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Preethi Richards May 2022
How it would be if I meet you again as a complete stranger ?
I would never talked about LOVE,
I would never indulge you in my feelings
I would rewrite my story just including me,
I would never have you in my dreams,.
The feeling of strangers is good,
No voids  and No nulls.
Preethi Richards Jan 2021
I stand in the middle of space where am bounded and hooked up by the fine threads which are though visible but cannot be unhook
I struggle with the exhaustion caused in my brain and heart making me suffocate tearing down my ray of hope-  calling those threads as paternal and maternal relations!!

Preethi Richards Dec 2020
Getting entrapped in this word called

Love itself is not something beautiful as it seems to be ! It’s a myth!

Love is just like one’s irresistible feelings towards the other things and were unable to make any distinguishing between them and called it as LOVE
Preethi Richards Nov 2020
Her poems are like a Sea,
Writing about her Soulmate
With full of anticipation and love
Dripping every letter from her pen
Her eyes are like camera
Capturing every beautiful moment of his in her own heart,
Her smiles are like pearls
Rejecting the diamonds in exchange for his pearls
And he is her life now
No matter what happens and
what gonna happens

Preethi Richards Nov 2020
What are we upto? What is this tremendous amount of time and foolish energy is upto?

When this life is such a ring
Where every step still makes
Us stand In the circle?

What is our Ill gratitude for people is upto?
What’s our bravery to complain about things?


Preethi Richards Nov 2020
Life needs more starry lights and bonfire nights at cabin
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