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Andy Nov 2019
Thoughts are flowing through my mind
Confusion and repeated days are spent thinking of what has been left behind.
I'm sure I tended and planted these flowers yesterday.
Confusion overwhelming me with dismay.
Watering and tending again to give a new lease of life.
I request the loving help of my wife.
She doesn't seem to be around and I wonder why.
Then I smell the familiar baking of a homely apple pie.
My loved one keeping me warm inside.
Something I have never been able to hide.
What was I doing before I thought about my wife!!
I can't remember the details of my life.
I enter a lonely and unfamiliar quiet house.
This isn't where we were before.
Why isn't my wife by the door.
I see an old lady I barely recognise on a dusty mantelpiece.
She looks familiar but I cannot recall her name.
I try to think, but my attempts are in vane.
Reflections come flooding back into my life.
This lady is obviously to old to be my wife.
As I gather my lasting thoughts and stroll off to my bed.
Limited memories flowing hazily through my head.
My wife will soon be here to keep me warm and content.
As I dream about the wonderful past times we lovingly spent.
Andy Nov 2019
I am so confused wondering what I have done.
I am whisked away from my home for what seems like a thousand miles.
They are so nice to me and I wonder why.
Emotions are running high and I see a sense of guilty sorrow in their eyes.
As we reach our destination in beautiful gardens filled with people having cups of tea.
Staff in funny clothes ask me how I am and call me by name. Asking me if I would like to have some fun.
How is this possible
How do my family know them and I don't.
They look at me with false smiles and patronising reassurance.
My family observing the scene of discovery.
Trying to show an interest for my benefit.
An unfamiliar room we enter is deliberately filled with familiar objects.
Smells of home entering my memory.
I know deep inside that this is my new home and my family will soon be gone.
Andy Nov 2019
As my family gather around me
I feel their whispers of insecurity
Thoughts of past events racing through my head.
As I lay here dying on my bed
Drifting in and out of disturbed sleep
I hear the sounds of my wife weep
Telling stories of my life events and past
My childhood memories drifting so fast.
Of happy long summers and never ending winters.
My life breaking up into tiny little splinters
Talks of greed and if I made a will.
The only thoughts are the pockets they can fill
Heated conversation and unsettled voices
I am forgotten about while they make their own choices
Someone shouts out where are his deeds
My thoughts and sounds now coming in short feeds.
My breathing now slow as I drift into eternal sleep
Family still talking of what they will reap
As I awake into a glorified light
Away and at peace from all of the fight
To an eternal life away from corruption and greed
My pain and suffering now finally freed
Andy Nov 2019
My heart is bleeding
My soul is pleading
For the love that I once knew.
My mind is wondering
My thoughts are crumbling
Remembering how we grew and grew
My love for you will not go
My spirit feels so low
I try to remember the good
But I will never have understood
How this ended so quickly
I was out of your life so briskly
I just thought we would never part
and now I have a broken heart

Please remember me
Never stop believing in me
You may never see
How much you mean to me.
I want to call your name
My life will never be the same
Without you by my side.
Andy Nov 2019
Here I sit in my chair
With emotional feelings of despair
Reflecting on the good times we once had
The thoughts and memories leaving me feeling so sad
An empty and barren old house no longer with people
As lonely as a secluded church steeple
The garden once full of children and fun
Now all remaining is the shining sun
Mother and father have now passed on
Furniture and belongings will soon be gone
Leaving the memories of this sweet little home
As I cancel the bills over the phone
I wonder to myself who will have this place
Once more filling it with love and grace
An empty old house waiting for that time.
When their will be food laughter and glasses of wine.
A house warming party full of spirit
and a brand new family living within it.
Clearing out my parents house after they passed on.
Andy Nov 2019
I just wanted to say that everything you think about me is everything I think about you.
I never ever want to be without you.
Your are my heartbeat
You are my soul
You are everything
I feel so whole
When we're together
I feel like a feather
As light as a dove
Blessings from above
You are my only love
I will cherish you forever
Till we are together
Today and every day
I just wanted to say
I love you
In every single way
A message to a loved one
Andy Nov 2019
Man's destruction

Night turns to day
As I flow along my way
The views of hill tops and children having fun.
Their appearance shadowed by the sun.
My murky depths are full of stench
Enough to make the strongest man wrench
The rocks beside me are of brown  foam.
I feel so ***** and so alone
Life itself is slowly dying within
Mother nature fighting to cure this terminal sin
Man's destruction is doing it's best
To make my body a considerable mess.
Sticks and bits of rust add to my disease.
I am slowly falling to my knees
Constantly fighting for my life
Sewage enters me like a knife
Will it be to late to save me and the life I hold
The destroyer's are forever being told
They are so careless to my friends
Sometimes acting out Greenpeace trends
The destroyer's will **** us all
Please listen to natures call
If nothing changes soon
Our world is in certain doom
A discrimination on humans distraction of the world

— The End —