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Preethi Richards Nov 2020
The sun which ripens my fruits,
The star which guides my lost ship,
The wind whispers in my ear ,
And the earth asks me

“What is the use of the dwelling on acres of land When I am intended to eat only my peck of grain?”

It was a secret like flowers in the backyard,
Yet me,
None ,
Would understand this....!!

Preethi Richards Nov 2020
In The dusky night and the starless sky of the winter day ,
The sweet fragrance of Nightqueen flowers, and the scent of the winter night ,
I move along the corner of  my lane reviving the beautiful memories
There lies a world full of wonder and excitement , beyond the vision of naked eye,
There lies a world with the half acquaintance with half of bewilderment,
I fly in my darling world with the bud of hope and fragile petals
Alas! the winter breeze blew my hair bringing me back to the World of people
Preethi Richards Nov 2020
They are beautiful and untamed ,
They grow up against the harsh winds,
They spread like a river freely with
No boundaries,
They blossom whose fragrance takes to a new world ,
They are fragile like a beautiful heart and sensitive like a baby ,
They make the heart ponder and love stronger ,
They laugh lovably and makes hearts fly like a feather
And they are Flowers the true wild flowers ❤️
Preethi Richards Nov 2020
Besides the idle winter river,
And in the vacant summer days,
Under the shades of my trees
I wish , I would sit down with
The most peace in me,

I want to stand quiet
Quiet along the forest alone
while the wind shaking down the wilt leaves
the river clearing the burnt deeds of guilt,
I want to see the real reflection of my existence.
Preethi Richards Oct 2020
I sit secluded under my tree,
When no flower looks as a dream to my eyes,
When no longer butterflies fly like a hope in my mind,
Among the Lillies and  roses I sit here confused and parted within myself,
When the cool breeze gently reminds the arrival of winter
I sit here unmoved with the thoughts that leave me in dark,
I think about the shadows which left me in the rays of sunshine


— The End —