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Jun 2019 · 43
For All Time
Nephilem07 Jun 2019
All the long lonely hours
And discarded flowers
All these tears I have shed
On this path I have tread
All the pain in my gut
As I have had to rebut
All the lies that my love
Was dropped like a glove
All the hope that I held
For our hearts to remedy
Was it all just a waste
Has my ring been defaced.
Jun 2019 · 63
Nephilem07 Jun 2019
Does she look out to sky at night,
whilst i'm a world away,
that we might see cosmic light,
not so far from the blindness of day

For when she sees the majesties,
that i might look upon,
our distance, not so great as galaxies
ever moving, on and on.

I look into the depths
of waves, and space, and thought
every view beheld sharing breaths
in hopes our time apart will fade to but a fraught.
I wrote this on deployment with the navy. Seems so melancholy looking back on it now that my marriage is in shambles.
Jan 2019 · 113
Sailor's bond
Nephilem07 Jan 2019
We share a tale,
   of vaulted views
and columned pews.
   With dappled light
through glass bejewelled
    comes solemn rays,
shining down
    on kneeling few
and dusted air.
   Though far between
our different times
   the hallowed halls
our paths have shared
   on shores we've seen,
though separately.
Wrote this in a couple of minutes for some of my colleagues in the Navy.
Jan 2019 · 69
Not Why
Nephilem07 Jan 2019
What restless minds may wander to
when ever grows the night
and sleep evades from pillows gaze
until the wanderer finds respite.

Where broken hearts may linger
when harsh burns yet the pain
and comfort hides in a friend who tries
to break shackling chains.

When sorrowed eyes may cast away
what borrowed joy was left
and courageous few shrink from view
before a smile can commit its theft.

How hopeful souls may lift
where darkened heart could not
and all the weight upon your plate
to take upon my own.


— The End —