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Kamblamian Jul 2019
I know my days are better when your gone.
I know I can imagine life without you.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt-

But I'm looking for better days
No thank you
Kamblamian Jul 2019
Who I thought you'd be
Is not who you are

It skewers me.
Left to cook like meat on a stick
Leftovers that are never eaten
A flavorless piece of swine
Wrapped around miscellaneous produce

Eat me!
Eat me!

But I never will.
Keep in my fridge to eye
Watching as it molds...

...the skewer stays right in my heart
That once beat for you
Datings rough
Kamblamian Jul 2019
A thousand times a day I think of you
All the things we could do
I want you close I want you near

Someone to make the time pass

But now is not my time
I know when the tears come I'll ask myself the age old question
And I know in my current skin I have not grown

But I long for someone to take away the aloneness.

I sit here and I look and you and I dont want what you have...
I dont envy

So when the tears come rollin
Ask yourself have you grown

The ripening discomfort of being alone
Dating is rough
Kamblamian Jul 2019
A void of space and time
Standing without a place to stand
We turn Into the dark abyss
Alone I seek the void
We transcend

I'm left alone

Your left alone.

Left where fear succumbs to the uplifted
Although were apart we haven't drifted
Into the dark abyss our fear created.
Adventures alone time passes belated

A void of space and time.
We've entered alone
How will we come together
How will we get home
Kamblamian May 2019
Hold me close and tight
Feel your breath into the night
Can we be again?
Kamblamian May 2019
She was the one for you but she is long gone. I didnt realize I was here to fill her shoes. I almost want to ask her why she left but it isn't my place. I see red flags but I'm not sure if I'll go...because I'm stuck. Kicked from the places I know I became a vigilante with you. I have 8 months

I'm just the baby Mama
She was your love
Kamblamian Sep 2018
The changing of season
leaves behind the illusion of an Endless love
only to realize I can not fathom
Endless love
In shear panic I run
Far enough away to realize
Our love ended.
Our plan failed
And we are no longer
Thinking of vast happenings drives me mad
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