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Lipok Jamir Oct 2020
As i strut along weak and weary,
Came a soothing chant in flurry,
With its echo sweet and lovely,
Yet its melody sad and dreary.
Creeping into my idle mind,
Polluting me of all kind.
Slipping through the cracks of my weakness,
Seeding at the comfort of its darkness.

Taking its root on my heart, immune.
Feeding on the lies I consume,
Keeping the evil deeds resume,
Making my life wholly deplume.

Sprouting through the stretches of my ego,
Bearing its fruit on my habit as I go,
Killing my character swift aghast.
Leaving me lost and blur at last.

My presence denied all glamour,
All frolic lost in a quick manner,
Left me bruised, blue and sore,
Darkness there and nothing more.

Lost in the dark all blinded,
I sat there hopeless and chained,
For the wages of sin is death,
And in its gulf a fitting grave.

As i nod there nearly drowsing,
A ray of hope as the church bell ringing,
A shimmering tint from a distant drift,
A desperate grasp on the graceful lint.

My hands tightly curled into each other,
As I begin to sit and ponder.
Then I heard a call from yonder,
Whose echo so soothing and tender,

Its melody full of love and kind,
Reaching out to my burdened mind,
Healing me from deep inside.
Drawing out the evil outside.

"And it all made the difference".
Lipok Jamir Jul 2020
In the early bright
from a distant drift
came an echo swift
Ah! something's not right.

Another case of a missing child,
Fallen prey in their wicked plan,
labelled high in their evil mind,
takes a place in their tainted chain.

With news of such, i'm grieved,
Their words offend my ears.
How could one heart respond
To such wicked plan of yours.

Innocent souls for the price tag,
Forced to work against their choice,
in the hands of the folly gang
their frolic moment gone.

Trails of their innocent tear
screams loud for a helping hand
take heed my fellow dear
go seek and heal their wound

fighting for another man's cause
i will not rest and have peace
i care much as to be fair
to save a child in despair

In this game of cat and mouse,
It wont take long, rest assured.
For i'm committed to the cause
To assure that justice is served.

I stand here on the frontline,
Tracing every drop of an innocent tear
And lily-white prints on a weathered stone
To cure the wounds and heal their fear

And when the chase is done
il lay my head and rest
And thank to God for what is done
And be at peace and be at rest

And in the break of dawn
from a distant drift
came an echo swift
'everything's gonna be alright.
I'm an amature writer so if you can give any constructive advice. I'd appreciate it
Lipok Jamir Oct 2017
Sweet little flower, take my song
Go and tell her how beautiful she is
How sweet and fair she seems to be
When i resemble her to you.

Tell her how young she is
How fertile and strong.
In the day she shines just like you
In the dawn, she cast the smell
Of her sweet perfume.

She captures the heart of many
With the face that wore a rosy cheek;
A coral lip displaying an alluring smile.

But Oh little flower,
Tell her how small is the worth
Of beauty if light retired
And if one losses its soul
What gain does she have?

Then die! that she
The common fate of mankind
Oh little flower,
tell her how small is the worth;

Oh little girl, hear my song,
Let the wind of dawn blow away the empty pride
For mortal beauty will fade away
But spiritual beauty is endless.
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
Lipok Jamir Apr 2016
Erstwhile, i cared for none
But now i have a promise
To the Lord that i can be
As worthy as a servant should be  

The earth is my battlefield  
Amid in the evil, wearily i stand
A relentless battle to survive
Trying hard to stay alive.

Each day I'm faced with opponent
In an arena crowded with temptation.
Masters of the dark distort my spirit,
In their deadly game, i am but a pawn.

So weak, i tremble with fear.
This unutterable battle, i am bound to lose.
Lord, send forth thy holy warrior
And save me O Lord, make haste.

He knows my every weakness.
My weakness his console,
But, Lord have mercy on me
For you said "My power works best in weakness."

Permit me as your lowly servant if i deserve,
And send me forth to justify the truth.
Nurture me under Your grace
And i will build in You a strong faith.  

As a roaring lion he may come,
But i will stand still and never move.
For i have faith in You Lord 
I will rejoice and forever be glad.  

Lord, make me wise
That i may know his cunning ways, 
Make a shield around me
And wrap me in Your loving arms.  

I will watch and pray
Lest i get weary,
I have a life to sacrifice,
A heart to give.  

Lord, have patience with me
"O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger,
Nor chasten me in Your hot displeasure."
For i am but dust and You are my saviour. 

I will prove to be your worthy servant,
I will honor Your grace and love,
Till the day i hear the trumpet,
In that day, i will greatly rejoice. AMEN..
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