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Shelby Jencyn Jun 2018
You told me you loved me
And it took me a moment
A millisecond thought
Heart in my stomach
A time I could only picture
If they heard my “I love you”
When they had their hands on

And another millisecond
Merciless thoughts
How easy it was for them
To look in my eyes
And wish they were someone else’s
Hopes higher than my head
Heart dropping to my feet

A millisecond to remember
Wishing they’d have mercy on me

Only a moment
To know delicate
And kindness without expectation
You hold my chin
Stop me from looking at my feet
Have mercy on me.
Shelby Jencyn Feb 2018
I used to think
It was good
To be a little of everything
Until you said
I wasn’t enough
Of anything.
Shelby Jencyn Feb 2018
You don’t trust
Pierce me with words
Silver tongue sharpened
Clean entrance
Catastrophic exit
I don’t let go
Perforating my edges
If my word will give way
But it won’t.
Shelby Jencyn Jan 2018
I have never
Known anyone
Who hated
And loved me
Like you do
The fire keeps me warm
And burns me alive.
Shelby Jencyn Jan 2018
Time holds me hostage
Thoughts of you slipping
Through concrete fingertips
Just stay.
Shelby Jencyn Jan 2018
I guess
The difference
Between you and i is that
You saw fault lines
Where I saw a mosaic.
Shelby Jencyn Dec 2017
Fingertips tracing ink lines across your skin
Once nimble now fumbling
Tingling anticipation sharp like papercuts
I keep tracing
Papercuts becoming gashes
Peeling my skin back to the bone
Still tracing
Hands worn down to remnants and bones
You’re already gone
My skin worn out in patches
Pulled taught to my frame
Bones like white stone
Holding my limbs together
Making beauty out of betrayal
Stretching a minute into a lifetime
Bony fingers rapping against a marble chest
Checking for signs of life inside
Crocodile tears on rose-less cheeks
Dark eyes rimmed in bitterness
A wanting mind left alone
How many layers must peel away
Before you see one you want.
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