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mia Feb 2021
To the boy in my dreams
I don't know if you are real but I hope you are I see your long blonde hair  kind eyes blue baseball cap  every time I close eye
You were there for me when I needed you most and you loved me without a doubt but there came a day when you were gone and the image fades away but I see your smile and know you not but I am free thanks to you
To the boy who made the nights seem less dark and the days far brighter you have my heart but it's time to go and find your love for you and keep me in mind every time she smiles for remember the time we had and not much more you were the first and  not the last but if only you were real and not just a dream that had to end and have these feelings pass
It maybe real but it's easier to think it's not because of the way it went and how it all ended
mia Oct 2020
tonight is not the night that you get to break me
you call me yours when i want nothing to do with you
you say its just once more but i have heard that four times before
or do this or everyone will see what i have seen and that she would be yours
but you weren't like this at first...
not tonight you dont get to have me
and this time i mean it
wrote this a month ago and I feel like its time that it gets posted
written 09/20/20
mia Oct 2020
if there was really truly someone else would you tell me
was that name you posted at 11:11 really random or is she really yours
im i really just of at the side
did you tell me its just to keep the hoes away that you let be there
to make me happy to make me believe that you really love me
its been a rough few days with this long distance relationship and I have no clue whats happening  anymore
mia Jul 2020
you were my sprinkle of joy
never failed to put a smile on my face
but then you changed
words became few and far between
and the joy you bring is  gone
  Jun 2020 mia
We went on a date,
except you didn’t know it was a date,
so you missed me staring at the back of your head,
as you ran through the fountain.

We went on a date,
but you didn’t know,
so you missed the feeling of desperately wanting to kiss
you on the lips as we dried in the sun.

We went on a date,
you didn’t know,
so you missed out on all the funny feelings that I
wouldn’t give away for anything.

We went on a date,
and now I'm too attached,
so you'll never know it was a date
because I don't want to lose you.
I went on a 'date' recently... but I didn't tell her it was a date. So now we're friends.
mia Jun 2020
our joke started with a random message
and progressed into a half an hour conversation and a problem
our distance
I miss the way we talked that night
while we talked I was so ecstatic
when your name pops up on my screen I can't help but smile
  May 2020 mia
I wish you love for there's no better thing that I'm able to do
May the sun always shine upon you when you're feeling blue

If your eyes fall upon these words then they are meant for you
I wish you a lifetime of happiness, hoping your dreams come true

Praying that any dismal clouds of sorrow will swiftly drift on by
May peace arise from within to wipe away any tear you may cry

Flowers are tumbling from the skies, songbirds joyously fly free
Singing 'let's bridge the gap, in reality, there is no 'you' and 'me'

Thank you for your posies, more than just words upon the page
We all play our little part wearing the persona, life is but a stage...
May God shower untold blessings upon you all...

All my love and best wishes...Kim x

God Bless you us all

Thank you for all you have shared, I love you all...
Kim x
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