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Benedict Menda Jun 2014
what's on my mind is how to feel the epitome of life, that mixed feeling like it's midway through the night, that levelness of the heart when you know what's wrong and what's right, those moments where you high but still down to earth, kinda like a kite.
I want to collect moments, live life being honest, live through the torments, survive and be at my strongest, for me life should be a contest, on who can live happy the longest. but instead it's about the mulla, popularity and being the ruler,
Benedict Menda May 2014
when the sun shines,my mind finds, inspiration as I look upon a nation with untapped potential and a need for influential ****** such as myself.
I do not brag or boast, I am just a sand peckle laying in the coast, but I refuse to be tossed and bossed around by the waves of social expectations and wicked ways of a nation just so one day I can hope to be found.
the tongue is powerful so I watch what I say, I believe in self motivation just incase friends slowly start pushing away, I believe in being morally upright and refusing discrimination upon Gods creations, communications without conflicts having good public relations.
I would not go so far as to call myself a king for motivation,
I would only say that I am a man that brings comfortation,
don't cling to observations,
just sing and make proclamations,
that people aren't actually free. I mean they are but don't act like it, matter of fact they don't like it when you tell them they are stuck to routines.
people are so busy trying to make a living but forget to make a life for themselves.
my mind is an attic, filled with the old and the New coz it's dynamic, I am also an addict, to a tragic free life.
so when you say life's a ***** just know your the snitch that let life dig a ditch and placed you in it, now stop for a minute and think about it and try admit it, most of us don't get in it, we were just born in it. we woke up to walls around us, is for the living, get out there and breathe in the fresh air, believe in something but beware, have good desires, coz if not you end up in the ditch this time burning with fire.
Benedict Menda May 2014
a knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly  tested.
I start off with a quote, that adds spice to the fish in the boat, who say that their knights in shining armor have fought, hard enough for the ladies who've put in thought, that the man that comes to sweep them of they feet is fit with an armor so glamorous that it shines all the time.
but then maybe they mean it shines with greatness, power and courage,,
shines bright enough for acceptance in her hand in marriage.
but no.
we all know a girl's best friend is a diamond,and according to girls these days nothing shines brighter.

a man with a dented armor is a man who has fought and fought well to survive the opponents in combat from depriving his life from him.

so, this man with a dented armor has been through hard Times,
he gained and lost friends l,had his heart broken again and again he might not look too good but his heart shines,
his love is sublime, for he has learned to love without hesitation,
to love with values and skips the division to think about the multiplication,
you can't get to one without the other but you know what I mean.
Benedict Menda May 2014
Undermined and unsatisfied with peoples pride and minds that can’t decide which path in life to strive on, what person they want to be and should be to get that which is considered the only accomplishment that brings satisfaction. That which is your dream.
Benedict Menda May 2014
I saw you again and this time no mistake baby your beautiful, you walk so elegantly, so confidently, it’s like you’re stuck in a musical. Your hotness is melting my mind, like a Popsicle in the summer, just love no drama, the introductions fine I just want you to be my lover, all hearts took cover when you walked by, mine was interested in your phone number before I said “hi”, and before I get high, I wanted the sober brother to recover lean over for a peck and lean back check you out for a sec, then ask you out for dinner or a drink next time we met. Pretty girl like you should be handled with care, so stop with the stressing, consider me a blessing because I’ll always be there, we can share a drink as I sit and stare at you while I think, I know staring is rude but baby girl I’m you’re boo so we can let that ship sink. Maybe you can move in and we could be roommates, you know, talk, eat, watch movies and stay up late, no texting just a normal conversation, no flexing I hope you good with confrontations, new love which means no issues or complications, it’s the honeymoon stage nothing less than celebrations. Of course we will be cautious and whatever, we’ll both listen to understand no one’s better than the other, most people listen to reply, they don’t get that having happiness isn't a gift, it’s a choice that we decide, and if I was blind man this love would give me sight. I know God would not have let me miss meeting this miss or giving her a kiss, it’s a little weird me telling you this but baby girl you’re a star and one that fits my list.
A poem to a lady i know who lives in the same building as i do. Her beauty is admirable and i use that fact to inspire myself, placing myself on her lovers shoes.

— The End —