Mickey Tannebaum
kalica calliope
24/F    infj. red fox. forest faerie. word prophet. addict in long-term recovery. 6½ years sober. living with schizoaffective disorder. synesthete. dryad. modern day atlas. ineffable. golden ...
Lizzie mullins
17/F/Lost in Thought   
Lynette Warren
50/F/California    Weeping may endure for a night will I hold on for daylight?
carol rose james
"The Words I Speak are Spirit and Truth"
The Burgh    "Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe" JL
Lynnie Defelice
15/F    I write poetry to get out whatever I feel at that moment. That's about all I can explain
Ezzah Saleem
Dave Legalisa
20/Harsh World    my life in poetry
Malvika N Hasrajani
Surbhi Dadhich
14/F/India    I want to reach the skies and overcome every challenge.
Genderqueer/Manila    I've been reciting poems since I was little, I guess it's time for me to create to.
Meenakshi Sethi
India    Poet, thinker and firm believer in humanity
18/F    Dreamy girl lost in reality
Xaviera Allan
111/Other/Hellas Planitia    «любящий» - всего лишь фаза
caroline kealler
13/F    make someone’s heart glow today.
Thank you for visiting! I'm a textbook Scorpio and a super shy writer who is trying to find her way. Any engagement with my writing ...
Kurt Carman
Glendale, Az    Pictured are fly fishing pals Bob and Daniel. So many fond memories of fishing Yellowstone with my two mates? The inset picture is my son ...
Chloe White
27/M    I love my God, my wife, my daughter, and words. Thank you for visiting. All writing is intellectual property of Mike Mortensen.
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