Kamblamian Aug 19
To pull you close was all I ever wanted to do.
Perhaps some sort of kiss but I'm not sure if I even would want to go there.

The feelings of knowing he never actually wanted to meet will slowly fade for my mind wants to never remember your face

An incompatibility known to be true but a type of relationship known to be drawn into

For these are the days I once was wild wild no longer you cease to exist to me
Feelings on a slow letdown
Kamblamian Aug 13
I'm not as self but as something new.

Golfer man and she knew you

But I never knew that she was who

The one who invented the love of you

And now that aside here I am

Squish sardine pressed into a can

The man who wrote the man I knew

Well I gave him away in spite of food

And now the longing for the words I wish

The words that I so dearly Miss
Confessional poetry
Kamblamian Aug 13
The perseverence and I don't even know his middle name.

I've grown fond and I seem to grow fonder daily but I'm not sure what's to come

If I hold on tightly but ever so slightly unravel I know I'd be fine for the strands making up my bind, would only show the true colors that make up me.

What's to come I'll surely not know but what I do know is I hope it's with you
Confessional poetry
Kamblamian Jul 29
When im not around
Will you think of me

Will we remember these moments
Coupled in each other's arms
Lost in a loss of not really and truly knowing what we have done or what is left to do...

I won't remember
But i also won't forget

Blue briefs
One kiss
****** after ******

My best friend.
We go there again.
I fell for a friend and now i neee to recollect. Theres not much more ro say than we were in the mood for love
Kamblamian May 4
The darkness preveiles over all
So quick to miss the signs of a true lover

Does he hit
Does he sway
Does he fall constantly on his face

A drunken man would become of him or a man who would ******* wine

Hear my wine
Know her cry dosent exist

For the banshee is the one who claws at you

For the Banshee is the one who screams in pain for her lost love

For leo ruled with heart and soul

Too smart for them
Too smart for it-self

love itself

Refining love
Being loved...
Has never existed

Can it alow it to love and be loved apon Fear none for the touch of soft hands is not one to ever shy away from one to another your being compliments my life more than you will ever know for you are the fore fathers son

What is love.. for i know now it in the touch in the movement in itself a whole heart sweat investment
Kamblamian Apr 30
Im over you
The way you are

Movement so slow like sloth motion

Im over waiting for you beck and call

Im over waiting for you to fall

The way you looked
So hungry

Id feed you mine

Im over
Kamblamian Feb 6
I'm just not sure how to transition
It's a mild hickup

I'm not sure the last words to say
For goodbye just barely sums up the encounter we have just made

See you soon,
It sounds better
Socially awkward by nature
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