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LW Jan 23
Také o Tobě sním
a pokaždé mi zůstane
vůně tvé blízkosti
stesk a šepot duše

když se probudím
koryta řek mají břehy podemleté bouří

Sním o Tobě a Tvé blízkosti…

“Tvá blizkost….”
Kolik toho obsahují jen ta dvě slova…..
“Blízko Tebe…..”
nezměrné dálky a volání
“Jsi blízko…..”
Žiji tady a teď
“Mám Tě…..”
Čas ani prostor není
“Jsem s Tebou”
Něco hluboko však tuší
“Zůstaň ještě…..”

a Ty ?
musíš jít, protože…
byl to jen sen
sen o Tvé blízkosti
LW Jun 2019
It's a surface of the ocean, seemingly quiet, but crashing against the shores ripping hard rocks apart

it is a traveller taking a deep breath as he walks through his home village returning after many many years

It's the unheard cry of a colourful leaf falling from its sun-drenched tree into the untamed river, which carries it to the dark clouds

It's wolf breath, leaning over the neck of a sweetheart who loves him, after a wild hunt across the forest!

It's a rumble of thunder! and raindrops falling on molten lava

It's a room painted with graffiti, smashed into the last chair, the last glass, where a breathless heart stands with a frantic expression and laughs crazily!

It's a mute person's hand in the boiling water!

It's a white snowflake falling silently in the forest on a dark night.

A song rising up from the blue depths.

It's the cry of the soul, the cry and desire, the cry and the desire,
you and desire!

It's a fist fight of tears and lips.

It's the love of fire and water.

It is despair without which I cannot live.
  Aug 2016 LW
Elan Bonde Gregory
every constant is a fortress of assumptions
in a world kept safe by change
the organic state
maintained as the only constant
  Jul 2016 LW
There is a love that rages here.
A kind that's incredible.
One that's illogical
and addled.

It sees through eyes though blind.
It thinks with mind though insane.
It feels with heart though unscrupulous.
It chooses with thought though reckless.

It is selfish and it wants what it wants.
It doesn't care because everything else
bears little weight.

There is a love that surges here.
And we are but...
collateral damage.
Love makes you do crazy things no matter the cost.
  Jul 2016 LW
silent moments sing the loudest
and I hear her calling,
" come back to the womb for awhile my dearest, and drink deep of my fare. All your striving leave behind and come suckle at my breast."
  Jun 2016 LW
Janae Marie
Destroy me softly in the dead of night.
Rip apart my thoughts with gentle words
and steady hands.

Do not question yourself,
I promise not to protest in return.

Ask me where my words are hidden,
how I bury them
and dig to them without pause so that my muscles won't have time to push you back.

Unearth my dreams,
ransack my heart until we are both covered in blood and truth.

I don't care how much it hurts,
turn my mind inside out and
thought into your palms.

Pry open those rusty hinges
because heaven knows I am just as clueless as you are to what lies behind them.

And I know, I know, I know
that what is underneath my skin is raw and pink.

Tell me how it tastes.
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