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Noel Billiter Dec 2018
Translucent dim lit paper moon
Slightly faded pale subdued tones
Delicate meloncoly hues gossamer gold
royal blues ethereal undertones
halos rings emits eclectric solar beams
radiates a rare luminescent glow
Shiny satellites inferior installations know
Gems of pearlescent ethereal stones
Composed orchestrated melodic overtones
Glorious galaxies of metallic chrome
Explored precious irredentist milestones
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
While on my  way to a friends gathering
I came across some boys walking
they spoke to me said I was pretty
I shied away from complimentary
they tore my dress ithat day
As I screamed  my little screams
covered my mouth no one could hear me
I bled my soul that day, no recovery
hands and parts in and all over me

Forcing and thrusting against my body
Shoving and pulling holding me down
After they finished left me there to bleed
Some nights I relive this haunting memory
Echos of voices ******* my dreams
this is the day I lost my virginity

I tell my story It serves as a warning
To all the happy sweet nice innocent girls
Don’t be so **** trusting of what you hear
Not all  compliments from boys are sincere
Stop wanting thier approval and attention
Be aware if this very painful lesson
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
November’s Icy fierce windy freeze
December’s snow quietly dreamed
January every second the longest hour
February told the clouds to shower
March’s moods and loud tantrums
Swelled like waves from the ocean
April grew colors of sweet perfume
May lit up the sky with yellow hues
June pushed me to heal my wounds
July honestly just spoke the truth
August sang sweet melodic harmonies
September walks and her majestic trees
October with its peircing blue skies
November’s landscape caught my eye
December and all it’s glorious white
January snowflakes sparkled in the twilight
February urged me to find my voice
March didn’t give me much of a choice
April is my new absolute favorite
May revealed some dark secrets
June helped me find my happiness
July I felt like myself again!
August taught me I am enough
September’s lessons I listened for once
November is when I fell back in love
December glowed and brightly glistened
the smallest speck as big as infinite space
Each continent sized second has a significant place
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
Tides of angry crashing waves swell tall
The shore abruptly braces itself
Ancient books and secrets have held
This thousand year old epic battle
Famous fortunes fortold of this war
Hundreds of fight to settle the score
creatures emerge from the murky deep
abandoning all reason or sympathy
The salty sweat of its razor tongue
Lashes out and melts the once brilliant sun
Cursed the landscape into dust
Cliffs and mountains all forsaken
No longer grace us with their wisdom
A thousand years crushed eviscerated
A scorched earth now blackened ashes
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
A friendly wager between the two
A shake of hands and it was through
God and the Devil struck a deal
How many souls could they steal
subjects of a sinister bet
Humans as the main event
Our fate a twisted competition
boredom replaced by a bad decision
Who would win the most souls
And bragging rights and gold medals
A different kind of entertainment
To keep them busy for a minute
This madness trumps all rational
Where right and wrong they can not tell
Like waking up from a demented dream
A nightmare played on a movie screen
Would God betray us and sell us out
Just for lack of something else to do
Maybe Such madness is not so far fetched
To put a price tag on all our heads
But this is just a silly thought
A harmless notion That I dwell on
Out of boredom and lack of sleep
But what a scary thought indeed
A deal with the devil and god agrees?
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
They burned under mercy
when suspicion ruled and courts were cruel
willed to sleep when the black soaked in
and candles flamed
as each night tore another sin
silence soared the untamed green
no mercy here among the savage screams
those innocent souls
whose voice they told
Were not heard by those who scold
they spoke
they rose
from ashes of rage
and ultimate smoke
Their ghosts seeking redemption and justice
A warning  sign to those who judged
The innocent who hold a grudge
Karma will come and spare none
So steel yourselves the real hunt has begun!
Noel Billiter Dec 2018
Light beams scatter through the air
A thousand stars react when you stare
Diamonds shatter amoung your glance
The tallest mountains never stood a chance
The sun shines brighter just for you
The moon himself gives you a better view
A note sounds sweeter as it flows
In and out of sound it goes
Waves bow down and change their tide
The trees sway in rhythm as you walk by...
Do you even know your own weight?
Worth more than gold or so they say
Rumors about your beauty
Swirl through the crowded streets
Whispers of a Angel here on earth
Spread quickly as we speak
Written down in folklore books
The story of your famous looks
The dreamy way you always walk
And lovely words you softly talk
The fairytale forever told
Through generations new and old
Your picture guilded Dipped In gold
More prominent then queens and thrones
The most beautiful woman ever known
Carved in marble
Etched in stone
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