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Dec 2018
While on my  way to a friends gathering
I came across some boys walking
they spoke to me said I was pretty
I shied away from complimentary
they tore my dress ithat day
As I screamed  my little screams
covered my mouth no one could hear me
I bled my soul that day, no recovery
hands and parts in and all over me

Forcing and thrusting against my body
Shoving and pulling holding me down
After they finished left me there to bleed
Some nights I relive this haunting memory
Echos of voices penetrate my dreams
this is the day I lost my virginity

I tell my story It serves as a warning
To all the happy sweet nice innocent girls
Don’t be so **** trusting of what you hear
Not all  compliments from boys are sincere
Stop wanting thier approval and attention
Be aware if this very painful lesson
Noel Billiter
Written by
Noel Billiter  40/F
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