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Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
What are you doing up there?
Lonely little cloud
Floating round a sea of blue
Peacefully you wander the sky
So gently you glide
yet I wonder
Do you not get lonely?
Solitary little cloud
abandoned by others
Will your tears fall to land
mourning your lost friends
Can I keep you company?
Lowly little cloud
Observing your grace
I see myself in you
Envying your freedom
but living your seclusion.
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
If we feel guilty
For privileges we have in our life
We all must become victims
Doomed to be resentful
Guilt breeds resentment
Fear will do the same
If we all have to make our lives worse
Exaggerating our own pain
When privilege is synonymous with race
We will always have opposing sides
The media creates this hate
Not the people
They want you to be scared
They want war
It keeps us distracted
From the socioeconomic games
The wealthy need chaos
To keep us fighting each other
Instead of creating actual change
All your Governments colluded
They want it this way
We are all divided
Causing each other pain
I know there needs to be accountability
But there must be a better way
When we are no longer angry at each other
Humanity has found it's way
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Emotionally repressed
With sadness stuck inside
Mentally distressed
Just want to run and hide
Tyrannically oppressed
Our feelings are denied
Why do our eyes protest
Would be better if we cried
Generations of men will attest
Some think it'd be better if they died
That's not easy to digest
Yet in no one we confide
Pain and trauma unexpressed
Constant strength we must provide
No wonder we're depressed
Too many lost in their pride.
Hugo Pierce Dec 2021
Quite is what I need
less noise
more time to read
the world needs constant attention
but the headphones help a little
give thanks to anc
I just want space to be me
I cant help but mention
my rapid ascension
up past the tallest tree
with less noise in my ears
I will overcome fears
the quite will set you free
Quite is a state of daily meditation
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
You can have anything you want.
Not Everything.
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
I'm done
No longer will I run
There's nothing wrong with you
it's just who you've become
Focusing on the I.
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
People aren't good
Nor are they bad
we are all wounded in different ways
no one isn't suffering
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