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Mitali Das May 2020
Let you and I fly the land,
Where the COVID can't reach us.
Where we breathe the fresh breeze,
We touch each other and kiss.

Hand-in-hand we walk on some ******, unexplored roads,
With the hope to step in the heaven unseen.
The ripe fruits you plucked,
Indicates the maturity to handle my unripe moods.

Oh the bed of roses!
Seems the unseen staged it,
Seems you too were eagerly waiting,
To witness the maiden union of the two of our bodies.

Thirsty, hungry and tired
I began complaining.
You put your finger on my lips and whispered,
Don't say a word,
Mouths can be used in other ways,
So as tongues artfully can move in other ways.
Let's wordlessly convey all the things
We have waited all this while to say."

I see my reflection in your eyes,
As our lips unite.
My heart urges you to taste me until
You can take no more.

Let my body lie on the bed,
And your hands explore it.
Make love like the world is going to end.
Give your everything to me
And love me hard.

You closes my eyes.
Ignore the clock as your fulfillment.
Only ******* is on my mind,
Lemme make you forget the world tonight.

You whisper sweet little nothings in my ears.
I am unaware of the *******.
As I regained my senses,
I am shy but my eyes tell a different story.
You forcibly take away my hands I used to cover my precious things.

The more it gets in,
The more it heightens the ecstasy.
Finally the quest for depth is fulfilled.
Still the thirst remained unreplenished.

There lies something beyond the flesh-play,
Something that blends two souls.
When it's not about devouring up the skin,
But the marriage of two souls.
A union pure and beautiful.
Mitali Das May 2020
Oh my darling !!
You are the only man I love to see every morning .
The man whom I wanna kiss uncountably every day .
The only  man who has the right to be on my top.
The man for whom I can change  the ways of my life .
This man is my bestfrnd ,boyfnd and a crazy lover ....all in one .
I love you my man.
  Apr 2020 Mitali Das
Be My Doll

Be my doll,
I want to play with you.

Be my doll,
I want to decorate you.

Be my doll,
I want to change your clothes.

Be my doll,
I want to desecrate you.

Be my doll,
I want to possess you.

Be my doll,
I want to pick you in my arms.

Be my doll,
I want to keep you with me.

Be my doll,
I want to marry you.

Be my lady,
I want you to take me as your lord.
My HP Poem #1837
©Atul Kaushal
Mitali Das Apr 2020
प्रसन्नता सी झूमने लगती है
तेरी एक बूंद से ही,
भर-भर के जब तुम आती हो,
एक पल के लिए कहूं,
कुछ पल तो ठहर जा,
मेरे अतृप्त मन को तो भर जा।

बिन बुलाए अतिथि जैसे आए तुम
लेकिन तुम्हारी प्रतीक्षा नैनों में रहे,
ऐसी अनुभूति लाते हो तुम।

मुझ हेतु एक अप्राप्य सौगात हो तुम,
मार्ग देखें जिसकी कोई हृदय के रोगी,
और वह नए-नए प्रेम के बंधन में हो जो।
भयभीत होते हैं कच्चे घर,
वह जिनकी रोटी भी अपेक्षा से आधी है।
प्रसन्नता का उपहार जहाँ कुछ के लिए,
दुःख के सागर भी तुमने भर के दिए।
एक ओर तुम्हारी हर एक बूंद जहाँ किसी के स्मित का कारण है,
वहीं दूसरी ओर यही अश्रुओं का कारण भी है।

टप, टप, टप बरसो हल्के-हल्के।।।
Mitali Das Mar 2020
Reclining on a cliff
In the twilight gloom,
I beheld a different world;
Where earthly sufferings can't reach.
The blue expanses expended non-ceasingly.
The waves glittered,
And seemed to be frocking in joy.
A divine voice was chanting,as if
Spatting out what I never heard.
Was it or I who felt it
Hey,the waves seemed to make fun of me!
The waves with it's every ripple
Seemed to have an air of mockery!
Was I an alein among them?
Or the vice versa?

— The End —