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You notice how they beefing up security
They just taking our rights and no one's wants to fight
Government creates problems then offers solutions
To the problems they created
When in reality they give us the illusion that we have a say in what they do behind closed doors
Forget these foolish elections and this so called meeting that seems to only air on two networks or maybe three
And they all circumvent real issues
And only point out the issues or the obvious rather than offering a solution
Its a bunch of loose talk they say things while not saying things
Other words they never get to the point
They just go round and round until people get dizzy and under a spell
It frightens me that people actually think they have an opinion to something that's totally fabricated by the media
Yet they will call you a sheep while they are subjugated behind the abattoir gates also now that the winter Olympics are here this is a perfect chance for a perfect plan
To engaged a war this is happening just like 9/11
People need to understand republicans go to war
And the democrats perpetuate the war
So they can keep business flowing as usual a college of corporations
Oil and Gas Food Auto Diesel anything to keep the America deprived from natural resources
And keep them in the mind state of a slave they will forever champion over us by their inarticulate speeches

Wake up Folks Wake Up Folks
13 floors for 13 blood lines
13 pyramid for 13 rich families
do the math thats 144 riches
and only the inner circle gets it
we all bein' watch by the unseen eye
open ya third eye
so ya can see what i see
like Warren G
every day concealed tears from all the lost souls
2001 was that year 
still climbin' with debt 

Irs ain't nothin' but a threat
as the machine gets bigger and bigger
load up ya guns

martial law comin' with the trigger
thirteen years later from 2001- 2014
Check it out this a piece I did it's a song '1980 Somethin' similar to bIggie 1970 Somethin..

1980 somethin' I came out entered the world with nothing
I was just a Common Man like David Ruffin
Times was tough then no love was within
Everybody was out for self since independence came in
Drug epidemics made for hood experiments
Look how many dollaz was spent  from corrupted government
so many souls was left bent
Sittin' on the cemetery hills
I can the see the ******* that spills
It was 1980 something when Huey got the dumpin'
End of the Black Panther founders chapter
And blacks didn't even uprise after
Riots to melees touched all corners of the earth
For what's it's worth I even seen whites in the black church
Sheddin' tears over innocent brothers put in a hearse
Over misconduct justice
Everyday I wake up and ask the heavens why I'm cursed
Gloomy ghetto sighs of a berretta entering over a dispute of cheddar
Since this world's so cold get you a thick knitted sweater
Unison will mean we much stronger together endeavor any weather
1980 somethin'....
Check it, 1986 I was made in the 1985 mix, December, 9th months later,
Til September, yo I remember, crying into the earth, sinful tears, the world hears,
Another baby, invoked with fears, I couldn't see the pain that was near,
Taxes to corporate, sure to get they licks, my parents failed me quick,
Got ****, I gotta make moves quick, its grimy, playing for keeps,
In the street life, tryna stay away from heat, so I embrace the heart of the cold,
Look at everyone as a foe, while lighting my cigarillos, it's hard to chase to glow,
Friends by what we know, see you grow, they quick, to puncture ya mental,
Saw tyson in his prime years, studied his moves by, his combo spears,
Dont believe everything you here, the folks they say they want the best,
Out of you, they really just testing you, to see where they could glue,
Ya pride to a wall, wait for ya downfall, in the end they was on very call,
Ringing from these demons singing, every day new harms is bringing,
Us to hate each other, while they politics with colors, sisters to brothers,
Wake up, and the real yo stop being apart of the scenario, racism let it go,
Midday martyr, I'm feeling smarter, up my energy, every third quarter,
Now really peep the game though
Gotta change my scenario
Sit back and charge a cigarillo
Stop ******* with them kilos
Hopped from a Benzo to low low
Glasshouse with the pokin' 84s
Foes is hoppin'  guns is poppin'
Body droppin'
Once I let off aint non stoppin'
Claimin' I'm insanity in these streets
Wish I never met pistol pete
Cuz of life he greets
In the presence of where
Darkness meets
And enemies love to compete
But everyday is a battle
Stuck In a. Give with 24 **** hours to live

So beautiful life used to be
Well hell naw lets turned
Back to slavery
Where all of my peeps used to see
Bright and sunnt
Locked in whips and chains
For the entertainment industry
Now that I gotten a little wiser
My mind explodes like a geyser
On the earth in the wind
Blowin fire hot as a dryer
To my flows I kick ya desire
Many rhymes come in a style
Been a wild since I was a child
Played foul never did I smile
I'm givin sonic booms like guile
Been while
Since I step on the scene
Mean as Joe Greene
Aimmin' macks at soft peens
Being a hero ain't what it really means.and it seems
No matter how hard I fight live
I only got 24 mo' to give 24 hours to live
Been rocking with pain since I was in a dame nine months of shame
Out came a beautiful black boy decoy
To the world's but felt no joy flashing Polaroids
Cosby smile commercial interracial
Media spreading lies to feed ya degrade ya
Taste its toxic waste see wickedness pace
Misplaced raced thoughts outta space
On that Preston **** nothing means nothing
Unbutton expose the world's flesh
Mother nature doing her best to manifest
Her happiness but most miss the bliss
Sick of this world we live in lives grieving
Just reaching for the graves creeping
Milestones away feels these words prey
Like a mantis lets voyage back to Atlantis
Got my womens rolling canibus trust
In ya self gained wealth in stealth no welts
Left upon this pain that was dealt felt
Pleasures inside of pain Picasso stains
Picture me living vivid make enemies livid
Dreams I kissed it long goodbye
To the sky im seeing angels drive bys
Riding my thought waves craves the braves
Wish I could save but society to misbehaved leaves mind dismayed

Yo I'm old school like a Rallo see crime fallows
The black youths see me chip the truths
Off the roofs of ya mind shingles blind
Flows sublime once my reign shines
Only the dumbs become asinine see the nines
Put you near a flat line rose fire from a spine
The energy Kundalini word to whodini
Let a ** be a ** from the gitgo ******
Polo my logo black horsmen sippin' Grims gin
Use my mind as a religion sticking pigeons
Stiffins the chickens feathers plucked
See my flawless chocolate dutches breakin' clutches
In the bedroom hold up baby slow down
I ain't tryna bring a kid forth grounds showdown
Welcome to sinister town laying pounds
Either fist or life can't escape from strife
Chaffing scaffolds from my mind holdin' molds
Avoid the fold console your soul take control
Yo this society is just a lotto waiting to cash
Clash see civil wars mash with no gas
People caught up in the brakes of Faith's
Fakes move like snakes in the grass ashes
Left from blunts so my spirit can hunt flaunt
For verses pass the doors of heavens hearses
Mazin' curses dr strange universe reaarange
My brain ready for war battlin' ****** terrains
Yea so uh this ***** thought
She played me ruin me
But'll be still bailin'
Even if they lock me in the penitentiary
Worry me ?naw im care free
She must sense jealousy?
Hatin' for what? ******* ****
Since i let u in the yard
U used to be hard
Til ya put down to guard
Ya say im wrong n ****** another broad
But aint found nothin'
Just all in her feelin' and ****
Just cuz another chick likes my ****
Poetry is what i do
So why the **** would i play you?
Try to set a ***** up
But i caught ya on a slip
Choked up
now ya gaspin' for air
N if you die *****
I wnt even care and dare
Any muthafucka from ya family
To bring drama to me
Ill bring a graphic fatality in reality
My mood is chill
But fools take ya out ya character
So now the blood spills
Bodies chill i got no heart
***** we been off since the first start
Im yellin' **** life enticin strife
Now im stickin' to ya intestines like a knife
Ya dont know me **
I blaze a blunt then commence
To bust rounds
Leavin' bullet holes
Through out ya body killuminati
N ill be chillin' in Brazil with thick hottie
*****! !!!!!!!!

GUESS whos back?
Its the villian in black
Quick **** all chit chat
Run to ya homies n homettes
Go ahead and make a death threat
I wont break a sweat
***** been overseas
I been blown up by IED-s
In the army ya cant harm me
Like honeys
They always swarm me
Its soldier in me ya cant stop me
Pop me
N still be talkin' ****
Til im in a casket though a *******
My raps is hazard
Approach with caution prepare
For danger
I aint no stranger
To deaths cells thrive on pathways of hell
Turn ya skins pale sail yeyo
I takin' no ****
Its the dawn of new millennium
New years baby i gotta new lady
So **** the past i let my shot gun blast
Yea i always get the last laugh
Its gauranteed so go ***** n hate me
Yall under me im above thee
So bow down ya ***** *******
I gotta new queen
Mary Jane fixed with *******
Make my thoughts go numb mayne
So suckas beg in pleas
When the bullets speed freely
Mobbin figures
This for my real ******....
For once I'm feelin' good
finally making it out the hood
With so much pain
Only few understood
Its about surviving striving
And I always could
Make a way for a brighter day
I don't care what the critics say
For once I'm doing it my way
Better days is yet to come
And then some
Will still yearn for your downfall
When the rain comes
I'll be still standing tall
No matter the struggle I'll still ball
Toppin' over haters like elevators
Hittin' all levels surpassin all
They can try to keep me down
But I'll still smile when reigns bound
Me to a chain of misery
I'll still see a beautiful picture me
Living the life large fully in charge
For once in my life I don't gotta barge
Speed racer, coke chaser, sting ya with da, vivid laser,
Shock ya visor, spiritual adviser, learned game wiser,
Three kings, searching for the north, star, looking afar,
I par, from evil ways, these days, most folks in th grey's,
Black and white, mentality cant see pass the fakery,
Enemies, front street, guns and blood,for satan's keep,
Demons fleet, amongst the humans, how can God love us,
When I see so much ****** amongst us, hunger,
For graves, lives cant be saved, see ya thoughts,grazed,
Feel these sting rays, Gillespie blows, link w Satchmo,
Yo, you know the spots bout to blow, carnage hickory,
Savagery, played across the scenery, long forged victory,
My mind was brought, by paying, attention, to ambition,
Let off ammunition, at the invisible, commission, convicting,
All my past sins, along with fake friends, looking for bends,
In the game, fifteen seconds a fame, just to loose, my name,
Nah, I rather toast the flame, yo you know the name, shame,
Love to lay with guilt, pleasure, and pain, all the same game,
For many years, struggled tattoo tears, bleed our fear,
Picture the face, with no face, beat any case, lace up the place,
With the styles, of  Chase Manhattan, see the flows batting,
Above average, better yet, a thousand, island wildin,
Out every time, I lay out, excellence mic performance, golden,
Glaring, like a touch of honey, dripping of the comb,
Girls staring me, down, wave blue magic crown, sounds,
Sweet soulful, vinyl touch seventy, beautiful skins, heavenly,
Lifetime of crimes, but I still, love amongst the blinds,
Many signs, of angels, garlic shots for vampire spots,
Watch em fly away, duck when the words say, prey day,
Who stop.the predator, news editor, rumbling thunder,
Critics under, pressure guns lay the measure, stretcher,
Very skill, against my will, I ain't scared to die, from a ****,
War trained veteran, combat like david, not a Letterman,
Comprehend, a fews words, chipped in, luxury mind clippin,
Sippin, off the henny, rub a bottle, out pops, a genie,
In a bikini, looking ****, she tried to get next to me, see,
She just another succubus, waiting for me bust, dust,
Me at the fiery , crossroads I rather stay, with the spiritual glow,

Looking at the tears, after the laughter, see the disaster,
Laid amongst, the citizens, where am I again, living in sins,
Perdition, just the ending of the beginning, sending,
All my fakes, that wish me hell, see ya soul dwell, sing shells,
Shotguns looking lovely, ****, when she laying next to me,
Bringing prophecy, in the form of tragedy, ya majesty,
Take a blast at me, skip the gates, of the heavenly, beverly,
Been on the hills, watch the thrills, how many love, blood spills,
No chills, see them feeling rusty, to many folks dusty, musty,
Cuz they cant clean they thoughts, I stay casket sharp, harp,
The strings of Robert Johnson, gangsta blues, dejavu,
Beat down crews, give em a taste, of what texas, ****** do,
Yo miss the hearse, funeral my casket, caped these *******,
Thinking they mastered, I caster, the seeds, fill the needs,
Of the dying breeds, pride I swallow, I'll go out, like Apollo Creed,
Rocky Balboa, stamina swole, feel depths, of a soul glow,
Went to rich, from poor, mentality up my locality, in divinity,
No fake in me, I been real, since the birth of the hip hop,
Walked out my cradle, with the shanks, and a toasted bagel,
Excuse me, I'm talking about my guns, clips for ecstasy,
Love my girls ebony, thick fit, thighs looking Pepsi, crispy,
Once I I knock the flavors, forget all the, wannabe jocks,
I keep it lock, like a Senate, hard to survive, satan's pendant,
See me in it, to win it, flip my biscuit, music, for ya mellow soul,
Stroll with me, as we vibes, to old school, hallow destiny,
Saw jesus, before he hit thirty three, he advised me, to see,
The world, hate it much, but love the soul, daring touch, clutch,
Only what'sreal, shoot through cupid's heart, with these darts,
Tomorrows never promise, follow the wisdom, of Thomas,
Gospel, gangsta disciples, holding bibles, with rifles, rivals,
Cant match up, I'm draped up, king tut, with the snake, bezel,
Word to devils, that try to get on my level, no nah, check the maw,
Never spit, what I never saw, combat stats, sticking like tats,
And that's, where I draw the line, brace, melanin for sunshine,
One line, I take a snort, miss the courts, back at up the beach,
Near the miami airport, distort those who thought, they had the fort..
Word up
Fools try to come up with they hardest diss
Only to get dismissed higherin' risk
A collapse lung from all the heat I've brung
Three millions vets with sharpen iron
Firing can't stop the bullets hiring
Givin' deaths employment my enjoyment
Is to see my enemies tryna repent I'm hell sent
In the form of a curse out of the worse
Best comes to those who thirst my verse
Could demise a hearse dimension traveler
Mind unraveler sniff out tattlers
Snitches dont get stitches only ditches
See the body display no casket ghetto *******
I got the heart of alligator as i cater
Death rolls cant escape from the fold
Falling in slow mo it's the return of the hip hops Creed
Restoring the broken seeds
Nothing but poison from the ***** hands that feed yeah

Check the lyrics that'll lynch leave wind trapped on the fence it's too intense
Conscious immense since suckas lack common sense
I see the ***** in you I'm checking you
Without touching you i feel ya phobia
See me in the killer's encyclopedia
It's hard to get rid of tha the mic riddler
Shakin' brain cells from this lyrical batter
Mics I shatter it's an ultimate disaster who can master?
The skills a lay haters get no say
So better pray i dont let the led spray
Another sucka decayed careers delayed
Better on they backs from a can of raid
Roaches I put em to sleep once the lights come on
Fearin' right cuz of all the wrong they done
Even if it was no words to the song
Ill still reign as the nonverbal champion
Understand I'm colder than a tundra got em in a wonder rumble the earth with my words of thunder
Check it, the worlds mulatto, more folks need to eat gelato,
Oops I mean gel let to, like my smiff and Wesson's,leggo my eggo,
My ego, I keep it to a minimal, don't need to take in another visual,
I play the smooth criminal, hit em with MJ lean, see what I mean,
Don't try to strike a god, with a knife in the back, end up in a drawback,
See the images of blood splat, no sounds of the click clack, silencers in tact,
I'm Jason Bourne, since I was in the eyes of the storm, comfort harm,
Not from park hill, but park bodies on the hill, this ain't for chills,
I do it for thrills, hard heads of villains, get a taste of the steel,
Feed their grills, coat ya body in blood, man I'm so real, pass **** bill,
Wiggle my toes, watch the death swords swinging like a blow,
Now you below, six feet as I'm counting my dough, with ya ***,
Oh no, can't cherish a *****, who subject to a seven day itch, switch,
Positions, focus like a ****, take money corner spinners of honey's,
Keep it in the family, pimps in blood line,
It ain't no secrecy, prophecy,
Been written, spitting since I was seven and given, times of grief we living,
Check it Moor science global alliance
Gravity cant deny it
Weigh ya down welcome to htown souls of the bee sounds
Oh you heard rocking dope notes on the papers I wrote
The funds is tote gunsmoke see how my fours poke woke
Up the dead now they angry at me saying "why my godly?"
Oddly I been there before see the stairs with no floors
Clouds over the bed there my minds stead baking heads
Travel new dimensions lengthen swords to a tension
Extension overseas told y'all you cant flee from the Gods
Been following the R return of the rebirth for regrowth  
Now I'm back on top of thangs boomerang chain gangs
See the flows that hang on ya membrane leaving stains
We dont stop records until the tapes pops sound the drop
Pharcyde Christmas homicide new years with the raw hide
Slide me a pump me and girl taking on the whole wide world!

See ah pimps strategy is make sure you call em ya majesty  
Or else face tragedy gladly the United States ** us freely
Since the signment of the treaty greedy banks out to shank
Make freedom hard so it's illegal to think about the links
Put my conscious on a clink still tryna dodge the old finks
Police are leased to whip poor while attached to a leech
Of the government everyday the system is bent repent
Truth always love to circumvent falsehood there I stood
Blazed a graze at the smoke mirrors of a blackwoods
Two clips with rhine stones bandana tied like Sly Stallone
Rambo clone yo dont take me out my zone I love to roam
In the places where darkness lasts forever so however
I cant adapt to any weather spiritual advocates lift my lever
Armageddon sweater black tear stained berrettas cheddar
Rockin more than the Goodfellas like my women Donnabella
Clever with the moves soul soothe pin the needle to groove
Watch a solar display no delay I preys on the elite til they weak
Become some say it's a conundrum it's just glance of wars drum
Caught the ears of Paaimon rings dramaderies sitting in the bling
Sunshine glowing in orings feel the celestial angel in a sing I bring
Drama permanent trauma war soldier creed I follow the persona
Who wanna mic check any local laid smooth vocals this ain't a minstrel
But I show ya a face painted in black as tar leaders of the news scars
From battlefield wombs til I touch the tombs yall infused zoom
Wisdom heirloom wear it like my girls perfume scent to bloom
Blood pressure a skyscraper highs moments I kiss of the thai
Why ask why I was born to die freak of nature lies in the eyes pies
Being baked without the oven aside the shoving tough loving
See hostility hovering over the clouds of mankind i stand on nines
Pierced the sunshine once the darkness is combined outlines
Of my energy sitting comfy smooth as Humphrey racking in money
Honies only leech to ya when they see ya what reality preach
I breach they contract ** stamp that see where they hearts at?
Broke em up where they had the connect at tie down the stats
Champion of Dons they dont want one with the grand title Solomon

I went from a boy prince to a king sitting tall as Yao Ming
Big brothers over all of my siblings purple reigns still dribbling
In the purest form calculated a chemist charm out swarms
A new product me holding the check I got new mics to wrecks
And forget what my peers reject I take wisdom scholars to collect
Poetry symphony ears sharp beethoven sounds I hound
Drown all the negativity with creativity mics the remedy
Once the beats gravitates towards me yall ain't feeling me
But I guarantee you'll feel these ghetto blues light the fuse
Cristal bubbly packs of the dubs in the clubs multiple ladies
On my payroll gangstas lawyers to the GI Joe's that's how it goes
Out grows my portal of knowledge keep the clique half circle
So I can see what's behind me yall rewind me see the sanctity
Lifes a ***** I never had a kid with it only a few hits then i flipped
The chips is stacked at an all time high know I got scopes on me from the ghetto birds in the sky!!!
Fools still hatin' on my left and my right
But freeze once I show up on sight **** the set you claim
This is a gang hoo bang on them lames
Texas ain't never had a shame
Though we country as ****
We'll stabbed ya with ya blood leakin' from ya guts
Gangsta strut so what?
If they ain't feelin' us
I got army surplus plus
You to me is like Ginobli to Kobe
So if you owe me
Better make sure you pay me
Or you'll be weighing ya head
On the concrete
Losing gravity couldn't shatter me
My nines is quick **** all that talking in ****
This ain't a  lip wrestle I'm tryna plug a hole in head
Bigger than a vessel
Study harder than Gesell
Shoot more rhymes than Sam Casell
So **** that ******* ya sail
We be the ocean
Wettin' Up everythang
Cars banks schools even the street gangs
Building demain kamikaze like Japan understand
My flows box em like jellyfish
One touch ya bound to diminish

Chained like a linked fence
To these rhymes I clench
With a fist around the microphone
Serve em with the skulls n crossbones
So step into my zone
If you will end yo mass appeal
Steppin' to the real
Turn rappers frail soon to be derailed
I got speed like Cruise bombs coming yo way
So watch what ya say
For you hear the sounds of an AK
****** never has delays
Excitin' angels melees
So many try to slay but end up on a sleigh
To hell where all them ******* dwell
My pistola drink up bodies more than a smile with a  coca cola
So move over
New sheriff in town so bow down
Cuz when come through it'll be the ultimate showdown
Slash the villain, heros do the real killin, I track records, so I'm top billin,
Chillin, at the house lounging, like a gangsta, Charles Ray protege, minus the hey,
Now what you say, better pray, for better days, I sit with purple haze ablaze,
Getting praised, from the all mighty, high and gritty, never spit it ******,
Comfy with guns round me, rambo philosophy like Auddie Murphy,
Booey knife ya dreams, catch the cream, enticed hater fiends, greens,
Cooked to the highest degree, ghetto Socrates wisdom a cometh G,

See my eyes was made to
Embrace lyrics to you
From the universal
Cirruclum check the selcorum
Lay out my projected forums
Enter your mind
At light speed indeed
Was made out of bad deeds
So that means my
Conscious still feeds
Off ******* so I meditate
My cells through tokes
Of ****
Pledge an allegiance to the
Aliens creed
Then soldiers was made gave me a brigade
I became spawn from a deeply burned human
With so much pain endured
Makes for a charm
11 rifles attached to my arm
Ammunitions for days
So they can't harm in eye of the storm
I see the demons in a vicinity
In a swarm
Like buzzards lookin' for carcasses
Mentalities dead
You can tell from all the words said
Lyrics so deeply force trauma is shed
Openin' up pores of the skin cells leave em for dead innocent bloodshed
It don't matter how many bibles
Qurans and torahs are red
We livin' in the end times
So many left with their souls plastered
They solely mislead once I recited' rites and rituals I became a figure head
Which means I figure stuff out ahead
Out of the game
Of the elitist that thinks twelve years ahead
Of craftin' a perfection universe is my lesson
Cosmos and other constellations
Is my Smith and Wesson
Words is bullets causin' ******* with no interruption
Beat all corruption heart's in touchin'
Without use of my hands til swear runs from my glands
From the adrenaline
Rushin' temples bustin' who can you trust ?
It ain't about us its about people that's before
You love and you learn
I gotta watch these leechin' folks
Cuz they'll get you gassed in you'll burn
Into a blazing lake full of fire
Don't ask me when imma retire
Never only until I recieve a message from higher
Powers being so take notes as blow minds like a dryer
Who's can stop the reigning Messiah ?
I'm comin' with Elijah with chariots angels shined up with heavens fire
None could rip apart this
My mentality sharp as cactus
Make use for fools target practice
Once the light collides with the darkness
Invoke death like a carcass
Off in yo sarcophagus
You go cuz you know
They cant hang with me
Replica of the past history
My story hittin- all categories
While enemies stay worried
I stay buried
Deep in the ground
With knowledge all around
Pain comes with gain
Like thunder clouds to rain
Like nerves to the brain
Wake up man understand the change
Slavery never left
Game hasn't end
Cuz Washington's are the refs
Calling fouls unnecessary
Rich folks the beneficiary
Kind of scary poor folks go broke
To the cemetery
Only to be collected
By a status thats legendary
Like taxes goes the treasury
Hypontized by the tv
Nothing but a lighted hypnotist
Sick of this if ignorance is bliss
Im really not at a miss
Withthe world thats so cold
Hard to stand bold and evade the scold
When new things are really old
Break the strong mold and hold
On to something worth livin
Be who i wanna be
Ears become my sight
So vividly  a blind man could see
My skills be swift as a meteor welcome to the tour
Of Yosef ******* rhymes galore left ya sore
Mentality couldn't handle my lyrical gore
From the sky ceiling to the earth floor
I'm makin' splits like lightening fast and frightening
Even lost spirits got the reciting cuz I'm hypin'
Up the baddest brews sip only a few
Still breakin' crews like news worldwide views
Who could do what I do got the power of Goku
And you be sweet as that purple fool in Ginu
Force forget the source took a spiritual course
Once my brain went into REMS registered my consciousness
Like DMs
See him he ain't as intellectual as Eye
Still got curtains over his eyes beat mesmerize
So much so your pours open from the temperature rise
Know wise guys who demise fakers running around with brokers mentality enterprise
I realize I'm aboriginal and so you are you
Well if you was enslaved too?
The system cuz they love to lynch 'em
You know em' the color I'm talking about
But everybody loves to dismiss about
But the truth is lifting veil while tappin' nails
On the table scared of us breaking the sable
See me I'm just an average dude sike I'm a successors
To MF Doom Whoaaa

While the enemies pistol is shootin'
and the lobbyist still lootin"
Our everyday presence wake up and smell the war incense
See the love to keep fear intense with immense
Nonesense then ask us to repent for the lent
They left on others nations filled with color
Well? It seems like they only attack people similar to Black
But now that you have the facts lets
Get the bumpin' back on track
No locos or rail roads just a dirt road leading the way
To where their souls got taken away
To the crossroads along with skulls and bones
Stolen legacy a representation of brutal democracy
But somehow the black man was made the enemy?
Hidden in the Vatican Rome I'm all alone
Searchin' for destiny but somehow she finds me
Sittin' in the cemetery park with the Buddha sparks
I can't see nothing like an atom to quark
I'm science undefined rewind back to my timeline
Royal ya highness I'm the highest dynasty baby made from the finest Hard fro me to digest
all this knowledge But they stay with ******* stress test oh I guess?
What ya see is what ya get I'm tryna forget
The past **** that sets broken empty threats
From my enemies that sit day in and day out
Tryna take away the little clout see em pout
It ain't about being the biggest but having the biggest
Impact on many lives see my eyes realize
Real lies my family ties got cut off
Say they real when all they want is hell
For your lifestyle it's hard to smile as an angelic child
On Earth as a punishment no sentiment
To the enemies sent to do God's work oh it hurts
How you find most haters is in the family
Pedigrees my closest folks ain't even my kin
We living out Judahs sin from the curse within'
Our hearts I pick apart where the lies start
Though I got no heart it's black stones
On a natural high tryna take it to the sky
Return back as the stardust kid still out in the bids
Auctioned my soul for better days see the tech that sprays
Another clay body displayed soon to be laid in a grave
Far from being saved we made Lord in our own image
I'm tryna up the percentage I pillage a village
With no touch my words clutch the black Dutch
Coming back for my lost heirarchy it's the return of the gangsta's prophecy

Tried to follow the footsteps of a being a good samaritin
But there I am again all alone in the wind
Let the breeze give my subconsciousness a tease
Wish I could break away from the curse epiphany
Evilness dwelling in society no sympathy
From the elite see the same madness that repeats
Each week they scream peace but all I see is war
Voilence galore from the core it's hard to stand on the floor
Shaky ground I'm outta bounds all i have is my hallow rounds
For my expounds that's the last of the sound
My flows deadly combat ready try and test me
None get the best of me I'm learning Niccolio Machiavelli
Ten rules
To chose from I'm touching nations from North America
To Jerusalem
Looking through wisdoms optics to see who's dumb?
Words come easily I vanish em all
Soon to get they call
Home welcome into the fiery gates of hell
Under my spells I lay well my voodoo
Make ya go coo coo swoop right by you
Like the wind do think you safe better have ya pistols
I'm the true black knight layin' chaos everynight without a presence of my sight
No matter how hard you shatter
My lyrical batter badder
Any beat Thats put up
I'll eat it up without
The need of ketchup
Emcees need to catch up
Get with the times
I'll runnin' up like city fines
Cast from heaven
I'm outta line
Like behavior black savior
Rhymes to beats flavor
Trim the game I be
The lyrical.tailor
Cuss like a sailor deep cuts
From my razor
Sharp rhymes for ya mind
Sounds of the flat line
From the nine
that stopped
Yo shine none could grind
Harder than me regardless
Solo or team
Who's sparrin' this
You to me is like watermelons
To pumpkin brisk
Plant a fist to ya
Mouth ya kiss higherin' risk
For those that try to diss
Genesis to finishes
My lungs replenishes
From projected images
Makin' lower percentages
Of those in advantage
No more voyages
I be the distinctive gargoyle
Flyin' over ya head
Mentally layin' soils
Til ya heads start to boil
Over 200 degrees
accordion soundin' nice with
Shreddin' emcees
Like graded cheese better believe
Its doom once you consume
From the lyrics that bloom
All over ya body sonic boom
Guile addin' mucho pile problem child
Like Junior Miles
Everybody shut hell up
Once I lay my cut
Roll Over ya careers like Mack trucks
Ya **** is flatten on the island Staten
Flows so cold
They had be patent
from the ink  my rhymes tattin'
On the paper egos high as a skyscraper
I got rhymes to heat
So I need a baker
Get it Anita baker
Best flows ya ever heard
Black Sheppard
Moving the herd
Traces of herb to my nerves
Fools say they straight
But I'm see em in a curve
Check out the rolling thunder,
Mixed with iced lightning lyrics under,
Pass boy wonder,
Black man looking for my wonder woman,
Storm mentality booking,
Halle Berry reflection baby girl never
Seen rejection,
Check my collection, **** status sitting like High Hefner, *******,
Like Yo, Who the baddest? Your the story the saddest,
Blast like sandstorms transformed, linked with killers unharmed,
Swarmed by the bees, got y'all snorting,
Cuffed to the disease,
Blow trees, windy inhale got me parallel, to sparks for my mental duracell,
Charges is out, the guns is mount, haters always have doubts,
That's when they catch blood to they snout,
Wide open scoping, seasoned king
Got up, from the slopin,
This ain't candy land kid, stretch the band, when testing the rubbers,
Bend a woman over watch the waves of the flubber,
As my body hovers,
Over her, spiritual essence blessed with a
Moon shine got me on a shrine,
Knowledge never been so fine, blaze always
Since the birth of mankind,
Never dodge the cypher, raw and hyper, ****** from the peter piper,
Girls catty me like Michelle Phiffer,
Telling me who's the riper?
Raws with these hit king me ****, plus I took
Shots at the corporate,
Boss like Danza doors open portal stanza,
Stairway to heaven,
More than a letterman, survival of a veteran,
Now I'm a veteran,
Chasing after Franklin's nickname big Ben,
Avoid the Marilyns,
Monroe's with the pretty toes, silky hair to the breast and *** that stare,
Zoned my eyes out, stone from a Medusa,
My flows is flexed like Luther,
Vandross so y'all gather ya loss, this ain't no coin toss,
Wins by default, make competition forfeit,
The show admission,
Stitch every stable, rise through the ranks like Gabriel,
Snorting Cain made me Abel,  never got a dime from a label,
Stoic disciple with an auto matic rifle, hawk eye dead aim, despise the spiteful,  
Critics sitting as spoonful, howlin wolf tactic,
Paranoids react quick, keep the Kangol
Tilted like Slick Rick,
Adventure laid so thick, like my chicks,
Ebonies circumvent,
Around the benevolent brother made intelligent,
Got that mad herbs early, that's what
Gave me sixth sense,
Feel the thrills That send chills
Once I grab the mic
I turn into Mike
Intangible with the
Rhymes I handle
Ain't no scandals
I be the black Mantle
Triple crown emcee
Smokin' every thing I see
Cuz of the fire ya admire
I desire embraced the higher
Learning of the universe
So no need to curse
I leave competitions
In a hearse from the beats that thirst
Once my tongue lays
Suckas begin to pray
That I don't come for em
Lay out my forums
Beat on the cells like drums
Dum ditty dum some
Claim they can hang
Until I forced the pain
No intensity could densen me
Poetically I'm incline so rewind
Ya mind as I grind
Metal to metal like frictions
Breakin boundaries jurisdiction
Rap broken commission
But I'm the link that's missin'

As the degrees settlin' in
Locked up like a pen-
Itentiary ya see i be
Public enemy emcee
In 4D my skills stay ready
Sick with the peddi
Shatter em like fetti sowed
To the game like Betsy
Ross got emcees
Hanging like tree moss
Others get tossed
Out the scene flows ya cling
Got all of em in a sing
In Unison spit a nice one
Rhymes is like a shot gun
Blow out the temples
Got girlies smilin' with
The deep dimples
Plain and simple
They on my arm hooked to a charm
But don't be alarmed
Its yosef bringin the bomb
Explodin' on contact
With the lyrics in tact
Imagine that? Me spittin a bar that's wack
I'm fresher than cut crack
So sit back like Morrison
Its the return of the Mack
Yo I'm classic like Earl Mannigoat, see the lyrics that float, scent to an impulse,
Stay close to the toast, so I miss the host of a space ghost, who knows the most,
In the game, got a lot of hustlers under his name, never speak gods in vain,
I is is, and is is I, shinned up my eye, to see the light, a little more clearer,
Took the shells from Bushwick, and reloaded it, now my enemies feel it,
Pain for pain exchange, I draw thrills deeper than mountains or terrains,
At highest peak mayne, i spread holy wars, took the blood from Peter,
Earlobe pinned it to the globe, now I'm tucked under, hidden my own abode,
Silent prayers, hold up for my ancestors, got spirits, lounging as protectors,
Respect tha, afterlife fusing life's treasures, no limits put on the measures,
Gods left messages under my dresser, scales of a weight measurer,
Telling me do I wanna live, or die, where do I want my soul, eternally to lie,
With the demons or the angels, but I see them in the same tangle, strangle,
Grips over dark and light, like blacks and whites, post poison social media hype,
Iight see the chaos in the delight, confusion loves death with infusion, cruising,
On your airwaves, see they ain't peeping the last days, of Noah beards in grey's,
I say, everybody hop in the boat, we could all be one, if we ride to the same note,
I write a tune, that couldn't be put in auto tune, on ya auto you'll been in tune,
Born on the black moon, that's when I my eyes flashed, and darkness consumed,
God and goddess's, witnessing this, sight of a new Jesus Christ, spike the cross,
Blood dripping of the tree moss, slaves of the past leaked, the spirit froth,
Cocoon with knowledge, watch the butterfly to moth, inject thoughts collect,
Retrospect, while blaze to the cigars that's lit, only real fakes see counterfeits,
Stay flipping on bailey's shadys never played me
Flex Mercedes iced out with the baby yo check the scabies
Money itching cold twitching hearts **** gangstas glitching
Yo im pitching heat out the kitchen sons of the blades *******
On ya stereo they he go flippin more dough than pills bury yo
Back on the scene sublime green sickest of the meanest
Joe toe to toe they dont wanna go with the great homicidal  
Jack ripper tendencies make classic like Teddy flip off the peddi
No crack despise wacks mics I make gold to platinum plats
Facts no if and or maybes queens all over me cuz I'm a **** see
But I dont put em on the street or give em meat seasoned
A beat so I can eat up kick my feet up dutchie in the cup
Waiting for a killa to roll up sunday t sunday might be gun play
Either way I keep peaceful mind in the war times check the rhyme
Once again make no amends with the foul sin tote the gin
Yo exquisite glass bottles with champagne models
Puts my stick on auto manual can ya tell I'll never fail catch a smell
Foul preys catch the early run ways heavens gate open always
So dont sway into some personal **** left in ya own ****
Carcass they cant mark us forensics block all statistics
It's a miracle breaking off the cameo sicker more *******
Every rhymes I break deserves an encore yo that's for sure
From the core of my soul southern music abuse it
Off the wicked beats I bruise it no time for the heals to frills
Let the beats chills from these lyric coats of titanium steel
For real I'm off the chain out the lane it's a low down ***** shame
Ya lame better watch my name before ya catch the eternal flame
And there I was sitting in the dark,
All my thoughts were parked,
I couldn't move none of my ideas or emotions,
Too busy looking at life, boasting,
Then another shade of darkness,
Covered my eyes,
As I sunk deep into the underground skies,
Im a motionless body,
Yelling but nobody, can hear me scream,
I thought to myself, this must be a dream,
But it wasn't a dream
Then a supreme being, approached me with a deep voice,
And offered me a golden choice,
A faceless apparition, that said I had many ambitions,
Once I gave in, my soul caved in, and then a heart felt a blazed,
I was scared at first, what I thought was seconds, was hours in a hearse,
Spiritually purified by this being,
Then after that I started seeing,
Things that the civil eye can't beam, or even dream of,
Tears started runnin' from above, my eye lids as well as my sweat glands,
It took me twenty years to realize, this awakening that was happening,
Seraphims, the right hands of gods, purified my soul against the odds,
My soul was on fire but it felt good but the flames didn't hurt nor burn,
It was the cleansing of my sins, I placed the broken ashes in my mental urn,
When I explained to the pastors, they were quick to ridicule with laughter,
Some preacher aye, can't even explain spiritual phenomenons these days,
With So many enemies
To see
It's like destined
For my prophecy
But it only
Made me
A stronger man
When I learned
To keep a clip in hand
I got more beef than Pakistan
If you innerstand
Would you understand ?
My words chosen
And viciously
Some say I spit
It like makaveli
I'm just speaking
From my mind tryna shine
Like the Sun beamin'
Off my millimeter nine
Prisoner to time
Made for the crime
Perfect rhyme
While y'all pinchin' pennies
I'm throwin dimes
Stack money
And **** a *****
Friends to foes
Only stick around for ya dough so
I had to reform my circle
**** em I don't  care
If they die
My enemies get the fry gotta stay high
As I curse my enemies from these rhymes
That don't lie
Don't make enemies withe me

My words are mostly wise
Heat like a passion
Between a chick thighs
You know ya
Cuz my 9 baptized minds
Hidden under an eternal guise
Used to be an Angel
But my enemies tried
To corner me
In different angles
Broke the jingle
And made me a new tune soon
Foolls gone come
Out the wood works
But to me they been dead
In the dirt
For what it's worth
I'd rather be dead
Than alive hard to survive
N This game of life
Addicted to strife
Made sorrow my wife
Since I made a pledge
To the allegiance
Of rebels upped my levels
Now I'm feelin'
Untouchable with resources
Step outta line
Be a fresh frozen corpse
Mind warped
Enter the twilight zone
At the speed of light
No longer sufferin blight
Give it all my might
Til the day that
I die. I'll still
Put up a fight
To crumbles my enemies vengefully
Speakin' out  against me so

Si don't make enemies with me
Death to all adversaries
Who's laughing now ?
am i  hearing voices in my head?
maybe its just a call from the dead godspeed
my heartbeats to the ***** streets enemies in a creep
will i be put to sleep or will i
evade the conflict? cuz everyone on my ****
i gotta make a move quick strategist from past war tactics
makes me react quick oh ****?
there they go i see shots galore I'm on the floor
i see man the mirror with mad gore
is it god tryna store in a blessin **** sessions
my spirits full of aggression **** i shoulda had my smith n wesson
will i die or will the lord spare me an eye?
and let me live so i can i see my future kids
sippin' on this henny aint makin it no better
i got mad pain i remember my homies blood stains
tattoo tears hidden my fears bo longer worried
so i aint scared to be buried dead or alive im like a beehive
honeys surroundin' me tryna milk me for my money
but they gets nothing but a gun blast then i laughhhh
right in they face trading places eradicate the racist politics happy bday *****
know yall goin to the ditch
crooked i in the media eyes but they cant help it until i die
i get hated then cremated back to hell where i originated
dont care whos there empty rooms for the wombs
while im sleepin in the tombs earthquakes hearts shakes
once god tears drop satan just waitin' he aint in hesitation
ghetto heaven is my destination
uh cops is full of **** tryna get every brother in my hood hit
then they try smile like they happy just like they did my grandpappy
but papa wasnt no punk he had to dump
eyes red bloodshed im seeing pain ancestors speak to me
while im on liquor mayne half down the bottle im feelin' queazy
so when ya see me take it eazy
im just rumblin born revolutionist truth hurts the most
enemies stay real close til ya a ghost
light up a blunt to keep my troubles loose i aint scared to die
my only fear of death is coming back reincarnated
cuz in heaven there no phonies just gangsta *** homies and thugs with galore drugs
and slugs hit it?
cuz my own fear if being reincarnated after death
Since the devils shedded tears
On this earth I'm cursed at birth
Can't find no daylight
Cuz lookin' at the sun don't make no pay
I lay breathless quotes
Nigguhs strategize from.what I wrote
I tote
The baddest **** enticed with no seeds
Brain intrigue my enemies bleed I'm half dead
Posted up on the block  envisions of me dead
Since life's suicidal
Gotta watch my steps
prepare for war as I count my reps
The tricks as politics don't love us
Leaders don't feed us so how can they occupy us
With education I'm in a ****** situation
**** to crack sales for my occupation
Struggling' hard **** how the label
Me a **** nigguh enticed an evil imagery
The gats protect me from wickedness
Ignorance is bliss so ain't no stop this
I stay high no lie to the earlyyy morn
Enemies plottin' but they ended up scorned
Leavin' many souls torn
Its like **** ya stay gettin' **** with *******
Im holy with these verse like Clergy from the pulpits
Say I'm hostile black buck young and wild  and so what im a problem child ?
So is that my ******' fault? Momma couldn't get to me streets raised me
while the world gotta nigguh goin' crazy
I slam intellects hard as domino my spirit casted with the Nile flow wonderin' where do I go?
A Little Moses risin' been a warrior since my bad start im black heart
Have no fear cuz my Father here
Stuck in this deadly game try to avoid the eternal flame
But all I end up is in shame
Against all odds

See the eyes through a gangsta,
Quick to gat cha, or shank ya,
Then say thank ya,
For making, life easy easy sticks,
So I'm not greasy,
No slipping allowed, see the murdered crowd, taking a vow,
To death's golden child,
Standing on top, of the pile,
Rowdy as they come,
Feeling like Tookie, when I break out
Feel the beats, of wraths drum,
Far from dumb,
Could even make a cold heart numb,
Mephisto lost son,
Strings of chaos from the demon nun, they don't want none,
I crush domes, now you see ya life floating,
Away on the pavement son,
So many wanna be Lucky, like Luciano, but ain't seeing the keys, on the piano,
Souls en fuego, let go of ya ego, so you can peep the unscripted sequel,

Tears drawn from unwanted feels,
See how many pigs would squeal?,
If they could trade the sequel,
But they dont wanna feel the steel?
Cuz **** gets too real?
Evil to good in the same playing fields,
Would you exchange swords,
Over words for some crisp bills,
From drug deals, to the legal spills,
To the real, gangstas on Capitol Hill,
Who ain't giving up, their position, to much powers to reel,
And still, they say I love you, but in the same stitch, they hate you,
Preach peace, but all I see is war,
They say embrace love, but all I see is hate steaming from the pores,
All out doors, say they open but closed, when it comes to poor,
They feeding, on hope and instincts, hoping you dont think,
I saw their *******, when I first opened my eyes, got whipped to the wisdom that flys, through out the skies,
They label you a mad man if you stare at a can
They label you dumb if your thoughts are numb
To society where it's a incomplete conundrums
Dancing satellites happy people prancing around silently
See there brittle souls slowly unfold and withold
The greatest gift of all it's not love much more above
Than that the have the decency of a sneaking rat
Waiting for the right moment to steal your joy
Energy vampires ******* life out of even the lifeless
Even the corpses are breakin'out of their graves
Bravery is proclaimed by cowardiness
Shame is praised for happiness sun kissed
Sand glistening don't mistake it mother nature is listening
The violent winds are painting the trends violins
A tune that only the most conscious can hear
The ears twitches to the stroke of the rhythm
The waves clashing showing temper and anger
Giving signs of early danger but we are stranger
As all outdoors enjoying life playing a decoy
Technology is the new ology humanities treachery
Love thy neighbor and covet thy wives lives
Are rather thrown at us not by our instrospectives
But by our local government and politicians who are selectors
Molding us into a sinister creation
Parks build but no one is filled or skilled anymore
Kids play games rather than scoup up sand with their cupped hands
And watch it til its very last grain damaging stains
Is this all in my head or from chaos i see daily read
I see a field view of the ponds trying to play King
But we are at checkmate waiting for our freedom bells from liberty to rings
But know our biggest achievements will be when we touch the cemetery
And thats what matters the most because the genius at hand is often the ghost host
Still puffin' cigars in my sixty six jaguar
Made a hood star from climbing a far
**** the drug games I made my name
Through lyrics of pain easing ya migraine
Words pure as Columbian *******
That's means you'll go insane
Tryna hang with the dark Knight Bruce Wayne
Which means ya mentallydrained going
My smiff n wesson lays a nice range
From the Midwest to the south of Central Texas
Get love from my barrio we stay thorough
Haters get marked like zorro  so follow
The leader beat pleaser turn ebenenzer
Once I spit vocals take over ya locals
Can't Max  me out my own **** hardest to hit
Ya swear it's back in the year of nine six
Slammin' all of the these industry clowns like Jordans did the Knicks
A Timely essence
Even if I'm chillin' with the dead residence
you'll still feel my presence no hesitance
To foes stained ya calicos wake ya up with a cup of
and I stay smokin' girls ******* holes setting fires to their mentals

My flows set on auto pilot causing riots
Baltimore rage untamed had to put my rhymes in a cage
Seen the guage
Cocked back ain't no taking away from that
Deaths in progress only blessing you seen
Is stress so take another hit of cannabis
Before you enter the eternal abyss hang ya body over the
Like Big Red record every word I said
And still can't get a word to the feds I'm the black
got flats from Houston to Vancouver
Let me show ya who's the real bruiser
Spittin' rhymes that lay more bodies than Fallujah
Cruise right through
My rhymes is tank shootin' missles with no
I'm only here to live out
My fathers prank
Though the devil keep me above all levels
Tryna stay from the goods I was made rebel
Fools thought they was Cain til they found out I was
Killin' em with microphone cordless cables and
Read between my eyers n you'll see visions of many
Been looking for sunshine since I've found my mind
Blind saw confined to a rebel design divine
Cut from the same cloth of Jesus please just
Sit back don't attack the grooves is black
We back to back not from Chicago but a bull
Let my lambs wools profess wisdoms numbs
The blind cosign from the god of the pines
never wasted time fame chasing dames lost in my names
Since my ancestors came into a broken mange
Mentality stripped since slavery bravery
Been following me since i was baby lately
They be trying to play me spray me on tv
Assassinate my characters fate but keep clips like Nate
A Dogg letting the bullets bark so mark
My words verbs is what i do rocking ya brains zoo and any who left without a clue?


Yo standing 5'10" beautiful brown skin
Leased to sin forgive me for my universal pins
I'm stuck in this earth as a bubble cursed
Worse comes to worse spitting a verse
That would even body a hearse first
Over second suckas hesitant distance
Lover to jealousy family heist the jewelry
From my own third eye watch it sparkle
Til it glows like the sunrise bakin' thighs
Mother nature catching feeling healing
From the evil captions I'm peeling reelin'
In the fish let her get a few bites of the dish
But remember this im trying bring the realist
Arm wrestle my pen tryna advoid the pin
Looks like another hit **** all over again
packed with flesh cookin' out of ya seats
Rocking the peeps let the silence weeps
Creeps drawn as i spawn mental captivity
Flavors weighs gravity against tragedy
Black as can be let the angels enlighten me

Stalkin' the come up so haters run up
Watch the guns clutch up make ya head rust
From oxygen rush stiffer than a golden crust
Body decayed no delays we preys evil sways
These days haters love to pay attention but no admissions
To our ambition so keep on wishin' we dismissin'
Fakers make em one with the undertaker
Shake ya up like Parkinson's Tut the don
Luminous one from a sparking globe
Im on fire raps sire set my mind higher
Than the distance from the earth orbitin' the sun
I make numbers run see them zero comes
Behind the ones a billion to none cons
Dont stand a **** chance against Iron Megatron
Dynasty diver soul survivor black McGyver
Improvise tactics much wiser devil's adviser
Chillin' in the high riser like Frasier
With a furr blazer bullets to graze ya
If you a come off as a hater fade ya
Off into another dimension strengthen dominions
Turn my ***** snappers into minions
Reachin' out the barrel what a broke religion?
Check the visions drawn throughout the skyline
Like an airplane creating designs define
Raps into a perfection perfect selection
Bang beats with no protection
plus the infection imperfect resurrection
Since my birth I knew my worth
Wasn't made for this sinful nation
But now I'm stuck in this mudded-atom creation
Primary destiny is to bring out ya mental levitations
Still livin' n the past time paradise
Where life nothing nice
Hard to get a pie by the slice
Either you naughty or nice
Fools in the hood gettin' slice
By the pound gun down
There goes another brother
In the ground
Family surround as the slow song sound
Castin' a spell for an empty feelin'
Soul still dwellim' no tellin'
When will we bounce back
On track
With nature but too many hate ya
Just cause of existence for instance
How many of us surviving the ultimate sentence
Still weighin' out the venegeance
And it's hard to let go
Of the past memories enemies
Love to see
Me break down but ain't none
Can hold me down

Crooked politicians
Still granted false wishes
I wash their topics
Out like ***** dishes which is
Better for me
I be the gangsta since the age of three
And I took a sip of hennessey
From my uncle
Not watching me gotta glimpse
Of society
Cold muggin' me in my.dreams
See teams before they
Could intervene
By the age ten my mind
Was focused on green glitter and gleam
Things ain't what it seems
Cuz gangsta don't live long
If ya know what I mean ????
They say I'm.wrong
But I'm know.I'm right
Not matter how much
They weaken me I'm still gone
Put up fight
Mind soarin' heights knockin' out blight
Can't have a visions without a sight
I guess they'll learn once my guns burn
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
As remains lay in an urn
Slowly sending chills down my spine
I feel the love stenched with lust intertwine
Though bind I caress my hands on her behind
And pressed my lips firmly against her lips
Energy being transferred from one heart to the next
As I key into her soul with a telepathic text Only then she'll realize it's not just about ***
It's about mastering the art of love making
And feeding into her deepest senses causing powerful *******
Soon to see ******* from my mental stimulation
Breaking her barriers through hidden frustration
At ease let me cease that stress wear you like a tight dress
Once I give you dose of the poems that manifest no second guess
I'm.ready to be the best just say yes
And I'll continue to bless
You through time after time cuz I'm
The only one that can make you smile
Go crazy and wild stuck in a daze
Let's make a love child
Play you fair no need to be foul
And here we go again
Battlin' the wages of sin casted in
This once beautiful earth
Animals to insects
In perfect harmony
With humanity
But now these days its more hostility
Free floatin' modest means
Got a ******* team
And it seems
Independency is a New word
For dependency
Huh how the hell you free
When you payin' taxes
For the
Elite can't move my feet
Cuz I'm planted
Grew up a ***** up
So how can I endeavor?
when ain't Nothing Changed but the weather

Forgive me for a life of sin
Demons with in
Holding on too **** strong
We got soldiers commitin
Suicide to homicide
I feel yo pain homie
Cuz I was there homie
Don't let the devils break you shake you
Entice you to death doors
Now ya down hells corridors
With yo family filled with trauma galore
Kids stuffed with a photographic  gore
Of ya body laying on the floor
Can't take it back
Now you stuck up in the *******
Pregnated by the demons *****
Couldn't fight back this ain't no dreaming
I used to wanna gat myself to free myself
So how can I endeavor ?
When ain't nothing changed but the weather

Now next on the list
We gotta fake bliss
From the medias bias *******
They playing the race card to fill our brains off guard
Holdim' charge
As I pull out my garage
I hope I see some sunshine
But my mind is blind
Cuz all my thoughts is on the gunline
Shell shocked from.all the stock
By the media
They want ****** fighting honkies
And engines fightin *****
My eye blink
Faster than a humming bird
Hopefully people read between the words
Huh it's the context of they way they use it
Cuz everyday they abuse it
Time after time
I'll be right don't be afraid
Take on the raids
Revolution is the only solution
Civilians load up
And the let guns start shootin'
Its more of us than them
So how the **** can stop us
If we got the power to devour
Race religion ethic pride
Just another mental suicide
Don't catergorize the opportunity
And lets rebuild our community
Embrace unity
But how can I endeavor ?
When nothing changed but the weather
yo since i had no choice but to rep **** life
drugs n alcohol became my wife 
though im stressed
 through the curses of ham
 its the summer of sam and still i slam
 my adversaries get the gasoline soak em along with kerosene
light em up and watch em go in flames ******* know my name
 since i escape the reign
 no longer got dibs on me
 im livin' carefree 
but still feel consolidated to satans invisible penitentiary
 so.many brothers like me
 wanna speak free
 but all they see is the cemetery
**** it i shot the sheriff and the deputy 
feelin' that ***** Marley talkin' to me
 Through **** and hennessey
 aint no more fear 
mama still lookin' for me but i aint here
my heart left long ago I feel no sorrow 
and if i die dont cry for me tomorrow
 just know
i stayed true to the game
 i dont care about how long my reign will last? im.a blast from.the past 
born in the wrong century
yo i know ya feeeeel me
 and all my real ******
doing yo thang 
how about we load up slugs in the popo brains im.insane 
product of Jesus that ***** died at thirty three 
now how many niggus died before thirty three
 defamin' our savior name
 he was black as can be 
skin made a bronze eyes of blazin' fire 
look how they treated our messiah
 they didnt give ****
fools sellin' out for paper bucks
 only for the devil to exchange ya soul quid pro quo all i know
is imma be real.with mine and if they cross that line 
ill.put em.on the flat line and if i die in the line
of fire ill be reincarnated as a ak 47 round pound for pound
 puttin' these snitches n ******* in the ground 
Who wanna scrap?
 bunch of city politicians talkin' crap 
and just know if they watchin' me they watchin' you??? 
and if they come for me just know they coming for you 
Since im a lost son of a prophet 
hard to knock it if it wasnt true the media wouldnt use us for profits
 house nigguhs givin' up ***
with no hesitation
 **** that ill **** the ***** of the plantation 
divide n conquer is oldest trick in the book
 know who's the ******' crook?
watch out for these jealous *** bustas 
cuase when it comes to snaps
 theyll make hell for a hustlaaaaa
It ain't no Sunshine
Cuz I got closed blinds in my mind
I reconcile all my problems
Tragedy seems to follow me
Since I was a kid put in my bids
I was already auctioned off
Look wat I did
See me trying bring the world to peace
But peace equals war more decease
Bodies rot can't trust the cops
And why not?
cuz everybody getting shot
Brothers especially the color of fudge
System ****** by the crooked *** judged
Paid under the table by the elite
Souls in fear destined for a repeat
I used see the world different
When I was young
But now I'm grown I feel much hung
On the *******
Spinning out wombs from cradle to tomb
Ill still be sweeping pain up like a broom and soon
My misery will be gone
Cuz ain't no sunshine. When ya in a funeral home

Lights camera actions
Gets happy people satisfaction
Nobody pays attention any more
Honor dead peeps that try to peep us about war
Spiritually I try to waken your conscious sick of the nonsense
Every time I turn on the news
Sad stories filled with blues
Destined for hell
Fight for rights though it will never prevail
They preach freedom but all I see slaves that pave
Away day by day
Leaning on the delusion of God
Which is orchestrated by man
U understand we playing with fire in our hands
Gettin the burn stuck in predicament
Waiting for turns
Turns to get a piece of the pie
Open ya eyes it's no surprise
Things ain't what it used to be
Reparations for the black fams
Naw they say we pass slavery
But what about my ancestry
Died for free working on the chattel fields
Bleeding hands have you ever seen a starving
Giving us crumbs off the table
Then have a nerve to give us different labels
First ***** to boy
To ***** to ***** to black
I never got joy
I was more than slave more like a lost king
And I know by the spirits that sing
No sunshine

Since I followed the light
It seems everything is tight
Loosing friends who pretend
To be down like brandy
Can't stand thee
Rain against window pane
Going insane circling the drain
There's no humanity left
I could even open the ears of the deaf
What's worse than worse
See a dead body being transported in a hearse
Taken to the grave
But soul ain't saved
Who can I COUNT on when my tears is gone
Pain is temporary weakness
But I say it's permanent
Cuz everyday is a new struggle from hustle to hustle
I gotta make means to get green
To maintain a luxurious dream
And I know I'm just venting
Breaking pass your mental jurisdiction
Wake you before it's too late
They poisoning food cigs and water
Prepare for slaughter
They want us die young never old
So folks stand bold
*** it's more of us than them
STAY dunkin with funk like Tim
Inhale the smok from v slim
The choice is yours
Take back your existence
Or die lika punk
**** it raise hell to this blunt
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
One time for ya mind
Darkness casted over the sun no sunshine
Since I was a baby, I wore the crown of hades, no if ands or maybes,
Prior thoughts of killers lately, my enemies always set, a vision for me to see,
Sight em ahead, so many envious of bread, love of wars, got us by the heads,
Free money only for dummies, they being set up by the scummies,
Mastermind of commies, yo I watch every thing around me, like cream,
But it dont rule me, I just sit back like Poseidon guarding the seas,
My flows astronomical, disaster make tapes artificial, yall too superficial,
I spit the real Yo, no beats or an instrumental, some say I'm detrimental,
Cuz I speak truth, to the youths mental, verbal criminal, am I,
I graze the skies, too fast new flash, I got a ****, from a darkness clash,
Along with lightening, hands open like Raiden, another flawless victory,
And even if I die, yall will mourn me, in this youtube commentary,
A true visionary, twin Nastradmous, hypotnized by death and dramas,
Theatre of the war, see what we in for, see souls rotting to the very core,

They saying they ain't feeling me, but would feel me, if I was dead see,
Uh, that's how fake society, really is they got our kids, living in the grids,
Of they matrix, they staying playing tricks, inside ya mind, look behind,
So you can see what's ahead of you, only a few, understand what I do,
Some won't, cuz they caught up in the show, modern day fiascos,
I lasso my foes, everyday welcome to the ghetto rodeo, kick down the door,  
Of the industry, I shoot til they oozing, out the pores, as I polish the floor,
With my sins, I see the faded djinns, taking me in, and I ain't even cashin,
In yet, no matter the plot or a threat, I stand for wisdom, so I'll never regret,
Forget what, these other brothers sayin, I'm tryna level up my saiyan,
Understand what I'm saying, I'm Goku once I focus, on what I wanna go through,
No fear in my life, I'd ratha die a man, than a cowards, a million showered,
Tryna keep dirt off their name, it's a shame, never swelled on fortune, and fame
Yeah if you look real hard
You'll see the third eye at large
Invisible triangles set at every angle
Check the gestures it's celebrity nature
To keep ya confuse with tha
Signs and symbol
And other ism the spectrums
Is deep that date back to druid and pagan so peep
My flowmatic which is climatic
Hit you with the taste of spring
Summer winter fall and other things
Four wrapped into one
Like the triggers squeezed from a guns
Outlets the bullets spit soon to see a closed casket
Doom fanatic make fans become an addict
Like Dinero did Wesley super threats sent to me
But it don't matter if they eyes on me
Because I even got shadows that protect me
I got flow that's box ya like Ralph Marci
Lyrical sensei so shut up before ya get zipped up
Body bag with an unknown toetag
Fathered by death nurtured by mother nature
Sadness hates gladness cuz it ain't that mature for sure
We lookin' for remedies but only death is the cure
For certain I know my melanin is hurting
I see y'all from a distance tryna engage war against the poor
Final frontier is settling on the shore
I'm just too *******
Eyes bleed sunshine one nine
Flash through your mind
That the sounds of the defeat every time
Every line defined to undermind
My fake nemesis who's really myself to witness
See  thirty pillars beamin down from the sky
Wait it's a glimpse of spiritual sighting of third eye

Like the flight of a bird
In a flock they got the ***** lock
Every stroke of a wing
Parts the air flow inbetween
Only to come back together like a silbling relating
To universal laws can't see the wind
But you can feel it hitting ya melon
Ain't no telling what's coming
Too many humming and not speaking
Spiritual mumbling just tumbling
Can't joggle ten thousand lbs of steel
I'm talking about keeping it real
To the mass appeal
Cuz you cant outweigh emotions that soon to fill
The earth across the seas land masses
Houses highways streams and bypasses
We just fallin' slow like cascade molasses
Y'all be sweet as licorice
Yeah I act niggerish drink more than Irish
Golden hands with the iron fist
I got the style of Bruce Lee
Master of the martial art poetry
One kick and one punch from me
Is deadly enough to start World War Three
Clevery I see my intellectual marchin' on Calavry
Soon to see victory all my peeps
That hate the shadow government
Come and join me give me death or liberty
Like Latifah U N I T Y lie toself
Tryna protect yourself
But it don't matter I'm braillin' chitter chatter
Demise emcees instantly become a bullet bagger
Wassup hellopoetry
Got something on my mind
But it may cost me
Everything evolves
Around money
Friends to foes
Videos to hoes
Everybody love to expose
Those who chose
I pick em wisely
Try to get between the sheets like isleys
Loot feels good aint no lie
But the leechers hold on
Until ya die
No Pain no gain i feel insane
Too much smoke on the brain
Swishers and bang
Poppin them thangs
Love the way the hood og maintain
Cool as **** aint afta the buck
Its all these youngin chasin buck
Try to express feeling for some ***
From a ***** i just hop on the next
It aint bout who got all the money?
When its fools that owns you dummy
Im about monopoly
Yea federal & state property
Break em off properly
Taxes is strip so the gov can dip
They show ya lie i tell ya the truth
I may get in early grave
Cuz to them i dont know how to behave
Sheddin light
Thats what i do
Dont give a **** if ya aint down
Buckin clowns
Say hello to nine rounds
I pop in yo head **** he dead
Beat th3 feds cu z i bit the holy bread
Like jelly on toast is spread
In all corners
Represent from tre to the homestead
Houston texas ***** thats what i am
If yousa hater
I really dont give a ****
Greatest story ever told on the microphone I hold
Undercover dark masked Bruce Wayne
Alias Batman bat out men
Like a home run in a park
No bases loaded
That means you'll see the eternal dark
No barks silent as homing missile
In a lark
To these vicious rhymes ya melon sparks
Yea cuz it's too **** intellectual
My paragraph could impregnate a women without an injectable
Call a ****** birth for what it's worth
My styles similar to Gomer Pyle
Fouls smiles watch the rifle go plow
Into a twilight now say night night
Waving at the centrifugal earth
Clouds waters and land masses
To the comsos planets and meteor crashes
Yea that means ya gone
But I'm so luminous
I could crush the earth with my heavy baritone
Never visit a funeral home cuz I'll be in a rapturing zone
Fire shootin' down standing as flaming pillars
Its Elijah with the Black Messiah
Oh hi ya
Yeah he said high back now it's time for me
To reclaim my throne
Back to being a witty protagonist
First like Genesis I know you feeling this
Play hard ball like Chris Matthew
Check out my invisible statue
Got ya looking for clues
I'm the examiner tryna find me But I been done found you

Yeah Peter piper picked peppers
I left ink spots on the paper
Looked like a snow leopard
I be the black Sheppard leading the herd
Come one come all it's finna be a rainfall
Earth crumbling cuz of God voice rumbling
Layin' out the hybrids demigods posing as Children
Of the corn deeply you embrace the scorn
Souls torn like a rip from a page
Or a magazine
Like in a killers presence
Only mags I seen
Get it naw forget it over ya head and brain ******* cells splits
Like the flash of lightning
Even purgatory felt the frightening
Dangerous writing
Cursed but I broke the vagabonds
Wrapped around my protons neutrons
I nueatralized antimatter that's just demons blood plasma
Grab a mic all of the room gets asthma
Poison consciousness from my lyrical miasma
I'm the before and the after
Math ice cold bath skins pours close
Like the Jokers Laugh
Ya know I'm plotting the craft
Can't knock my pedigree poetry embedded since the age of three
I don't MC I just let the vocals take up out swiftly
None could shift me I lift chins up like a uppercut from Dempsey
Sippin' henny slow lose feathers of bird flow
In the wind like my lyrics ya feel but can't see within'
sonz of fullfilled prophecy
Suckas denyin and defyin me
still rise like a G
born a troop
quick to scoop
any out the scene one man team cream
so none cant harm me
tried to bomb me
but forgot this was M.O.B
revengin' like shinobi
a soldier
stayin' heavily strapped
**** cocked back
like when im putin' **** in a ***** back got paperstacks for days
so how the **** did i slack?
still black as ever too too clever endeavor
bang on em with my flow
leave all my enemies exposed
with bullets holes through
there ****** clothes
God bless the dead i aint scared
to die with two pistols
pointed at my eye
picture me in a cemetery
but no photos of me
unmarked cuz im livin carefree
throw up that southside it aint no gang
we mas made from dynasties of lost kangs
catch ya sleepin' but mini-14 stay creepin'
straight notorious outlaw
destined for crime
split ya from jaw to jaw raw from my maw
and feel this
i got shot with 5 glocks?
N they still couldnt rock
me six feet deep got me boxin in my sleep
feelin' like Rocky cocky built strong so ya kno im.stocky
tried to block me but still came out on top
hustled a knot now jealous *** jews want what i got
my plot too strong so we'll last long
all my pen brothers home
in a mansiom of my own
takin back the panthas throne
bustin' at the commission
with ten million in ammunition
**** em and watch the fall off the reign
straight out the frame
no fortune or fame
burnt like a flame
when we mob ya **** become departed
takin it back to Israel
my home where it all started!!

us the first to bust who do we trust
Intro: "you know everyday its not a new day but it's the same day just a different task and i ask
Myself why was we made to feel this way
Why must pain thrive its been inherited years ago beyond the garden for the tree of the poisonous fruits is still alive growing
And every people rot inside out now tell me who puts those thoughts into you without a clue aye"?

Verse 1:
I wish i could hug your scent and repent
Of the brief moments beefs we had im glad
I met you boo please know I miss you
Even though you tucked away each day
I think of ways better words to say
I cherish the love we have through storms wrath
Demons laugh still remember the bubbles baths
I'm feeling good reminiscing from your kissing
Wishes blown out no candles cant handle
You not in my light wish I could write
You a poems that could even be felt in the afterlife coined you my wife
Ever since your eyes close in a pose toes froze
After I chose a ring for you then proposed
Fools hated our love ecstasy when you got next to me
Though i got bad rep like Sonny's education
You helped me changed the station of situations
Of friends now i comprehend make amends dire my sins
Emotions slowly rolling down hill
To the very thrill i wish it wasn't so real
My heart couldn't even feed the feel
Starving for your attention im in suspension
Lifes a paradox gateway hold to a dimension
Gritting my teeth pain chillin' like a Christ reef
Better believe I'm never gone stop thinking about you draw gospel blues sippin' brew wondering if my life will ever come through from you

chorus: all that I got is you without you
My days are numbered and blue
Baby boo you Kno I got you (x4)

Verse 2:
Can you image how many tears I've shed?
Like pistols that withdrawals led bloodshed
Empty heads I can't form a thought brought
By paying attention to pains admission
Seems like life is just a roll of the dice
Who's naughty or nice kept the iron sliced
To enemies who wanna entice get diced
Rats to mice what's a cross to Christ
Everyday i sacrifice heart blood and years
Shy away from my peers sustain in fears
I feel death is in my ears whispering hallows
Let my pride swallow injustice gallows
Spot the crows with arrows rise of a pharaoh
Babygirl I'm running off at the mouth
This how I really feel about you no doubt
Let the dogs case the cats imagine that?
First it was my high school sweetheart
Then 13 years later you my new sweetheart
Though we part spirits will always be together
Through any weather however I'll endeavor
A new shot at love but I'm looking above
See the flaming angels writing dearly beloved
My souls stretching like hands in latex gloves
All known wise owl eyes surprise rise
Like an early sunrise pain loves to be tied
In a bow without a bow tomorrow
I'll still love you even if you a lifetime away
Now I pray press my hands im sync no blinks
As I stare at the water in the sink reflections
Of you an I I'm thinking I'm next in line to die!!!!

chorus: all that I got is you without you
My days are numbered and blue
Baby boo you Kno I got you (x4)

Outro: "now that we've made the determination its up to us to muster the broken seeds that sprout out of the corrupted grounds we must help we must fight we must become the dynamite and blow up all over the country and just then they might listen to what we have to I say to you we may not always get along but we can all get along for this system has got to go...let's the chickens come home to that their futures will feel our wrath from the past wake up and embrace the dark energy brothers and sisters... remember all we got is we me and you....(echoes)
I be the worse coming straight out the hearse
I was dead before i was born
Only to return back torn
In the tomb where i sit to be collected
And selected
To go to this underground club aint no grub
After death cuz all the earthly pain done left
My soul empty now them demons tryna get me
Stuck inside of dream reality seems
Like a one man team
Even though im too busy tryna get out the mainstream
Cuz i aint down with the government intervene
Breaking families through generational curses the worse is
Yet to come wake out of my dream only to come
Back to where it all begins in the garden of Eden casted the first sin
Serpents snuck they way in
Stole all of my riches and dynasty
Went from emperor to poverty to state property
Tribe of Judah finna rise look at objects floating in ya eyes no saprize
I see mexicans jumpin border
Cuz they done took the Most Highs Order
Takin back what belongs to them
TRUmp scared of em
****** them ******* like they did to us
Ashes to ashes dust to dust at the last pie off amerikkaz crust dont trust
What the media says i pray for violence to break the silence ultra violent rays
Shined upon me ya see all these spirits in me
Ready to set free in the atmosphere hear me clear
Amerikkaz nightmare is here to clear
All the chaos as adversaries pile up for the loss
One time!!!!!
****** coming to america just like they did us its coming nothing you can do
Yo them bars elementary so basic let's face it
Them false tactics will get ya facelift
Spittin' bars that's useless I'm ruthless
Eazy like E and the E for ease from the trigger squeeze
Follow my desert ease I give death a tease
Watch ya body sneeze out blood lowers the degrees
Feelin' the depths of hell G prodigy
Breeds causing havoc
Iay chaos like Doncic on the Dallas Mavericks thinkin' you so **** slick
But ya bars to greasy I'll have ya weezy
Please believe me murders are laid easily
It's an angels treasons when you breathing with demons
These 15s Makin' sensory it's the Black Michaelangelo
Paintin' ya ****** to a mural giving out halos
For not laying low my flows cold as nitro-
Gen use trees for my oxygen weaken ya collagens
Stop acting hard fraud when we know bend ya men's
Get it Benjamin's I'm taking ya ends you pretend
Leaving ya body blowin in the wind from
These lyrics that don't bend comprehend
To the back of ya dome wings flying
Hit you in the sky just see you fry again
Die again I was born a slayer hell's mayor
But I thought you was a player til I laid ya
Baby mamas bullets eat through ya flesh call it Dahmer
I'll palm ya with lyrics dunk on ya harder than Jordan did to the Knicks take ya pick
I'm the best at this **** my skills slay more than John Wick
My heat alone could crumble the earth
Since my birth I knew my worth
Had nothing to match to only speak to
Myself when judgment a clicking
Watching the time tickin' my flesh ain't repentin'
Runnin' past the prison system
I rather see stages of death on the very last
breath I'm close to the steps
Of success so ain't chasing for less
Though many died for the dough for sho
Just to get a show and even get hoes
But I stay with a open mental
Cocked back the pistol just for others to know
I don't play no games I Al Capone lames
When ya taxes maxed to the game
Ain't no shame in my heart I knew art
Before it became apart of my energy
Ain't no reality just an illusion prodigy
Played out well no fairytales
But i see yall
Ain't living well

Looking back at my past black
History we be a mystery to society
Quietly secretly I see them studying me
The way I dress the way I finesse
Flossin' all over the beats with the test
Shot on the mic til it gets hot
And time to drop the bars that light like stars
Only roll in foreign cars see no scars
We low livin' like Escobar say y'all close
But most of y'all is far from my lane
Burning rubbers from layin' many mother's
But I ain't the papa my flows drop ya
Harder than welfare can't compare
To the skills bred that was rare
I don't really care about the fame
Just tryna leave a legacy gain
Long live the king not Elvis I'm rockin' girls pelvis
They can't escape the ******
Causing muscle spasm cataclysm
Flex my wrist so you can get alook of this
Rolex gets me more *** without a plex
Flows a pandemic watch the critics reprimand it handed
Down by the legacy disbanded open mic stand granted
See me go off like Kenny sliding off bases stolen controllin'
Industry motives driven
Forces make mixtape corpses
Absorb the black porches
******* bad like Chayenne
What's a siren to men come again make no amends bends
Over money sins in grins pins
Sick off the dome push chrome
Forty five ways to jump jives
Straight out of the beehive it's Houston hard to stay alive
Check it rhymes selected
Beats wrecked it souls collected
Resurrected protected
By self wills blood spills excites deaths will land mills
Champagne chills grills
An harmer watch a snake charmer
Girls bomber than Osama
Bin laden black cotton
Still forgotten slotting victory over those who still plotting
Top executive order commissioner marauder slaughter
Any track I wax on strictly Teflon women I lay in octagons
Paragon like Jordan scoring
Flooring it's a clean swept back to back like the Bulls Repeat
Delete naw my fleet greater than an obsolete flows left to greet
Like nights in heat passion rising along with temperature
Art of war pure y'all need rhyming aids but I'm the cure
Scalping ya with the wicked flow church running a million 'mo
Babygirl just relax to a smooth j dilla track
Let me stack the 9 levels til ya ****** IMAX
Bed visions close ya eyes and let me bloom
My mushroom til the energy is consume
Wait dictate ya mind state almost in a crate
Closed negative vibes going all the way live
Way pass Coolio burning slow scented candles
R and B handles the reaching lust scandals
As i sit like a panhandle surround ya body
with mad water i came to slaughter Madonna
Nine yards as ya wanna stay like El Debarge
Take a charge of the gases Cosmo mojo
entering ya portals don't fight the **** glow
Energized then capitalized you've been analyzed
Strokes your ego til you mentally paralyze
Realize gleaming eyes that i want you
Harder than Marvin starvin' midnight affections
******* hold the ejection music selecting
Got me measuring every ounce of ya bounce
Hip hop ballads toss ya like salad have at it
Cant stop til i see the last drop of ya wells
Kiss all over your shells make ya sigh well????

Sweet toes beautiful smell ya portfolio close doors
Open up the skin pores cuz i adore let the p' snore
From putting in work til my your hip hurts exert
My shaft slow in and out i go sparks like a disco
In ya mind excite the stars in the night twilight
Ozone even got them angels fighting after my tone
Baritone play tracks like Goldie to Barry no worry
I'm stroking ya harp til my **** is sharp apart
Piercing your heart souls stuck in a desire fire
Like Rick James and Marie tell me can you see me
Boosting ya mentals with verbal chemicals
Body responding to sentimentals animal
Instincts don't blink like the ***** super pink
Let the one eye snake private guy sly
As the juices drip down ya inner thighs surprise
You got my **** standing like an Eifel tower
Every minute every hour I'll make ya wanna shower
Advance our universal power sour
Only to the wicked who can see us make it
I'll bake it to a hotter degree kunadlini energy
Burns hotter than lava Tao learned *** scholar
My mind's pass a dollar im tryna make ya holla
Inner city blues break ya out pass ya loves curfew
Im feelin' like Stevie baby let me Do I Do ...yo
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