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Myrka Nov 2018
They say don’t be scared
It’s all okay
But in the end they don’t really want to hear what I have to say

They ***** me out
Squeeze me tight and turn me inside out
Paper cut me through and through till I’m purple and blue

So I close my eyes
Blink twice
And suddenly they’re gone

Nowhere near me they’re now inside
Big mosquitoes that make me itch and flutter at every sign of light
Creating holes inside my brain to be filled by small dark flies

They buzz around spreading lies that so profoundly deceive me
I try to hide inside my mind but these thoughts they just won’t leave me
Nothing hurts more than not hating yourself but hating the feelings you feel

So I close my eyes
Blink twice
And never wake up again

Running in circles there was no way out  
I saw a crater up ahead
I dove right in, raised a gun to my head and never climbed back up again
Myrka Jun 2016
I close my eyes to reality
The crisp turning pages sounding like music to my ears
The rich scents of adventure, I breathe in
The sweet and sour taste of misery and contentment washes into my mouth
The tips of my fingers softly trace every letter and word
And finally,
I open my eyes to a new world of fantasy

— The End —