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 Oct 2018 Outside Words
Easy flow the waters
of the river passing by,

though we straighten them with walls
and narrow them in time,

and lace them up with bridges
to bind them where they lay,

still the waters, like a lifetime,
slip their bonds and pass away..
 Sep 2018 Outside Words
Nik Bland
And I saw candles in the skylight
That forced me to look outward
Their flickered flames in twilight
Made is so there was not an echoed word

I looked upward, onward
At a world ending above me
As if a deaf man’s silence as he hears
The first strings of a symphony

Under that purple and crimson sky
The masses joined my gaze
Looking to horizons, not one eye dry
As endless candles floated in the haze

The sun it set, or did it burst?
A gasp, a rush, then no more
As candles fell from darkened sky
And set fire to the floor

But I will remember the penultimate
The flickered flames in technicolor sky
The beauty near the ending for which I was present
As all and all and all said goodbye
Sometimes endings are the most beautiful things in the world. Biting into a bittersweet fruit that was only meant to be tasted once, then ultimately lost...
Not even in my dreams have I ever dreamt of a woman as perfect as you,
With your voice that is as harmonious as the most majestic tune,
And with your face that leaves me in a haze throughout the whole afternoon,
I lie the nights away (where I continue to think about you)
For in my dreams, there you are with eyes of amazing hues,
Yet, in the dark, as I awake for another day, my eyes see the truth--
The woman of my dreams is already in my arms (snoozing away while looking ever so cute)
And with my heart touched as I have no idea of what to do,
I kiss this woman on her forehead and say "I guess dreams do come true"
 Sep 2018 Outside Words
How long can we keep this going
Our leaders are bought and by the establishments stolen
We have no say, we lack the speech$$$
Our lack of money is what they seek
The status quo, evil on earth
Military Complex
Wall street
Big Pharma
The beast gives birth!

That's what I saw on the news
God help the earth!
Traveler Tim!

— The End —