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Layi Glover Jun 2019
It was unforgivably uncomfortable,

The prying gaze of the Sun.

It felt like a million eyes staring

Without blinking censuriously at my soul.

Stripped of pride with nowhere to hide,

I felt naked, wrapped in her fury;

She spoke sternly without pity.

Her words pierced my skin like arrows

Poking at the very core of my sanity;

I raged with sadness, helpless, drying.

Till Night came in shining armor:

To save the day.

© Layiglover
Layi Glover Jun 2019
It was a weary afternoon.
The sky was drowned with angry clouds,
The ambience, drenched in strokes of blue
For the sun was in hiding like it had a flu.
"The earth must share in our agony"
I thought to my self as I stared at the skyline
Which not so surprisingly was visible:
There was hardly anyone within sight,
The regularly buzzing village square
Was doused in a silent melancholic tune
The memories of our sons and fathers
Danced to with reckless abandon.
It was a grand fest of pain and sorrow.
Every turn, every corner was painted red.
The air reeked of bravery and courage,
The valiant heroism of the weak.
A little girl shouted from a distance.
Everyone rushed out hurridley
To behold for themselves this miracle
"The gods have heard our prayers"
Mama Iyat shouted dramatically,
As she started to do a dance.
The gods are mourning for the souls lost,
Weeping for what the senseless war had cost

— The End —