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Lipok Jamir Jul 2020
In the early bright
from a distant drift
came an echo swift
Ah! something's not right.

Another case of a missing child,
Fallen prey in their wicked plan,
labelled high in their evil mind,
takes a place in their tainted chain.

With news of such, i'm grieved,
Their words offend my ears.
How could one heart respond
To such wicked plan of yours.

Innocent souls for the price tag,
Forced to work against their choice,
in the hands of the folly gang
their frolic moment gone.

Trails of their innocent tear
screams loud for a helping hand
take heed my fellow dear
go seek and heal their wound

fighting for another man's cause
i will not rest and have peace
i care much as to be fair
to save a child in despair

In this game of cat and mouse,
It wont take long, rest assured.
For i'm committed to the cause
To assure that justice is served.

I stand here on the frontline,
Tracing every drop of an innocent tear
And lily-white prints on a weathered stone
To cure the wounds and heal their fear

And when the chase is done
il lay my head and rest
And thank to God for what is done
And be at peace and be at rest

And in the break of dawn
from a distant drift
came an echo swift
'everything's gonna be alright.
I'm an amature writer so if you can give any constructive advice. I'd appreciate it
Shanna Payne Feb 2018
She lives a life of concealed seclusion
She's a captive, a hostage of promiscuous illusion
From outside looking in, it's deceiving prosperity
But the acts you'll witness are degrading vulgarity
She slips off her blouse as he lays currency down
She's praying "Oh God, just don't let me drown"
When it's done and over, it's such a relief
Tears streak her face, yet she turns back to the streets
Her heart is broken and she can't fix it, so the money she made goes straight to addiction
She tries over again to not feel degraded so she numbs all the pain until she's faded
Another fix, another John 
One​​​​​​ more night, one more con..
*** trafficking is very real and more common than you think. Don't look the other way.

— The End —