6.8k · Oct 2016
Soul Searching

I searched
the deepest depths
of the vastest oceans,
I searched way up high,
past the clouds,
in the bluest of blue skies,

I searched
deep in the hearts
of nature's greenest forests...
It turns out,
that I was carrying it within me
all along - only now, do I realise.

By Lady R.F ©2016

Such a lovely surprise to receive the daily
for my first poem upon returning to HP.
Two dailys in total in my time here...I'm blown away! Thank you all soooooo much!
Such an honor and a privilege

I'm so glad to be back home, here at HP!
I missed this site and everyone soooo much!
I'm sorry I left unexpectedly,
I really missed you guys!
Rosalie xxx
6.1k · Mar 2017
If I Could, I Would!

If I could vacuum-clean
all of the dark clouds
from the sky above your head,
I would.

If I could make the sun shine
after stopping the rain,
I would.

If I could send you
an everlasting rainbow
to brighten-up all of your days,
I would.

If I could shoot
a wishfilled falling star
your way,
I would.

For you, if I could,
I would!

By Lady R.F ©2017

A little prayer for my family and friends.
Dedicated to anyone going through hardships.
If I could, I would!

I truly appreciate this prayer making the daily! All thanks be to God!
4.8k · Oct 2016
Second Chances (10w)

We can never go back,
but we can go on!

By Lady R.F ©2016

4.3k · Dec 2016
Regret (10w)

The only person
I've continuously lied to,
Is myself - regretfully.

By Lady R.F ©2016

3.6k · Aug 2017
❤ A Reminder ❤

Are a reminder
That without a little rain
We wouldn't be able to bloom,

Without clouds
And a little bad weather
We wouldn't be able to smell
Their divine fragrant perfume.

Are a reminder
That we need gloomy days
So we can highly value
The sun's radiant,
Life-powering, life-giving light,

Because without
Any form of darkness
We wouldn't appreciate
The glorious clear-blue skys
And the gift of precious daylight.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

3.1k · Oct 2016
Frozen - Loss (10w)

The night is still - frozen,
Goodbyes are forced, not chosen.

By Lady R.F ©2016

3.1k · Nov 2017
❤ He Is Two ❤

He is two -
Like a vinyl record--
he has an 'A' side
and a 'B' side;
guess which one
I love to listen to,
on repeat,
and over,

He is two -
Like cuttlery--
A knife
and a fork -
one is sharp
and cuts deep,
and one picks me up;
guess which one
I love to spoon?

He is two -
the sun,
and the moon;
and I,
... well,
I was doomed
from the beginning,
just like a shooting star;
guess which one
I fell for?

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

3.0k · Nov 2016
Strong Woman

It takes a very strong woman
to remain gentle!

By Lady R.F ©2015

3.0k · Jul 2017
❤ Starry Night ❤

Stars very rarely
Hang-out alone,

A perfect night sky
Lets this be known.

They come together
Forming a spectacular

Shining magnificently bright
In a festive celebration.

Gently glowing undertones
Of a perfect moon,

Allow each individual star's quality
To be extraordinarily exhumed.

A perfect,
Starry evening
Sadly comes to an end,

As dusk turns to dawn;
With it,
The sun it sends.

By Lady R.F.(C)2017

2.4k · Nov 2016
A Doorway In Her Mind

She created
A doorway in her mind,
she always keeps one foot in
And one foot out.

Her mind is always lingering
On the other side -
She often feels the need
To breakout!

On the other side,
The trees are wise ancient
Majestic giants,
Rustic leaves
Cover the fertile ground.

The moon is always full,
It is always perfectly round.

The sun is always shining,
But sometimes she has it rain -
Just to hear
The sweet serene sound...

She loves the smell
Of the earth afterwards -
The damp rich ground.

On the other side of the doorway,
Her soul is free -
She is immune
From emotional stress,
Strain, and pain.

Inspiration is carried
Through the wind,
There is nothing to lose,
But everything to gain.

Is always most accepting,
Embracing her essence,

Here, she is alive,
She has an illuminated spirit -
A pure white glowing presence.

She never needs to struggle
For her every breath...

Everything is truly alive -
Nothing, at all, resembles death.

Rivers, crystal-clear,
Flowing with vitality,

Flora and fauna,
Beauty in an abundance -
Celebrating their precious Individuality.

Magnificent mountains
Reaching into heaven,
The bluest ocean,
Wrapping itself around
A breathtaking coast,

Everything about this place
Is what she adores -
What her soul absolutely loves
The most.

On this side,
Nobody can disturb her peace,
Nobody can break her spirit,

Nobody can take her freedom,
Nobody can invade her tranquil thoughts - that's all there is to it!

Butterflies and doves
Glide through the air,
In dance -
Touching her eyes
With a heavenly love -
So pure.

She always keeps one foot in
And one foot out,
But her heart and her soul
Reside here -
Because here,
Less, is more!

By Lady R.F ©2016

2.2k · May 2017
Soul Tired

My mind has switched off
without giving me
any notice at all,

I find myself staring
into thin air,
I've blended into the wall.

My thoughts are blank,
I'm lacking motivation,
my inspiration is bleak,

I'm lethargic and dull,
I'm feeling very, very weak.

I'm not myself,
or maybe I am,

I'm beyond confused,
my soul is tired;
exhausted is what I am!

I want to cry,
but I 'm too tired,

I want to scream,
I'm frustrated;
I feel like
I need to be rewired.

I'm on edge,
my knees are shaking,

Sweaty palms,
my heart is breaking!

I'm never going to get
my shit together,

I've been trying
for what feels like

As tired as I am,
I know I'll never give in,

I'm too determined to quit,
even though I know
I'll never win.

My mind has switched off,
I can't figure anything out,

I'm full of emptiness,
I'm going through
an emotional drought.

I want to cry,
but I know my tears
are all in vain,

I'm mentally exhausted,
I feel a terrible sensation,
a mental strain;
a relentless
invisible internal pain.

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

2.1k · Nov 2016
The Sky (10w)

A vault
in which our secret,
silent prayers are kept.

By Lady R.F ©2016

#Sky #Vault #Secret #Silent #Prayers
2.0k · Oct 2016
Petal By Petal (10w)

Petal by petal
her beauty unfolded,
her soul was revealed.

By Lady R.F ©2016

2.0k · Dec 2017
❤ A Beautiful Mess ❤

She's too passionate
and oversensitive
for this messy world -
She doesn't fit-in,
so she tries to stay out.

It's a constant
tug-of-war battle
between her fragile heart
and her delicate mind.
She can't help but feel too much -
peace of mind
is all that she ponders about.

She is gentle,
empathetic and intelligent,
but vulnerable -
she was born this way,

She has relived
this same hopeless feeling
every single blessed day.

She is an overthinker -
always reflecting,
always pensive...

Full of genuine love,
whilst drained by such pain;
she is beautifully oversensitive.

She's always lonely
amongst a crowd,

whilst completely lost
deep inside the belly
of the same-old dark cloud.

She's a beautiful, beautiful mess...

She gives her entirety--nothing less!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

1.9k · Oct 2016
Clouds (10w)

Ice crystals in the sky

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.8k · May 2017
I Will Never Stop

I will never stop loving too much,
Giving the entirety of my heart,

I will never stop believing in love,
Looking into souls and admiring their Uniqueness and individuality like Beautiful, imperfect art.

I will never stop seeing the world  
Through empathetic eyes,

I will never stop appreciating life,
No matter how many more times my
Heart silently cries.

I will never stop being true to myself,
I will fight until the very end,

I will never stop being kind to the world,
To every special, precious friend.

I will never stop appreciating nature
And solitude, my sacred love in life,

I will never stop wanting the best
For every child, man, and his wife.

I will never stop giving my all
To every person that I happen to meet,

I will never stop offering my pure heart And soul to anybody on the street.

I will never stop caring too much,
This is who I really am;
And I will always be who I am!

I will never stop being emotional, Sensitive, considerate, kind, Compassionate, and courteous,
Why? ... Because I can!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

1.6k · May 2017
Country Girl / Hippy ❤

Fluffy pillows swirling
around a beautiful blue sky,

Free birds
gliding across the heavens,
so gracefully they fly.

Giant tree branches
swaying from side-to-side,

Such beauty my eyes absorb
into my mind;
expanding infinitely wide.

Heavenly Earth,
so exquisitely designed,

Embraced by solitude,
peace of mind
I'm guaranteed to always find.

The smell of fresh open air
and wildflowers
inhaled into my soul;
an essence so divine,

Fragile delicate butterflies
fluttering by,
I love them all
as though they are mine.

I belong to the Earth -
the forests,
the mountains
and the seas,

Deep-down inside
I'm just a born-natural
free-spirit -
a lover of nature;
a born-to-be country girl / hippy.

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017

The time has come
to show them what you hide
beneath your cape,
the time has come
to remove the
"DO NOT CROSS" barricade tape.

It's time to step out
from behind the big old oak tree,
it's time to stand tall, hold your head up,
and let them see.

It's time to show the world
who you are,
it's time to show them
that you sparkle and shine brighter
than any diamond or star.

The time has come
to let your inner voice be heard,
it's time to spread your hidden wings,
among all of your other beautiful
unique things.

It's time to let them all know
what you've been holding on to,
the list of many extraordinary things
your soul is prone to.

It's time to let your soul shine,
step out into the light, it's your time!

It's time to let them know
what you feel, and what you think,
it's time to express yourself - your wisdom
and experience could be their missing link.

It's time to introduce them
to the 'Warrior' in you,
it's time to do what you need to do.

The time has come
to show them what you hold sacred,
deep within,
the time has come
for you to use your divine words
and to let your soul sing.

The time has come!
Show them that you are
a 'Warrior For Life'
and then some!

By Lady R.F (C) 2016

Once upon a time,
Not so long ago...

There anxiously lived
A lovely lady,
Who was now in the know!

You see..., her inspiration
Was taken away from her,
Forcing her lively spirit
To slowly die.

Her heart had broke,
Beyond repair,
When she finally uncovered
That love
Was nothing but a cruel lie.

Her kind, gentle soul
Was tortured,
And forced into virtual recluse,

For it had withstood
Unbearable amounts
Of mentally painful,
Emotional abuse.

She learnt
That the more one loves,
The more one feels the pain,

A very sad ending to her fairytale;
One that happens to many
Innocent, loving souls,
Leaving them all,
Never to be the same!

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

The more one loves,
The more one feels the pain.
A sad ending,
Happens to many loving souls,
Leaving them never to be the same!

Jealousy is a curse,
There's no curse
that is worse.

Lying is a disease,
There's no cure -
This, I'm sure!

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.5k · Oct 2016
The Gift Of Life!

Many people say
that life is nothing but a test,
they say we'll die long before
our souls truly get to rest.

I've heard some people say
that from birth
we are already doomed,
and that it's all down-hill
once our petals have bloomed.

I've also heard some people say
that we already live in hell,
and that heaven is only a fairytale,

I say...
feed positivity to your soul,
never give up on reaching for your goal!
Never stop looking up into the sky,
life is full of wonder,
let me tell you why...

You see,
we always get back what we give,
our energy is mirrored - it reflects the energy 
we, in turn, will receive - we control
how we see life
and how we choose to live.

To find our blessings
we have to see beyond the struggles,
YES!...as difficult as it is,
we have to stay positive
through all of life's hurdles.

Life is a gift!
Just look into any innocent child's
hope-filled eyes,
deep inside them
God has implanted unconditional love
in abundance  - I tell you no lies!

Our children carry
all of the strength and hope
that we will ever need,
they are the beating hearts
of our souls - for them we bleed!

They will continue to keep
our spirits alive,
they are a part of us - we live inside them;
there, we will never really die.
Because of them, we survive!

Life is a gift,
a miracle made from pure love,
it is so much more than just a test!
Look deep down inside,
you will find
a bottomless treasure chest!

Life is a precious gift!
Think positively,
your spirits will lift!

By Lady R.F ©2016

I wrote this to counteract my negative feelings tonight. It helped!
1.5k · Oct 2017
❤ Mother ❤

Only when we become a Mother
Do we truly understand
How much pain comes
With unconditional love,

It is only then
That we realise
How much it hurts
To be rejected
When push comes to shove.

To be taken for granted
Or not,

To be disrespected,
And talked-down-to, alot.

Only when we become a Mother
Do we fully comprehend
That our Mothers
Did the best that they could,

They, too, just like us,
Had their own issues
To deal with;
They didn't burden us,
We wouldn't have understood!

They cried just as much
As they smiled--if not more!
They gave more than
They ever received,

They placed everyone's needs
Before their own--since the day
That we were conceived.

They held back tears
Whenever we upset them,

They died inside
Whenever we neglected them
And disrespected them.

Whenever we patronised them -
Whenever we were condescending,

Whenever we blammed tbem -
Whenever we took them for granted -
When we never thought
To try understanding.

They only ever wanted
The best for us -
They gave of themselves
Something nobody else
Was ever capable of,
Or willing to do!

Only when we lose our Mothers
Do we live with the regret,

A true blessing,
A pure love we were given--
Our first real love,
The one love
We will never,
Replace or forget!

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Dedicated to our precious Mothers.
Angels without wings!

And, whilst I am aware
That we weren't all blessed with such giving Mothers, I'm certain that even those whom weren't had a deep intention to be so, but life got the better of them.
1.5k · Dec 2016
A Shortcut

The eyes
are the windows
of the heart,
and the soul,
through them
we see who people
really and truly are.

A shortcut,
and a gateway,
to the garden
in which we dwell -
near impossible to reach;
for the distance
is a lifelong journey
to a destination extremely far.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.5k · Dec 2016
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I have never trusted you
At all!

Beauty lies beyond
Having a flawless body and face,
But your reflection dictates
That the beautiful, imperfect person
That is staring at you,
Is out of place.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Why do you set people up
To fall?

There is more to life
Than having a perfect complexion,
There is more to life
Than trying to be "perfection!"

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
If you cannot be kind,
Or find anything nice to say...
Then please, do not speak
At all!

Why don't you tell that vulnerable,
Desperate person,
That's gazing into your guise,
That they don't need to try to fit-in -
Or be wearing a made-up disguise.

And why don't you tell
That poor aching soul,
That loving the skin that they were born in,
Should be their number-one goal!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Beauty is skin deep -
Don't you know anything...
At all!

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.5k · Jul 2017
❤ She is.. ❤

She is more
than what meets the eye,

She is a pending rainbow
that's hiding behind the clouds
in the sky.

She is a warm pocket
in a cold, deep ocean,

She is a virtual art form,
She is poetry in motion.

She is thunder and lightning
in a perfect blue horizon,

She is a delicate wildflower
growing in a plush green field,
one that is mesmerising.

She is an unexpected smile
on a lonely day,

She is instant relief
when things aren't going
your way.

She is a suprising hint of sweetness
when you are expecting
something sour,

She is a timeless friend,
She is an immortal flower.

She is more
than what meets the eye,

She is a breath of fresh mountain air, causing one to exhale a relieving sigh.

She is full of substance,
empathy, wisdom and kindness,

She contains infinite layers
of universes beneath her skin,
all of which are unrecognisable
to the naked eyes that suffer from "metaphorical" blindness.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

Dedicated to my daughter, Amanda. F XXX
1.4k · Aug 2017
❤ Soulful Nature ❤


The magnificence of nature
Makes me fall to my knees.

Such breathtaking beauty
Brings me to overwhelming tears,

As it captures my heart,
Embraces my soul,
And strips me
Of my anxiety and fears.


Serene, soulful nature
Vividly alive in my dreams.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

1.4k · Oct 2016
The Moment

It was a handful
of empathetically attentive people
who noticed that she was absent,
even though she was standing
in the centre
of the well-lit room,

It was the same few
helpless people
who witnessed the moment
that she disappeared;
as she vanished
into the dense thickness
of Anxiety's terrifyingly wretched,
shroud of gloom.

By Lady R.F ©2016

Anxiety is my enemy,
always has been,
and I'm almost sure that it always will be.
I've lost so much because of it,
but I will never stop fighting
for control, and my freedom.

I thank everyone for their support.
1.4k · Jan 2017
My Dad (10w)

The only person
who's never spoken
bad words about me.

By Lady R.F ©2017

To me or about me -
And never behind my back.
1.4k · Jan 2017
Strong Heart

Nobody is born
With a strong heart,
A broad mind,
And a giving soul -
These attributes
Come from exercising your spirit,
And reaching within.

By Lady R.F ©2015

1.4k · Mar 2017
A Rock (10w)

Usually, she’s a rock,
but sometimes she crumbles
like sand.

By Lady R.F. (c) 2015

1.3k · Mar 2017

Tiny fragments
of me
now exist
within you,

They reside
in your memories;
we've made
more than a few.

Tiny fragments
of you
now exist
within me,

They remain
in my heart
in my soul infinitely.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.3k · Dec 2016
A Titanic Galactic Explosion

It was more than love -
A love beyond limits...
They were the first to discover
This newfound emotion,

It wasn't from this world,
It was divine - It must have fallen
From the heavens
When the skies opened;
There must have been
A titanic galactic explosion.

This newfound emotion
Rained down upon them,
That very first night
That their eyes met,
As they both gazed up
To the brilliant pure-white stars,

They were pulled together
By a magnetic energy,
They saw more than love light-up
In each other's eyes -
This was when
Their two worlds collided;
This was when
Venus fell for Mars.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.3k · Nov 2016
Blessed Intuition

Our souls
instinctively seem to know,
all too well,
all of the matters that our minds
fail to comprehend.

Our minds
often tend to get
somewhat overwhelmed,
by all of the things
that they struggle to understand.

Our souls
travel more than a few steps
ahead of us - they are guided
by our blessed intuition.

The insight
from our souls
  develop into gut instincts -
it is to these,
that we should surely listen.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.3k · Jan 2017
❤ My Song ❤

We do not have to bleed,
To know that blood
Runs through our veins,

We do not have to cry,
To know that our hearts
Feel all different kinds of pain.

We do not have to be artists,
To know that our souls
Sing to the tune
Of their very own,
Individual, unique song,

Just like,
We do not have to see God,
To know that he has been with us
All along!

By Lady R.F ©2017

1.3k · Mar 2017
A Reason

People enter your life
For a reason,
A season,
Or a lifetime!

By Lady R.F (c) 1999 - 2017

A quote I wrote
many, many years ago!
1.2k · Oct 2016
Ancient Autumn Leaves

Wild native branches - A jungle-green canopy sheltering this ever-flowing stream that runs rapidly,
most steadily, to and fro my heart.

Ancient autumn leaves weaved into an intricate, detailed, complex, rustic carpet, concealing paths and footprints leading in and out of my mind.

Forty two springs worth of magnificent arrays of wildflowers decorate each serene scene bordering this stream - each cluster a chapter of my life.

These scattered wild arrangements, with their heavenly scent, delight my senses - they are most pleasing to my mind's eye.

There's gold dust, nuggets, and precious gemstones, hidden in the gravel, they're also buried in the bedrock of this stream, and in the river that it feeds.
This stream is a constant source, feeding my hungry heart and mind.

The river that is fed by this stream
  is my soul - this ever-flowing stream is a corridor which runs to and fro my heart; it carries the oxygen in my blood, through my veins.

Whilst manoeuvering around the stepping-stones that are laid-out sporadically, most beautifully, but imperfectly, across this stream,
THEY, double cross me;
A highway, used to get to where THEY are going, time and time again.

~By Lady R.F ©2016

1.2k · Nov 2016
A Pure Soul

The Moon shines,
and it glows,
a loving light of warmth
through the darkness,
no matter how dark it may be,

just like
a pure soul
that glows as it shares
its inner beauty - its radiance
shines so brightly,
casting a shadow of security,
like that of the moonlight,
for all to embrace,
to feel,
and to see.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.2k · Mar 2017
Divine Voices

I really hit rock-bottom,
It felt like the earth
had swallowed me whole,

I was in total pitch-black darkness,
I felt mentally and emotionally numb,
whilst all alone in that pit--that morbid hole.

I didn't know what was happening,
I was drowning in sheer madness,
I was unable to stand,

I wasn't able to think straight,
I needed to hold a loving, caring, friendly hand.

Then, came a voice from above me,
Or maybe it was all in my head,

It told me to listen carefully,
It told me not to give up,
I had only fallen, I was not dead.

It reminded me that I am precious,
It reminded me that I am strong,

It reminded me that I am worthy,
that I am beautiful, inside and out,  
and that surrendering was very,
very wrong.

This voice fed me
desperately needed courage  
and Self-compassion,
It reached into my soul,

It gave me new direction,
It pulled me out of that dark,
scary, lonely, black hole.

It was full of love and wisdom,
It was empathetic and kind,

It was exactly what i needed,
A message from God,
straight to my heart,
clearing my chaotic mind.

I have gone through a difficult transformation,
I have gone back to being the real me
that I was many years before,

I am seeing and thinking clearer...
I pray that this transition
is successful and permanent  -
may I stay true to myself

By Lady R.F (C) 2017

A blessing came from hitting rock-bottom.
I believe it gave me the courage to remove the smog i hid behind.
I am me again,
Yes i am Rosalie again -
God is great!

Still a long way to go,
but I'm feelimg like the real me again.
A special thank you
to my precious friends
for holding me up.
I appreciate you all!

Moments pass,
Days go by,

Time, it is too honest -
Arrogant, not shy.

It comes, and it goes,
It cares not, for your emotions,

It steals your dreams,
It throws them into
the deepest depths,
of the darkest, vastest oceans.

Time, it spares no pain,
It reminds you, constantly,
That it will soon take you...

It trys so hard
to make you anxious -
It will eventually break you!

It teases you
with the most pleasurable moments,
Those, that you will never forget...

It gives you special memories -
most precious,
and a few,
that you may live long enough
to regret.

Time, is an absolute blessing.
However, its inevitable end,
feels like a massive curse,

It ticks away faster
As you get older,
Making all of your anxieties
Feel horribly worse.

Time, it is impetuous,
And, unfortunately,
There a many souls
Who lack appreciation
For every blessed, precious,
Unstoppable second.

Sadly, they realise this,
Only when their final moments
Are about to come - when their last Breath is about to be taken;
When their soul
Has been beckoned.

It kisses you,
Then it runs,

It causes chaos,
But, still,
With every second of it,
That we are blessed,
It makes us,
The lucky ones!

By Lady R.F ©2016

I'm not a very strong swimmer,
I'm trying really hard
to keep my head above the water.

My soul is exhausted,
my body and my mind
are going through absolute torture.

Me, panicking,
makes it even harder
to stay afloat...

I ain't going out like this!
Hell no!!
I ain't going out on this note!

I'll keep trying to swim
through the rising swells and waves,
I'll paddle and backstroke
my way back to shore,

I'll do what a survivor does,
I'll keep swimming
until I just can't swim no more.

I'm usually as warm and bright
as a little ray of sunshine...

But, lately,
I can't even seem to radiate
as much light as the dimmest glare
of moon shine.

I've been a warrior
all of my life,
my history is my proof,

But I'm not as strong as I once was,
I'm not as resistant as I was in my youth.

I'm gonna make it back to shore.
And if I happen to lose my pen
along the way...
I'll be alright!

I'll write my message in the sand
using my finger - in hope that God in heaven
will read it, and bestow upon me
some mercy, by shinning upon me
some much needed courage,
strength, and light.

By Lady R.F ©2016

I wrote this desperate piece when I left HP.
I wasn't going to post it. It was written only as a release for my emotions (self-therapy) but what the heck! ...here it is.
1.2k · Jul 2017
❤ Bubbles ❤

7.5 billion bubbles
Floating around,

Each bubble is on a mission
Hoping that personal success
Will be found.

Each bubble has a dream,
Which is its driving force
And power,

Some bubbles suddenly burst,
Some bubbles flourish and bloom
Like a flower.

Accidents do happen
Along the way,

Some bubbles collide,
Some bubbles sadly drift away.

7.5 billion bubbles,
Floating around,

Some are successful,
Some get so lost
That they are never found.

Each bubble is fragile,
Surviving on precious oxygen,

Each bubble is a gift
From Our Merciful God
In heaven.

As we never really know the struggles
Each bubble has to endure,

It is vital and most important
That we each ensure...

That we be empathetic and kind
With every bubble that we meet,

That we remember
To offer a humble smile
Whenever a precious bubble
We should happen to greet.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

1.2k · Nov 2016
About Warriors

Warriors can be dragged through the dirt, but still come out pure - they become one with the earth.

Warriors can have their roots pulled out from under them, but still stand strong and tall - they know their worth.

Warriors can be beat down to the ground, and be walked upon,
but while they're down there, they'll look up to the stars and continue to dream on...

Because warriors can handle their business - their inner light shines brightly, through any darkness; they've seen it all, they're prepared to take anything on!

They're not looking for sympathy, they've given up on the idea of believing that outside forces will come forth and bring any kind of soul healing salvation,

They've learned that they can only depend on themselves - they've had no choice but to become a soldier for justification.

They're armed with resilience, empathy, kindness, compassion, and experience - but they won't stand for hypocritical thinkers,

They've met and battled with the worst - they won't tolerate degradation from rotten, evil, dirty stinkers!

Warriors will be your very best friend until the very last second of the end...

Take my advice... don't mistake their kindness for weakness - because warriors are always ready to bring on a revolutionary war - they're always ready to defend!

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.2k · Oct 2016
A Pocket Full Of Moonlight

A pocket full
of sunshine
to share some pure delight,

A pocket full
of shiny stars
to save for a really dark night.

A pocket full
of fairy dust
to sprinkle on the needy,

A pocket full
of dragon's breath
to fire at the greedy.

A pocket full
of raindrops
to wash away any impurities,

A pocket full
of umbrellas
to protect you from your insecurities.

A pocket full
of rainbows
to brighten up your skies,

A pocket full
of moonlight
to reflect the magic in your eyes.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.2k · Mar 2017
Wants and Needs - Examples


Having a ticket in your hand
to travel all over the world
is absolutely useless
if you do not have a passport!

Having all of the money
you could ever possibly want
is absolutely useless
if your health
does not match your wealth -
if your life is going to be cut short!

Having what you want
does not necessarily mean
that you have everything
that you need!

Having what you need
along with having what you want
is the only possible way
that you can succeed!

Lady R.F ©2017

1.2k · Oct 2016
Mountains To Dust

Fire to ashes
Mountains to dust
Water to ice
Metal to rust

Like to lust
Lust to love
Love to hate
Hate to love

Breath to life
Life to death
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

By Lady R.F (C) 2016

1.1k · Dec 2016
White Dove

My crystal-clear
ran dry,

so I dipped
my quill-pen tip
into the sky.

I said
a little prayer,

and blew it out
into the air.

I spent a tear,
I sighed a little sigh,

I tried so hard
not to breakdown
and cry.

I took a deep breath
and closed my eyes,

I hoped
that the heavens
would hear
my silent cries.

I sat down
with my back
against our big tree,

it still looked
exactly the same
as it used to be.

A white dove came
and greeted me,

I then remembered
those words
you once said to me...

"It's in your blood,
it runs through your veins...
Just let your inner voice
guide your hand,
its ink
will leave beautiful stains!"

I thanked
the Gracious,
Merciful Lord
up above,

for he,
sent those words to me,
through the beautiful
white dove.

The white dove flew
from the branch
of our big tree,

I knew
that the white dove
was sent
to watch over me.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.1k · Oct 2016
Infinite Ocean

I see my entire life
in a quick flicker
of lightning,

I see our entire existence,
from beginning to end,
in a passing cloud.

I see heaven
in the sun's dazzling rays,
glaring through the forest's canopy,
and I see eternity - a deep infinite ocean,
in your eyes.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.1k · Dec 2016
Dancing With Words

Choreographing words
Into theatrical dances
With her imagination,

Gracefully exhibiting
All of her thoughts -
Using letters
As lavish decoration.

Having them leap-out
Onto the stage,
Outside of her mind,

Hoping each performance,
"Her life's story,"
You will find.

By Lady R.F ©2016

1.0k · Jun 2017
❤ Wildflower ❤

A precious, single wildflower
All alone in a field
Of plush-green,

Ineludible beauty,
She stands-out in this meadow,
More beautiful than anything
My naked eyes
Have ever seen.

Alone, she stands tall,
Drawn to the sunlight,
Her beauty radiant
Like the sun,

As the sun sets,
On the plush-green blanket,
Gently she rests her fragile head;
Her moonlight dreams
Have now begun.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017

1.0k · Feb 2017
Proud To Be

Like the visable poeticness
scattered all around us -
there is so much hidden beauty
infront of our eyes,

Only few seem to see it all,
others fail to see any of it at all--they walk
as though they are hypnotised.

She is so many
of these beautiful things,
seen by few, invisible to so many,

Priceless--worth a fortune to few,
To others, worthless--worth only
a single penny.

She is like the stubborn raindrops
left behind on a window
after the rain,

She is that song
that you resonate with,
touching a chord
as it hits your heart,
after pumping through
your every vein.

She is the bright rainbow
covering up a scary storm -

She is still able to smile
after extremely bad weather,
she has had this strength
ever since she was born.

She is the hopeful sunrise
following a long, dark,
dreadful night,

A serene calm ocean,
a heavenly magical horizon
that you are lucky enough to catch
in your sight.

She is the much needed umbrella
that pops up and keeps you dry,

She is your wings, unseen,
but she carries you ever so high -
she is the reason why you can fly.

She is so many special things
that so many fail to recognise
and see,

Not being appreciated
does not mean
that she isn't everything
that she knows to be.

She is the delicate butterfly
that came from nowhere,

The precious tainted one
that struggled so hard
and survived to be there.

She is often misunderstood,
sometimes she doesn't even exist,

But she knows her worth -
with the unconditional love from God,
her children, and her man,
she will continue to persist.

She is so many special things
that so many fail to recognise
and see,

She is unique -
she is unlike anyone,
deep down she is very proud
that she is "She!"

By Lady R.F ©2017

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