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14h · 20
The Light
Yo I used to, wanna follow tha, most expensive taste, waste,
Most of my time, looking at the dimes, but had pennies,
To invest in, man I'm looking, down the barrel of time,
Price on my head, diamond in the range, and it's strange,
They shame, the average mayne, gotta be on the dope game,
But I changed my names, my ways, rather, do it the right way,
Like a spike lee joint,let me anoint, as I appoint, raw imagery,
How many feeling me, we at the tip, of the century, how many moby's,
Out here, tryna be an Ahab, I stab ya with the lyrical vocab, rehab,
My mind, back up in the lab, and the jab, deeply begin to grab,

Ya intellect stinging, feel the bells ringing, slowly beginning,
Demise a weakling,  never do it with feeling, only when I'm rhyming,
Timing, off the right beat,hype speech, too deep to impeach,
Nixon ****, I benefit, like Americas corporate, I object,
Let's stay on topic, flash the new optics, trending hot picks,
Fools still running, moufs like a *****, I just hit the switch,
Avoid the glitch, let me take a sip, brew batch for you and you,
My crew too, so let's keep it real, and spin this venue, true,
Stands over false, defense, keep it tense, enemies on a fence,
Tryna climb, but they way behind, I stay on the grind, focus divine

Glow it like a candle, block out the scandal, mics my animal,
That I've tamed, **** shame, I still get hate, on my birth name,
I'm just playing cool, rockin hip hop jewels, a beat for ya to cruise,
In ya car too, summer time vibes, stay alive, heart the BeeGees,
One luv to my hip hop cuties,and the homies, in the communities,
Hold it down, ya can be a queen, or a king, with no crown, sound,
Off only with the real, like MJ rock only what you feel, forreal,
Not here to steal, ya spotlight, I'm here to re glow, the appeal,
Definition, stimulate a visual, reverse the state of, the indivisible,Yo
2d · 18
Buck Shots
Strawberry kush, hunt down ya like a a bush, administration vacation,
Vietnam, tactic fields, hold the shield, right up in ya grill,
Watch the ****, thousands ofyards, I bombard, those who claim hard,
Status, who's the baddest, savage, beasty, wide scope blast it,
Off the rocker, meet the fockers, reading the crowd mockers,
This the stocks of, generation exodus, yo what's left of us,
Follow the wind dust, noah sharp, build a boat, string reality harp,
Angel's in the mirror, devils advances, much more clearer,
See ya tears filter, by emotions, deeper than a love potion,
Clear out the ocean, meditate wisdom, on a godless plate,
Too many teaching in aches, I cant wait, for leechers, stuck at fate,
Climbing to the golden gates, glow a heated michete, most ain't ready,

So groovy, naw ya cant move me,head far from empty,
Julius jackson, when I hit the henny, deadly, crazy lately,
Been chilling back, watch the scenery, sofa white creamery,
Coffin seats, rolling deep, caddy love, all else none above,
Guzzle of chug, of the best drank, slow chokes of the dank,
Drank the fish tank, never in a *****, sneaks, like move on a gank,
Out rank, most dont come close, I host toast, like space ghost,
Coast to coast, moving the most, lightening snow, watcha know,
Downfall, shop cheap at the mall, never ball, on lashes in cheap claws,
Class of Cassius, hazardous walk reps, see me crackin' this,
Wind pipe, thin air cant breath, double dare, raw and rear,
Jewelry drippin', like my cinnamon glisten, smile up and listen,

Bubblegum rap, never clever, however, I feel the lever,
Of rap, breaking, see the shakin, new water take in, sippin'
The roots of the old school, bruise cruise, stick to the rules,
Midday ooze, guns caught ya in a snooze, silky chicks soothe,
Rocking this, make a new rap metropolis, clocking this,
Dollars and cents, dont equate, to dollars and sense, common,
Only to a dim diamond, I play the part of Frankie Lymon,
Driving ya insane, with the madness in ya brain, quick to flame,
Rap nasty, savi Bundy, voodoo ya old crew, stuck on it like glue,
Guerilla hoods, still touching blackwoods, its understood
We best who could, flex beats wreck chops, stash goods,
Turned down the stardom, never chase , black face Hollywood
3d · 33
Gangsta psychology, no it's not an honorary, crazy sippin' hazey,
Blaze me, like grace said before the, meal, sniff out a squeal,
Pressure, bout to get real, ya know the deal, the time grind,
I came to take, back what's minds, see so many **** fines,
Game played ya, it's by design, that's why, I started own line,
One of a kind, misdemeanor, lays like ike turner to Tina, seen her, she turned into a **, before she went pro,
From hot juke joints, to disco, blues hip hop, to the late night cruise,
No content, spit over the continents, watch the flames get sent,
Sky high, watch the eagles ride by, close to the ghost, hold toast,
Never shaky, itll take more than,quakes to break me,
Soldiers,  i was rolling with Elijah, throughout the wires, sire,
Desire, standing with the divine, wise men, from others admire,
Dimension, adviser, coke seller got a nose, gripped like a plier,
Supplier, of that dope ****, yeah you heard it, from me, one and only,
Rolling on dough, Mahogany, Cab Calloway, avoid the many,
Moochers, of the new age, everybody outraged, engaged,
By the politics, I dodge the draft pick, see fire in optics,
Cant look me, straight in my eyes, dark souls, broken to a vessels,
Muscle you fools, big body catch,  my heavy Chevy, on cruise,
Blast 1-2s, shootis with the blast too, I'm Vincent, asking you, blues,
Clues left ya with, ya red makeup on the news, drawn by the dues,
Bumpy Johnson, protege glued, victor sessions, never loose
Pin ya shame into the skies, with no name, brace the wall of shame,
None could tame, take away ya fame, struggle ya like dash Dame,
Switch lanes, fast to slow, cycles wanted that, top tier title,
But its lonely at the top, so I had to play a disciple, decipher,
My encrypt citizenship, now I see the real, cashed out establishment,
It's all commerce, I may die for this verse, but hells much worse,
No fire, just tormented souls, flippin the wire, tapped the switch,
Stuck in this false world, til I'm one with, the universal pearls,
This goes to boys and girls,  show 'em, how time magnet swirls,
Harp machine, brings evil things, global market crashing,
Silence the fling, mentally exhausted, tryna catch a fan,
Relief of fresh air, cooling my glands
Glimps,deadly of the weatherman,
3d · 19
My Last Day
Yo who's next in line, to catch a broken spine, lay out the crime,
Miss the time, saw the grime, still living, last of the end times,
Rewind, of dollar signs, folks standin  in lines,souls on a decline,
Tryna take yours, and keep mines, blaze the pines, incline
A divine mind, activate my penal state, dead prez mate,
Missed my wake, sealed your faith, got ya pent to a jake,
A snake , a fool, took the lambs wool, to cover the drool,
Of blood, in the mud, eyes stay open, scoping, with no cruds,
To many thugs, faking for the bakin, I keep em shaking, staking,
Heartbeats, cold sweats, so neat, check the chorus repeat,
Of my rhyming feats, so vicious, grade elite, so delicious,
Like my women, voluptuous flows atrocious, stay with da focus,
Magic touch, hocus pocus, still banging my locas, Sosa
Of the rap game, name ya names, and ill show ya, birds of a flame,
Flock together, under any terrain, stained, dead ya best man,
Now you a news trend, barely break ends, like the China bidens,
Bidding, I'm kidding, sike im just resizing, the pies and, wise and, skills plot, deep disguising,
Fools know the rules, sand the tools, cant buck this bull,
Played a fool, once never saw twice, decked out the ice,
Sweet dies, of the innocent standby, prayers said for the lullaby
Old skool jewels, dropping joints that could, even make a mule,
Come out of,its stubborn ways, jam the O'Jays to the BarKays,
Yo feel what,I gotta say, on decks with the Ak, speech delay,
Now play, it back in slow motion, it's a lyrical ocean, potion
Sinking in, since the days of the fallin, Olympus still stallin,
Pardon, my darling, my baby girl, just wanted to rock, the world
By the sun and moon, that gloom that, glossed up the pearl,
So many wanna be ya friend, but in the end, it's all a big pretend,
Never lend, my friendship, it's out on lease, easy as ever capeech,
Love me a **** stallion, shining lika bezel, level up diamond,
My intellect that is,still blinding, got the code, from the coal mining,
Universal timings, know the words, of the hidden Gods,
Once I charge the clouds,and clear out the smogs, let my mind jog,
Around the hostility, no humility, break down the unity,
Separate I, from self, cuz I'm dangerous for ya health,
Gas state, carbon monoxide, so suckas, better go hide,
I got pride of a lion, I ain't ****** lyin', applyin', skillz without tryin,
Who could stop me, post a bill, cut down the economy, probably
New stock monopoly, Bradley,  concepts, hold the rejects,
Yo that's a bet, no sweat, leave ya without no regrets,
Standing on the block, like I'm owning it, clone it,
Double up, went from dollars, to a thousandaire, dont care,
What others dare, to say about me, I'm a sit back, play a King see,
While yall playin' QB, I'm watching on a blitz, like a safety,
Defense zone 3, check ya keys, I peel the messenger,
Im the driver, in hip hop and yall, others is just passengers,

Posterize, lyricist true to self, over analyze, victory prize,
Stepped up off,of the St Hides, see the wisdom, slowly hides,
Away the pain, the strain, from the depths of my brain, a grain,
Of salt, could turn all yall to malt, liquor, yo I missed her,
Hip hop since she, took a new stage prop, I'm here to restock,
The originality, fresh taste for fertility, seed at a fatality,
Rally, women I tally, yo dont dilly dally, with a skeez in the valley,
Skin graffiti, pinned up with a nefertiti, thick but still skinny,
Hold my henny,  toast to good and plenty, times off of signs,
Make 9 cents, off your dimes, extort ya shine, cash all in lines,
Smoking the pines, read between the lines, one of a kind,
Isaac Hayes sculpture, break out the culture, watch the vultures,
Copy cats, erase cheese heads, with the gats, lay out greedy rats,
Unbeatable stats, so it's hard for ya match, pitch a heat to catch,
Stay off the radar, born star, plot like Scar, leader of the new Czar,
So bizzare, rhymes twisted, sick with it, grab my biscuits, mystic,
Sly, pass through the devils eyes, glare over the skies, magnetize
Navy seals, rhyme appeal, always smoke out, spotlight sequel,
Oh so real, candy rain with da wood grill, stainless made steel,
With so many swords, of wu tang you, cant evade the killz,
4d · 25
New Skool Fewls
Yo check the title, break rivals, made for the survival, I grows,
Knowledge of a disciple, monk cycle, cursed like michael,
Pipe grows, love maestro, girls glance slow, watch fast, then blow
Brake ankles, light up their mental, song, like a preamble,
Watch me gamble, raw beat sample, rushed pass Campbell,
Assassin manhandle, run through a scandal, rhyme animal,
Cannibal, eat flesh, with no utensils, bag, more for the studio,
Out doo's-,out go, sick flow, watch how the media nose crows,
5d · 33
Ice Water
Spray paint, rhymes the lyrical Vivaldi, smooth as Vlade,
Divac, you in default, tryna touch these golden, lyrics out of the vault,
Never fault, my own will, stay with the woodgrain steel,o so real,
Touch nothing but clutch, Jordan tangible, brace the hannibal,
True animal, beating ya out ya mineral, turned to a serial,
Killer, immigrant filler, hang ya body, in the freezer, cold chiller,
Crazy as a buck, front ya luck, watch chickens get plucked,
The world is yours, scarface vibes with the vanilla swirls,
Powdered nose, thoughts froze, ideas begin to pose,
Low threat, sweat on my tech, so suckas dont get to go next,
Complex text, always lay out the bets, street militant vets,
Got multiple chicks on my pecs, dont disrespect, the peck,
Order smarter, gallons off of four quarters, dollar hoarder,
Invest smart, shoot my darts, guaranteed to break ya starter,
Midday martyr, naw cant play with the nerves of steel,
Titanium, staining em with bats that crack, skull fracs selenium  
Decipher political idioms, with the wind patterns of Saturn's,
Count the wings, see how many chickens fly by, a wise guy,
Split the megahertz, form the soundwaves hovering mega Earth,
Yo, you know my worth, flip to gold from paper currency, feel me,
Keep it on point like Dempsey, seventy five percent accuracy,
Brady, bullets when I split ya mullet, cant out pull it,
Nothing but dead weight, keep my head straight, guard ya gate,
Activate ya ****** state wait, glands sitting in a beat romance,
Glance any chance, I get make war profits, with my war prophets,
Ain't no peace, on the devils lease, see how many souls increase,
Cant escape death, is coming, humming, from the drummin' I'd rather die for something,
Then nothing, meanwhile meditate to the lyrics that's summoned,
I break mics, make em bleed, like punches from Mike, iron sight
Fist tight, I'll take all of your might, dont even front a fight, iight
We coming with the wickedest, vengeance, catered to sickness
Manifest, off the demon infested,
Yeah I'm connected, to the underworld, so dont disrespect it, before ya be resurrected,
I took jesus ****** cross, hung it like tree moss, flip the coin toss,
You'llfind me,in the valley of the lost, skull rallies, been the boss,
You suckas fallin, like Olympus Mr Snuffalufagus, plus the surplus,
All out maxed, Redd Foxx insults, graphic, as the Dutch Shultz,
Surrender your rights, see the shadows, hovering the night,
Smooth as a kite, winded suckas pretended, I'll end it flint,
The stones, cigarillos cherry foam, chase the taste, of ozones
I'm gone, watching the footsteps of rosemary's, baby slay me,
Naw I stay peaced, with the unseen, soul divine supreme, cream
Shattered many dead souls, added to the gehenna scrolls,
I'm just a disciple, with the laser eye rifle, cyclops the bible,
Raging in wrath, feel the thunder, lightening standing giraffe,
Catch the hands of nature, glad to hate cha, innovator, mater,
Let the saga continues, through graphic venues, I'll end you,
rip ya out ya skin, and leave blood on ya shoes, open portals of vessels,
Muscle man, champagne driven by my freaky women, giving,
Me they souls, bless they jellyrolls yo, I'm out of control,
Just another brothers,with the grit of johnny cash, bank rolls,
We beat the payroll, advoid pay tolls, that's how real Gs roll,
Watch cha know, split the kabbitz, lay out yachickens, gizzard
Poetry wizard, stick my tongue out like a lizard, keep lyrics exquisite,
Tip of ya toes, close down the shows, ya know how it goes,
It grows, more than the temptations, got the accommodation,
Change ya station, if you in hesitation, blaze gun nation,
For sticky situations, all of one one of all, never cease at downfall,

Gory road, move to a general,from a street lieutenant, innocent
Bystander, catch the wings, of a hate activate ya mental state,
See hostility at the alarming rate, wake for the leeching snakes,
Grip the peace, like a python, still let by gones be by gones,
I'm so gone, all I see is wrong, souls ringing like a gongs, its on
Caught the caption, blasting tactics steels of a black smith,
Hot ****, bound to ya melt ya with these classics, black magic,
I make it look so easy, but tragic suckas become mastered,
To the slaves of the intertwine, curved spines, of a feline,
See the horns incline, from her hair lines, sin never been so fine,
Apple decline, in the garden, step back to the game like Harden,
Charging, the game on credits, yall on debits, blacked out cards,
250K monthly, see what I see,
Naw probably, not you be hit harder than Ronnie Lott, guard ya snot,
Ya leaking, see the guns flickering, flashlight of a beacon,
Been a sinister deacon, silence the weaken, every first weekend,
See me peaking, speaking, paramount, calvary scout,
Lay out the KC, masterpiece barbecue sauce, it's the mosh,
Pit set up,I'm dead up, cant wait to this touch up, paint job,
9 to 5 robs, late night til the sun bright, soaring the heights,
Keen sight of an eagle, I squeeze through, out ya flesh,
Like beagle, bullets sniff you, now you laying like a vegetable,
Despicable, crews I bruise, leave em for the early mornin news,
Dont blow ya fuse, no truce, haters beware ya in for a scare,
Lay more scars to ya face, from unfiled ****** case,
No need to lie, what the **** for, naw I embezzle the muzzle,
Spread you out like puzzle, piece soon to be released,
Coroner, operations mud situations, change my caliper occupation,
Went from middle men, to a high man, baby bird assassins,
Who asking, about me, dont be part of the last dying trilogy,
7d · 33
Ol' Rustee Kidz
Wake up, everyday I think of wayz to cake up, love a **** mutt,
Control the gut, never waste my nut, in a ****, yo what the ****,
Is going on, sounds of the ****, rip through each n every song,
Yo, I been destined for greatness, right, loves to be wrong,
Gorgeous flows, jewelery drippin, like my cinnamon tippin, chipped in, check the luxurious pimpin'
Never simpin, gangsta mack, hold that, back to three mill stacks,
Watch my back, cuz friends quick to get you cracked, no lack,
Stay with the Gods, play against odds, crawl through the fog,
Smog, smells good, got my girl riding my mourning wood,
Mighty stealthy, combat mind state wealthy, clean the filthy,
Dark knight genesis, bane yoked design, conquer the innocent,
Baggy denizens, split liquor with my blood citizens, then again,
Miss the pen state, yep, back on the streets, flooding with sin,
Cant help it, product of a failed society, hate eyeing me,
Buying me, time to focus on ecstasy, next to me, bottle of henny,
White with the beanie, sun kiss, by the darkness, hawk this,
Early bird gets the worm, **** what ya heard, dont be absurd,
Before ya body be, floating like a terd, sheeps dont get heard,
Only herd, to the slaughter house, I brought a house, quarter mil,
Chill in the high hills, of Brazil, no deal, pass the steels,
To a better, greater activator, body burn, from the cremator,
Executioner, spiritual foreigner, lost in the false world, hells pearls,
Still gleaming our girls, fire up the woods, mis over understood,
Welcome to black hollyhood, venus fly trap, gotta watch my cap,
Salariez flying high, I might seal up the sky, dont ask why,
A ***** like me, living comfy, joy of a **** Bumpy, johnsons,
Tote the Bronson, steel man im so real, cool as a bladeless fan,
Got a gang of fans, in demand, high head, plans making jams,
Something for ya mind, to groove to, invoke you, through spiritual,
Apollo kid,look at the moon, sixty nine, ways to quote a gaze,
Amazed by the starship,of rhymes I took time, to define a sign,
Virgo star, was born, calm when I'm near the eyes of the storm,
Verge of war, from Jan to December, yo I remember, the true ender,
Identify myself as pure, got da wolverine cure, cant bruise me,
Out do me, ya bout as lost as ******, doo pitching woos,
Only to the cuties who, ready to be sanctified, and amplified,
Then crucified, from the mental pair of eyes, soon you'll realize,
This ain't a disguise, hang with wise guys, analyze ya third eye,
Creating a sty, dont look at me shy, I'm B I G,
so I've been ready to die,
Yo tdogg, ya know what I'm about to, oh, jam on that *****,
Yeah my heads been loose, troubles cleaned with the goose,
Gray day, mayday mayday, always see a payday cuts by klay,
Thompson, always into somethin, catch the 10s bumpin,
DVDs with the 30 TVs, in my Benzie caught many frenzies,
In the clutch, doubt dutch, what thefuck is going on,
Yo all went wrong, so I gotta play the sad song, funeral home
From the black and silver chrome, now ya buried alone,
In the center zone, earth's now ya manger, faced with danger,
Ever since I seen a stranger, all facts no fiction, crucifixion,
Mayne listen, devils had me by my neck, close to hells kitchin,
Dodge the pitchin, of a heater, slide out home Derek Jeter,
Clean cut with the Caesar, lyrically I beat em all, rise to downfall,
Like the sunrise to sunset, shut down empty threats, so much regret,
Beggin, from my foes on they toes,expose armageddon,
Ain't no letting, up my guns see slash for fun, yo I'm bringing 'em
Catch the runs, ***** dripping, diarrhea style, from da rippin,
Mics crushed like Pippen, yo stay slamming them I'm dipping,
Out the scene,mad machine, mean as Gene, can you see the beam,
From the flash light,souls shining like a million lights,
Gass that, pass that, lyrical content I blass that,haters maskthat,
Hide ya face, what a disgrace, catch the cans of mase, oven
Tough loving, smooth hovering, ghost in the flesh, test
Ya will, you ain't got the heart to ****,yo I'm so real,
MJ thrills, from the bumps of my jeep you'll feel,blood spill,
See his body windmill, thrown in the Hoffa fields, stone cold deals,
Haters better chill, **** bout to get real, man ya steel,
I'm handy as randy, savage like my girls sweeter than candy,
On the hunt, like bonnie **** and stunny, now ya runny,
Bloods I bleed that, cant count that, money in too many racks,
I bomb with flows, octane remains, the highest in *******,
Prices, spit the nicest, flex the Lexus the hypest, who out ripe us,
Plus,the guns is a must, the reign cant stop mayne, flex the range,
Rove word to domino, put that on my nino, word to pastor Jenno,
I see more notes than Ben franklin, got em blanking, shankin,
Mack daddies, caddies 70s long body, move like an Audi,
Engineers these reindeer, games light my flame,my names  
Golden, chosen like the purest calf, these suckas make me laff,
Master my craft, of many of sweet nones, *** weighs a ton,
Still number one, public enemy sons, scope thru the media dons,
Used to wanna feel like Hollywood, Chaka khan and I'm gone,
**** songs, is what I do,freestyle near a theater, or a hood near you,
I spin too, donuts peelin', three sixty wheelin', shake heavens ceiling,
Keep the block hot, without touching spots, it dont stop,
Top ten gallon hat, while I'm in the stinkin' Lincoln, girls blinkin,
Cuz I'm looking so fly, ostrich seats, with the baddest beats,
Naw ya cant compete,I complete the madness that sweeps,
Like a broom, let off the scent ya perfume, up in the zoom,
See the vultures, pecking at ya skull culture, violence ultra,
Kin to the styles of capone, black Italian mafioso, oh so,
Clever, however I'll still endeavor, money over riches, kiss this,
Felix watches, catch the blotches, on ya spotless, for goodness,
Sakes, watch for the jakes, on the break, for hells sake,
I'm guarding even my own wake, see my funeral, with criminals,
Wild style, tiny gs to youthful juveniles, dont cry now,
Just shed a gun, blast itat the sun, so I feed my holy ones, cons
Cant step to the real reaper, let my wings fly by, now im in ya eye,
Stimulate fear, like its last day here, dark images will appear,
Hovering over the sinful lands, plot the plans, soul stand,
Amongst the loss, city of peasants, slave become pleasant,
But I'm the master waking up the presence, futures past,
Check the blast, dock ya by the rivers, once I delivers,
Magic, make em tragic, zipped the plastic,I'm  a *******,
Daddy should of had meplastered, bed sheet ruckus, ****** us,
Now I'm rushing hours like Chris Tucker, *******,
Derivatives my narrative, gangsta, so the check the carriages,
I laid on, many girls hyped up, when they hear the songs,
This brother stay flexing, nesting,my chariots at the Marriott,
Hoes loving it, exquisite,  watch the foes kiss it, gun mystics,
Class touch, like Melle mel, on the cell, ring the liberty bells, Marvelled the marvelles, always excel,
Never see jails, no story tales, take ya on a shipment, that never fails, dressed with the purple sales,
Growing on ya mind like nails, untouched check the dutch,
Not much,you can do, once I come through, ****** as a piru,
Shoot you, now ya see through, my villains will bleed you,
Evil loves to take a stab, mismatch vocab, see me up on the lab, caught cab, caravan of a goetia strand,
Never been a fan, of fake *******, ride out the glitches, riches
Pitches, sugar pie honey buns, yo big yosef signing ya puns,
King tut hat, keep a stash of that, graveyard green hatchback,
Brace the throwback, clover land soldier with the thick bands,
See where my hands land, amongst the fans caught the glands,
Of a fish I kiss, dismiss the fakest watch me intake this,
Cannabis spinning like the wind chilling, amongst the building,
Lay bread for my children,
Cold villain, **** playing a hero I'd rather do a true killin,
Like the microphone spilling, out the lyrical mud blood,
Young thugs I was, learned the game from Uncle Eazy, keep the toolie
Yours truly, lay paths with the unruly, raw as Paul Mooney,
Hush that, raw base cut scratch, ***** ya nose, visions tunnel, thoughts spin to a funnel,
Got a girl name Chantelle, she freaks it well, cast a spell,
Never fails, she's all out, watch the wanna be ballers fallout,
Re route ya cake, more clips than Nate, dogg issa true hog,
Industry humpin, no dumpty on the walls, grab my *****,
Cristal by the walls, catch a pause tighten ya jaws, applause,
Insert the verbal savagery, on ya embry, strawberry kiwis,
Keep em in the sun for fun, that's on the one, genie a bikini,
She lookin- good, young face Hollywood understood,
Mistakes always makes it ways, back to the original says,

Ls400 lexus, banging my ***** in texas, who could plex us,
Dont get nexted, cask fit, blessed it,
Kiss a sky rocket, sockets,
Closed ya eye circuits, serious with these cuts, guerilla strut,
Pimping never limping, suckas still simpin', ya money crimpin'
Cold brew sippin, at the top chillin, with my feet to the ceiling,
Boss ****, mob president, true wills only to my testament,
Yo black Humprey Bogart, bogard these wanna be game sharks,
Narcs, love to sit near the park, only to catch a spark, sprinkle
Gun powder, watch the dynamite make em clam chowder,
Smack ya, own will thy mills be done, destined for legend,
Pledging, my self to the universe one song one truth, one love,
All above the wings of a dove, taking heights to grave above,
Amazing half temples grazing, flashback of the payback,
QB snaps, watch for the center sneaks, kin the reaper,
Puff slow ******, greet cha, only with the real Roman caesar,
Rap emperor, never made for inferior yosef the last superior,
Conservative mind state, activate demo hates ****** tapes,
Victory Cape worn, yo a star is born, word is bond bongs,
I twist more metals, than heat to kettle yo never settle,
For less minus stress, let the tears from the cloud speak loud,
Embezzle my soul, the awakening spiritual, lay for crucial,
Check it out, soul blacker than an iron skillet, watch me **** it,
Dump steel skin, see the blood bath within, living amongst sins,
Yo we cant be friends, stash my endz, spinz the Benz,
600 rounds to go, yo what ya know,this brother flows,
Cold as nitro, freeze all my fans high head demands, make stans
Stand this the national anthem and, fools catch a glance,
Romance any girl out of her pants, got the james brown stance,
Papas been had a new bag, waves under the du rags, toe tag,
Ya body to the price of a jag, yo this soul brother never lags mags,
Always keep it ***** ***** word to my grit, harder than Birdie,
Oh heard of me, candy man hooks ya plan move like desert sands,
Across the land terrains, rain on ya brain, seasoned ya grain,
Check the concrete stains, from the blood yo it's insane,
Raw cut *******, switch from the slow to the fast lane, mayne
Rap chapstick, for my girls moisten their Pearl's all out swirls,
Doors I blow off the hinges , cringes the average forensics,
Ballistic, blessed by the styles of the gifted, lifted flip my biscuits,
Catch my shirt lifted, tattoos represent the htown zoo,
Third ward sucka, so what cha wanna do, bang nothing but *****,
Original player, **** the nay sayers true southern caters haters,
Silk purple suit, with the matching gators, floss my mater,
Keep it clean cut, starched down to a T, finesse Mahogany  
Ain't ya average G, gangsta monopoly stay busy,
Lemon twist with the henny,bottle party like no tomorrow,
Suckas gotta borrow, rhymes just to play they times signs,
Giving to me by the unruly, hard head since I was made in bed,
Ruck us, ****** us, blamed it on mama and father why bother,
Stuck like grenade under a cotter, pin see the flows in the wind,
Comprehend, no pretend see how many kills I could pin,
Kissinger savage with the Ella blues check the deja vue woos,
The average bugaboos, watch the bugaloos, snooze crews ,
Radio edit naw forget it, spend shots on credit deeply embedded,
Wedded to this raw ****, cabbage I twist, smooth finger tips,
Lick slow, penetrate temples love girls with the deep dimples,
It could all be so simple, more bumps to jams than a pimple,
Folks play ya, like the O'Jays lover of money, honey and its funny,
Folks only out for self, tryna gain team off of somebody else,
Naw I checked myself, before I wrecked myself my health,
Is more important to follow, hard to swallow, pride hyena stride,
Searching for blood on the bones, cast the black stones,
Natural high zone, out the ozone, see me flash and I'm gone,
Sound the gong, they say I'm wrong, stage infinite armageddon,
No more letting, off I'm dreadin, the scene hot box no sweatin,
What ya throwing on, girls legs over my shoulder stroking her,
With the XL ****, ping pong her through 70s love songs,

Mighty healthy 🤷🏾‍♂️
Mar 1 · 20
Handz in a Box
Yo I told yall once more, been braced for war, even the score,
Shots like in da battlefield, high rising feel,  move like an eel, with the steel,
****** face from the Copperfield, let's keep it real, I appeal,
To the masses, check the horror glasses, hits beyond Classics
Cassius, disastrous, yo I'm straight hazardous, flows serious,
Haters tryna serve us, never nervous, keep a maxed out surplus,
Plus I got girls on the bang bus, who could rush us, out touch us,
Yo, I'm flipping birds without touching skies, stay wise,
Vigilant true gangsta militant, stay beyond magnificent,
Got a chase for money Manhattan, see what's happening,
Stay cappin', third ward coast rappin', so quit ya yappin',
Flappin' about nia this is the souf, so watch where ya peck ya mouf,
Haters fronting, and stunting, ain't no future in it, steam out Bennets,
Matrix with the blades, creamed out escalade, soufside fade,
Razor blades, sitting on the side of my gums,under my teef,
Shine up the christ reef, sit like an indian as chef, stress relief,
I'll leave ya stiffer and deader, than the winter leaf, peasants,
Become deaths residence, my gun distance, stay with the quickness,
Answers with the Iversons, yo who's liver sons, step to the don
Yo it's big pun, capital punishment, break the establishment,
Suckas got me bent, never been pent, to a magazine green,
Leaves I fiend, to keep my thoughts clean, no evil supreme,
Catch the dream, shakes from the microphone Hakeem,
Aim at ya peen, see what I mean, scope with the laser beam,
It seems dreams, are shallow I broke the battle, snitches tattle
I make like a snake and rattle, wait for bite pitch the might,
Dolomite any girls without using fright, game latex tight,
Iight, yosef only telling ya truth,no lies see the biblical eyes,
Close with the evil disguise, broke the celibate ties sighs,
Giving by the godly oddly shape my ology, it's my psychology,
Cant stop wont stop, til I'm the cold yard top, giving drops,
Unexpected, ya unprotected once I was resurrected, disconnected,
Off the face of the earth, my birth I knew my infinite worth,
Stay rowdy puff the green, make it cloudy, like chicks bowdy
Howdy howdy, word to this white henny good and plenty,
Sticks to stones break bones, word to the Houdini clones,
Magic I own, phone home sucka you dead amongst the battle zone,

Feb 21 · 32
Playaz Freestyle
Yo I'm a just cool playa, from the black Himalayas, slay ya
Stylist, yosef the realist, merciless once I get a feel of this,
Beats knocking ya out of ya seat, bring the heat, it's so sweet,
Got the ladies rockin, ain't none stopping, we stay locking,
Down the strip, clubs with voluminous dubs, cherubs
Waiting for the smooth pitching, I play the criminal position,
Ready to jack her thoughts, without her being caught,
Paying attention, mental ammunition, strong baby so no dissin,
Me, I'm tryna start a family, but uh I can't help it's the man in me,
The sanctity, of life is all lost, wish I could break the devils cross,
Why we gotta go,back in forth on the merry'go ******, let the cherry glow,
**** flow mental, waking up ya spiritual embryo, cycle
What about the title, yeah I was made from the best playaz,
Dont wanna ya walk with me talk with me,
let's breeze the sheets properly, baby feel my dire esctasy

Old school spice, somethin nice, like my shorties iced, enticed
By the sugar coated chocolate candy, caramel salt snails
Tryna get me to fail, oh well, this ain't ya average gangsta tales,
This is something for ya mind to dwell, on crisp out the song,
Yo sound the gong, the love wars has begun, lust horizons
Temperature rising, beyond the shining, darkness hiding,
The real feels, scared of a natural heal, ride loves thrills
Seems like a cursed will, is this a joke or evenly yoked,
TrynaFocus on her mind,and not her behind, baby girl let's grind,
Excuse me ma, I'm just letting off a few shots from my maw,
Dont fall for the Male toxicity, its saddity, good and plenty,
Real brothers out there, just let out the hot air, yeah true player
For real, harder than steel, giving women a touch of whip appeal
Kiss the floor like james brown moving his feet complete
Any beat that's put up agains the fleet yo I'm so **** unique
Baggy clothes with the jabos mid afro got a keep a thick bank rolls
Keep garlic for the vampire trolls wrinkled em worse than Bob Dole
Pay the toll the troll is on the bridge taxing the bids see what I did
Been made for this childish
Antics always panic I'll land it chaos to a perfection selections
Off the perfect weapon let ya head get the blessing christ listens
To the prayers of weary souls to dead let the flows be read
Wither internally or through the thoughts sped out bled
Ya self tryna maintain against the iron ghost chef the theft
Is hard to maintain wax ya brain leave a permanent stain
Who's the man once again with the steel plan racks stans
Understand I been man got more hands than Jackie chan
Lands strikes like a ****** leave ya hands with empty palms
We stay in the cut clean with the guillotine stare between
The earth and the heaven sings a violent upbring rising
The dark knight none wanna fight against the surge plight
Am I here or just a ghost in front of a mirror waiting to roast  
****** my image made a new me cover face ninja combat
Swords to bats with the raiden hats lightening ready to pat
Down ya skull valley of death shows see my unlimited rolls
Been made for war I gave Michael the Angel's scars bars
Dug from the deepest earth engraved with the girth
Dry out the haters cuz I can feel they thirst no need to rehearse
I'm breaking the curse giving ya much more than I'm worth
Crush any alliance pledge vengeance sickness
Manifest will off of the power of cannabis ya feelin' this?
I like pops from a steel death blankets laying fo real!!!
Stay flipping on bailey's shadys never played me
Flex Mercedes iced out with the baby yo check the scabies
Money itching cold twitching hearts **** gangstas glitching
Yo im pitching heat out the kitchen sons of the blades *******
On ya stereo they he go flippin more dough than pills bury yo
Back on the scene sublime green sickest of the meanest
Joe toe to toe they dont wanna go with the great homicidal  
Jack ripper tendencies make classic like Teddy flip off the peddi
No crack despise wacks mics I make gold to platinum plats
Facts no if and or maybes queens all over me cuz I'm a **** see
But I dont put em on the street or give em meat seasoned
A beat so I can eat up kick my feet up dutchie in the cup
Waiting for a killa to roll up sunday t sunday might be gun play
Either way I keep peaceful mind in the war times check the rhyme
Once again make no amends with the foul sin tote the gin
Yo exquisite glass bottles with champagne models
Puts my stick on auto manual can ya tell I'll never fail catch a smell
Foul preys catch the early run ways heavens gate open always
So dont sway into some personal **** left in ya own ****
Carcass they cant mark us forensics block all statistics
It's a miracle breaking off the cameo sicker more *******
Every rhymes I break deserves an encore yo that's for sure
From the core of my soul southern music abuse it
Off the wicked beats I bruise it no time for the heals to frills
Let the beats chills from these lyric coats of titanium steel
For real I'm off the chain out the lane it's a low down ***** shame
Ya lame better watch my name before ya catch the eternal flame
Feb 20 · 28
Merciless Victory
Check the mics to beats I wrecks inspect ya decks crew digits
Dail nothing but wins comprehend against the evils of men sins
Worn on my flesh I can attest manifest the magnificent  
Chariots blazing fire reaching for desire higher than a sire
Consumed the dryer as I heat up the fryer without the pan wu tang
Back at cha once again linked with black news cannon fannin'
All fakers make graves for undertakers shake ya
With the divine degrees pedigrees got em on bended knees
Catch the sneeze of a bullets bless you yo I'm special greet you
With a soulful touch make ya double dutch to the beats shifting clutch
Not much you can do once we break out the loot giving the boots
When we walk stomp around the yards skyscrapers bombard
Towers leaning I'm intervening on ya noggin beaming dreaming
Of ways to make a pay sways
The average shinobi ya owe me
Dont play me get smoked like a Dutchie ruthless Richie
Holding the keys Harlem Knight freak hoes into the twilight  
Darkness roaming nights plight sitting on the media snipe
Buckle ya head once the snaps is read midevil bloodshed
Twist cabbage dont invoke the savage living life have less
To embrace more cannabis see yall waving ya hand to this
Rakim Eric B stylist watch me pile this face my arch nemesis
Fools kicking this tryna re up I keep the stash of coke in the cup
Soaked up my dreams in kerosene burn slow of hate in between
It seems madness loves to company gladness I stand by the grist
******* weak rhymers small timers ain't nothing more liver
Scolding lava once I mold the opposition premonitions
I held up without being held up syrup laced so I can deeply abrupt
The sounds of the corrupt snaking products swift wit da clean cuts
Feb 20 · 35
Skillz of Po Poet
Art of a poet I know it see me show it blow it
Weeds snowed it with my sisters and brothers
Undercover lovers to single mothers no others
Lay pipe strong as the black iron dolemite
Mean but polite with the flows standing like flagpoles
Southern victory similiar to Ol' hickory
Miss the assassination against me
Can't catch me im the real Makaveli
No seven day theory hear me fear me
Vigorous Napoleon cap more than donna
Love womens with the legs of Jane Fonda way under
The seas breeze my mind catches a tease sneeze
Make the whole world freeze welcome to emerald City
Wizardry Dr Suess rudimentary
No elementary bars allowed starcloud
Catch the dust i trust inhale exhale compel
Ya thoughts unspoken choking locin'
Like Tony Soprano rap mafiaso make Fiasco's
My brothers pimpin easily far from skimpy
Chillin' wheres the hustlers be Killin' bees
Laying in honey like Doug but far from funny
Patti had a fatti punnani beat it smoothly
I made the **** of the year have no fear
Words sharp as an African spear adhere
To the rhymes ya cluing gluing shewing
Haters back in the line you aint divine
Pens a quill to a porcupine damagin' spines
Made ya spike one the goal line as I incline
Game is mine clutch time feel these enzymes
Busta rhymes dangerous as notorious gorgeous
With flows ugly face but who cares those
Naw **** that keep the gat tucked in the back
Blast a cat see them nine lives ya won't get back
Eight zeros standing behind ones a falling son
Similar to lucifer's kingdom broke the ransom
Yeah my soul is hip hop I keep rapping til the creek stops
That means my heart drops from the all the water making spots
Yo it dont stop until my name reach top invest in private stocks
Whatcha got give up ya clothes ya shoes and ya jewels crews
Cant match up still got the purple stuff up in my cup gold cuffs
Worn on the suit brains I boot check the Lexus coupe my girl scoups
Me up in black and European do you see what we be seeing
Probably not that's why I showing em how the guns bleeding
Out smoke dont provoke the higher notes make famous quote
Dead man walking but ain't no talking king like Mr Walken
Not of New York I just rap the real for the sports seen forts
Knocked down welcome to htown where we pounding clowns
Imprint the crowns on ya forehead before ye dead now repeat
What I said daily bread got ya murders all over the newspread
Yeah we dont do beefs we do drive bys instead miss the feds
It's a mafia hit oh **** hide the kids ya wife and the money pit
I'm feeling like dmx amped up for *** cake a ***** from a rolex
No plex I'm cool as the next fan chilling counting rubberbands
Knots of money ain't nothing funny only to a sucka who play dummy
Drug runners and stunners flossin" in the up armored hummers
Axe out my critics like thunder it's a killer instinct so dont blink
See ya body stink soul begins to think am I still here or dead
**** what ya conscious said I'm here to replay the bloodshed
God of war flash more hammers than Thor shy from the mediocre
Invoker serious as the joker flick the bic for the cigar smokers
Hate a chick who cant **** **** nothing but ****** chokers tokers
Off the lost game pimps back once again 8th of the seven sins
That means I'm untouchable crushable only from the mental
I'll embrace u like bullets inside of a gun quick to let off
Set it off now you covered in dirt with ya head off I'm dead off
Playing this ***** game ya know the name big Tut staying the same
Never goofy spit off the coofy none could ***** me Goldie
With the locs of a glock tic toc see how I make the heats rock
Now ya mourning 33 ways in a dayz like Patrick I swayz
Just another day like Nate Dogg true hog yall sitting like logs
Still jog laps around the average  alley cat breaks ***** with no bats
See where my hearts at its ruthless making your blood splat
**** all the chit chat yeah we all that kung fu grills like Mr Pat
Feb 20 · 26
Rock Mo Flow
Check the mics I amped up cramp emcees like ******* monthly
Excuse me ma I dont mean to be gritty but check my southpaw  
Raw cuts the cleanest who could intervene this cold crisp
Beers lips tasting this more modello the more the sicker the flow
Fiasco I smoke out shows blows
Harder than John wicks pistol feel the loves of heaven below
Arch angel Michael on a suicidal mission killing all the wishing
Thinking slow blinking so I can stop.the sinking suckas weapin'
Cry me a stormy weather too.much money to endeavour however
Clever as the beave make unbelievers believe recieve
A raw mental lyrical injections it's like a third day resurrection steppin'
No stephen fetchin' heaters I throw so it's hard for ya to catch in
On a brothers that strong I'm long gone seasoned reefa bongs
Tug slow yo I gotta **** these instrumental no satirical  
Lost member of the biblical radical disciples pack 30 rifles
Got the heart of Hendrix I flips tricks no magic suckas become tragic
zipped in plastic poetry bands elastic making easy classic
Sinatra got cha mice galaxies opera see the darts shocking ya
Ultimate winner bonded sinner make **** deader than a winter
Summer heat from the lyrics that greet ya cant compete obsolete
One man fleet check I do this on a daily champagne rollie goldie and a touch of Irish creme bailey

Can ya feel me de la soul on the Greek scholar scrolls yo
Its philosophical industry miracle breaking scales pass pinnacle
At the top of the joint watch the sharpest tip began to point
Annoint all heads thoughts arrowhead spear hear me clear
Like conscious wiping out nonsense I'm calm but smooth tense
Wait how can he say that **** within the same sentence pinch
See the demons leeched on the nerves fence that I sense
6th got the flinch eyes wide broke the slowly bribed jived
Looking for the smoking like the cannabis that get a toting
I'm locin from the tones of a baritone hip hop clones
Chaperone of death so ya fake killers hold ya breath move left
Once the bullets fly pass right by you
So I gotta do what I gotta do
Return the past vengeful cycle
Trust I only in my self my health my wealth my poise my boys
My girls keep em hyped with my noise one way choice
Its the narrow broad way destructions rushing concussion
See heads get the dusting
Tryna break love within but sins is the ultimate perdition
Revelation rendition sings a beautiful lullaby doves cry
Once prince put the slave in his beard see the tears
I caught from the universe washed it upon my sins cleanse
My souls duality battle consciousness til a fatality
Friendship to the dimension of the ruly truly hate sungs of the unruly
Jackie wilson **** my styles jam son sipping Jameson
With a touch of coke a cola brace the black pistola ring Motorolaz still doing donuts in the Corolla
Feb 20 · 31
Htown Munkz
Sounds of the ambulance prewritten glance it's a ****** stance
As I dance like MJ breakaway what the ****** say got my prey
On bended knees boys wanna be men I see the engraving
Souls up for display since i rolled my rock wheels away now play
The rolling credits you pending like ACH DEBITS clown forget it
I'll leave ya soul pinned to the celestial damage ya embry
Drive a ****** out Camry you cant face my artillery you silly
Pity you fools froze out from the weight of the jewels crews
Catch the early snooze sun tzu rendezvous love to bruise
Emcees this is a verbal cemetery you frilled as celery eatery
For the fears of instinct got ya eyes open cant even blink  
You in a fallen state I can hear ya heart rate stomping bumpin'
Like memphis tens make no amends to sins expose ya skinz
Check the blood administering the concrete filled within'
The cracks soul collapse like you bars written in ya raps
I caps ya dome in a uppercase it's a tombstone that's being laced
Feb 20 · 30
Roll against Us
Preset my ammunition, straight from hells kitchen, my homies rippin,
Catch the brew I'm sippin, reloading the clip in, suckas zipped in,
Caskets with tears drippin, all over my flesh never sweat of mess,
Slow puff my cannabis, and can i bust, savage and deadly ruckus,
Who could truck us, they tried to have the nerve to serve us,
My surplus, to legit to quit, stay the hardest in the pit, no ******* our hits, plotting like a blitz,
Never on safety, cant erase me, the paper chasers made me shady,
My lady still doing donuts in the mercedes, kin to hades no maybes,
I'm riding til I touch the ghost,
It's an overdose, so dont come close, we roast the most,
Catch the southside, running **** right, invoke ya own dead rites,
Muthaphukkaz is pitiful, critical condition cant break a miracle,
I myself came from fiery embryo, beat any scenario, sicario
Rowdy muthaphukka for sho, ya know we ballin, stallin,
Out any suckas who wanna test the Souths will, watch ya blood spill,
Seen a weak spot revealed,
Still handy with the steel,
So chill, before we pill, out reckless diamonds in back of the cutlass,
trust us, we gone stay with a fist tight, chain links for the fight,
Iron sight, snipe any opponent with one eye open, prophecy scoping,
Ya death wish is shown, covers blown, give a hyena ya bones,
Ya long gone, I'm out of space, let the my face catch a space chafe,
Wind blades, icecapades blades, looking sick on the escalades, suckas played, catch a fade
Southside brothers forever never in maze, flesh shining to a glaze
Feb 4 · 46
Yo I lost my best friends and my pops before my first demo drops
Cold props to the father why I gotta honor feeling betrayed rising sauna
Temperature check my stature heart pure god state literature  
**** the senate I rock Independence Day quick to lay a slay
Watch where my heads lay ice cube moniker Oshay ***** of clay
Keep dice loaded by seven sent from heaven break leaven
Wither sister or brethren seasoned veteran there I am agains
One of the lost sons of men dividends friends bend
Which I could comprehend the compass of love within
All I see is the news breaking somebody get the shaking
Broken down from the taken see the emotions start to rush in
I'm lusting for the taste of the universe dont understand the cursed
Crush any verse demi god hears amongst the wicked terse
Check it ****** records unscripted victory dance holding hands
With the light and the dark how many haters love to hark
Liquid swords slicing the cleanest out the park catch the sparks
That could flint fire into storms remain calm signals bombs
Top hat lyricist no need for the crown for ya to bump this
Annihilate any analysis brace my sleep paralysis birth Genesis  
Are yall peeping this I stay running a reckless menace Dennis
Rodman of the rap game yall defense is lame I'll remain
Title champion towering ya like Sampson and **** son
This ain't front or a false pretense this is new national anthem
Feb 1 · 32
Enter the dark valley of skulls foreshadows death row
Suckas know we roll on any plateaus roger rabbit ******
Once I get a taste of snow yo feel the depths of a brothers blow
Pistols shows western leak mustard blood packs see life hacks
Matter of fact ya lifes ending g racing to the twlight scenery
White lights from the guns flashing bright it'll be iight
Only focus my sight on alien idioms leave my victims laying numbs
Sons of an assassins guku solar blasting check the stashing
Of energy **** synergy to better see my enemies vorhees
Slash with the holy mask victims cant even task everlast
I'll never see the cask see the past through the futures glass
Yeah we stay on ya *** shaft mack attack true villain in black
It's like MC Ren spinning a Benz yo I'm always into something
Got so much heat I could even make the flames begin jumping
Pumping ultra waves of sounds serenades blue magic pomade
Sitting on my circle of hair ways laid down to a T mack like Goldie
Got more swoops than Cherry milk cows for all of their diary
How dare ye? Try to compare me my styles deeper than Barry
Practice what I preach broke from heavens leash watch me release
Cold corniche cheese the rats watch em fall for the mouse trap
Adapt to any environment once all it takes is iron and mints
Government plots tactics spent now im a spawn hell resident

Signaled by the afterlife troops looking for some souls to scoop  
Oops I caught alley at a rally dicking thick salleys adding talleys
We stay rowdy rowdy bout it bout it keep crowds overcrowded
Mags sitting slouchy yo never that I play a cool frenzy like Denzi
Sparks of the bottle so a **** genie can jump out in a bikini
Tricks by the Houdini mellow rap got women in between me
See that cameo sparkle mistletoe beat it til it's a cherry glow
And her legs start to buckle but back to this star spangled
Banner count the fifty stars born on Mars with 3 million half scars
Keep wars wrapped like spaghetti beats I keep em michete
Til its start to leak out of ya souls viking instincts vessels
Deep in ya console visions scrolls punches harder than Drago
Feel me though cant silence Pharaoh hit ya with arrows
Of flows til it sticks into ya mental no time for sentimental
I'm analytical biblical not madman disciple check the rifle
Thirty odd six still in the mix of triple six are yall hearing this?
The realist to spin this plus the vinyls is crisp cold rocking it
Mcs too light I cause the deepest fright in the midst of the nights
The record sales holy grail blessed by the magnificent tales
Nothing fiction breaking into ya jurisdiction crucifixion
Once I begin the mixing nails and crosses take ya losses
Boss of bosses kings of kings and all yall other just siblings
Dribbling tryna make ya way into the lane I'm off the chain
Sick with no brain got ya hyped up from my lyrical *******
Shoot my arrows of a funky a tip cold brews I sip strip
Titles from rival yo its survival of the fittest the winningest  
Hard for ya digest the best is yet to come from the slums
Of that wicked Houston you know the rockets shooting
Lootin' record pockets with the black market watch us stock it
Underground sounds htown ya know homie it's going down
Slowed up keep the syrup leaning in my cup so let me interrupt
The musical stations with no hesitating old school
Tasting flavors yall still.wasting money no time chasing
Flows been in me since I was a baby treat it like my lady
Golden era emcee spread my trees for every family
Gangstas hustlers thugsters to the teenage jugglers
I'm touching ya with the heat for the streets it's so sweet
Light the swishers to my mouth greet smokes a fleet
I'm so neat I'm so cool make the average hater drool
Know I'm hear to rule slick rick mentality with the jewels
Kangol hat pistols dipped in black plus a stainless steel bat
What's that haps curly naps this a brother that wont nap
Ya dead wrong in the club getting my bounce on
So sing along if ya know the words of the songs
Hit em like the chi-lites to the manhattans chatting
Raw macking smacking the calmest girls roudy in the back end
See her twitching caught my eyes devils temps is dripping
All over me plea the fifth I'm in insanity the man in me
Cant shake the fleas dog I am there I am again against rams
Dodge the bullet who can pull it off like this brother others
Try to come close but cant match this butter to toast
Melt tracks stain out the competition with my lyrical Ajax
As a matter of fact yall just keep listening times whistling
Revelation tune into the stations staring the son masons
7th star glory road signs leak with energy from the divine
Check it this ain't for ****** specs this for the tape decks
Beats I wreck keep these lines in check cold threat
Microphone I hold by own skull with a fiery throne shape clones
What is this brother getting at? Imagine that me
Falling off of the map relapse off of ya mental collapse  
Raps drawn by me in the form of history philosophy
Knowledge of the rhythm in ya grove to the immortal system
I'm hear to stay so let me play no loose words on the air play
Talk that **** that gutta gutta **** invoke fear from the darkest pits
Capernick ice piks fist in the air is a truth or another dare
As I stare into the state of panic ******* it critics
Dont understand it take a shot of whiskey make it a double
I thought we had a free state of mind only to get me in trouble

Got dj quik backing it up with the chop no vocals on the cut
They say what the **** is going on this for ladies n gents grown
Mature establishments immature wanna have it stab it
They cant cuz they bleeding from the old school seasoning
Beats this that **** ya that makes for a rewind or a repeat complete
Once my vocals meet cant stop going off of the beat
Man hold up this is a freestyle gotta go wild gotta go hard
On the charge like Charles Barkaley and all yall barking at me
But won't bite a G me the MC far from a square hit the snare
So I can let yall compare feel this through ya souls atmosphere
Hear me clear eyes bugged like headlights to a deer
Smear any beat I hop on stay strong this is everlasting long
Sound the gong let the battle begin see an eternal witnessing
Don't need the light or a shine to see a diminishing  finished within
Once the realize the damage is settled in happy feeling
Begins a maze your temple is grazed yo I'm never amazed
Measures drastics true natur-al far from a plastic minds elastic
In many forms wipe a nation without the bombs caress  
The symphony  it's so me smoothly spitting on the LP
No delays when I write what i say triggers ricochet
Bounce off like Bobby Boshay oh yeah it's another doomsday
So peep my visions incisions made with out the cut
Deeper than the souls of a gut call me mister King Tut
On a gangsta strut back to streets taking back my seat
With no chair throw ya hands in the air if ya a true player
Oh yeah I told em 2 decades ago I would rock the shows Cristo
Monte blunts smoke slow cash grows see flint of a haters sparkle
I charcoal beef til its obsolete without the heat
So watch ya where ya set ya feet the tools I use is antique
Mystery creek flows is rising everyday no disguising
Wising up over my opponent's yo tell me how ya want it
29 minutes of a freestyle stay wild turn critics wows to smile
Frowns cant even be form cuz you're in the edge of the storm
Calm as I sit in the eye no need to lie as I multiply third eye stys
Craniums shaking earthquake rhymes got em breaking staking
Every thing I touch come through with the cobra clutch
It's the black Dutch ruthless with the grit I hold mold any
Opposition  listen suckas talking bad but ain't stenciling
Nothing bad words make em react to the verbs check the nerves
Ya titles is wrecked im here to collect all dues an aspects
Jan 14 · 38
My BARithmetic
Yo listens to the cuts from eric b and me just a protege
Of the capital R dynasty nasty mc since the 1980s
Lay funky rhymes that brings the temptations out of the lady
Message ya with melody yo it's a lyrical felony follow me
To the BPM but if ya cant keep up you might be swept up
By the grim chocolate covered timbs see what I did to em
They couldn't stay with the algorithm  lay bars more than a prison
Visions made by me the dopest none spoke of this
Htown showing ya how we shine with out the jewels
Glare like a spotlight you stare at those playing dares
Only truth I boost give a dose of rhyme to knock em loose
My crews dont need no help flows to mic like Michael Phelps
Hip hop kid since I seen what suga hill did bid against the bids
Odds against the evens who do you believing begs a grieving
Emcees are now seeing witness magnificence in ya presence
Once I grap the microphone others show new hesitance
Been funky since these days of GP yeah you know me
Living in colors not with flags check the spokes on the Jags
Sixties class reflect on ya intellect like sun touching glass
Cant avoid this never ending rash see how they crash  
Into disaster tryna match the master beats I taster
You've just entered into the styles of  a chef beat crafter
Watch ya move I came to show and improve needles grooves
Ya soul check the crisp brew 8ball I keep it cold
Guerilla gangsta scrolls know ya role rock the shows
Break gimmicks in this to win this make or a break a stylistic
So you can't miss it this is just a glimpse of my arithmetic
Jan 12 · 44
A Screwball
Red pills blue bills see the citizen under pressure squeal
Stay true only to the real hearts in it for the thrill mass appeal
Used to be real but now all I have is a blurred memory filled
with Pain and agony treasons made after they recieved pension ways
Of a man been wicked since from the beginning to the ending
Is near cursed the garden of Adam and Eve do you still believe?
Probably not that's why you'll get the shot 1millions ways to body rot
I stay above the plot twisted see my mind stretched pass sadistic
Let's be realistic promise myself ill never be a statistic
Saw combat from the streets of Baghdad back to my own habitat
Seems like it's a permanent flashback cursed to be black
Why they wanna do us like that I ask the questions that dont tat
Raw ***** of an eighth batch check the pitches ya cant catch
Crack hearts without the slash of an axe my critics attack
I'm smoove as a sickle in the trees enjoyed the beats breeze
No sneeze **** a bless you I catch you in a late night special
Read on the front news heads I glue to the intellectual small few
Who understand what I'm saying got 'em preying like a mantis
Off the cannabis this man is sick annihilate freedom
See this kingdom is divided split up the beehives these guys
Ain't too wise justice caught up in the lies ties and justify
No accountability in the day an age scenery sub machinery
Laced for the citizen prepare for the death toll to take a stroll
If ya don't know go to the last and first stages of the bible
Preachers really our rivals I live by the code of nature's survival
Of the fittest a lion amongst hyenas tell me have you seen her
The beautiful bright star looking afar see the earth burning like a car  
My soul blacker than tar rock old school jams on the guitar
Feel me though im a **** like Staples pop see the heart drops
My tapes always pops bringing back that real hip hops
Screwhead til I'm dead from the plot I lick shots cop at cops
Only the wicked ones die why lie and try to get me to testify
Knowledge cant fight wisdom then some yo I'm troublesome
**** chicks and chew bubblegum never tip her with my ***
Let the harp strings hum beautiful melody drum souls numb
Art of war angel silence every corner or angle welcome to the final chambers u in grave danger
Jan 12 · 41
Da Bomb Babey
This is for the real street givers dime hustlers and gun shiverers
See the rhymes I deliverer cold steeler ball game Anthony Peeler
Salt to a weak Casear Brutus death pleaser mister soaker squeezer
Caskets is loving only a few could recognize the Houdini shew
See that birds that flew over a coco nest I manifest like a game of chess
Ponds is front line crooks is rook and I'm the king behind
No check mate only from the rhymes I created divine mind
Queens sitting as my beautiful feline still sipping off of ballotine
Feeling genuine so anxious like when my guns bust cold crush
Scenes of a family members dream crashed in on your dreams
Bomb baby itches for loot like its scabies no if and or maybes
Its crazy schemes to be plotting mind rotting gangsta theme
Same of mean streets gold teeth packed more heat than sweets
Twisted off the metal cannabis mental a pretzel forming ******
Be on the bolo sacrifice everyday for the inferno yo hells above below

Tactics of a hyena funky coldmedina yo tell me have you seen her
Beat misdemeanors like Sylvester schemer far from a dreamer
Black as coffee no creamer freak chicks that ain't screamers
I'm thinking of spreadin those wings of a dove see the peace above
The clouds of the golden gate awaits lust at the third pate
It's never to late to annihilate strategize love off of hate
Too many folks can relate to the sneaks of a jake I gotta make
Moves screech ya eardrums like needles to the groove move
To the beats soaked up ya seat im too hot to trot skills iron plots
Leaking like opening shots miss the body rott 3 hots and a cot
Everyday it's like a prison day only diff is I get pave my own way
Tried to see Franklin's brighter days but down the line I see AKs
Jan 10 · 35
We got iron mans and dooms dead man **** I'm feeling like stand
Mic clan clench tight like mike on friday nights see my might
Holding on strong beat on my chest like king kong all went wrong
Too many gone in this life too many riding the sad songs bongs
To mellow out my soul apart from the glow I see my own scrolls
Visions of death on my eyelids seeing idols laying out bids
See the plot similar to Alfred Hitchcock the black peacock
Laying my feathers royalty so ya cant be ignoring me follow IG
That's Instagram like these keys opening blood for lambs
Folks mouths like clams looking for the Pearl's caught the swirls
Of a universal girls boys playing like many rings of Saturn
See the pattern paradigm for the new birth of slime got the dime
Out of a nickle see the sickle curving all haters grass mash my stash
I saw the plot from the ending pain is just a seasoned beginning
I used to be regular switch from gospel to secular however
I'm still the same ol me tryna keep up doom and screws legacy
Who better to be spitting on the youtube commentary it's scary
Couldn't see an obituary before homie hit half a century **** I see
Raps still taking a loss though they claim wins still cant make ends
Meet greets of an enemies death seems to be jealous of life
Though they like husband or wives vice versa playing the circa
Flashback to the early days pre great amateur slays rhymes pay
Many minds attention tighten ya necks without a lynching
Feel the depths strengthen twenty twenty was just. a trouble
And twenty twenty one will just be a double glance the Hubble  
I'm out of space **** the human race I'm giving victory taste
Slash still wearing the hockey mask cold sips out of the flask
Is he here or is he there I'm just another atom in this air
Atmosphere times is clear see courage and stop loving the fear

Yo dooms this ones for you into verse two still at a rendezvous
Once I learn how to smoke out a crew took on against the blue
Red and the white liberal I myself a miracle worlds is satirical  
Stage pictures of splattered words written from a 12 gauge
Poetry in motion smooth sailing in the mind of an ocean potion
I took a chug of it above it like Mickey DS you'll love it
Hovering like an UFO sittin upon the studio tryna get a demo
Records stores ain't tryna hear us real rhymers no more
Vinyls on the soar lyrics fallin' into the floor it's like Kigalmore
Tryna take over wakanda twin brother jealousy and hate
Number one killer amongst black folks doom gave shots
Without the smoke yo this is another smote check the infamous note
Glorious quote still spinning of the hairs of mary glow a cherry
Rhymes buffer than Terry the one only negativity I bury
No blues clues left for the news light  a bomb without the fuse
See the rhymes that glue intellect to my invisible tube
A robot with out the **** cant find paradise in this land of ice
Hard to stay nice fools tryna play ya a dummy twice spliced
The old wires found new enlightenment no sentiment
To the enemies sitting in the bush lurking as friends of me
Let's take a look and see how many died before the age of 50
Young go early old die miserably prepare for the funeral scenery
Everywhere I glance a stare sitting on wisdom with no chair
Modern day philosopher some call me Lucifer mister mister
Call everyone my brother or sister seems like we on race blisters
Roller coasters on the tip of the valley I shadow these skulls
Numbs ya pain pinnacles shackle the everlasting tabernacle
Yo I gotta be real rhymes I feast a beast like Mr Doom rest in peace
Dec 2020 · 112
Its a New Day
King Tutankhamun Dec 2020
It's a never a new day just a continuation of the same events
Phasing away
New inventions are just modified old inventions
Wake up to the premonition thatz sings into the souls as it tensions
Tryna find something to clench onto but the pains long overdue
Awaiting our graves hoping we saved by the pastors words engraved
Deeply I ponder into the lost seas of my mind written on scrolls
Types like hieroglyphics encrypted but our lives been scripted
Wake up it ain't a new day just another control from humanity wayz
Wake up wake up this ain't the same game
King Tutankhamun Dec 2020
Caught the ears of Paaimon rings dramaderies sitting in the bling
Sunshine glowing in orings feel the celestial angel in a sing I bring
Drama permanent trauma war soldier creed I follow the persona
Who wanna mic check any local laid smooth vocals this ain't a minstrel
But I show ya a face painted in black as tar leaders of the news scars
From battlefield wombs til I touch the tombs yall infused zoom
Wisdom heirloom wear it like my girls perfume scent to bloom
Blood pressure a skyscraper highs moments I kiss of the thai
Why ask why I was born to die freak of nature lies in the eyes pies
Being baked without the oven aside the shoving tough loving
See hostility hovering over the clouds of mankind i stand on nines
Pierced the sunshine once the darkness is combined outlines
Of my energy sitting comfy smooth as Humphrey racking in money
Honies only leech to ya when they see ya what reality preach
I breach they contract ** stamp that see where they hearts at?
Broke em up where they had the connect at tie down the stats
Champion of Dons they dont want one with the grand title Solomon

I went from a boy prince to a king sitting tall as Yao Ming
Big brothers over all of my siblings purple reigns still dribbling
In the purest form calculated a chemist charm out swarms
A new product me holding the check I got new mics to wrecks
And forget what my peers reject I take wisdom scholars to collect
Poetry symphony ears sharp beethoven sounds I hound
Drown all the negativity with creativity mics the remedy
Once the beats gravitates towards me yall ain't feeling me
But I guarantee you'll feel these ghetto blues light the fuse
Cristal bubbly packs of the dubs in the clubs multiple ladies
On my payroll gangstas lawyers to the GI Joe's that's how it goes
Out grows my portal of knowledge keep the clique half circle
So I can see what's behind me yall rewind me see the sanctity
Lifes a ***** I never had a kid with it only a few hits then i flipped
The chips is stacked at an all time high know I got scopes on me from the ghetto birds in the sky!!!
Nov 2020 · 50
Nitro-Gen Swordz
King Tutankhamun Nov 2020
Caught a glimpse of parliaments sunlight guns bright
With the flash as I sprinkle o dash salt the grass pass
Through the 4 seasons **** I'm still breathing recieving
Higher frequency desires amplifier keep the minds fire
No forte foreplay my words til it's nothing from something
I saw myself in the wombs of pains doom for me to consume
This world ain't nothing but a prison sentence reference  
My sentiment to the books of the innocent angel presence
Faced me since I was a baby I was made to save humanity
Christ like imagines me rolling nikes on the bikes fly as a kite
Broke the spiritual rites concave riding the risky wave
I may die a martyr but my moves made to much smarter
War epiphany strikes the minds of the unseen Machiavelli  
Ten rules to follow dont swallow the fake pills of the ills
I stay with the reals heart of soldier so I'm made to ****
Inspect ya deck once the mic check Gza gave me the connect
Rolex linked with my techs one of a set I'm down for the jet
****** was the case they gave me cruising down like Eazy
E 63 doing the **** I see the camel's eye in the needle
Birth from a rough Bethlehem theres I lays my jams lion for lambs
Watch out for the flim flams suckas more saltier than clams
Got **** I'm tryna escape the masterplan plantations
Change the stations rolled out the legions demons cleaving
Onto the weak hearts that's where I set my heart to start
Working from the mental state to annihilate the forged hate
I lay it in a crate dominate my fears through conquer of faith
Nov 2020 · 44
Meteor Toasters
King Tutankhamun Nov 2020
Looking amongst me I see the same enemies before me
He had three eyes said he wise gave us all of the sunrise
Nightfall was the biggest ball suddenly he became 100ft tall
These demons in all tailgate piggy banks watch the shanks
Folks love to give thanks when they see you on the ground
Solitude attitude very rude stuck in my ways of the crude
That's how they made me everybody out for self even family
No more morals no more love nothing but black ****** gloves
To the scholastics of classics now perform with the magic
Hands hidden forbidden sins made ***** but unforgiven  
In the land of lost I toss away the bible is our ultimate rival
Clergymen down for the same evil djinns got everybody believing
That they going to hell if dare tell I let my thoughts swell
Once I yell out that real **** from slumps of the pulpit
What about malcolm what about Garvey JFK to MLK?
I dont let my mind sway to the wicked says of the media portrays
They'll have you loving the haters and hating the lover brothers
Sisters and others of different colors understand the struggles
Paging poor folks with old school beeps used to be sleep
Now I creep like TLC I see the lies on TV ain't made for us to be
Stuck in permanent harm had the good luck charm icy arm
Now I'm ruining the alarms whistleblow ****** flow
Oh you dont know well let me let ya know I was down from the gitgo
True virgo climbing over deficits turned liabilities into profits
One wit one will one shot one **** living out the universe will
Eyes behold see the pale horse a cometh make ya *****
Chariots of fire mind dive desire reach for the cosmos much higher
The sire in me wont let me die freely impeach the president
Select he tryna take away our techs no respect to those hoes chose
I give a black rose and I love all peoples but most of 'em evil
Tryna plot a sigil sequel I see ya suspense dollars and sense
Make no mistake about it let my freedom fighters shout it!!!!!
Know the trufffff
Nov 2020 · 38
Unsung Poetry
King Tutankhamun Nov 2020
Jacking for beats street rat
Aladdin heart of a permanent tatting
To ya mind grind hard sleep light keep the blunts tight
Ravioli pasta never been an impasta  one luv to my true rastaz
Eat steaks to shrimps with mobsters monster boss underground
Different sounds this is htown on the microphone watch me hound
Like a dog no full moon stay tripping of the shines of a moon
Original ***** stay in the booth only speak chips of the truth
Never betray the youth big dog status watch for Trish Stratus
******* pointed like shooters see the birds dive the worms
Early I'm sitting at the gates pearly sparkle eyes cameo
There she go with the most beautiful glow four seasons mo'
But she best in the spring then comes summer love
Watch the fall back in the winters of hate begs to create wait?
It's never to late dont chase fate just rely on the strength of faith
Moved mountains with mustard seeds sprinkle my seeds
Let it grow inside a womans belly portals of an embryo
From space to the earth's uncomfy place last place so let's face
Reality probably folks lost in what I been saying I'm saying
Simple **** wisdom done in the mist of the deepest pits
Watch the Tut hat tilted and guilted thinking like a king should?
Throne holding the hearts of the mice galaxies alone bone
Alleys from all the suckas that got caught by deaths tallies
King Tutankhamun Nov 2020
I feel miles pain through the horns it blow blue cased scenarios
Look at the world's glows with no torch I'm hoping the source
**** the news crews I stays blues true with my clues only a few
Could rock this joint right how I feels and I dont give a ****
Vibing to mellow moods let my thoughts cruise to an LSD ecstasy
To the see the unseen scenery
Space been around us plus the music is banging hanging
Off ya intellect words a threat beats connect to minds like a tech
Let the mic become a manifest I hold the greatest test the best
Is yet to come big yosef holding it down from the heart of the slums
Feel these drums to the heavens heartbeat soon to sleep
From the mental creeps electric relaxation change the stations
No negativity thrive for longevity of soulful creativity black as Davy
Jones signal the giant squid if all you suckas tryna gank my gig
These are the dwells as the world carousels playing hell bells
ACDC back in black so my critics subject to an attack
I stacks on pains domain with the visions of victory man
Mind of matter picture my enemies splatter like batter
I'm still gonna a cometh cant stop the beaming comet
That could even make the black hole ***** the speed of light

I use to think like a slave man til I broke the group thinking man
Now I understand why brothers put birds in they hand
It's all apart of the masterplan cops vs the hood miss overunderstood
Keep the mind sane mental strength range in the eyes of Bane
Dark knight rising no disguising face mask worn for the daily task
But this gets around haters like taz spin ya around what's that htown
Digging in ya crown with the ******* up sounds  
Check the j dilla cuts linked with the original King Tut
Lyrical crucify nail my words in every direction track injections
Dont need a heater as protection my mind my will is done
So I'll be ready if they come have me over on bended knees
Praying to my father with ****** creeds indeed no pleas
Candle wood burning to the sounds of the vinyl on ya spinal
Healed with the sparkling tingle let the illumination grow glow
To the 72 goetias Paimon taking his thrown once again
Ain't no such thing as sin that's human form thinking
I brought from morals and embraced the coral reefs of the universe
Back the days of a water babies curled pain swelling up
9 months eyes see the light what I thought was a sun rise
Ain't nothing but a red gloom surprise see the snakes rise
I'm doomed welcome into heaven earth born in a prisons girth
Nov 2020 · 40
Flowers of Melodies
King Tutankhamun Nov 2020
Karma so sweet so beautiful its petty pitiful be mindful
Serving you with a soulful j dilla touch come through the clutch
Starsky and hutch just me and my microphone my home I own
Throne sitting like solomon bones dug from the graveyard clones
Renincarnate I so why try to reach & magnify through energy that buys
Times without dimes suckas playing  themselves to the crimes
Lime light investment testament to my own will slip the red pill
To seethe world for what's really real and I'm still living the thrills
Caught the chills on my soul from digging up the universal
Music melodies through j dilla Mozart symphonies epiphany
Moments spoken like a true exponent yo never flaunt it
Certified diamond hits not even an axe could split this joint
Anoint all 7 points of ya crown sound central pounds
Wake up fool this is a dream living through a reality galaxy
I'm flying without lifting my feet see the suns and moons heartbeat
Its slowly reaping away now listen to the words that I gotta say
Cant avoid the lyrical occult striking minds like lightning bolts

Yo solo talk em to nicely wish I could reunite with wifey
Despite thee animosity amped from the wicked cities baby
Lelei and my long lost ZZ wish I could hug yall have a ball
It was early fall that i fell in love with the wings of a white dove
Taking flights amongst the sunlight pinned up like a sign iight
But let's space age once again sip gin to avoid my daily sins
Against the citizens I'm angelic holy feeling weak as a prosthetic
Most critics never regret it that's I denounced my humanity
I stick to the powers that be in another form of entities
Can you hear these melodies felt from the brains of the heavenly
But confined by my own mind woke up to the bane yoked design
Still gotta watch the ambush of the devious felines curve spine
Her backyard looking ***** despite how ***** I stay with the funky
Cold cuts never dug ***** I love women of classy struts
Smooth chocolate skin tone all over her bones not even clones
Could pitch her Maybelline queens supreme this must be a dream
Intervene between real and the fake beams and it still seems
Only harm is making peace and charm is making wars scores
Only with the rich I dodge the pitch so I wouldn't get hit ****?
King Tutankhamun Nov 2020
Yo I remember them days of my pre'greys learn gangsta ways
From wise men says talk slick to avoid the haze gun blaze
Still amazed by all the funerals that leaves us in a daze  
Infinite pays through the evil Ks 47 destined to preach ya to heaven
Dont be mad at me be mad at society vengeance Shinobi
Liquid swords across ya neck see ya souls ahead mis the feds
Long bread pumpernickel words like deaths sickle Don Rickle
Of the rap game got no shame politicians still got us wishing
Blitzing amongst these reindeer games souls left untamed
Got the flame put em out of their misery mayne switch lanes
Once I learn to cruise the highways of death watch my breath
And where I'm stepping Houston texas where I caught blessing
Families is struggling everyday hustling drug smuggling
But still found happiness though through all of these cycles
Madness spliff this high til I'm pinned like the star in the skies
My eyes even seen spirits die magnify my words right?
Blasted on sight miss the plight but somehow I found peace iight!!

Hard hits like Booshay not another black cliche see the delays
Route detour ahead yeah I'm sitting in the land of thorough heads
**** what others said Indian sharp telekenisis check the thesis
Helgain dialect enemies dial they final destiny it was ebony
Sight they couldn't see the blast coming from left to right
We sweeped army tactic fleet a veteran not a Letterman
I lived that life drive bys to walk bys my favorite villains always die
So who's the real hero is it the criminal protecting the financial
Investment hierarchy testiment of high wills playing instruments
Off tune say they Gods goon but really just satan out the wombs
They know what it is even poisoned the mind of the kids digs
It's raining even when the sunshine kundalini lightening ya spine
Titanium hard evidence still living in the past residence
Pining off the radiance sun glow there he go off the flow
Hitting ya melanin like wind breezing through the earth designs
Writing patterns but we cant catch the signs amongst end times
I'm dropping that most wont even get even if I gave em a hint
Show cast the plat is yours Scarface snow white chore pores
Opened up the fate gate with no doors jesus giving me tours
Oct 2020 · 73
Musty Life of Love
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Aiyo its gravy these fools acting to lady see the michaelangelo
Guns flows attracting murals painted ya own funeral criminals
Taxes black wall street back at this told yall im too crisp
Suckas dressed casket sharp but wont see the clips in the dark
I spark like joints django hard to untangle the lango feel me
Flow set like a bomb to blow cops show no bodies to go
To the coroner yo you'll probably be a foreigner I'm scoring ya
Tallies over the dead it's like a script from what Moses said
Burning the bush chilling in the land of Kush feeling like Black Bush
Art of war learner graze a burner descendant of Nat Turner
Lot of folks saying they wanna die but scared to see the fry
Heaven ain't easy but hell is easy if ya feeling the prophecy
Scorned my legacy and probably I'll be somewhere sitting in a chair
Roman chains across the brain Caesar gains corporate fame
See my names in the books on the walls of the unnamed same
Theme different tunes ****** knocked out like James Tooney
And if you doubting me please believe I'll show ya the toolie???
Oct 2020 · 61
The Truth of Love
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
While folks waiting on a reality page I see the world characters staged
Engaged by a twelve gauge of hate it's all a propped stage crops
They wonder why so many of em drops they playing us
Emotionally controlling us telling us what's feelings over lust?
We real they fake I intake stab the deepest in yo heart rate
Unleashed ya vampire energy brace in synergy see new energy
Form my portals Goku disciple super saiyan know what I'm sayin'
Two ways to blaze through guns and **** touching the suns
Hearts of men ease my sins with a couple shots of gin
Studied the past to know the future they talk right to ya
Truth in plain sight assassin waiting for my blasting
New casting camera lights flashing JFK MLK autopsy display
Or is it a mass ****** dummy display to take away
The emotions of humans coasting they minds of free thoughts
Remember what G Clinton told yall dont let them control yall
Think it ain't illegal yet so I'm used to the death sounding threats
The Network I'm Mr Beale can you appeal head shots you'll feel
Become apart of my movie reel til the very day I die from the steel
Only the real with souls can feel my **** til the spirits spill
Ya know the deal when you roll out the fakes see how blood spills
Machiavellian candidate playing as the Hood hero Senate
They cant stop the John Wicks from dropping multiple hits
So let me stop myself now I'll see yall soon in my platinum casket
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
We build up just tear down each other fighting over crowns
No turfs see hostility surf over the atmosphere lurks
Somebody always gunning for number 1 after them
Leave em stun same cycle same pun it's a paced run
I sit back like a jungle cat tree lounging and housing
My opinions the foundation of my mind focus on the grind
And mind ya own business I'm giving ya the real business
So many looking for hands out only when they want the clout
Abuse your name just to get 5 minutes of fame untamed
Souls range from the wicked to the wickedest sick of this
Matrix metropolis it's hard to take a cop at this suns is crisp
Burning every inch of sin I see the battles of Armageddon
Angel's and demons flesh hunting yo smoke something
Look around you theirs always ya conscious taunting

The clothes the shoes the jewels the hat dont equals real stats
You just another mix added to the batch to the human catch  
Souls tryna break away but cant castaway cuz of worldly delay
Everyday they try to sway ya into the entrapment of reality  
It's a joke loc just seehow the pistols smoke overseas no trees
Deserted island creeds evil men frightened to lose their deeds
That's why they try to maintain their position for their ego to feed
Off as a leech then breach the public with lies of the unseen eyes
Stys all over the media I see ya you cant play a true soldiers
Embrace one another it dont matter the colors sisters to brothers
I used to think white and black but now I see the greys of days
No clouds suns getting colder nights much stronger and longer
Chronicles of Riddick spotted aliens rolling past our distance
Bigger plans if remove the all seeing hands throwing up signs
Put a stake to mankind lizards amongst us trust us
Celebrities also apart of the bust dont matter the station
Ya tuned in we doomed in this so called fantasy my life
A fake reality learn who you really are break away from this technology
Oct 2020 · 70
Bells of War
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Brotherhood misunderstood black jails waiting for the bail
Skins locked over my souls broken celestial open portals
Of new ways these days I plays ultimate blue ray DVDs
See me on ya TVs splitting hood mentality up my locality
Vibes only with the Gods knowledge over broads expose frauds
Days of lives laying bones across my own funeral home throne
Awaits at the highest gates I'm in another mind state activate
Wait it's too late see the guns aimming for my pate
13th crown barrier minus 1 you get 12 enemies that surrounds
See my Judas through hugs of buddha aim my ruger
Carefully hunting thee souls up for collections prophecy  
Ya majesty returning things they way they need to be slowly
Dont play yaself G get bopped like ***** shows no agony
Pain cant defeat me only death of a grave scenery switch poetry
I know my endings near G wont get to see the end of 2020
Fast forward to 2021 that's where my soul became one with the Sun

Battleground victory all over my enemies feel like pac feel
Feel like biggie and **** C it's too real candy coated grill
Nose candy got me reminiscing off of Wonkaz gallery gaze
No LSD so take a trip with me down the barrel of insanity amazingly
The crossover was comfy met up with Eazy Es he told me
Death was best thang that happen to me along with Jimi
Hendrix still strining left guitar spiritual ground all stars
Saw my faults through the sins of man but then again I bend
The laws of men took on the principle of the dead living
Seth the god of death every breath is carefully prepped overslept
My brains on overloads waiting to explode my cells diodes
Codes only spoken with the unseen codeine settles my spleen
DJ ***** gave me the tools also too splitting the megahertz
Bass in ya grill oh so real divine soulful feels jdilla appeal
It's like a gangsta pressing the codes of the heavenly beats seal
Into ya head vibe off of my notes this is raw poetry that's bred
Oct 2020 · 68
Older Godz
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Revisit the past good laughs no blood baths war rage paths
No sweat to math money is the common vocab I stab
Pens to paper crusader claw my critics double S Vega
Couldn't slay a samurai let the sweat drip from my third eye
No sty hang with only with the wise guys let souls fly fry
Into another dimension strengthen grips with no tension
Put em in suspension hope you listening glock seasoning
Cook ya flesh I can attest **** the rest say it with my chest
Been made to die that's why I keep my ears pierced to the skies
Summertime rituals make for the best burials pictured murals
Of me granddaddy mack OG sitting on the painted walls comfy
Good times good rhymes rolling off the ills of a pill hang time
Like jordan placed up what the **** up in the cut gangsta strut
Cold brew sipper watch the honey drippers she's a stripper
Never tip her let the 9 inch wide hummer ride slide n glide
In between her thighs amazing grace temptations raced faced
With agony earth angel mentality been ready to D-I-E
Like Biggie naturally or through barrel of nine staring at me
Rupture soul out of control see invisible scrolls death row
Name on it let me spawn it certificate of my death wanted
Fond on a memory rejoining my baby Lelei I see thee
Sitting on the seven golden hills spliffin off of the fake reals

Check me once never twice crown seven chakra christ
What's naughty or nice? Keep mics to amps mad spliced
Coldest in the booth been troublesome since my youth
Hellraiser torn blaser
Shoot through my optics red hot laser stings like a taser
Make ya dance once the rhymes to beat glance chance
Ya very thought know thy will still tackle the thrills
Cold chills from the world feel the heartbeats of the unfilled
Scorn vessels night time day dreaming celestials
Is it god or the devils to test you what if they the same crew?
Ying and yang still jam Wu Tang suckas cant hang boomerang
Flows back and forth again
Sucker punch take ya money for ya lunch then have a gun brunch
Set tripping off the circuits we ripping let music within
Heals all ya sins before the massacre listen to Afrika
Was a slave now I'm the master joker state disaster
Can ya keep ya heat up naw cuz the cold temps rising up
Take over crossover deaths staring at ya shoulders it's over
Grow tips of the Saturn's wheel off the steel shark appeal
Oh so real outkast watch for the blast no ski mask task
It's the gods back to massage park bullets head in ya garage
No mirage heat summer collage this pain you couldn't dodge
Ram there I am I slams critics like a gravel dont give a  ****
Broke from sanity now I'm insanity dying like BJ before thirty three
Oct 2020 · 54
Many Heads of Deads
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Looking for my enemies they know who the **** they are
Look me in my eyes before you let the bullets release  
Let my heartrate ceased no justice no **** peace
As my blood increase over the concrete the police
Snapping my shots eyes open body slowing in a rot
There I was with a circle of thugs around me like a hug
No more bugs of drama **** my baby mamaz trauma
Invoke on my family they made a better man of me
Now I see peace on the other side of humanity finally
Me and god smoking cigars cruising on clouds in a jaguar
Glasshouse looking good see all my fallen homes from the hood
And there I stood giving me dabs still busting my raps
With the mic in my hand burning like a candle brim tilted halo

Learned the rules to Sun Tzu so what the **** ya gone do
When a crew roll up on you switched up my view made the news
Early but surely still blazing my blunts cherries rarely
Seen the sunshine only when the guns taps a soul flatline
Doctors tryna operate but my body holding on for dear fate
Wait I'm stuck in between two worlds faith see much hate
How can I shake the sadness demons clinging on madness
Huh wish I was never born wouldn't even have to face a storm
Feels like my life is **** getting ****** over by media soldiers
They love to  see ya die then make profits off of bitter lies
Nobody cries for the African babies who died but folks cried
For the politicians who constantly lie
Fried died laid to the side
Tales from the raw hide see how many souls wanna collide
Oct 2020 · 57
Sand Man
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Make this song cry fill the skies eyes of millions ol' souls ties
Into my rhythm of blues leave multiple clues glues
The every naysayer players straight hellraiser wings a blazer
Watch for gods taser soon to be shell shocked glaciers
Of ice sitting nice on my crown 72 center central point
Anoint all my enemies feel my soul glow black rock n roll
Gangsta stroll bang harder than Kid Rock check the knocks
From deaths door there I lays on the floor looking for war
Corridor broke the earth's shore my wings flying *******
Linked up with my past spiritual blast gold tilted cask
King tut mask built for early death stage razzmatazz  
Cradle born in the devils manger everyday new dangers
Facts is stranger than fiction break jurisdiction intuition  
Sitting deep than ocean waters watch for sirens daughters
Sing a note burn a smoke **** inhales no chokes locs
Out on every corner new mourner sun glazed skin sauna
Piranha my critics break bad habits with mental tablets
Sixty six commandants worn as a pendant superintendent
Grims next door neighbors been quoted off bad behavior
I'm in need of a savoir tryna get a new styling flavor
But I cant shake the pain that leeches to my brain
Same ol thangs so many still doing the chicken wangs
Since I'm mortal cant double dutch that's why my souls in a crutch
Still feeling the pain off of forty year reign Solomon chains
Demon orings like the rain that stings and let chaos bring
Eye for an eye tooth for tooth let the realness chip my tooth
Son of the dead God why cuz the living god want us to fry
**** the novices I cut the diamonds the freshest golden eye
Let the trigger fly see the needles flow through a cathedral  
Hatred of evil back again sitting on my throne cleansing sins

Ever since I took my first breath cant shake the faces of death
Every step I take every move that I make it's like a heartbreak
Stakes between the real and the fakes jakes to the snakes
Hiding in the grass I mash the gas let my conscious visit the past
I had a vivid dream flashback of beautiful Neshelle dwell
Resting her beautiful body in a shell saw myself as well
Round tables no cables holding up though it may seem like fables
To the average humans that label spiritual Bethlehem  
Covering the bloods of the lambs its slaughter of the ******
Babylon been waiting for the slam cant dodge the mayhem
War spread spears through men's and womens heads bred
A lion's feast leased from the belly of the beast no retreats
See the great kings and queens that seat in the universe
I rewrite the verse that was made inside of a curse whatz worse?
Being born into death? Or the opposite of positive
Negative made to enslave the wages of humans sins
Made amends to the carnal minds and souls of the living
Oct 2020 · 50
Be Careful
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Check the last verse unwrapped from the mummy's curse
Ghost of tut suckas in the cut watch the gun struts ***** gut
Reconstruct your ****** from the uppercut coping *****
Salutes guns leave ya back open like an army parachute
Lexus twenty inches on the coupe minds get scooped
Digging the scene puff mad green switch in between supreme
Human being break ya shells opening begins capturing
See the souls bailing wailing cant escape the grave rapturing
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Yo I used to fear death when I take deep breaths now I look left
Right I will still watching for my enemies who **** no deals
Given yo I'm still living life of a hustler mad juggler
Cant play with the joker deaths laughing having a blast
Soon to see a cast newsflash leaking blood on the dash
As the cops flash my photo for the o-btituary it's kind of scary
See the ****** of crows sitting on the poles lights discos
I'm soon to crossover bold let my soul unfold then scold
Mold the world to my ambition suspension once I strengthen
Myself drinking too much gin ain't good for my health
I'm going crazy maybe cuz I gotta visit from the red lady
No tails succubus tryna take me to hell I'm feeling well
Trapped inside of a jail cell physical making miracles imperial
Black dynasty emerald shining like I'm balling but I'm falling
Into another state as I'm calling home to my throne
Ashley baby I know it's crazy still tripping off your eulogy
You was suppose to go through it with me now my destiny
Hitting the walls of suicide there my deepest fears hide slide
Into misery definition of agony feel so much tragedy since
Ya left me bounded on earth scenery tattoo tears for the next years
Pierced my soul with no spear I hope you hear my words clear
Crystal see a casket of myself empty glaring over a pistol
I watch deaths sickle will survive another raunchy nickle
It's hard to let pains of migraine seep you then sweep you
Into an ocean of grief no relief sitting back as I chief
A hundred blunts til its ashes to calm my madness
No gladness on this earth here still feel pressure from my peers
Will I die hopeless hard to stay focus demons plaguing locust
Ready to dim the circuits of my light there I shine bright
Mystery flight to the heights of a  dangerous plight
I will fight die I will at the hands of the grims deal so I chill?
But this madness got me in a human thrill speak from my grill
raws words of wisdom that'll feel the average notary seals
Can you feel what I feel? Ready to die looking at the sky
I see my own image blemish in the clouds that replenished
From sunshine to the gun line still myself I try to fine
But somewhere I'm hiding from me maybe for my own sanctity
My shells in the penitentiary tryna escape the humanity sanity
Over falsehood torch my blackwoods the woods
Meditate over my honor death before dishonor feel Conner
Got terminators after me I'm feeling free so smoke me
I swear to the universe yall ****** dont even know me????
Oct 2020 · 59
Your Beef Is Mine
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Ring the alarm repeats of desert storm feel the harm
I embalm from an injection minus your protection
Pack the smiff and Wesson's thousands to chose
Haters we bruise catch the early news body in a snooze
You loose this mortal combat I combat the mortals
Opened up my third eye portals see the swimming halos
Fiery glow to my skull I'm spinal rip through any title
Hawk jones disciple my fist hit like rifle snipe ya view
**** the those who over grew I'm sitting up like glue
Pasted drunk and wasted still my conscious is face with
Iron grit mentality suckas wanna battle me my comfy
But ain't no fear in me I been trained for constant treasury  
Yo I'm your majesty **** me and watch highlander
Up your souls but at the same time I'll dime your souls
Night time vestibule see the dark shadows testing you
You see me in the 3 D like genies no wishing on the three
To the fourscore and many more I adore the scents of gore
Been made for war it's like an everyday metaphor
So what you waiting for? My casket gold plated mask fit
Sitting like King Tut arms crossed spiritual killer boss
Huh I'm link back with my baby Zekara Lelei some Nerfitities  
Acts pull like Houdini can you see me naw believe me
Dangerously pull more heat than Bugsy none above me
Represent the lost prophets live life to fullest with no profits
Broken souls spoken to those with their minds open hoping
While you scoping I'm scoping calvary scout smoking
Ya every pinpoints with artillery to point and anoint joints
Sparks the body fumes consume you just been doomed
Muthapukkaz slavery was the worst thing for humanity tragedy
Seems to make us go round and round their I found
My tears in the ground looking around all I see is frowns
Amongst us lights to shadows over my dimming plateaus
I'm tryna revisit jupiters exquisite dining facility can ya feel it
Trips like lsd did it admit it feeling like a protege of B Hemmit
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Verse 1

Check it I been ready to die since BI double G I you ain't see I
That's why I let the nines fly put stys to ya third eyes no sighs
Look me in my soul you'll see devil scrolls down the vestibule  
I'm testing you stretching you way pass the nile river ya quiver
Soul shiver thriller nights I deliver left ya faceless with ya liver
Left on the side of the dirt road got more bumps than a toad
Explode mortar contact once my rhymes enact beats attract
Subtract ya very thoughts in addition to my wishful killing
I'm drillin' you moldy muthafukkaz with my pen-icillin fillin'
You suckas on the operation table ya holy I pack the forty
3 38s for ya death date wait I overkill til my hearts start to break
Spawn vengeance let chains extract what's that villain in black
With a red cloaked cape to match *** stirred from hells batch
Can ya catch the heat I'm pitching from the kitchen pinching
Nerves from the herbs rising high an archangel living the verge

Verse 2

Mic champion show no companion only when i flash a cannon
Memory standing outlanding got manymore souls pandering
Are feeling? What I'm feeling probably not corpse'll rot
From the heart rate drop I'm still be on top boss **** biggest hits
Underground what's that sound it's the htown holding crowns
Over you clowns victory has defeated you I see you
Peeping through the bird eyes view but I'm a snipe through
Cold shots connect all dots still bang thots take this jot
Down all passes with no touchdown faced to the ground
Like mike brown forgive me lord I'm just ******* around
Yeah I been there done dat gun slinging Iraq built for combat
Yall dont want dat **** all chit chat see where my hearts at?
I found it stuck in between hells bells ringing my cells
Ready to answer break the cancer rhyming chancellor  
Move like a salamander dope fiends rock feel the stings
Like pressure building no coupling only when I bring
The pain higher domain traveling the black astral planes
I got tunnel visions Panthers in my sight for christening
I hope you listening I'm whistling Andy Griffin death spliffin
reels bringing death to all you fools with fake appeal
Got dirt on my shell maybe that's why I'm destined to fail
Smoke spinach to kale I'm on some enlightenment ****
Grit with my styles complex moves wild as a toddler child
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
So many tears so many fears through these tattoo tears
I wish you could here my pain sighing from the rears
This atmosphere ain't nothing but hell as it appears
As I steer hatred wheel still tryna survive my black will
And I'll still be ready for my body to chill suckas always ****
The real anytime you speak on the real man of steels
Put my faith in Copperfield instead of the Gods who feels?
No mercy no pain author of confusion mayne pain
Seems to follow us everywhere we go I cant grow a muscle
Same movements sun tzu mentality residence hesitance
Cuz the deaths distance is killing me tryna see the eternity  
Will they bury me a g or will they let me die a soldier easily
In the battlefield see the ****** tunnels my vision funnels
Life and death been ******* since the beginning they winning
No matter through goodness or sinning I'm still pending
My skills to a broken feel no more can we be real pills
To **** to meditate a conscious the nonsense so intense
Straddling the fence tryna hop over the deaths residence
But it seems so attracted fear seems attracted to success
How can i be blessed when everyday I'm faced with new stress
I guess the bigger the pockets see how they change the topics
Focused on my prophets this the life of yosef through the devils optics
Cant stop it I shook the cane bit the ways of the enslaved man
Who are we? We dont even own thee ourselves weighing curses
Over the same scriptured verses when will we see the hearses
Thousands of flowers weaping souls in the hour ready to shower
Fake love ain't no love no peace just the belly of the beast
I was release now i got peace holding a ****** swords
Listen to the words and stop nodding ya head to chorus
King Tutankhamun Oct 2020
Yo wish I could hear your voice we suppose to get a Rolls Royce
Visions of choice I which it wasn't so much noise my poise
Is broken still hoping souls tryna cope and I'm feeling satan
Leeching into my souls since i broke away from our own tolls
Of life **** baby you was suppose to be my **** wife
But god the father took ya home early though portals
Of the hidden eyes spies on the wise Angel's to demons scheming
**** I cant even see the cleaning ***** looks from the books
I under look spiritual am i wise once i learn to magnetize flys
9 soon to baptize my soul check the fiery glow bricks to sto'
Big ruby bezels it's a ritual in the making no time for shaking
The breaks I **** stakes watch out for the jakes I shake
Wish the pain wasn't so real now I'm feeling alone with the peels
Caps perhaps I need a dirt nap to let my body rest in a collapse
Living exodus deaths genesis pour up another bottle of Guiness
Records to play match every thing I say spin it wickedly
Then ***** it slowly so I can control thee souls of rock n roll
Take a stroll down the valley of gloomy skull to show
How pain effects us daily when some just passed away
Daily maybe it's just a lesson in life I ain't got no joy had a boy
But couldn't play pops always harasses by the cops props
Staged twelve gauge my lyrics from a hidden cage full of rage
Ready to let go ****** ****** still blasting at my fake disciples

Yeah late night flashback see the diamonds in the back
No cadillacs but I keep the gats in the back trunk waves
Serenade the airwaves these days 360 spinning waves
Low cut diamond axis baby girl was the biggest factor
Now I cant think straight driving drunk over the interstate
Feel fate my souls pourin out like stormy nights kites
Smoothing Duke Ellington flows a mellow mood crudes
Dejavu to crews catch these blues I'm spinning early like news
Morning til the break of dawning no time for pawning spawning
Out the hells bath feel my wrath all serious joker play no laugh
Applied the math no subtraction but mad addition bullets spitting
Spider web ya suspension fail signs pined crossed off the timeline
I cant shine because I let darkness confine this is the cure
Remedy part two for sure I gotta keep it pure distilled my will
So I could heal but the pains digging to deep it's like a steel
Plated knife now I'm tryna thing of ways to entice a slice
Off of the books of death still holding my breath no accounts
Amounts to nothing wisdoms unbuttoned expose something
Yo I'm leaking demons out my flesh this is just a mic check
One two rolling to a hood near you yo nature I feel you
Looked at the trees enjoyed the breeze from stars to the seas
I sees part of my souls flees where the afterlife people tease
My conscious I'm ready to go ready to let go off evil people
Ask myself why im stuck on this earth here ****** fear
But my souls dont wanna be here slave to the flesh it's a mess still tryna break the rate of success
Walk between the double I's phantasm alien invasion
Blazing beats to a cajun darkness back once agains cast stones to my sins maybe then I'll see a win...whoooaaa
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