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Lora Feb 2019
I have many questions to ask
This is no easy task
There are so many things we don’t know
If we knew we could grow
But do people want to see the truth,
Not even the curious youth?
Why is it like this?
There is so much to miss
With knowledge there is no hiding
We are constantly dividing
People as they are
But we are not that far
It’s not the knowledge itself that makes us wise
It’s the will to learn that makes you rise.
Lora Dec 2018
A short moment
Only a second
With pure nothing
No feelings, no thoughts
The only enjoyable moments of my life
One, too, three, four, five
Over as fast as I blink
As fast as I think
No thoughts is what brings me peace
My only release
A moment almost free
Where I can flee
My reality

— The End —