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MysticRiddleton Mar 2020
time—we set
   that we won't fret
     just to get set
      and not forget

      sleep—an endless feud
    where we get sued
  when we elude
a debt often eschewed

time—you set
  that you won't fret
    just to get set
      only to forget

      sleep—an endless feud
    deliberately sued,
  you just stood
paid the debt; ceased the feud
Don't set the alarm for a second you decided it's all over. I promise, past that second, your nightmare will be all over; just snooze, and you'll see the better days.
MysticRiddleton Feb 2020
I close my eyes
So I could see,
Perceive what lies
Infinitely -
A cluster of
Realities -
That if becomes
How great would be
MysticRiddleton Jan 2020

In synchrony, we walk
And walk and walk and walk


Away from our hearts
To steal another one's


If I step out the line,
my life gets on the line


The heat has been too harsh
But the light; I see the light...


As it draws across the marsh:
a mushroom with a blight!

MysticRiddleton Mar 2019
Be careful not to utter
A word they call taboo
Demanded by the matter?
Just drop a hint or two.
MysticRiddleton Jan 2019
If granted one last time
To relive the past of gold
Mountains that we climb
As reckless and bold,

So to correct the errors
While regaining tomorrow's glory
To alleviate the recurring terrors
Of today's story

What of it could meddle
With the intertwinings
Made by yesterday's paddle
For today's silver linings?

An epoch to be rewritten:
Will it revise the next chapter
Or make memories forgotten
If I change a single chapter?
MysticRiddleton Jan 2019
you covered it up
like it was a part of you
for if not would it have been
a shame to be vested in you
or so you thought it was
then you buried
its impurities
as if to hide it away, forever
but as you nourished
the soil with its iniquities
the seed of your doings
fell altogether
and flourished,
being fed with impurities
it was noticeably staggering,
an unsightly abomination
My country is an old book with a crumbly, dusty cover;
original and valuable
Like a book, you don't judge it by its cover.
What's inside it is what defines it.
Gently open it;
Read each word with heart,
Uncover its uniqueness
till it brings delight.
Find the book enjoying,
You'll never wish for it to end.
You'll read it one more time,
You'll show loftiness to it.
Oh, fellowmen, we're proud of our country
Even if we're not;
Our mouths say we are, but our hearts deny.
Oh beloved country,
We discerned ourselves
through judging you
because of our own fault.

**© Frank Lloyd Manalang, 2014
A poem written by my best friend, Frank
About nationalistic spirit
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