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Neha Srivastava Feb 2020
Realization is making your heart acquainted with what your mind is already aware of !!!!!
Neha Srivastava Feb 2019
Mark my landscape with your fingers whipped in lust,
Stain my terrains and curves with your lips.
Come down and unravel the mystery while I gasp
Inject me with painful pleasure
Devour me!!!
#lust , #love , #body
Neha Srivastava Nov 2018
Vacantness of my soul is no to be bared
For any fill would be interim
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
I am not my body
I am my defiant spirit....
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
I have not given up on you
I have just learnt to place my worth high....
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
You made me to fall for yourself
You pushed me away
And In between I found Myself
Neha Srivastava Apr 2018
A bruise, a cut and the dripping blood
makes you sensitive like a rose bud,
Perturbed for what lies on the surface of the skin
Cared to notice what experiencing underneath?
Mental scar, depressed mood and grief so extended
why are all these left unattended?
Are these not signs of mental illness?
Then Why are these dealt with Prejudices?
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