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KW Dec 2017
Her mind comes alive at 2 a.m.
That's when the monsters come out to play.
She shouts quietly "No,no,no!"
The tears come down pouring, her room is now flooded.
She is trying to stay above the water but her demons pull her down.
She feels like her old self again, numb, that's all she ever felt.
But she tried her hardest for months to stay above,she even promised, but she gave in and drowned.
Her demons have won, and it's only 2 a.m.
KW Dec 2017
in an entire universe i thought that i'd never see you again, but you appeared and i dropped everything to be with you. you look happy and i got jealous. you moved on without even saying goodbye. silly me you never loved me it was all lust, that was all i ever got from you.
a thousand kisses i'd never get, a million hugs. all it was was a lie from your perfect lips. i longed for you for years upon years. i changed myself for you to be the person you needed in your life and all i got were lies.
i wanted you but you never wanted me. i sit here now knowing that i got a glimpse of you and you never saw me. i don't miss you i don't even want you but the thought that i could have had you will haunt me forever. we were so close but yet so far away.
in a million years i thought i'd never see you again but there you were. you always found a way to get back into my mind even if i never saw you.
by the music we used to listen to, i still do because it reminds me of what we had. even if i hear the name my mind instantly thinks of you. i used to think you were the best thing that ever happened to me until i learned what lying was to a girl. you never loved me and you never would. i went down a path that i shouldn't have and my life has changed in all those years. from upset to sadness all the way down the ladder to depression. a razor became my new friend and now pills. that was until i met him, he made me feel again.
i didn't know how it happened or when but he saved me from my own self-destruction. you dug a hole for mt to climb in, but he found a rope and helped me out, he was there for me when i wanted to die, he wrapped me in his arms and all i could think of was how you never would. i found the perfect guy for me and i saw a future. what i saw in you was lust and lust never last. i forgive you now, all the lying saying you love me, i forgive. for all those times at 2 a.m. when i cried over you, i forgive. even late at night when i thought my razor was my best friend, all those cuts were because of you and to tell you the truth i forgive you about all of that because of you i learned that even lust will bring you love and love is a lasting thing if you find the right guy and because of you i found him.
i still cry over you sometimes when i get those dark thoughts at night. you have your own folder in my mind that i will never get rid of but kept locked with all the other boys who broke my heart. i will never forget about you even if i tried. you are embedded in my brain, you have made me who i am today. the only thing i would want to say to you is i hope you find the girl for you and marry her because finding the love or your life is the best feeling in the world and i am glad i found mine.
KW Nov 2017
She wanted love, but he only intended to get what he wanted. Silly girl gave him everything because he told her that he loved her,  but he left for someone else because he didn't want a girl who was broken.
KW Nov 2017
she didn’t like how she looked, so day by day she changed herself, she tore off skin she didn’t think she needed until all that was left were bones

— The End —