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Maximilian Aug 2019
I'm a case, because the content of the feeling is open
That bridge draws the spirit of space to me
And I slide along the lines like boundaries
So it can be said and it is exclusively

Here's a set of binders in a row of all the questions
No way, take those words out.
A different form of will not shed
Acting will tremulous interest

From the expense he has an understanding of purity...

But the appearance of energy is not exactly explained.
Mark only the language
Who described a partially possible.

How attached is it?
What are the leaks based on?
Is the volume full of loud?
Even if I see a county object
Sometimes I think he is gone.

But how is the sheet the same for everyone?
Early on, the point is still set..
The process is self-born
On each string of silence
The growth in the color of the movement tone is determined.
Maximilian Aug 2019
Golden eye of eras
Reads destinies the bent motive
Changeable image of the house
The unbidmost flight of Love

The call proceeds tin on shadows
Expression of nameless
The beam exactly falls and creates a story
Drawing hopes the bridge, destroying sufferings.

Foreseeable adventure
Way on the island, whom as if is not present
For what the second consciousness of milestones is opened
When to the first measurement century
An opportunity to rise to the provision of the purpose.
Maximilian Dec 2018
The dot ***** is flown down to the river
The sword is directed as rolling contracting
To deprive this hour on the right of the universe
But the leaf it is smooth "under" equal "out of"

And look of two directions
Equally we store
In this war I see the island; it is a voice unburied
The look without account carried away is ready to answer
Surfaces are clean at a road blindness

Shouting, the cut bush of subject will burns
Or the incorporated piece of a bank of good
But having embodied an image to wound it again
Tended to leave plates against motive.

To announcement bears nervousness of waters
Perhaps, land in color of gold speaks.
Put precisely looks for finding.
Because and a bush in your hand we burn down.

And the step was the choice of a meeting
The shape memory substituted in the direction without lie
Going so, on a measurement smooth surface
In depth sands the unsteady world is also lifted.

Having washed not only shoulders
Fully the leaf accepted an image property
And result of war
Only age values
It is unknown are exact.

Boundary communications of corners (exactly three)
Removes questions of means
And birds as satellite camel
The known word for the Void.

The review turns me to a smooth surface of waters
To light sands and fluid sky.
Having collected contents of schemes and bases
The decline turned to the Tree.
Maximilian Nov 2018
And if death is a German teacher
In the depths of the yellow fields
Dispelled by era smoke
The course finally went beyond terms
To teach one important lesson.

I am ready to develop the desired line
The dream sheet that led to those roads
And now it is possible to create
Under the bridges the river, and the meadow became sloping.

And on the ***** burns than burned.
Deep boundary is the original limit.
Maximilian Nov 2018
Ach, Sarah über das Zeichen beim Dasein
Wie der gesammelten Wege eines Weges
Des goldenen Feldweges rein charme

Der warm tragenden Wände unter die Schatten
Die heißersehnte Erfassung
Wird die Freiheit des ewigen Raumes geben
Auf die Hand zur Leinwand des Antlitzes der Natur
Die Quellen der Submarine, der versteckte reine erste Mensch

Den Thron zu führen, das Flüstern nicht aufgezählt der Weisheit der Wehen
Der lebendige Anfang der schaffenden Zeit.
Maximilian Oct 2018
Tree as the bridge in the  confrontation of the sky and earth
Fell the light for eternity in a sand pellet by expressing
With a hand, the outcome of the day, and I as before try to
Having created you haven't created

Mine is bought a debt in process of the birth
Frames of shoulders of equipments are forgotten
The way facetted by printing of the answer
On desert brigs the old man Camel smoked

It is cloudy as if smoke is a new scene of area
Here only I burn, breath of convention
I will draw precisely on a stone a line of missing basicity
I won't see you
All result of absolute.

I discovered that there is there
The Abyss, the personality and the circle.
Maximilian Oct 2018
It is not crash, it's simple motive
Tobacco burns and seen an hour
River waters and the syllable hurts
Space measure inside itself
Leashes of knowledge of love and recreation
Turn a soul of thought of last to the corn now
So experince of memory, ideas, consciousness are attached
Finding as a greater than just a power to the interior
Illustration of scene, end of the issue
Here is a term, but a verge it is easy, it is existence(Dasein).
I have looked up my eyes to branches of oak and in process of learning book
Choosing the way for everybody and nobody
Thus bearing of absence
I learned of grass, opening a copybook.
Overview shooting of completeness of world
The son and the father - the way to Tarkovsky
Opening I have absorbed system halls
I waited so much and decided, that i will create from myself in out of
What was apropriated to God as a purpose.
It is important to say - the new subject
This is the world in which i could believe myself(Inside world).
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