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Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
I could have dance
I could have played
I could have chosen to laugh
I could of chosen to be happy.
Anger sometimes means we choose to hurt ourselves. Sometimes it means you are holding onto something that is causing you deep pain. A betrayal. A Failure. A punishment. We hold on to the pain because we feel like that's the only way people will care about us. You don't have to hold on any more. You can choose to be happy just for you, you don't need to punish yourself any more. You can choose to be happy.
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
means knowing what you have to do but not knowing if you can.
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
I can give you water
but I can't quench your thirst
I can give you food
but I can't stop your hunger
I can tell you jokes
but I can't make you laugh
I can call you spiteful names
but I can't hurt you

You must eat
You must drink
You must laugh
You must cry

I can't make you happy
I can't make you sad
I can't force you to love me
I can only give you the ingredients
but you must choose to make the meal.
Nobody can affect your spirit, good or bad, unless you allow it. Your peace, your happiness, your love is all within your control. That can be a terrifying thought but it can also be freeing. People's criticism can only upset you if you listen and allow it too. If I pay you a compliment, doesn't mean you will accept and believe it. You are in control of you.
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
Roaring incandescence
racing towards me
****** me away
from this sadness
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
I hate myself for loving you
You chose to sail out the door
Leaving pain for a wake
And my brother on the shore
You told him you would take him
but instead you broke his heart
I had to become man of the house
I had to take care of mum
I'm glad I barely knew you
I didn't have to see what you had done
less than 5 months old
you didn't even give me a chance
But I can't hate you
I have tried
trust me I tried
I know when I see you
I won't be able to help myself
I know I don't need your approval
but that doesn't stop me wanting it
Wanting to know
If it is possible for you to love me
Do you love me?
It is impossible to tell
you left me alone in this world
Am I supposed to think you care
you would have been miserable
if you stuck around
if you were not happy
I am glad you left
I wouldn't want that around
It doesn't stop the pain
It doesn't stop me hating myself
it doesn't stop the anger I feel
Why Oh Why
Do I still love you?
Sometimes you just have to release the words onto the page and hope that your pain is somewhat coherent.
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
You can't win a battle with the world
if you are at war with yourself
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
How easy it is
to sink to the bottom
Close my eyes
and just sink
Give in to fatigue
Cease my struggling
It's hard to stay afloat
But how easy it is
to sink
It can feel like the lesser struggle to give in and let life beat us down sometimes, to stop struggling, grinding and fighting. Letting ourselves go and giving in to comfort can have a strong allure, but the plight it will cause will be the same as a drowning person giving up on swimming to shore. It may be easier to give in, but it will ensure your demise.
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