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Jan 2019 · 1.6k
⚘Shutting Off ⚘
It is easier
To put-out the light
From our own inner-flame,
Than it is
To put light
Into someone's inner-darkness,
When they have no morals,
Remorse or shame.

~ Shutting off.

By Lady R.F. (C)2019
Oct 2018 · 937
⚘Smelling The Roses ⚘
Sitting in a heavenly garden of paradise does not mean that you won't be stung by a bee; truer words have yet to be spoken by me.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Oct 2018 · 808
❤ My Beautiful Angel ❤
If I were to live
For all of eternity
There still wouldn't be
Enough infinite time
In all of eternity
To tell you
Just how much
I love you!

My love is infinite,
And then some!
My love is inexplicably unexplainable.

~ Big Love

By Lady R.F (C) 2018
Sep 2018 · 704
Death Of Flesh
A star
Is to be born,
From its conspicuous flesh,

Nonpareil soul--vibrant colours
That mesh.

Brilliant and unique
At core,

Eternal splendor--growing

A light so brilliantly bright,

An energy
So powerfully electric,
But ever so light.

Reborn into infinite life,

The sun and moon
Extend their immediate family,
Just, as husband and wife.

A star
Is to be born--metaphorically

Death of flesh...
A soul transitioning,
No longer in pain,
No longer seeking.

Immortal in God's domain...

Eternally free of pain.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Think outside the box.
Don't control, confine, contain
Or restrain yourself within a box.
Your mind is a beautiful, cosmic, Boundless space.
Look within.
You will realise
Your mind is not a square.

Lose yourself
Inside the infinite universes
That you constantly create.
You are an endless library
Of unique brilliance...
But only look
If you dare.

By Lady R.F (C)2018⚘
Jul 2018 · 6.0k
⚘Someone ⚘
You deserve someone who gives you
More than a shoulder to lean on--Someone who gives you
Their right arm,

Someone who protects your heart,
Nourishes your soul,
And keeps your spirit
Away from harm.

You deserve someone
Who brings out the very best in you,

Someone who appreciates
All that you are
And all that you do.

You deserve someone
Who wants you to be
Nothing more
Or nothing less
Than the real you,

Someone who will never
Extinguish the light
From the fire
That burns deep within you.

By Lady. R.F. (C)2018
Jul 2018 · 1.4k
⚘I Have⚘
I have been,
And returned,
Whilst they were still blinking,

I have felt,
And reflected,
Whilst they were still thinking.

I have been through the Stars,

I have bypassed Mars.

I have left this world behind,
On more than one occasion,

I have left reality behind --
Each time it froze-over
And became a Hellish abomination.

I have been to Hell
And back,
More times
Than I care to remember,

I have swum deep into my Abyss
And held my breath,
Many times,
Whilst it begged me to surrender.

But I never did...
I always came back!

I always walked through the woods,
Staying clear of the obvious track.

Only so I could return
To the Universes beyond my mind -- Homeward bound!

Beyond the stars,
Where my soul's serenity
I always find --
Where I always felt found!

'Peace' amongst a zillion thoughts
That continually evolve--nonstop!
They speak in vibrant colours...

And Crimson -
Colours superseding
Verbal language;  
Unleashing my Supernatural Powers.

Dreaming, whilst awake,

All for my sanity's sake.

I have...
I do...
I must!

To live...
To be me...
The me, I trust!

Lady R.F. (C)2018
Jun 2018 · 681
⚘ Somewhere ⚘
We don't always have to know whether we are coming or going.  
We end up where we are regardless. There's no such thing as nowhere.
Everywhere is somewhere,
and we are always there.

"Nowhere" doesn't exist.
The universe is full of "Somewheres"
-- Even amongst the spaces between the stars is a somewhere!
Lady R.F. (C2018)
Jun 2018 · 603
Chemical Imbalance
I have always lived
Deep inside my head,
I have only ever been
A visitor in this reality,

My mind's eye resides
Within a multiverse--
Universes and Dimensions
That coexist separately
Alongside this numbing reality --
Through all of the beautiful,
Messy chaos, I see
With an extraordinary vision
And clarity.

I suffer with P.T.S.D,
O.C.D, Panic Disorder
And Depression;
A Chemical Imbalance
Causing Severe Anxiety.

This is my identity
In this, here, cold, numbing world;
These are the reasons
For my vulnerability.

A gift, or a curse...
To live inside my head?

To see beyond what my eyes see...
To be able to escape
Deep inside my mind,
Slowly stripping away reality....
Watching it slowly, but surely, shed?

In my head
My mind is entrenched,
Time is nonexistent
As is limitation...
I validate theories
Using frequencies,
Vibrations, colours, numbers
Intuition and telepathy.

Only whilst visiting reality
Do I ever feel detachment,
Disorientation, depersonalisation, Derealisation and dissociation --Otherwise known as
Debilitating Anxiety.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Jun 2018 · 417
⚘ Bird In A Cage.⚘
Is her spirit,
Her wings
Are without feathers...

For decades she sat
On a brittle thorny perch
Bound by rope
And heavily chained

Every step,
She was walking on eggshells...
For, she was doomed
By the evil, selfish and wicked
At heart.

Not in the name of love,
But for fulfilment
Of cruel, greedy obsessions -
For such selfishness
Her soul was torn,
Tainted and pulled apart.

She once flew
As high as the heavens,
Now, A stranger,
She is to herself.

Her cage is now left open,
It is, but for her fears,
That she remains perched
Like an old book on a dusty shelf.

Mentally, she still flys
To the highest of heights
And dives deep, inward,
Into her own psychological abyss ...
But sometimes she finds her internal universes to be too draining,
Making such journeys
Mentally and physically
Too hard.

She is no longer
In restraining tethers...
But scarred.

By Lady R.F. (C) 2018.
Jun 2018 · 2.6k
⚘ Food For Thought ⚘
Only a real coward
Leaves scars
On someone's soul,
Where nobody
Can see them.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Jun 2018 · 421
She is a Generator.
But, she's about to cut-out,
Very soon!

She is underpowered
And overloaded!
She needs assistance--energy
From the Sun and the Moon.

But, the Sun's rays
Cannot charge her battery -
It is no longer recharging her,
At all!

Nor, can the Moon,
Any longer,
Be of any assistance,
Or help....
It's time to disconnect--
Discharge from all!
~ Too many plugs are in the wall!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2018
May 2018 · 526
⚘Moments ⚘(10W)
If each moment were special,
There'd be no special moments!

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Apr 2018 · 633
⚘Butterfly Wings ⚘
Fine delicate wings
Of Organza,
Satin and Lace,

Flowing ever so gently -
A heavenly dance
Portraying such elegance
And grace.

Velvet hues
Of Crimson,
And Teal,

Breathtakingly exquisite,
Out of this world--

Magically enchanting--
Incredibly surreal.

An amazing spectacle
Of extraordinary--
A wondrous delight;
Uniquely rare
And very, very, real.

~Butterfly Wings.
By Lady R.F. (C)2018 ⚘
Apr 2018 · 588
❤ Happy Place ❤
Butterflies murmuring
A gentle melody
With every footstep
That I place on the damp
Leafy ground.

With every freeing step
That I eagerly take,
As I reach further into the belly
Of the enchanting forest,
I feel more, and more,

Free, from reality's confinement;
At home, within solitude's
Inviting embrace...

At one, with nature --
My heart's, and my soul's,
Happy place.

⚘ By Lady R.F. (C)2018 ⚘
Has to be taught,
Has to be sought.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Feb 2018 · 753
❤ An Eclipse ❤
I feel the euphoric,
But bittersweet bliss,

Like a long, slow, soft kiss.

As i write the words
That cannot pass my lips.

I break free
My soul's silence,
Obscuring the light
From one celestial body
By the passage of another--
My written word is an eclipse.

Between my words and the observer,
I acknowledge pride in my muse--
The aiding source of illumination -
Until the light completely dips.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018


Thank you
For showing me
Exactly what I never want to be

We are complete opposites -
There's such a big difference
Between you and me!

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
There's a lesson to be learned in everyone and everything.  Good and bad.
Grateful still. Thank you, to all my teachers.
A blessing in everything!
Magenta sunset skies,
Delicate fluttering butterflies,
Clouds drifting past the moon.

Crimson treetops,
Random raindrops, like teardrops,
A storm, that you can sense,
Coming soon.

Wild flowers scattered
Across fields of plush green grass.

Old wooden shutters
Banging on windows
With dust stained glass.

Wind chimes tinkling
With the wind
On an old rustic porch,

Squeeky, creaky, timber floors,
Making use of a candle,
Or a gasoline lantern,
Instead of a torch.

Swings swaying
From magestic tree branches,

Haunted castles and
Victorian mansions.

Pebbles crushing under my feet,
Leaves rustling--a sound so sweet.

Stepping stones,
In a tucked away,
Beautiful stream,

Just some of the splendors
In which I often dream.

~ And then there's you!

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Feb 2018 · 528
⚘ Reflections ⚘
My mind revisited
The places
From whence i came.

To a time
When my wild and lively free-spirit
Was impossible to tame.

To a time
When my naive innocence
Was ripe -
When I was free -
When I was off, in flight.

To a time
When I always came to life,
Like a vampire, fearlessly gliding
Through the night.

To a time
When I was forced
To be comfortable with my predicament,
When I was no longer afraid
Of the darkness.

When I was responsible
For creating my own happiness.

I am still responsible
For creating my own happiness -
We all are!

To understand this,
We do not have to look too far!

My mind revisited
The places
From whence I came,

A reminder,
That only our circumstances change, Everything else
Stays the same.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Feb 2018 · 946
⚘ Letting Go⚘
Burying Hope
Alongside Expectation...

Letting go -
This time,
Without a moment's hesitation.

Spent, are decades,
Looking into thine mirrors,
Which cast no reflection,

Letting go of all love,
Which comes without resiprocation.

Letting go of unrequited love--
Thy heart's greatest devastation,

Hast loved too much...!
Now, no more undeserving,
Complimentary love
And dedication!

Letting go
Of earthly needs and desires--
Substance, consistency and security
Are always lacking in thine direction,

Genuineness is most lacking--
More than just a fraction!

Left alone with empty words -
Words not followed by action!

To thine self I shall be true,
Hence, letting go...
Into thine Heavens
Thou shalt look and seek
Thy heart's and soul's
Only salvation.

~ I'm letting go.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
A feeling most of us have experienced at some point in our lives.
Feb 2018 · 630
❤ Gift Of Kindness ❤
Be the kind of person who sympathises,
Help relieve stress - try to minimise it.

Lend an ear, say a kind word -
Regardless of what others say,
Or what you've heard.

Be "The Hope" on a cloudy day,
Be "The Light" - guide the way.

Be the kind of person who empathises,
Be all that "Peace" truly symbolises.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Feb 2018 · 658
A Sad Eulogy
Only very few people
Truly knew her -
Others never
Took the time.

If they would have been asked
To say something about her,
They wouldn't have been able
To write more than one line!

~ A sad eulogy.

Lady R.F. (C)2018
Feb 2018 · 430
❤ Always ❤
I will always look up to you,
And admire you,
Just as I do
The magnificent stars
In the magical night sky.

~ Always.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
I'm too fixated in each moment -
Each moment feels so intense,

I'm lost
On the dark side of the moon,
And nothing here has any warmth,
Worth or substance ~
Nothing here makes any sense.

Even my own shadow has left me.
The Monsters, still lurking
In the darkness,
Have stolen all of my hopes
And dreams away,

I can hear the wolves,
They are hauntingly howling -
There's nowhere safe that I can run to,
On this, here, dark, dreary day.

There will be no stars
To light up the pitch-black night-skies,
They have already fallen,
Just like the Angels
That I once loved and knew,

Everything that I once held onto
As sacred, has been molested -
I've been abandoned, once again;
Hell, again, I am being forced
To walk through.

Alone, I was born and raised,
Only my pain has been consistent-
It has held my hand
Throughout my entire life.

At some point, somehow,
I stupidly gave birth
To expectations,
Luckily, I woke up
And divorced reality,
Hence becoming solitude's
Dedicated and loving wife.

On the dark side of the moon
Compassion, loyalty and trust
Are nonexistent.
Evil dwells in almost every man
And woman,

Each with his or her own agenda,
Each with his or her own selfish plan.

Saviors do not exist,
Superheroes all wear masks,

Unconditional love is but an illusion,
Here, I revert to relying solely
On the harshness of reality,
For, the truth, it always exposes
And unmasks.

The dark side of the moon
Is a very lonely, isolating place,
In which to dwell,

There is no sunshine,
No stars or Angels -
The only light visible
Comes from the flames
Of the evildoers'
Raging fiery hell!

Placed here against my will,
No lush green valley in sight,

Taken away
From the divinity of nature,
I was cruelly robbed
Of my radiant life-giving daylight.

Doomed for being too real,
Too open and too honest,
Doomed for loving too much.

Doomed for believing in superheroes,
Doomed for allowing a human
To become my crutch.

Doomed for being too empathetic,
Doomed for being too sincere.

Doomed for being too kind
And too generous,
I'm doomed, abandoned here.

I blame only myself
For allowing my intuitive awareness
And intelligence to fade away
Like the stars that once adorned
Every exquisite night-sky,

I blame only myself
For not using the blessed insight
Of my third eye.

I'm too fixated in each moment,
Each moment feels so intense,

I'm too passionate about life
To give up and remain imprisoned
On the dark side of the moon...
But I'm too emotionally weak
And disappointed to jump the fence.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Jan 2018 · 653
❤ My Life ❤ (10W)
You call me
'My love',
But you are
'My life'.

By Lady R.F. (C)2018
Dec 2017 · 1.2k
⚘ Bittersweet ⚘
Be still...
Try to remain silent.

Listen very closely...
Her pleading may be heard
As it is carried through the wind.
Her emotional appeal
Sounds desperate -
It is unbearable to an epath.
Her pleads are ever so faint
And gentle, they are far from violent.

Be still...
It is her soul's agony
Which is vibrating
A disturbing frequency,
At such a rate that it constitutes
A wave.

Cries, which nature, alone,
Can hear and feel...
Cries, which shake the leaves free
From the branches of all the
Majestic trees; neither her soul
Nor the trees, can you save.

Be still...
Can you feel the faint tremble  
Under your barefeet?

Be still...
Rest your cheek upon the earth,
Feel her spirit, which is trapped
Deep down inside.
Inhale her essence- it is buried below,
In the fragrant moist soil...
Taste the droplets, she is in the dew;
Even in pain she is a soul
So gently sweet...
~ She is tinged with sadness--

By Lady R.F (C)2017* ⚘
Dec 2017 · 1.5k
⚘ How? ⚘
How does one follow their heart,
when their heart has been shattered and broken, then scattered into a million fragments--into miniscule, tiny,
little peices?

Which direction does one go,
when all pathways come to a close;
when insanity, fear and anxiety increases?

How does one follow their dreams,
when their spirit has been crushed
and their soul has been taken by the wind, never to be whole again?

Left with only memories of whom they once were--a precious being. Forever lost, destroyed--obliterated; but still able to feel intensely, the feeling of torment.
Numbness overtaken by a constant state of relentless, endless and needless pain...


⚘ By Lady R.F. (C)2017* ⚘
Dec 2017 · 364
⚘ Kaleidoscope ⚘
Your eyes
Are a kaleidoscope,
Reflecting sequences
Of our love.

A love
That never ceases -
With each moment
It increases;
A symbol
As pure and peaceful
As that of a white dove.

⚘ By Lady R.F. (C)2015* ⚘
Dec 2017 · 827
❤ Poetic Dance ❤
When she is
over joyed
by love-filled emotions,
her words delicately
dance upon the page,

When she is
and overwhelmed by darkness,
her words fall heavy
and splatter all over the stage.

When her wings
are raised in flight,
it is love,
lifting her up,
ever so gracefully,

When she is
spinning around,
out of control
with two left feet,
it is pain and anxiety
forsaking her--disappointingly.

Her poetic dances
are well known
for being freestyled,
erratic and spontaneous,

Be it a classical ballet,
or an explosive routine,
her artistic expression
is always crafted  
and delivered
with style and finesse.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Dec 2017 · 617
❤ "I Love You"❤
The endearing term  
"I love you"
just doesn't sum it up -
my love is infinite,
endless in space,

It is impossible to measure
or calculate.

My love is boundless,
out of this world--like stars -
my love's energy
is cosmic.

My love is pure
and beautifully harmonic -
it is ultra supersonic.  

My love is beyond words...
My love cannot be described.

to try to explain it,
I feel obliged.

My love is extensive,
it is inconceivably vast,

It is immeasurable--countless.
it is fathomless--incalculable;
it was built to last.  

It's a love
I will never
willingly give up -
my love is unbreakable.

This love,
my soul carries
is unshakeable.

My love's totality
is still untold,

The depth
of my undying love
is yet to unfold.

It is beyond sublime,
more than magical,
it is purely divine.

My love is a creation
of the universe's
impeccable master design.

My infinite love...
is only yours
and mine.

"I love you "
just doesn't sum it up -
my love will never cease
or quit,

The burning flame
of my heart's torch
will be
Infinitely lit.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Dec 2017 · 573
Grey ❤
DARKNESS can't fade her LIGHT.

GREY, A perfect shade--blended,
Her aura, an array of VIVID colours;
A permanent rainbow--extended.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Dec 2017 · 354
Gifted ❤
Those whom can
read between the lines
have an intriguingly beautiful
and fascinating personality.

It's defining characteristics
and attributes
such as these
that show intelligence
and a rigorous,

~ Gifted.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Dec 2017 · 479
❤ My Circle ❤
I do not make lists,
I make circles.

A list means
there's a 1st place
and a last.

A circle creates equality  -
nobody or nothing
is superior,
nobody or nothing
has priority;
it also means
there's no beginning
or end
to my love.  

If you're in one of my circles,
my love for you
is endless.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
A circle is a simple closed shape. It is the set of all points in a plane that are at a given distance from a given point, the centre; equivalently it is the curve traced out by a point that moves so that its distance from a given point is constant.
Dec 2017 · 492
❤ My Love ❤
He is...

The key
To my ultimate universe,
The rhythmic beat
Of my loving heart.

He is...

The pathway
To my soul's
Final destination,
And the masterpiece
In most of my poetic art.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Dedicated to my love.

Today is my birthday.
I am most grateful for this precious life i live.
I thank all of you for being in my life.
Dec 2017 · 3.0k
❤ A Beautiful Mess ❤
She's too passionate
and oversensitive
for this messy world -
She doesn't fit-in,
so she tries to stay out.

It's a constant
tug-of-war battle
between her fragile heart
and her delicate mind.
She can't help but feel too much -
peace of mind
is all that she ponders about.

She is gentle,
empathetic and intelligent,
but vulnerable -
she was born this way,

She has relived
this same hopeless feeling
every single blessed day.

She is an overthinker -
always reflecting,
always pensive...

Full of genuine love,
whilst drained by such pain;
she is beautifully oversensitive.

She's always lonely
amongst a crowd,

whilst completely lost
deep inside the belly
of the same-old dark cloud.

She's a beautiful, beautiful mess...

She gives her entirety--nothing less!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017
To me,
Is not a house
Made of bricks and mortar.
It is found
In certain people -
It is a body,
A mind,
And a soul
With a beating heart.

To me,
Is found
Within the serenity
And tranquility
Of solitude--with nature.
It is an overwhelming feeling
That from such a person or place,
I never want
To be torn apart.

~ Home is where the heart is. ❤

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 602
Lost and Found
When you feel
like you want to scream,
or run away,
like you want to disappear,
or when you feel completely lost,
all you really want is to be found.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 3.5k
❤ He Is Two ❤
He is two -
Like a vinyl record--
he has an 'A' side
and a 'B' side;
guess which one
I love to listen to,
on repeat,
and over,

He is two -
Like cuttlery--
A knife
and a fork -
one is sharp
and cuts deep,
and one picks me up;
guess which one
I love to spoon?

He is two -
the sun,
and the moon;
and I,
... well,
I was doomed
from the beginning,
just like a shooting star;
guess which one
I fell for?

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 446
True Colours
The beautiful metallic paint
began to chip and peel away,
by the scorching heat
of that year's destructively brutal,
devastating, summer sun,

It quickly became obvious
That its original colour had been
all along.
From that moment on,
it all began to come undone.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 596
If it isn't genuine,
It won't last very long,
Whether it be feelings or a handbag,
If it isn't genuine, it isn't strong!

~Just saying.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 968
❤ Brave Heart ❤
for a decent,
good-hearted person,
is heartachingly,
painstakingly beautiful;
for, even in torment,
underlying beauty
is often found...

Such a brave heart,
to withstand
such emotional destruction -
whilst their internal tears
are left to bounce
off the floor
of this soul's
shaky, unstable ground.

~ Brave Heart

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 517
Bigot, is not better!
To continuously steal
Someone's tribal sense
Of pride and dignity,

Is the lowest act
Of narcissistic bigotry!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017
Nov 2017 · 346
A Thousand Deaths
One, may appear to be alive -
Their blood is pumping,
Their heart is beating,

But their soul has died
A thousand deaths -
Their soul is withering away -
It is slowly, but surely, fleeting.

It becomes impossible
For one to live their life,
Constantly trying to survive,
Whilst not freely breathing,

How does one celebrate their life,
When fear of living
Has buried them alive -
When their only hope 'sanity'
Is constantly threatening
That it is leaving?

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 380
Survival Mode (Anxiety)
Never assume
Or answer your own questions,
Do not begin to imagine
That you know
What's in my head,

Sometimes my words
Are purposely left unspoken,
Sometimes I need to pause...
...Because my mind is too heavy
Inside my head; it's as though
My mind is momentarily blocked
And filled with lead!

My silence
Is never in motion
Without reason,
Nor is it to ignore -
It is never with arrogance
Or malcontent,  

It's just that
I tend to go numb
And get overwhelmed by life--
Due to my Anxiety -
Extracting reason
Becomes almost impossible;
Under pressure and stress, 
My thoughts,
I cannot explain or shed.

Life can be overwhelming,
Anxiety doesn't help
The situation
At all,

My mind shuts-down,
Forcing me to go into survival-mode -
Because it's better for me to pause...
...rather than to completely snap,
Break and fall.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 1.0k
I Am Found
I am found
within the longest periods
of silence.
I am found
within the stillness
of a lonely night.

I am found
within the gathering darkness
of the clouds in the heavens.
I am found
beneath the shadow
of the moon's gleaming light.

I am found
within the crevices
of your exhausted mind.
I am found
buried in the shallow waters
along the shore.

I am found
in nature's inviting,
warm, tender embrace.
I am found
within the striking beauty
of every constellation--that you adore; 
it is there I will dwell

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Nov 2017 · 415
❤ Beating Heart ❤
Her rib cage
Her frantic beating heart,

Keeping it intact within her body -
Unleashed, it would crumble
And fall apart.

Safely tucked away,
Kept warm
By her soul's internal light,

To keep its melodic rhythm;
Distorted by Anxiety -
It is tortured day and night.

By Lady R.F. (c)2017
Nov 2017 · 423
❤ Little Miss ❤
She was...



She was resilient,

Nothing short of being
Uniquely brilliant!

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Oct 2017 · 1.8k
❤ No Love (10w) ❤
No love,
Is better
Than unrequited love
Or fake love.

By Lady R.F.2017
#facethefacts #nolove #fakelove
I would swim a never-ending ocean,
Climb a mountain
That reaches into the sky,

Hike through treacherous bushlands,
I would challenge any staircase, Regardless of how high!

I would inhale the Earths atmosphere,
I would pocket every galaxy and star,

I would drain every deep-sea,
Lake, lagoon and river,
Anything to keep them nearer,
Rather than far!

I would fly to the edge of reality,
I would hitchhike across the globe,

I would skydive from the heavens,
I would carry a mountainous load...

To be with my five precious daughters. .

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Happy 15th Birthday Amanda F (A.F)
My Precious 1st Born ❤⚘

My precious 1st born, Amanda, was born 15 years ago today!
Wishing her everything that makes her heart smile and her soul shine brightly.
I will never forget the day she was placed into my embrace. The day she made me believe, more than ever before, that love could be unconditional and pure.
So proud of her and her sisters.
May she always live encompassed by light May she grow to be brave and strong. May she always know her worth and live bravely.
Happy 15th, my precious girl!
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