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Jose Hurtado Jun 2018
I live like a ship on a wave
Dragged by the deep, still paving a way
A slave for the day,
Set sails north and I let the force of the wind take me away

Take me away, sight's on a star
What's outside's inside who we are
What's inside's outside who we are
So who am I to define who we are?

Or who we're really not
But they all get ill and do the Millie Rock
They all sell souls at a mill-a-pop
That's a millipede, running Hip Hop

One thing I know, I am not them
I'm not slipping cuz I got Him
Lucy’s gripping cuz she got them
They ain't tripping cuz they balling
The struggle of a Hip Hop fan in the Idolatry of modern Pop culture.
Jose Hurtado Jun 2018
Ego is a god ****** quicksand
Inside the center of a black hole
A map to a wasteland
Where any star turns ice cold

The rich man is the most afraid
To be the flame that fades away
Rich nations are all the same
I hate the player and I hate the game

Where’s the change they promised?
No shame the game’s dishonest
No chains or fame for those being modest
Yet we never speak on it?

Keep the profits, keep the gold, I'l keep the soul
I Know it's worth, don't need it sold
It’s the greatest story ever told
A grace traced forever old

You can run back till the riddle ends
Where a sidewalk crack is a little friend
It’s Zen until it bends like the fate of a fickle trend
That shuts the faith of a middle man


Stuck to the ways of a little man


Stuck to the faith that you place on another man's reason
Stuck to the maze of a riddle-*** teaching
Stuck to the faith of a middle man

"Survival is a straight line"
That's what he heard through the grapevine
But nobody has the same mind, stray cats and the canines,
Everybody’s talking at the same time

So what is Truth?
For me, it’s: "what's the use?"
If somebody's always watching you
Would you hate them embrace them or make them enjoy the view?
Seeking enlightenment through the darkest corners of my psyche

— The End —