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What’s this all about?
Who are all of you?
Why do I care about you so much?
Why do I look at you with love?
I’m a child
Helplessly hopeless for a smile
We’re all strange.
Now what?
Except everyone
Some of us are ready
What’s important

Finding answers?
Creating questions?
Tom Morrissey Sep 10
Suicide comes to mind
The thought can dwell forever
“The metal plays across my skin
Like a violin
Letting all the blood poor out
So I won’t breathe again”
That was a part of me 10 years ago
What’s changed?
I’m understanding what thoughts are
Thoughts are shallow
They aren’t coming from somewhere deep inside
They traverse along indecision
To be jumbled and confused
Don’t dwell in thought
Act with the first good thought you have
And keep going
Don’t think too much
Do you want to know my mind?
It’s like…
Described so easily to compare
Doesn’t the chaotic nature of thought provoke the understanding of each other?
The trickery runs deep
“Your mind is jumbled not like mine”
“I’m  especially different“
The make up is the same
The action is individual
And the consequence is universal
Our outlook's changing
We’re eventually one in the same
So please enjoy what you’re doing
Without it bound in pain
Who else knows this truth?
Who wants to save the world?
We can shake them to wake them
Existence will unfurl
Tom Morrissey Aug 23
We are all just extensions of oneself; split up to hide away, and to take in as many circumstances that are ever possible to exist.
Tom Morrissey Aug 13
I hear the whimpering
As the factions call us home
You too keep true to math
As you fall into your number
Begging to be apart of the equation
You exist
It’s everything you ever wanted
Please stop crying
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