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Michelle Apr 27
If love hurts then why do we do it?
Loneliness is easier I’d say
Why not walk to the lake and skip stones for a bit?
No need to waste thoughts and throw time away

The game of love is not one to fool with
One day everything’s going great, and the next  only lacrimation remains
I truly believe true love is some twisted old myth
Nothing on earth except drugs makes you feel all sunshine and sweet candy canes

While my apathy shines bright as the moon in the night
I have nothing more to say except love bites
Michelle Dec 2019
Black haired brown eyed boy, you don’t know  what you do to me
How you twist up my insides every time you talk to me
You have the cadence of my heart beat increasing to the point where i should be in cardiac arrest
Contemplating giving my heart a rest
Go a few hours
Don’t respond to your texts, telling myself it’s for the best
God i missed you but constantly diss you so you can’t be the one who leaves
Go a few days
Battling with my brain to not break down or to sound like anything less than the girl you’d love to be around
Go a week
Think i’m on the brink of insanity
Palms sweating, fingers trembling
My phone venom
Proximity’ll lead to shock but i don’t care ‘cause you’re worth it
Your presence ******, i’m a drug addiction for your attention
Ripping and picking through conversations like searching for a needle in a haystack
There’s the chance of being pricked, but i’m still in search of my next hit
The jitters consumed me
My feet toe-tapping a typewriter etching tales of an unrequited love story
The setting’s gory
A girl in her room 3:30
Anxiety raining upon her, her mouth a desert, wind blowing through her wide-open window, her cognitive abilities clogged
An intruder sneaks in, stabbing all sense of reason into silence
A frenzy about to commence
Word ***** falling and forming paragraphs
Hovering over a luminous screen, one touch of a small blue button cementing her destiny

— The End —