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Brian T Baker
"What good is a story that is never read? Although it is expressed, it cannot realize itself until it is shared, ridiculed, and sheltered." (2/14/12) ...
Poetic Thoughts
Depression land    18/Poet/Drama student/Bookworm/Singer. Words heal me. I write down things I cannot say. Message me anytime :)
20/F/johannesburg    All too well have i discovered, a passion for writing so admired. Nothing to hide, my hobby has been recovered. A little tiny thought keeps ...
dxb    follow me before the moon melts
Catalina H Gonzalez
San Antonio, Texas    In the midst of a place, lay somewhere in between the winter of my discontent and my utter madness for love
21/Chicago    Ink stains and paper cuts.
Manila, Philippines    Just a plain poet writer who loves poetry.
Ethan Fisher Johnson
Memphis, TN    Find me on Wattpad,
scorpio, infp. I live on the internet and enjoy Japanese film animation. Occasionally I make music, but most times it's just pitched noises. Still schooling ...
I was born between a twisted moon and a rising nebula and I have lived and am now living concurrent life sentences of loss and ...
Amelia Pearl
Living life like a dog and doing what I like. My writings are words that I never seem to say out loud.
Purple Rain
U.S.A    Don't wander; you will become lost.
A Kingdom By The Sea    I carry your heart with me.

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