed spazzed
Out over the past
Now the ancestors sending memoirs of a flash

Picked off whats left of the grief and indian chief
wish they would release the negativity breech
Contract with positive contact deep impact
Ever since I learn that I was black stacks
Of paper taxes be the main rapers inhaled the vapors
Once I learn to maneuver like J Edgar Hoover
No longer a cointel pro see they souls glow
from a stick of pyro envisions of fiery halos
These past wonder years I been feeling more savage
Tryna control the havoc
And the have nots
Becoming the haves everyday's a blood bath
Caught the demons in the mirror having a laugh
While Stringing my guitar humming do they know
Who we are far from a shinning star bar
For bar I'm gettin' my drink on watching the sun
Return chaos amongst the shun outgunned
You had your minute to pray and a second to die
Jan 27 · 40
One One One
Yo i step into suckas like hammer mc
Bars lovely none above thee fantastically
See me stretching out the kitties
No pity to those who lay in the inner cities
Immunities damaging my community
Black man equals a gat plan demands
Broken from a hidden reprimand
Hands shaking begins a quaking taking
In. All the misery spread love to enemies
Perfect the catastrophe suckas blast at me
But I'll still live eternally watch the fire burn
Suckas loose turn once my rhymes churn
On the microphone lessons begin to learn
Syringed ya brain deadly injected cringe
Binged by the lyrical darts born in the dark
Aiyo once I exit the earth place im replaced
Back up in a woman's belly safe wait
Its a tunnel of light prepared to fight the might
Got my nerves tight cannibis visions
Steel layin' provisions cuz suckas ain't listening
Winds whistlin' move like blades of glass stenciling
Over the Earth's
Paintin' a message withing a message
Viking Savage kin to havoc evils lavish
Lash out the gashes slave masters
We coming after before the rapture capture
Souls colossal rock em into fossils
From the pain that touches like a jostle
Hostile baritone smooth jones on the microphone
Even made the devils step off his throne
I'm feelin' my self guarded my wealth
By twelve queens beautiful cousines sings
Me lullabies as time flies open my forth eyes
Dimension traveler wisdom unraveler
My styles be slicker than a  salamander commander
In the chief heads hanging like a Christ reef
Brought the pans out since suckas want beef
Cooking hooking mad shakes no booking
Central broke the glow cuz of the exquisite dough
Suckas know not to step to this deadly blow
Since hells below can't balance the flows
Gravity weighin' negativity petty pretty
chaos throws nothing but loss floss
Off of the baddest beats three forty fours
blastin' Til my verses fully complete

Aiyo ghost pass me the toast to roast
A fake host smoke the most Snoop coast
Throwing up the dub stand for wins
While others floating in the winds sins
Makes for the deadliest pins religion
Be in my pen inks my Messiah
Let my mind vibrate higher shy dryer
never let it grow cold out for the scold
In with the old back to basics lets face it
**** got a lace it let the smoke retrace it
Sky high all goodie with the mobs bobs
From me rocking this like Nas genesis
First to finishes relentless got em defenseless
Can't match up
Against A1 business craft the sauce
James Brown protege so it  paid me to be a boss
70s hippie though I was born in the 80s
In the back of ambulance Mercedes
Mind's a mercenary pierce the unready
Walking dead look how many heads is fed
Feeding off a vultures instinct
Scared to blink cuz they might sink
in the ground with no water around clowns
be joking but no smiles when the smokes in
Cashed ya cemetery lottos ain't no tomorrow
When ya Die today this is mayday for doomsday
Let the bass take me away when I say
What I wanna say pack the ocean sprays
no delays sitting like predator preys
Lazer eye ya sty patch ya like Rick's socket
The last of the Moor prophets so stop it
You can't insult a demi-god going against odds
Im Moses at the mountains holding the rods
Ten commandments with sticky bandits
Home alone was a kid smoking grown
Most postal than Malone step into the zone
War killin' clones original Jim Jones stones
Over ya capers vapors
Often erase once the seriousness gives taste
Copperhead shootin' venomous waste
Take a step back rebound off my stacks
Twin macks Alex and chad causin' deep impact
Jan 26 · 41
Oilz Money
Cold karats see the bunnies tryna cop Marriotts
Im chilling with horses chariot not a parrot
No repeating cycles only to my flows portals
Lord of the stars looking afar burning tar
From out of my jar mind amazed glazed
Off the purple haze sour be simply lemonade
A serenade the streets made me wicked
Stopped chasing tickets followed the Senate
Heartless since society left me apart of this
crumb of the pies see how many souls die
Tryna reach gravity but they filling the skies
With lies otherwise I still hang out with guys
with mob ties open eyes once a gun rise
Surprised quickly analyze then bake thighs
Of my girls take off her pearls til she Earl's
******* throwing up ****** her vibe throw up
mad energy I become her she becomes me
All in the family stocked with synergies
pinpoint serious this ain't a radio or cameo
Just making be known throw a dog a bone
See how many clones can't even style they own
I'm gone sparkle flash taste the sunny delight
Vitamin d no deficiency black and godly oddly
They hate my skin cuz its resonates power within
Born in a state of sin lotto pinning no ending
Since birth was a certificate it was made intricate
No dependant I'm taking back my independence

We all apart of the oil money overseas slummy
still winding deals with Saudi Arabia
I'm telling ya the love will getcha hit cha With a bow from Cupid arrows thoughts travel
Below low level frequency peeped the scenery
Since I was younging hungerin'
Game grit didn't get enough milk off my mom's ***
So my seeds have it rest of what's left chef
These lyrics with no pots golden slots
all squared away with no words to say
Chillin' at the Swiss banks like begging thanks
Of a welcome let's gassed these scums
From America to New Jerusalem
Cruising banging old school jams slams
In my 9-deuce caddy brougham mean as a ram still count grams
From a sabrina witchcraft the draft laugh
Only to unknown bring in the ozones stones
Got me buggin' holding a gem as I'm thuggin'
Smoke somethin cousin's fakers wasn't
With us from the beginning now they pitching
With no strikes still wear Cortez nikes stripes
Worn since I grab my brown uniform uninformed
By society pending charm madly induce harm
Brothers turning Cosby **** the media scenery
Tryna paint me as a bad image instantly
No facts but I'm stitching Vincent's
A blood draw of pulp fiction see kissing
Slugs from the bodies that got drugged and dugged
Jan 26 · 34
Universe portals I cope those flows
Deep into my mental joker darkness finesse
Gave me much a bless to test minus stress
Once I stretch the sess over-seas to breath
Receive my inner self once I grab the books
Of wisdom of the shelf became a cold theft
Overtime now I'm over time limited on Plymouth
Rock cold knock any spots see the tocks
Of the clock moving through borrowed time
Quick to consume Sonic boom heirlooms
Back to they days when black energy stays
Gamma rays revolutionary displays AKs
Malcolm at the window holding the spray
Cans of oceans see me floating coasting
Over the golden gates out of my mind summertime
Madness kools me and my gangs off at the loft
I'm speaking several levels above the devils
Angelic poetic hits hearts like a calisthenic
Pathetic end up regretting it and it was written
In the land of the forbidden knowledge hidden
In our plain sight only a few could see the plight???

Gifted through ancient mystics sadistic
Broke the same statistics haters on my biscuits
Mad cuz I won't shoot my duck butter utters
Off these cows I ain't milking silking
Cold tilting the earth til off it's axis  jilting
**** with the steel skins see the gold hunting
Flauting flash something from the dumping
Many guns and only you play a stunt man
I taunt men disciples of armed discipline
back again standing as the thirteen carcinogen
Destiny tryna reach heaven through hell well?
See the thoughts grow stale from tryna bail sail
Airwaves to motionless souls that craves
gangsta ***** became a knowledge hunk
once I took the right pieces of chunk dunk
The trunk got business to do meditate a monk
Off the Buddha ***** til thoughts sunk
Deeper than a sink hole magnetic poles
Connected at opposites attract see paperstacks
Do it's work that's why it's so many attacks?
Jan 20 · 25
Infinite Swordz
Embraced with dark energy Jedi synergy
See what it does to the industry phonies
Cop three Maloney bunch of  bolgnia OG
Moved from a TG switched sceneries
Now I'm standing like the Haiti revolutionary
Scary could make a ghost flee the cemetery
Mase like Perry smoother than Barry i carry
Melanin dominant genes plot a killer theme
Provoke a poor man dream eyes to spleen
Feel what i mean? I'm clean to a kosher
Violence ultra respect my culture vultures
I throw on my enemies with dead energies
Or garlic shots a vampire leeched for desire
Competition in dire need laid my seed
Let the demons of seth breath in and out
I ain't wilding out this the slanging south
Where fools might catch a gun in they mouth

Wordsmith infinite see my hearts in it
To win it stick it like a wicked senate
Or a black pendant Satan's begotten son
Next to Big L never hold L's spark well
With gats til bodies swell can you smell
The flesh cookin' from the bullets hookin'
Kareem Abdul- Jabbar look afar pace the stars
sharpen once i pierced the sun and the moon
Legends of doom justice of the enemies
Cronies gun retains my legacy accuracy
John Madden playmaker microphone booms
Even shook up a volcano blooms kaboom
Hotter than hottest degree from a suns
Frequency who better to be lay down the black papacy
Its the return of the
King so others become a cling
To the magnitude of an o-ring sitting in pockets
Guess what ******* I'm clocking ya duckets

Seven billion to one times infinite equals me
To a maximum degree rhyme creeds
Feeds my soul out of control stroll
Down the valley of dark portals scrolls
Of me written back before jesus bc
Even romans gotta acknowledge me
Simply set the wars digest multiple scars
much gore im tryna set back the score
Pass even stevens more reasons
For ya to die as i seasoned ya breathin'
Cracked ya egg yoke smoke a joke loc
I ain't the one to play with ****** Lee Ray
Alias Chuckie come and hunt me
Keep dolls around me at least 20
Ready to serve fools loosing they nerve
Yo my guns feel a perve itching for a *******
Duece bucking watch chickens ducking
Plucking off the rest of ya feathers pleasures
Death taste it's like toxic paste
Internal bleeding with so many teethin'
Tryna conserve energy to uphold their idiocy
Never me i be chillin' smoking doobies trees
Gettin' windy once I inhaled the presence's heavenly
Jan 19 · 43
Turncoat Anthem
since I got cursed with Moses mud crud
I've destined for tigers blood
Sharpest stud
with stylish flavaz but a hard blazer
**** stacks picked off the left of the tracks
That the lox left yo i paint images like a chef
Cooked into ya mind on a flashlight parliament
English embezzlements return backs to kemet
Black nations rise above the accusation facin'
Lifetime sentence on these plantations stations
Changed cuz of my content too deeply hell sent
I lay gore that mirrors Leviticus trust
We lay more frizzles than a magic school bust
Fools tripped out like calculus plus
Once the heat i bust turns men back into fetus
Birthed in a whole new world I'm spinning at ya squirrels
Flying got em lying dying in there own frying
Burning ya ****** shield Gemini as Will
Picture this got ya going against ya self
Over false wealth ya steps off that's why ya fallin'
All that dust ya snortin' got ya curtain callin'
Punctured your fame as mean as a pitbull maulin'
Black Stalin leader of dark elite guns sweep
from the dust laying in the rooms sleepin tombs
Aint no healing wombs of dooms Kabooms
This aint a comic script ***** get ya dentured
Tooken Houston thugs aint never shooken
Or book in my cashing stay beyond clashing
A Hustler's theme frank lucas fiend American dream
could freeze hell over once I laser my beams
Steams over the critics serious as a joker
Boil careers til they soft *** okra playing poker
with real gangstas disguised as past
President mask never fold a task tilt the flask
Mission Halo see how they heads go glow
Like the sun sparkles its a casket miracle
Take a swing at the black moon we putting holes
in one.... yep
Jan 19 · 20
Airheads finna get a blow out watch me show out
Aint no cops out on my team gun supreme
Smooth as Hakeem shakes ya dream on a theme
Boxing wits poisonous as a clown fish makea wish
To ya foundation cremation change the stations
We purple hazin' Amazin' guns stay grazin'
phasin' out of my ol way soul display oles
Got mi killaz chillin' on MLK blacks to eses
Blast the Wesley now you chillin' in hells belly
*** sitting wealthy my tongue sprung the sirens
Admiring silence the voice natural man poise
Suckas barking up noise spittin' Debuois
PhD street scholars mystery who can it be
Legacy standing on roman collars dollars
Are often spent on ******* screaming from pulpits
Bulls in pit charging the circumvent went
Ghost once i caught a glimpse of ya face
Erase now back to this paper chase scrape
Off the last scripts of kemet still mourning emits
Til that aint payed for the blood spill night chills
To every ***** that was drugged on the will
Guilty conscious showing souls overflowing
Glowing hot pink a ghost busters cluster
I'm pounced like the sphinx with the Cuban links
Cruise cigars in my sixty eight jaguar aqua
running flows cop those stick like a thorn
From a rose as I resurrect the rap game back to
its original pose
Jan 18 · 29
Yo blast the putos who you know wit a wicked flow
Pass the biggie stello girls like jello hello
When my **** gets the packing experience
Expert on the ******* y'all can't move me
Standing like a statute cipher the virtue
See my guns peeking at you electric shock
moves like old soul rock black and stocked
With mad action assassination creation
Put on front Street you cant compete with
Mister split ya wrist backwards mxyzptlk
Disappear then reappear 5 D atmosphere
Suckas scared when I make my appear
On the stage rhymes injected twelve gauge
Turns a page of a rage luke cage flauge
Inside of ya mind you'll see many murders
Of mankind moonshine could sight a blind
back down a tunnel of Hathaway donnie
Hits to ya noggin harder than Ronnie lot
Cash the plot til its a graveyard plot
I'm sticking sickles that attitude pickles
Sour every hour I gain power
as the rhymes devour
Sun showers rays display let the hands lay
Upon my soul amen ras along with Seth
Blessing from Ghost and the **** to chef
Cooking beats with no heat or meat seek
And ye shall find no one comes close to mines
Babygirl just relax to a smooth j dilla track
Let me stack the 9 levels til ya ****** IMAX
Bed visions close ya eyes and let me bloom
My mushroom til the energy is consume
Wait dictate ya mind state almost in a crate
Closed negative vibes going all the way live
Way pass Coolio burning slow scented candles
R and B handles the reaching lust scandals
As i sit like a panhandle surround ya body
with mad water i came to slaughter Madonna
Nine yards as ya wanna stay like El Debarge
Take a charge of the gases Cosmo mojo
entering ya portals don't fight the **** glow
Energized then capitalized you've been analyzed
Strokes your ego til you mentally paralyze
Realize gleaming eyes that i want you
Harder than Marvin starvin' midnight affections
******* hold the ejection music selecting
Got me measuring every ounce of ya bounce
Hip hop ballads toss ya like salad have at it
Cant stop til i see the last drop of ya wells
Kiss all over your shells make ya sigh well????

Sweet toes beautiful smell ya portfolio close doors
Open up the skin pores cuz i adore let the p' snore
From putting in work til my your hip hurts exert
My shaft slow in and out i go sparks like a disco
In ya mind excite the stars in the night twilight
Ozone even got them angels fighting after my tone
Baritone play tracks like Goldie to Barry no worry
I'm stroking ya harp til my **** is sharp apart
Piercing your heart souls stuck in a desire fire
Like Rick James and Marie tell me can you see me
Boosting ya mentals with verbal chemicals
Body responding to sentimentals animal
Instincts don't blink like the ***** super pink
Let the one eye snake private guy sly
As the juices drip down ya inner thighs surprise
You got my **** standing like an Eifel tower
Every minute every hour I'll make ya wanna shower
Advance our universal power sour
Only to the wicked who can see us make it
I'll bake it to a hotter degree kunadlini energy
Burns hotter than lava Tao learned *** scholar
My mind's pass a dollar im tryna make ya holla
Inner city blues break ya out pass ya loves curfew
Im feelin' like Stevie baby let me Do I Do ...yo
Jan 14 · 208
Handsome I am
beautiful to the sun
Beautiful to the moon
Beautiful to the grass
Beautiful to the dirt
Beautiful to the ash
Beautiful to the fire
Beautiful to the water
Beautiful to the desire
Beautiful to the slaughter
Beautiful to the life
Beautiful to the strife
Beautiful to the breath
Beautiful to the death
Check the smooth grooves from easy mo bee
Surely i freak the beats easily colchese
When I realize deadly but Cooley high
Tryna keep my head to the skies wise
Spit it like Kweli blessing disguised
Energized by the burning disc masquerade
Finesse charades you can't guess a play
Players forever sitting on the bench
Run harder than George lynch titles clenched
Mic champion war path of  Titan aint no fighting
Against god sittin' on evens against the odds
Wicked as Todd I'm putting suckas in the hospital
Leave em in critical
Condition mint leaves let my mind get intrigued
Grows like pinocchio nose garden of snow
Let the blow deeper route tunnels opticals
This aint for child play ****** like Lee lay
Better known as Chuckie keeps shanks with me
Laced like Vega raps mega alpha to omega
Darkest creator watch me burn terminators
Im now y'all laters gangstas with suits and gators
Ready to cater ya own death take a deep breath
Regs get ate tryna regulate hate my mind state
Aint on New York im sticking a fork
In the porks let bullets capitalized the torque
Drug ports running like soccer sports
No time for games I came to bring maximum pain

It'll take more than a hearse of a dead verse
To move me im picky as politics be
Racial tension sitting like Benson
Serves the stupid I'm getting wicked
Stick it like a tickets or search warrants
Flee flicking varmints better repent sent
Engaged war Everytime I spit a cold bar
Sizzles like Alka-seizer giving pleasures
Stress bleeders end up carnage receivers
Cant shake the darkness melanins dominant
Sittin' flat as a welcome mat tilt the top hat
Five gallons got at least seven stallions
Built to an Amazon laying the snu snu
Do I do snap crews like Chinese bamboo
Oh who would of thought of me diggin' you
Baby but back to shows is where you'll see me
Rockin' the parties like we back in the 90s
I ain't a kid this aint a play so stay away
From the danger-zone even got gun drones
Moving Apache cant lache me Tyson prodigy
Boxing against my wit arouse the ***** *****
I'm too legit to quit im flippin' the brisk
Bruce Lee's student strikes swift and prudent
Bezmenov four stages to break the wired cages
Change the pages
To now and forever deaths and war together
Under any weather or circumstance
Don't chance it the rain couldn't even stain
My skin dipped in sin letthe smoke start forming
Acid reaction flows a mind reaction packin'
Like Jordan to Pippen stackin' points rackin'
Mind of a competitor **** a news Editor
Back like the alien blasting Lazer eye predator
Jan 13 · 47
Heavens Dope Fiend
Two of the greatest emcees equals one of me
So turn off ya tv and envision prophecy
Mics i clutch with a smooth j dilla touch clutch
Victory slashin' like Nike hypes me call me Mikey
Swarm the storm into a charm out goes harm
She feeling good in the neighborhood
torch the blackwood in the back of the woods
Bon fire souls desire crackling woods
Dry bake see the fire flakes drift into the lakes
My styles similiar to Brooks Christopher
Cant use the name of biggie if ya jiggy blunts spiffy
Packed all around me like a forest scenery
Light back stay black keep the fist on the hat
I aint pro black but I'm for my blacks reverse that
They'll say it means the same thing naw
This aint a diamond or gem that blings sings
Only to the open ears silent the deaf spears
scared to let they mind's glow rebirth or cycle
Same patterns everyday either way we came to slay welcome to slaves pay where we chasing away

Groundhog day see the sun moon display
It aint a different day just another way
To phase out the pain wickedness
Sick of this birth of pain nemisis this
Is the last of the puzzle pieces feces
Left on the streets off the souls who weap
Seekin' for sympathy but i can't ignore thee
He just as bored as me reaching easily
Hands out see them take out money no foods
Up to no good I can't believe they would
Waste money on poison bad choices
Never dreamed of rolls royces noises
Of the wind teases my mental pinnacle
Of success gives me much finesse stress
Never see me endeavor over my enemies
Easily down this is a show down clowns
Only got **** to say when they far away
So let my wings take me away now say
A prey from the pastor's giveaway lay
false images taken for percentages
Hustle schemes devil and god on the same team
Just a game we can't see another vintage
Pure lyricist keep it authentic risk it
Keep my mask lift after I craft and find exodus
Out the earth plants seed to the sky to rebirth
Jan 9 · 38
Paper People
Each day of each year another tear
Is to follow a legendary platform
That brings joy and warmth

Of the summer suns now we off to the big ones

Washington Grants Franklin's Alexander Lincoln

All represent one thing dead slave owners

Of America anything you say "will" be used against you

No more laughing once debt is smiling and piling
So high that not even the sky can air out enough room

People moved by pieces of bark and think they're sharp

As a heavenly harp because they took the initiative

And got ed-u-cated when it's really indoctrinated

A man or woman who's teaching that ideology
Is embedding the same ideology
and psychology

Into the brittle souls of the up and coming

They stand up tall and firm and inject poison into your mind
All the time

This and that when the actual world doesn't
Function like that it has alot of counter attacks

Like racism social status religion all plays a part
In this game of Life

But back to this raunchy weak *** American education

Paper pushers let's not forget C's get degrees what will a piece of paper
Which I call yay papers do for you besides
It teaches you how to be obedient and subservient
Without the beautiful three and two letters
"Why" and "No" two words America doesn't like to hear
You can try this philosophy anywhere
And listen to the response of the people
Dumb in and dumb out...they say you not educated
Because I conveyed my messages different lol....
But the funny thing is you understood or stood under what i was saying...
Let's skip education for now and jump into the Grammer police
These guys and gals are special kind of stupid
Apparently apostrophe commas periods semicolon parenthesis
And square boxes is what the folks live up too...
They don't realize wisdom comes in the most
Simplistic form but they love to make it complex
And I troll on it til they are vexed...
Nor tooo mention the English linguistics is already torched
Its only a few hundred years
English is mixed up of a bunch of other words its not an original
That's why they gotta refer to Greek/latin/french/aramic because those languages have been here...
Why do you think when you look up a "deaf phonecian" you find alot of "meaning" *******
Jan 8 · 31
Time's of Waarz
Swords michete guns knives muskets tears
Sweat blood through wars ears adhere
Closely engaged from battle to battle rattle
Animosity tails let the hate of ship sails
As i tip the scales lift the veil still fishin' scales
Twist the cabbage makes more of a savage
Havoc harked prodigy marked since i was a kid
Mobbed deep into my minds awakened
From the sleep or slumbers running high numbers
serial murders replays visits of the decayed  
I slayed got the Genghis mask for the task
Then unmask the powers from the flask
Spirits movin' through the anemia filled arteries
Universe is apart of me i been ready to D-I-E
Not spiritually but physically they can't match epitome
Darkness before the light rudeness before delight
Despite what history and hardest critics write
They can't fight the hype spread the poltergeist
Retract the heist roll the dice spliced
All heads anoint like a spark from a joint points
Ya in another direction projections selections
Of past memory future past and presents
Two fish and five loaves aint enough to eat
Or feed a billion souls in dire needs soaked the seeds
still no harvest in October world is over
A four leafed clover couldn't bring life sober
See the guns runaway equals life going away
Waiting at the station til the clock strikes midnight
Dark man glow between the crossroads go
Only bold mixed with the wicked Chaos i pick it
Like a strokes of Hendrix guitar a black star
Candle shines the brightest when it's close to
Burning out the the wick up on my feet really quick
Mix the Bisquick egg and other ingredients
For the master recipe for eternal war remedies
Jan 7 · 39
Corner Sto' Jim Crow
Smiff and Wesson history lessons blessing
Sitting inside of a curse to nurse my mental hearse
Dead cells rot tryna focus in on the plot shots
All across the billboards largely ignored
Vocal chords a swords slashin' hoards
Black music back in effect even as a black infant
They tried to inject poison minds in a daze
Picture of revolutionary art displays phased
Philosophy its hard to break the scenery
Since i was lied to about the truth struggling youth
Let me tell you they hate when they see us
Together through changes of the weather
we may fight but we still keep it together
Stings like Mayweather peacock feathers
Worn on my hat described as a Moor out my pores
I sweat revenge see the critics cringe binge
Towards the hate look how many crates I can relate
My Doggs like Nate resting from the 16s
Sweet summertime loves to eat black skins
We still living in times of racial tensions
Let me in throw many strikes from pitching

Al sharpton still sparkin' off the black souls taken
I ain't shaking up no more just let the bullets soar
Tears of blood making the soils mudd no crud
Ever in my eyes once i see the sunrise wised
Up to the game **** shame same same
Tactics thrown only dogs chase bones drones
Thrown into the atmosphere i sit alone
Thinking of ways to write recite the excite
Exert the fight without war being engaged raged
By the past moments black history slavery
Aint start with us they was slaves to us
Amen ras to black madonnas momma's
Still getting worshipped you heard **** flip
ghetto Shakespeare in ya ear drippin' fears
Throw a towel in to wipe ya tears as the spears
Darken the medias heart cant break apart
From razor sharp lyrics cuts and falcons talons
Leechin' into ya brains begins the migraine
Aneurysm all over agains flashback sins spins
Warpath world's a blood path coming back
Check the verse Panthers sneaking a war paths
Everyday we forced to die magnetized
By the lies frequency low energy pinning me
Into another form silent storm harms
My inner self from my outer self move left
Once I saw the right conscious signs
Split the pines all known wise mankind
garden of eden recipient cant repent
Dollaz and cents got the world tense dense
To ****** sprays these kays makin delays
killers on a payroll taking patrol deep strolls
Tryna cap souls for the hills of Capitol
Capitalize all overseas stocks to knock
false adversaries pretenses on the fences
Leaning banned from tv cuz of the raw scenery
Intro to world war 3 let evil legacy spree
Flames beyond the highest degrees celsius
Perfect the calculus with armed surplus
So just pay attention to blueprint incisions
Break away from the plantations
Creating mass ****** mind medias see-in ya
Lurk like the predator disguise my body
Glow to a Illuminati somebody light me
So hear my enemies wail as the ships sail
across the brainwaves anchored thoughts
I'm thinking rebel music turn up the acoustic

Rest in peace papa wu always kept the black crews
Cool without a snooze though most slept on
The black dons God's massage the dark dots opened my cells garage
Mind parked on the carnage see what the savages
did even to my unborn kids lying through history eyelids
Let the squids spray ink into the white sheets
See me beat em with the silent tactical fleet
Obsolete the weaks foot trails up the **** creek  
Aint loosin' speech like ****** being impeached
By the press don't let the buddah mess stress
Up ya thought process yes we playin' chess
black queens setting up White kings flings
Let the Brutus to Judas spread the rugers
Rivers of bloods cries from bodies that lied
Bloating floating ****** the rest of ammo totin'
Clark expedition minus the winds chilling
I'm feelin' up the count pierced a paramount
Into the skyline grazed by own nines fines
thrown at me me but I got dark source around me
Pedigree times a fashion while I stay mashing
Cashing fantasy rollers repeats like Logia
Independence day welcome to the land of hays
maker craters for undertakers fakers
dont get a chance to glance take ya stance
No shoe shine boy but shine up the toys
Chicago typewriters goes to all my haters and biters
Jan 7 · 31
Circle of Craze
There i saw It was the deepest in awe
A misty circle hugging the moon
The stars began dancing and prancing
even though they were steadfast
Into the skies a beautiful night glow
One down and thirteen more cycles to go...
Jan 7 · 31
Blaze Up
Sittin' like ZZ at the top of the hill chills
Down my spine tryna advoid the flat line
suckas wanna test mines until they find
Themselves in a ****** situations
Sticky roll up the sticky before I split
The **** mating with bullets pull it
Triggers got off y'all new breeds is soft
Quick to call the cops once the fist drops
Stop talking **** you nothing but a *****
Counterfeit see my enemies throwing fits
leeches like honey over biscuits melting
Tracks over wax my paperstacks
Never lack since i was blessed with black
Skin followed by sin can't break the entering
Miss the pen luxury living but still giving
Back to my town word up its htown holdin' ground
You can have your crown but you'll bow down
To a more wicked sound all around pound
Of weight sitting thicker then the Denver state
Nugget missions with selected envisions
Of the commission got ya mind *******
Out thoughts painted images missing
Blank stare its a like flare traveling air
Recapture my moment break atonements
murders spent wisely choosey as the Isleys
Brothers rising over the dispute of colors

Suckas scared to cop that street life g ****
Im sitting like Lucky Luciano gang president
Still hang with my ghetto residence
Investments made from money laid
Over the bread and butters silent utters
From folks tryna lead ya into the gutters
But I learn to walk before crawls draws
Out master plot mind planned design
To even make a sight manifest to a blind
Soul sounding inclines repeats everytime
Baker's dozen *** loving first comes shoving
No fake loves
let the peace marinate the turtle doves
Let the music play on mentals preyed on
Vocals sitting once I lay on ya body honey
Oh you wanna act funny? But u was comfy
When I had the loot next to me miss me?
Naw baby save that for the choices taken
Awaken the dragons fate as I rake in
Exchangin" money crisp to a Cajun **** son
Fools thinking they came up *** they fluxed
Rims on the trucks hoes catching the bucks
Tryna race luck you end up ****** tucked
By prosperity lost my wills charity buried
Under the cemetery of the unknown caps in stone
Retrace my pace clear the skies open eyes
once i got wise red pill centralized civilized
My aching thoughts troubled and penalized
check the ties to frys
Torched to the max lay domino tracks its what we do hopping blues
Its like rain without a bow
A shoe without a sew
A pig without a pen
An ink with no pen
Loves is just that
Opposites attract
Only hate endures
Loves tenure sure
It could be a remedy but
No cure
It could be certain
But not sure
It can hurt mentally
But not harm physically
Unless you
Invoke a violent spree
Spreads its feathers with
No wings
As the stroke of each flap
Into the air without wind can
You comprehend
Reverse the curse death should
Be first
And love is its thirst
Jan 6 · 35
Down Memory Lanez
My thoughts went halftime in the winnertime
Tryna picture my beautiful feline feelin' kind
Once she's grind i know shes mind but designed
Since i saw prophecy spitting before me
**** baby why you had to be in a coma see
Now i gotta retrace pace my track on wax facts
Chillin' in all in my head it aint enuff bread
To bring you back from the dead bloodshed
All across the page red seems like deaths fed
Into the ghetto hard to let go mental ******
I gotta sweettooth from twistin' metals like pretzel
Embezzle a kettle steaming beaming scheming
From the night plots glocks keep blocks hot
how many ****** is gone get shot wise a knot
cells tied to mystics occultic knowledge brolic
**** head to an alcoholic now matter how you call it
Im still spinnin' phrases
Pipe down the craziness finesse a bless
Herbs hit my chest invest my thought process
tapes flipped from another page script ripped
from the insane scandals of broken memory lanes

Though tears cant bring you back my world's black
Gone off the **** as I write another song
In memory of you and all yallz whos lost
Souls that got tossed by the mosh pit sick
Of earth hells bells casted all over our shells
Yo its gods'spell living out the foul wills
The bible ain't nothing but a bloodspill
They say chill i ain't easing up on the thrills
Only spit the real facts to react truth impacts
See the lies break away from the tacts
Pitch that preacher **** emotions sticks
Once the last facetop of the coffin hits sits
In the deepest of the heart gone apart my loves strong
Comforts pain like a dove above they shove
Over your things recycling past clings stings
the psychical its habitual enemies front you
they pain to bring you down their lanes cranes
of hate knocking down ya fate I can relate
I try break away from the evil that sours out of the skies pane
Mind gazing amazing as im grazing memory lane
Jan 6 · 51
Nabisco Blu'z
Mc Beethoven hotter than a oven tough lovin'
Shoven from the broken rhymes governing
Over those lost souls hoovering covering
Empty vessels muscle through the celestial
Astral vestibule obstacles put to test you
Invest in yourself guard wealths healths
Damaged foods is too micromanaged
controlled carnage ammo stashed in the garage
These emcees garbage leave em out for trash
fools sellin' out for petty cash mash the gas
flame on let the torch start scorching heartening
breakin' dialects witch words craft baths
Drawn from the blood spawns dusk dawn
Who wanna step on the battlefield blue shield
Of skills skipped the medical bills chill
Of the snowy ice left my head spliced spiced
Up the food the for thought running without a caught
day dreams after the creams scheme seems
groundhog day intervenes tryna picture a scene
Newsflash only way i dash is if I see deaths clash
Seen more bodies than Andy ****** suspect
Chuckie y'all cant punk me my guns like starsky
And hutch put much misery burned into a clutch
So what? You tryna do to my crew we make blues
Strum the devils harp sharp as a tac deep impact
The black habitat why they hate my stats plats
Chillin' on the walls of my bathroom stalls
Check it mind simulate like a disco friends know
I'll flip it like the Pryor show see the truth glow
Take me down cuz they scared to let us grow

Picking pieces of americas chicken pitchin'
Hot sauce got me licking finger tips twitchin'
Too much sodium for my cranium numbs
The brain cells ceased trains off the track
Its a purposefully planned attack watch ya back
See the darts aimming at the light pierced the dark
Of ya heart i wanna be free let my mind park
On being next to the seven seas enjoy the breeze
Close my eyes let my mind perceive receive
Full contact of mother nature's maxed
out put benefits see the virus of the infants
Souls cries flesh dies see the width of they eyes
Lies deepest innocence nurses hesitance
Love seeing the devils dance ants in pants
Liar til they pants on fire hotter than a dryer
Off the buds i grew wiser wisdom miser
Admirer to those living in consequences dire
Roll like a tire round chaos advoid the flat cross
At the roads got choices to make intake
Let the lightning stake thunder brings in the fate
As my brain begins to storm sly from the harm
Far from the norm the adnorm is now the norm
I let the fire storm from the sun cook a warm
baking earthquakes all over the states crates
Of hearses spreads like biblical verses
Displays Leviticus to exodus trust as the sins gush
Like a volcano molten ashe let the ashe crash
Against the water arises the smoke notes throat
Open on the auroras can't ignore tha plethora
Of pain digestin' in the earths terrains
Simple and plain muddy stains cocaines
Pulled from the cocoa leaves do you believe
In Death before dishonor stalked like Conner
Terminators after me last of the realist dynasty
Jan 6 · 37
Call me Tony love saprano murderin' holes
Pendejos I cop those girls with the open toes
Thats the way the games flows portals
Slow ya roll gangsta rock got ya head knock
The hardest since Shaft baby this ain't a draft
Im feelin' myself since I got a clean bill of health
Resonate from rhymes I create paper crates
Stacking higher than the Empire State building
Auto yielding my pens spilling inks feelin'
Between the white sheets turns out to freak
Hypes my speech contract breech impeach
Cuz im too real to a be a leech big like Meech
Mafiaso slow blow cigars cocoa chop snows
breaths life into my mental brighten opticals
Says me says no to my critics gimmicks
Love to mimic gun play protege singin' Olè
split ya toupee cooked fish fillets cuz ***** pays
Attention to the legs whistlin' hot chicken
Seasoned hips is twitching baby girl glistening
Like water to a suns reflection collections
Of my poetry sitting on a higher degree PhD
Street graduate no matter how hard it gets
Snipe out the snake pits see me strike out corporates

Since i was a Gambino fiend for green notes
Backs rebels shekels hard to get heckled
Dot the flows leave the industry speckled
Jester to a Chester Cheetos  bold as Doritos
See me move easily suckas turning greasy
Call me Mike Beasty mics I heat to a gritty
City to city we getting good and plenty Henny
Sippin' no penny tippin' got plots to be rippin'
Jack moves improve on a mellow mood
Temptations lusting patience hesitance
Suckas wanna devils dance ****** romance
Body ****** this ain't for the perks catch a murk
Disappear like morning fog mist double hiss
Penetrate the bliss hate to kiss a risk brisk
My task once I learn how utilize Michael's mask
Point 0you sittin' at zero you an undercover 5-0
Cant play a street general learned the minerals
Mean as Patton not from the island of Staten
But these bullets will leave a permanent tatting
Like whats happening? Life recapturing spins
Thats what ya get for tryna make false moves
Needle to the groove spins my nouns smooth
Tryna reclaim the black moon bloom n ya doomed
Lyrics a caccoon
Spread the butterfly effect see my tapes wreck
On the turntable set ready set Barry injects
In ya earlobes around the globes of the abodes
postal Toads sitting like gloats on the roads
Never gloat greatness im just tryna manifest the best
Jan 4 · 45
Bear in a HoneyPot
Cinnamon glazed scent let me air vent
Summer breeze baby got me in a tease
Posing mad cuz i was chosen frozen
By the looks of your time hot body dazed
Got my lips dripping can't wait til ya stripping
Off ya clothes kiss ya earlobes slow
Check my big hands curve ya love handles
Watch me break the lust listed scandals
First ill kiss on your neck down to you belly
Button as I unbutton your mind im just man-kind
In the mood like Teddy ready love TKO cycles
Go around and around lay ya head down
Close ya eyes let me push my wisdom inside
She grows wide eyes in a surprise ocean tide
Frankstein lightning streaks super nasty freak
Ain't scared to let my tongue speak meek
body linguistics so explicit had to be censored
All you hear is bleeps bumps formin' creeps
What a cold feeling ****** healing kneeling
To a loves throne dogs is only out for the bones
Love Jones pops said "meat is for men" then again
Pour up the rocks pop the champagne bottles
Excite her lower throttle no need to be hallow
Baby I'm finna smooth shave you like baby
Then after I romance you I'll shower with you
Lavenders on the calender as i lather ya
Soapy suds wipe the *** cruds thick as mud
**** baby boo i didn't know you was
Feelin' this loose kisses thrown again sins
Took over our ****** flesh and the rest
Is history rocking the hall of fames Mack ****
Draws too much passion you can't ignore me

I want you but I can't have
Been looking for sunshine since I've found my mind
Blind saw confined to a rebel design divine
Cut from the same cloth of Jesus please just
Sit back don't attack the grooves is black
We back to back not from Chicago but a bull
Let my lambs wools profess wisdoms numbs
The blind cosign from the god of the pines
never wasted time fame chasing dames lost in my names
Since my ancestors came into a broken mange
Mentality stripped since slavery bravery
Been following me since i was baby lately
They be trying to play me spray me on tv
Assassinate my characters fate but keep clips like Nate
A Dogg letting the bullets bark so mark
My words verbs is what i do rocking ya brains zoo and any who left without a clue?


Yo standing 5'10" beautiful brown skin
Leased to sin forgive me for my universal pins
I'm stuck in this earth as a bubble cursed
Worse comes to worse spitting a verse
That would even body a hearse first
Over second suckas hesitant distance
Lover to jealousy family heist the jewelry
From my own third eye watch it sparkle
Til it glows like the sunrise bakin' thighs
Mother nature catching feeling healing
From the evil captions I'm peeling reelin'
In the fish let her get a few bites of the dish
But remember this im trying bring the realist
Arm wrestle my pen tryna advoid the pin
Looks like another hit **** all over again
packed with flesh cookin' out of ya seats
Rocking the peeps let the silence weeps
Creeps drawn as i spawn mental captivity
Flavors weighs gravity against tragedy
Black as can be let the angels enlighten me

Jan 3 · 169
So Much Love to Give
The smell of your hair reminds me of ditched roses
Don't be alarmed the scent is very very sweet
To tip of your crown to the bottom of your feet
Achilles giving you chillies cold front hunts
The warms storm comfort you if your in harm
Listen baby I won't let you go forever more and more
I got so much love to give
Jan 3 · 41
Super Thug/Nothin'
This go out to my lady surpeme open dreams
Shatter creams puff puff **** make things
Happening not just from rappin' crappin'
On these undercover MCs who aint Makin Cheese
Rats feast for the dirtiest entrees see mes
In four d's time traveler wisdom unraveler
Set the snakes around the fakes intake
Cant dodge the sting my ice bling circling
The suns cycles day and night polite
With the mean clips i make ya dance in ya hips
Hot **** culprit counterfeits since i was an infant
Dialect my own scripts since lifes a clip
A blast any chance I get wither it be reality
Or fantasy ride the waves of fanatic craves braves
Only when cowards amongst the darks set the sparks
Off in this ***** this is a wild pitch which
You couldn't hit Nolan Ryan tying and pryin'
Ya mental cabbage vocal savage havoc
Layer ultimate players no goalie
Smoke raviolis so go ahead and troll me
Trolly unruly with the toolie rude as Guliani
Look behind me and what you'll see
Is my homies and girls blasting 380s

Most breaking breads with no butters
Milking no utters that's why they careers stutters
But back to the grits im making hits
Hammer cocked plow can't touch this now
Got em dancing fans romancing beats
Feets stomp because of the great feats
Planet neptune consumes you to the perfume
Funky rhymes perfect design divine
Space time yo I'm raging from my caging
Mental mayhem got **** critics gone slam
Still eat green eggs and ham lyricist i am
**** all the hataz debators spectators
Be keeping the bucks on me see mills
Walk around me snort the change Rudolph
Reigning with dears sharp as an indian spear
Pierced your noggin got ya blood jogging
On the pavement no
Only to the dead investment ya times wasted
Now ya shared with death basements twitchin'
From bass hittin' beats cooked out the kitchen
Studio feel me flow deeper than six feet below yo...
Jan 3 · 28
Buckin' Broncos
Sick with my meat put bad chicks out on they feet
Crows nest murders invest cold envy collects
Checks without the signature
My wickedness pure heart the heartless
Beers pop to a crisps fills the lips
Alcohol poltergeist haters roll the dice
Nice far from Mike but great on the mic
Emcees skills crashed blizzard hills
Chills up and down spines to mind's
Freaking em by the dimes to a dozen
Cousin to death my breath left long ago
Since i inhale nitro mixed with a lil carbo
Call me dr freeze way below Sub zero
My hero after nine comes one life another stunned
From the gun
Theatre display of word plays decays
Of bodies i had to lay poetry in motion oceans
Coasting funk waves funny as Dave rant and rave
About life sick of strife folks stuck up without a knife
In the back **** these new jack for tax bracks
Leeched off the blacks skins through sin
America religion let the flags bend end
Hatred with hatred true slave Patriot
Bringing back the real **** the fake thrills...

Found Ojs bronco light the skunks i grow slow
Puff it then pass it to the celestial pedestals
Testing you black God Is we see us in threes
A Trinity degree sounding the seven seas
Posedion guiding me on how to master the waves
Air wind to fire storms in a desires higher
divination from me channeling stations
Minus the television afro chicks is hittin'
Mother nature cursed reversed new birth
Rejuvenate the worth for what it's worth
Phantasm boy caught joy feelin' almond joy
Unwrap poverty's paradise roll the dice enticed
Vibranium cranium im axe in 'em in the slums
You find bums to crumbs beating on the drums
Retrace the maps black in Egypt before the ships
Slaved and saved us with a white golden haze
Blazed to salt  lake city they showed no pity
Now they asking for sympathy keeps it gypsy
Black as Pepsi hustle like Nipsey media pimps be
Tryna hustle my thoughts but I was caught
Off guard felony pension before I was ever charged
Jan 2 · 34
Sunny Intoxicants
Drinking a little here drinking a little there
Drinking so much it made my hair stare
Into my skin pores out the door sweat pours
such a beautiful infantry raindrops
Running down to my Achilles feelin' Hercules
because I have reduced increased energy
How many people want to get drunk with me
For when drinking with me the dark is friend
the sun is foe straight down I hit the floor
smiling bright upside down its not a frown
Circling all around people look at the ground
See me star gazing I caught a meteor
Inside of my mind it crashed against
My thoughts and buried in my heart
What's this i say I say it is me the inner
You getting through and try to show you
life is full of mystics and raw statistics
Ain't nothing ever as good as we want it
So here to the brown barrel that quarrels
Shallow spirits listen closely you'll hear it
pleasures mating with pain to satisfy your brain
Dec 2019 · 36
Mayday Mayday
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
somebody say mayday mayday getting praise always
Replays of my word plays mind's decayed delayed
Sick with the pen let my mind coast within sip gin
I'm just a **** tryna enter a hen but then again
That's how I got here through a bullets tears hard years
Strained on my life wish I could break the tech infants
hearts ain't even get a pump yet injected threats
poisoned by the tree fruits ain't never gone ripe
Too hype check the scope of my snipe pipes clogged
Pedigrees dug deep soon to weep cattle the sheep
Peep the scenery through greenery operate
The machinery its too much niggardry ya see?????

Snakes love to stick our  their tongues sprung hung
Off of the bongs **** on my chest like king kong
Beating brains seating warming up thoughts
In this cold world mind's in swirl third eyes pearls
Sparklin' like suns off a diamond twirl as i hurl
Over the gutters feeling like no other brothers
sisters and brothers watch the medias smothers
destroy image instantly in a flash split to a ****
Can't move without legal tender cash let 'em bash
Me but I'll still rise above the insanity the man in me
vanish the tarnish non conformist leechin' harness
I say the darnest
Things sippin' green a hulk incredible unedible
My styles hit harder than accapellas no beats
Only when I'm between the sheets greets
spiritual residence let the beautiful cadence
Radiance the Kundalini dance no chance to romance
A demoness this is poltergeist everyday heist
This is troubles of my damaged rose peddle life
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
When i took my first hits of the weeds
It was mad seeds felt the good deeds
Mind went to another feed off the skys
creed star gazing amazing im phasing
Into another Galaxy whos that after me
Its just me looking at me shadows
Behind shadows too **** high fly
Check my watch it's looking back black
Time to eat hungry as **** i gotta buck
Hit up the dollar menu on Scott's avenue
McDonald order two number ones
To go what ya know? before I hit the door
My homies had the pizzas and a few Lisa's
******* pleasers oh yeah I'm living good
Deep in the hood batting steel no woods
Gats we keep that flexin' on these fake cats
Matching these fake stats feel the crack
breaking in your back trace the **** stack
Then back to the barn with hay in middle
Its crucial once my joints hit hard to spit
Got cotton mouth straight out of the souf
So what the ******* rappin' about scout
the real soldiers fiendin for them pines
Hataz better watch ya mouth as i grind
Too much enlightenment for my sunshine

That same night had a slight verbal fight
But everyone remained tight im feelin' kite
different heights took another sight
Sky blitz every thing was just right
Picture perfect words flowin' swordfish i still reminisce
On the days we used to **** and wish
Those nights never ended but pretended
we wasn't here in this atmosphere
became clear once I saw a cemetery appear
from front to rear of my mind had to steer
It's driving me crazy lately purple hazing me
But anyway back to this Hennessy sting ray
Could make a grown man fold control
Ya senses don't become senseless
what is this? new **** blocks is hot
New corner marijuana soon to be a gonna
Fliers ate by the raging iguana sauna
Lyrics it's hard to clear it tact to a spirit
you hear it smoking trails with no bells
ringing in my head let knowledge be red
In my head my destination higher detonation
blow up watch em stand in hesitation
This ain't a fine just another day in the sunshine
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
Yeah it goes one for the show three for dough
Bank scrolls sitting bigger than Pillsbury rolls
Naw miss that let'***** some mental quakes
Watch the heart shakes break out the intake fakes
Dont get a chance stake my golden fate
Since I was born in the deep eye of the storm
Hornest swarmed Icouldn't be stung or harmed
Minds swords drawn anagram a pentagram slam
Critics who don't give a **** summer of Sam
Hotter than hells bells flaming glory a bit gory
Let's stick to the story as I sublime category
Angels blowing Dizzie Gillespie tunes spoon-
Fuls of a slight overdose hold the roast to toast
butter over the bread spreads melts your head
Over what i says context clues I'm a valuable
Testing bulls no expendable takin' raw capitols
In capital letter the tombstone im near far way home
Angels fly away circling me like I was prey rays
Beaming see the sunlight scheming demons
Tryna get piece of the mental warpaths release
As my heart rate increase ain't scared to be ceased
Met my inner outer soul through my outer soul
Adrenaline past rock and roll paid the major toll
death is distance cousin to life why do we strife
Nothing but wind knives chopping up thrives
Opportunity lurks patience thin as a needle
War machine kin Don Cheadle rock the Beetles
Back into the temptations it's growing slowing
Up the earth heartbeat but wait she tryna speak
Stop the flow of the creek the streams is too weak
Valcanos even singing saprano clouds on piano
Thunder hits lightening strikes darkest night
Feel horror creeping tight no fight out of sight
Delight angels sitting in the corners of the sun
With infinite wind spans waiting to cash in my sins
Slowly bake sleep but awake to the walking dead
Invest in myself embrace hot in led angels nod head
Is this a dream inside of dream plot the scheme
Cycling rewind it back as the lost son of the millennium
Crammed like forced thoughts in your cranium
Vibraniums cracking 'em axe 'em with my titanium
Swordsmith take a whiff off the axis gases to lift
Dec 2019 · 36
Dark-Net Synonyms
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
Casted shadows of twlight dusk gloom
All over the room tenebrosity in generosity
Of curiosity of the darkness hovering
and murking the city lights souls
Tested from the time invested sick manifested
7 times a flat line woke up the seas mind
Returned as a king of the ring air sibling sing
A beautiful display take you away say
No words im hear to save black gloves doves
Used to cry but not anymore lift you off the floor
Warm your heart to spark a slow blue propane
Your the gas to my blood heaters races like a cheetah
Dressed in all black I could just see her
laying there cold and shaken then awaken
Once my lips touched her soul mate no fake fate
miss the wake and the earth day cake just to wait
To hear your voice again romancing you
spiritually im the candle to your darkness hearkened
I'm never gonna leave I'm truly your angel sent to you...
Dec 2019 · 44
Angel in the Skye
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
I see them peeping i see them winking
I see pain full of cries fiery eyes
Seeking an eternal place for my head case
Casket is an entry to another dimension
Feeling strengthen now my mind lengthen
To heights i could reach and now I'm hopin'
My tears cant replace your tears of fears
Its crystal clear I wish I could hold you near
My soul is moving out of control console
Now im feeling blue smoking green
My love for you on earth will always fiend
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
This goes to a woman who taught me love I'll miss you
I've been crying til the tears were crying and i can't help it
I miss you I just wish I would spent more time with you
Heres to you:

I could never love another after loving you...

Yo this can't be life everyday is strife seems like a knife
Is put my throat as a reminder quote notes
Written off my mind lets me know it aint mine
Conscious escaping the unconscious nonsense
**** I just lost my baby after she said she loved me
Hearts is gone this aint just a song to go on
As ya float on into the clouds i hear you soul aloud
Speaking of how
sunrise let the rain from your mother eyes disguise
My feelings inside **** baby I can't hide
I miss you just being real with you kiss you
Goodnight one last time baby it's show time
Got my best suit to boots ill try not to shoot my tears
But its hard to block the bullet of emotions
As im coasting in your memories forever floatin'

Though we've grown only in the three months we've known
Each other even ya mother to brothers
Showed me love took me in as one of the kin
Feels like I'm in the wears of sin reliving
A nightmare turned into a ****** stare **** baby I cant believe this
My brains aint registerin' this **** this
Life is better off dead thinking of puttin' a bullet to my head
Flushin' all of my enemies instead release my dire energy
no more help in me I'm takin' Insanity pleas
Please believe if I could bring you back
I'll be where you at and that's a fact
But uh then the tears would follow you whole
Til ya heads swole migraines in the brain
Maybe I'm selfish I cant help it I miss you so **** all the petty *******
Dec 2019 · 46
I wanna be Free Freestyle
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
Yo I wanna be free but I gotta stay a G /I ain't ready to leave just Yet and get wet/by bullets of an adversary's trigger the bigger the rep/the bigger the step the i gotta Climb more I got to prep/for the ****** that be watching thee but I make sure the glock stop ya Breathin' no other reasonin'/I got the formula with the seasonin'/addin' much flava to the game uh ya u know my name/I'm hittin' somethin' like cocaina/raw and uncut still beatin' misdemeanors/I hangs with drug dealers and killers who drive beamers/seven and 2 quarters  to be precise i slice/& slaughter the competitor Cuz I'm the regulator/haters can't see me Cuz they braille/take ya chances against the Ripsta?/9 times of 10 it'll probably wouldn't do ya well /uh ensnared from hells bells playing on the devils playground/got ya looking around the mic I grip I unload verses like a mack 10 clip/that means im automatic causin' static/to ya vocals now ya asthmatic can't keep up with me/Cuz ya reachin' fatality hoes calls me "Heavy D"/because of the way I clog up the *****/the underweight lover in the house the house/ dickin' ya spouse with no ****** I'm showing tru 187 skills not ESG but I swang and bang my gang i roll is solo/hit ya with the bolo check how 4's swang low/with tire vogues I suppose ya take a different route/Cuz htown throwing it down know what i'm talkin' bout/Dj ***** screwin' up a Town Near U/-

we infiltrate ya Hood like them Boys in Blue/uh we takin' over we Stay Drunk Neva Sober/Man down with SPC & SUC even Big Pokey we moved from Oz's to Keys/we Blow Trees and we Like Bees/attractin' Nothin' Honeys that Mad **'s Always Rockin' Shows with my Flows/im Like Propane i'll Leave ya Gas'd Up with Kerosene light the Flame now ya Blast'd Up/strikin' im a Mask'd Avenga Savage sicker than the Average/boy i don't Play no games slide through the Lanes like Lebron in the Paint/makin' Emcees Faint cuz my Pernicious Peddi they d-i-e instantly/im comin' with more and more until my Vocal go Sore/Amped out Galore War is what ya Beefin' Eternally/Furiously im blowin' out Mics like im Smokin' ain't no Jocin' Stay Locin'/i performed on Stage with sold-out Crowds cuz im True to the Game/i spit what i See hard to be a G in the Streets/im pinnin' Sweets eyes Tweak/can't you see Naw cuz im Faded/more than MJ did to Byron/Russel used to be Small now i got the Biggest Muscle/like Schwarzenegger im A Terminator an Originator/with the Slowed style Freestyle that i Mellow/ya rhymes loose as Jello say Hello/to the Greatest Rapper next to the F-A to the T next to D-/J ***** what it do im Comin' Through Trill/as **** C Diamonds Rang on my Pinky Rang/sit back a relax and don't Plex cuz we'll pull out them Thangs//mayne Hol up!!!
Dec 2019 · 43
Buried by Six
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
From sun up to sun down I'm exposin' clowns
Drown all on forth down on a punt status
Check the turnover burnin' em' with the Clova
Southside soldiers takin' over so rollover
Deep in your grave you ain't got the brave
Ery in your heart pick em apart words sharp
As a Marlin startlin' ya every moves
On focus so I could show and improve
My skills legit Hershel Walker mimic
Can you feel it? Beats across yo chest
I stress from nine Millie's that test
Ya cardio round n round we go toe to toe
They can't handle the mental of a jackal
Hyena tactics meltin' heads like blacksmiths
Smokin' spliffs keeps me closer to the cliff
To Claire Huxtable hateable but loveable
In the same sentence learn ya distance
Or else you'll be leaning on the fences
Every nerved pinched soul clenched
Ready to die so i keep my prayers toward sky why??

Check the squat stance money in my hands
In bands understand my lyrics excite fans
On demand see me rollin' in a gang clan
Fast as i can gun flash now demons in the past
Miss the cask take another sip from my flask
Drinkin' til my liver stinkin' minds sinkin'
Deep in to the cosmos astro feel me flow so
Take a stroll to Texas death row live with my bows
Got plenty more built for war with hoes galore
Give em **** then leave em on the floor
******* I'm breakin' dominos effect infants
Even pumpin' they hearts to this rock to this
Like Chris flavors in ya ear to crisp sip this
Hennessy to make me see better aim at my enemies
We ride on slide the chrome dome exposed
Now they in a funeral home chapter to my tome
make a break back in my six hot drug a stitch
**** my chick rather be judged by twelve than airlifted by six tricks!!!
Dec 2019 · 48
Broken Winded Soul
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
I know you not here
physically but in
I know you just waiting for
To rejoin your matrimony but you holy
In my eyes i wish we could have
More time together but times rent
Is limited and eventually we have to
Leave the premises two things promised
In this hellhole death and taxes
Fact is
I did love you truly and genuinely
Now that you've spread your wings
I'm content physically but not emotionally
I wasn't ready you told me you love me
And never got the chance to really express it
I look up and see you blowing wind
Even if the skies or grey or blue
Drawn by your heavenly scent just remember
I would die for you if we could reverse roles
I love you sincerely and forever more
You'll always be in my soul hope you visit
Me in my dreams dreams are more real
Than reality itself baby and I know you
Can't see this but you'll definitely feel this
No need to cry as you lie on your back
Sweet as licorice black i already want you back
In my life you taught me basic principles
To love and now I know what love is
Thanks to you I can take another chance
At something I've long feared farewell
And I'll see you tomorrow your only a day away
Dec 2019 · 34
Lost inside Of Lost
King Tutankhamun Dec 2019
Trying to find myself but I can't find me
I'm only having a human experience
Extraterrestrial at best feel my heart jumping out my chest
To have a drum feast
The lurking hawks eeries my soul
I'm losing control of my sight blurry
From the tears fogging and clogging my fears
Seems like I made a pact with death
Long before we met I was already a threat
To mankind seems like tragedy is my family
Can't talk to friends nor foes I get more answers
Out of a wall or pole even the wind flows
Talk to me through each stroke of the breeze
The cardinal directions that guide me
To the crossroads a dark and light figure
Looks just like me its a reflection of self
Darkness is first place and light is in second
barley hesitance because of the distance
Is already prefigured destiny i try to check mate my fate
Only for my mind to crate
Dead empty thoughts beginning to rot
From the filth filled within out inside
The matrix I walk staring at the gloomy rays
Beams across my body to radiate hoping I'll die in not wait
So long I've walked a troubled journey
Lonesome feet pace a never ending race
My real home sits in a grave plot empty slot
With my names in all caps just line everything we operate under
Corporate fictions
No wonder everyone is the "walking dead"
Literally I'll be here and there if I don't make it
Just know the train wreck took me up yonder
To a expedition where many wonders
Let the rain come along with lightning and thunder
I'll replenish and nourish the earth with my tears
And let the stream fill in her empty cracks
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